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Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy From Mother

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy From Mother

The first birthday of the baby is special. It is the momentous time for the parents and other close members of the family. And this memory is for the lifetime. As a mother, you always wish for the best of your son and give all your blessings to him but the birthday wishes for baby boy from mother should be as special as the birthday itself.

It is not necessary that you send these messages via text, you can also prepare a collage of the same to wish you Son and who him when he grows up. Or you can write a letter comprise of these messages to express your feelings. Whatever you do with these messages, our intention is to help you by providing heartfelt birthday wishes for baby boy from mother, and we have worked hard to prepare this awesome collection.

  • You are my star that will shine bright always in my life. Happy birthday to you my little one.
  • All my blessings are for you, all my love for you, all my life is for you, I love you so much that I can even give my life to protect you. Happy Birthday, my life.
  • I love you just like my life (limitless). And I will keep loving you the same way till I take my last breath. Happy Birthday my sweet son.
  • I promised to protect you from all troubles when I hold your soft little hand in my hand. I will keep my promise till my life’s end. Love you baby, keep growing healthy.
  • I have brought you on the earth so I am responsible to take care of your health, your well being and to give you a good life. Never worry anything dear Son, when your mum is there.
  • Whilst you in my lap away from all the worries of this world rest, I will try everything to give you the best. Happy Birthday, my cute baby.
  • You keep growing healthy and happy, your mum is there to protect you every moment, every time. Love you baby, happy birthday.
  • Dear baby, I am writing message to let you know what I feel for you, today. Your cute and innocent face always reminds me of my vow to protect you always. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • You are my sweetheart, and I promise, you will find me standing next to you no matter what. Love you my darling, happy birthday.
  • The love between mother and her baby needs no explanation. It is incredible and limitless. Our love is similar. Thank you for being my baby, my little star. Happy Birthday.
  • Whist I was praying for happiness, God put in my tummy and when you came out, I become so-so happy. Love you baby, happy birthday.
  • You made my life incredibly bliss. You have completed me as a mother and have made me so great.
  • For me paradise is in your palms, on your face and your little feet. My darling, you have made me so happy that I can express. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • My love, my sweetheart, my baby, you me the world to me. Love you my sweetheart, have a great birthday.
  • Happy birthday my handsome. You are the one whom I have given my heart and have no regret. Lots of love.
  • Wishing you a blissful happy birthday. You keep growing whilst I enjoy its every moment. With lots of love, have a great day.
  • I promise, with me you can hope for anything and it will become my responsibility to fulfil all your dream. Love you my sweetheart, happy birthday.
  • Even if I will keep loving you for the whole day and night, It won’t be enough to tell you how much I love you.
  • My little Son is becoming older and older. You can’t even imagine how wonderful it seems seeing you growing. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Dear sweetheart, you have given me thousands of reasons to thanks the God. Wish you happy birthday, my world.

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother
  • From the time you have come into my world, I have started believing that love happens twice. Happy Birthday, my baby.
  • Your mesmerizing eyes, cute smile, lovely face, pretty feet and soft hands take away all my worries. Thanks for making me so special. Happy Birthday, my sweety baby.
  • You are my dream, king of my heart, my love and my sweetheart. I thank God for giving me such wonderful gift and you for making me mum. Happy Birthday Kid.
  • Although you won’t understand what I am saying but I know you will understand my feelings. Happy birthday my prince charming, happy growing.
  • Grow and grow, you are my rock star and you will be the world’s rock star one day. Happy Birthday.
  • Your cute and killer smile brings joy to every heart. May you spread same joy wherever you go. Lots of love my sweetheart, I love to see as you grow.
  • For me, you the world’s most beautiful baby boy. Your charming eyes, beautiful face, everything make your momma crazy. Happy Birthday, my baby.
  • Wanting to hold your hand and take you on a voyage where you and momma enjoy, enjoy and just enjoy. Happy Birthday.
  • Your cute smile is something that I can die for. Hey my baby, your mama loves you a lot. Happy Birthday.
  • May you grow as mama’s prince and daddy’s partner. Happy growing baby, love you a lot.

1st Birthday Quotes for Baby Boy from Mother

1st Birthday Quotes for Baby Boy from Mother
  • Dear Son, you are the first love of your mama. Love you a lot.
  • My Baby is the world’s cutest one. Love you a lot.
  • You have complete me and our family. Happy Birthday, Son.
  • Our life was great but your entry made it heaven. Happy Birthday Son.
  • You have made me and your daddy parent and us a family. Love you my sweety, happy birthday.
  • Happy first birthday to you dear Son, you are sweet and lovely.
  • Happy Birthday to you dear son. Your entry in my life has made me a woman and our life a heaven.
  • I am so much happy for your first birthday. Thank you for providing so much bliss in my life.
  • Lots of wishes for your birthday my love. Now you are one, dying to see as a young.
  • You are perfect blend of cute and naughty. Happy Birthday.

First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother

First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother
  • Dear love, this is the first time I am wishing you happy birthday as you have become one year old now. I want to shower all my blessings on you.
  • Wish you happy birthday my sweetheart, you are the one I live for and my ultimate source of happiness.
  • I don’t know about you but I believe I am the luckiest one to have you as my son. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you dearest Son, every moment you have made me proud. Love you so much.
  • I proud that I am your mother. I thank God for such a wonderful gift. I can’t say how much I love you. With love, happy birthday, from mum.
  • Our journey till your adolescence has been was full of struggle. But as you grew up, you changed a lot and took away all our worries. We are proud that we are the parent of such a wonderful Son. Happy Birthday to you.
  • May all my lovely wishes get on to you, and you have an incredible life all through. Happy Birthday Son, and happy growing.
  • Dear Son, after you entered in our life, you made it happier. Now, we all look forward to you to be happy. Lots of wishes for your birthday, Son.
  • A wonderful son like you deserves incredible birthday wishes. Love you my sweetheart, always be like my superstar. Happy birthday.
  • By coming in our life, you have blessed our life. Thanks for being such a wonderful Son. You are incredible.


Each birthday wishes for baby boy from mother we have written in this collection has been the result of rigorous research and meticulous understanding of emotions. You can refer this collection to get inspiration or to send write birthday wishes for your son. We wish your son happy birthday if you have landed on the page for the reason that you are looking for Birthday wishes to greet your baby boy.

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