When is Diwali 2019?

When and How 2019 Diwali Will be Celebrated?

Diwali, also known by the name Deepavali, Divali. The festival is celebrated all over India with huge euphoria and enthusiasm. The festival is one of the most loved ones, especially by children. The festival is celebrated on the 15thday of the Kartik month, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. Therefore, the date of Diwali festival varies every year. It falls either in October or November month depending on the place of the moon.

  • 2019 Diwali is on the 27th of October. In South India, people celebrate Diwali a day before its date. Thus, it will be celebrated on 26th October in the Southern part of India.
  • 2020 Diwali is on the 14th of November
  • 2021 Diwali is on the 4th of November

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How is Diwali Celebrated In India?

Diwali is the festival of light. People of all religion, caste and creed celebrate this festival by performing pooja of Goddess Laxmi, lighting diyas and firing crackers. The spiritual side of Diwali symbolizes the win of good over bad. The victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance. Because, people working Goddess Laxmi and God Kuber on the festival, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, therefore, people prefer this time to start anything new, buy new things, etc. Looking at the occasion, the market gets flooded with exciting discount offers.

The celebration of Diwali begins very early from the day. Children start bursting crackers 15-20 days before Diwali and women in the family start cleaning their houses, in every nook and crannies. On the day, people decorate their house with lights and flowers and thus, people start cleaning the house, shops, offices days before the festival.

The Festival Start With Dhanteras – Dhanteras is celebrated a day before Diwali i.e. on the 13th day of the Lunar calendar. People perform special pooja of Goddess Laxmi and Kuber on the day. People in South India worship Dhanvantari. In addition to that, people also purchase gold, silver and utensils on the day.

The Second Day, Narak Chaturdasi – The second day of Diwali is also called as choddi Diwali. People in North India, enlight the last year used Diya on the day. This is their traditional way of celebrating Narak Chaturdasi. The day has got its name because this is the day when Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali killed the demon Narakasur. People in Goa burn the effigy of the demon to celebrate this festival.

The Third Day, Diwali – This is the no moon day (Amavsya), the darkest night. This is the day when the celebration of Diwali starts. People decorate their houses with flowers and lights. Women in family design rangolis in angan to welcome prosperity. In the evening, people worship goddess Laxmi and in the evening they share happiness distributing sweets and bursting crackers.

The Fourth Day, Govardhan Pooja – In North India, the next day of Diwali is celebrated as govardhan pooja. It is the day when Lord Indra was defeated by Lord Vishnu. The people of Gujarat take this day as the start of the New Year. In Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, the day is celebrated as Bali Pratipada, because according to mythology, this is the day when Lord Vishnu killed the demon king Bali.

The Fifth Day, Bhai Dhuj – This is the day of brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters prepare cuisines for their brothers and receive rewards from brothers in return.

The five days of Diwali are important and celebrated with zeal. The whole atmosphere of the country remains inspiring all through the month. Exchange of gifts and messages take place throughout the days. If you also love to share messages and looking for a unique collection, then check 143greetings.com.

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All About Easter And Its Party You Should Know

Easter is the festival of Christian, but now it is celebrated by people of all communities and religion. The festival is best celebrated in western countries and different countries have different rituals for its celebration. Unlike the other festivals of Christian, which are celebrated on a fixed date like Christmas, Halloween, valentine’s day, etc. Easter has no fixed date, but it falls mostly between the end of March to end of April. The date is calculated analyzing the position of the moon. Therefore, the date of this festival varies from country to country. The Easter of 2019 will be celebrated on the 21st of April in most countries.

Easter is one of the most significant festivals of Christians. On this day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sending Easter messages and greetings and sharing gifts with friends, family, and relative is a normal custom that people practice on the occasion of Easter, but Christians have a different tradition to celebrate this festival and it is celebrated following the same. Although different customs and traditions are followed to celebrate this festival, the importance of sharing wishes with people on the day is the most. Therefore, when you are writing an Easter Message, add a personal touch in it. Instead of sending a plain happy easter message, decorate it and make it fun-filled and blissful. Some e.g. of Easter messages are

  • The Easter holiday has begun, so get ready to have fun. Decorate your eggs and bunny and make the easter lovely and funny.
  • My celebration of Easter means sending greetings to people I love and people who love me.
  • Happy Easter, may the little bunny brings prosperity and good health for you and your family
  • On the occasion of Easter, I have things to so many. In short, be happy and keep smiling.
  • Eggs are ready to hatch and the bunny is hiding somewhere, let’s come together to find our fortune.
  • May your Easter basket remains full of happiness, joy, and fun.
  • Happy Easter dear friend! I wish this Easter lord takes all your pains and shower happiness in return.

You can find such lovely, relating and customized happy easter messages on various messaging platforms and send it across to your friends and people in your contact list all for free.

What Else You Can Do On Easter In Addition To Sending Easter Messages


Easter is a festival celebrated following some rituals and customs. Visiting the church for praying, arranging dinner, serving turkey are some that are followed. People invite friends and family for easter turkey dinner. If you have been invited for the dinner and you want to add some more flavors in the celebration, then combine sentiments in celebration, sharing some gifts and wishes.

Some gifts that you can present to your people on the occasion of Easter Sunday dinner are

A Wine Bottle – A freshly cooked turkey tastes the best with wine. If you have been invited for dinner, buy a preserved wine and present it to the host. It is best if you buy red wine. Start dinner serving chilled wine and give an impressive start to the dinner.

A Bouquet Of Roses – Flowers are best things to gift when there is no occasion as such, but you want to give some things as a positive gesture. Buy a bouquet of roses or mix flowers and present it to the host. The fragrance of flower will fill a nice aroma in the dining area

Cake And Puddings – A mouthwatering sweet after dinner make the party complete. When you are invited for Easter dinner, don’t give all burdens on the host. Share some responsibility, prepare or buy a fresh cake, pudding or any other sweet as a gift.

Chocolate And Sweets – You can gift chocolate to children as a gift and they will be like more than happy about this. Sharing chocolate is also a ritual of Easter.

While sharing gifts with the host, don’t forget to complement this gesticulation with some wonderful Easter messages quotes. If you are not good at writing messages on your own, take the help of messaging platform and select a perfect message befitting the situation.

Here Are Some Religious Easter Wishes You Can Read On The Occasion

  • It is the time of Christ resurrection, it is the time to celebrate and have fun. Happy Easter and have a holy day.
  • On the sacred occasion of Easter, I pray to the Lord Jesus to send happiness and good health in ample.
  • It is the time of the resurrection of Jesus. It is the time to relish the power of divinity, Happy Easter.
  • Easter bells are ringing high, once again the Christ has arrived. Let get drenched in the devotion of God to attain peace and salvation.
  • Happy Easter and have a great day. Let’s celebrate this occasion on Sunday.
  • Make the Easter fun filled by adding charm and twist. Celebrate the day with wine and turkey.


What Is The Relation Between Easter And Bunny?

Rabbits are called as a bunny and it has a strong association with Easter and its celebration. It symbolizes the rebirth and fertility and according to believe the Eostre, Anglo Saxon Goddess of Spring had a hare in her lap and it her companion.

Another legend associated with Easter and rabbit is that Easter Hare’ judged whether the children had been bad or good in the Easter run-up.

Therefore, whenever there will be any discussion related to the celebration of Easter, the bunny will surely come there. Eggs are also related to Easter. In the US, people give painted eggs along with sweet baskets on the Easter day, on the other hand, British children on the day of Easter for chocolate eggs hunting believed to be left by the Easter Bunny. Different countries have the different association of bunny and eggs with easter. If you are not a Christian, but sending Religious Easter greetings or  Easter wishes messages, then do not forget to add bunny and eggs in your quotes. This will show you have a good understanding of this festival. Some Easter quotes, written adding bunny and eggs are

  • You have an Easter basket full of eggs, may you find the bunny the before eggs are hatched.
  • Little bunny wishing you a Happy Easter. Have a basket full of cake, chocolates and colorful eggs.
  • The Easter bunny brought a basket for you, that has everything that wishes and deserve. May all your dreams come true.
  • A joyful hug from Easter bunny on the occasion of Easter, may you have a lovely and blissful day.
  • Come and let’s celebrate Easter together. Let children find eggs and bunny and we have talks lovely and funny.
  • Have a great Easter evening and celebrate it fun and zeal, the easter bunny is waiting for you to give a tight hug.

How To Plan A Perfect Easter Celebration

Now that you have learned what Easter messages and pictures and quotes you should send to friends and family as greeting, the relevance of eggs and bunny, about Easter 2019, etc., now it is the time to learn, how you can make this celebration a real fun by adding some twist by planning the day creatively. Here are some activities that you can plan on the day. However, before planning, some celebration, it is important to note how people in the different parts of the world celebrate this day.

The Greeks celebrate this day by baking they are traditionally baked, which called as tsoureki. They eat this bread with red-dyed eggs. The people in eastern and central and Europe celebrate this day by painting eggs decoratively and then fight for the same like conkers. The people of the Czech Republic, celebrate this day a bit differently. Here, boys pour water on girls and then whip their faces with willow twigs.

The talk of willow branch also comes in the Finland Easter celebration, here young children are dressed up as witches and they celebrate the spring holiday. “These little witches are then made to visit people’s houses and ask for willow twigs, they get decorated willow twigs with crepe paper and colourful feathers from houses as blessings. The twigs are the symbol of blessings that drives away all evil spirits.

The different places follow different patterns of celebration, you can choose the way of celebration, depending on the fact, which country you are living in. You can bring some changes in celebration to some fun element in it. Some of the way you can make the festival more joyous are:

Organize Egg Decoration Competition For Children – On the day of Easter, people in the US and UK share the basket filled with decorated eggs, chocolate and cookies with each other. You can organize an egg decorating competition for children a day before Easter Sunday to have a wonderful Easter start. Children will have fun together and while they decorate eggs, you reiterate stories of Easter to them, to make the moment full of fun.

Organize Easter Hunt Program For Children And Adults Both – Easter celebration is for everyone and thus, everyone should have their share of fun on the day. Hide, painted eggs in home and garden and organize the egg hunt competition. Ask everyone to participate, you will have a great time together. In many countries, children are engaged in the egg hunt on the day of Easter. You can announce some gifts for the winner to add a sweet twist in celebration.

Become A Host And Invite For Dinner – If you love cooking, show your skill to people around you. Invite your friends and family for dinner. Bake cakes, prepare turkey and serve hot to your guests. Having dinner together is really fun and increase happiness in manifolds. You can also ask people coming on dinner to dress up best.

Organize A Theme Party – Easter is all about praying in the morning and enjoying food in the evening. If you are hosting the party at your home, instead of going flat, give a theme to the party. This will perk up the celebration. In the theme party, you can give a dress code to the invited people.

Attend The Easter Parade – if you are not interested in hosting a party at your home, or you have not been invited for dinner anywhere, but you want to celebrate this day differently, then be the part of Easter parade. Most countries and their cities organize Easter parade on the occasion. If it is not in your city, take leave from your work and be the part of the parade at a different place. It is really fun to be in the parade.

While you are hosting different events and dinner at your home, decorating the home and making it party ready is also important. The best way to do this writing Easter messages on the card and placing it all over, the decorating area around the dinner with easter messages images.

How To Wish Someone Who Is Living At A Distance Apart?

It is easy to celebrate Easter with people who are living nearby, and the part of the family, but those who are living apart can also be included in the celebration. And this could be done by sending Easter messages for cards. You can send Easter greetings to the loved one you are unable to join you on the occasion online or through text. There are many platforms present that share wonderfully drafted messages for all occasions.

143greetings.com is also one of the most popular messaging platforms that have a huge collection of Easter Sunday messages, free cards that you can send to your loved ones any time. You can find here messages for different categories such as funny easter messages, religious easter messages and many more. We maintain the fresh collection of messages so that you always get something new to share with your friends. We have a huge collection of Easter messages that express every emotion, just check the site, select the message and send to the person you want to.

What Birthday Wishes Do In Diverse Situations

We all have that one friend, who always go the extra mile to bring out something innovative. Be it planning a party, going for outing or wishing someone happy birthday. This friend never goes flat in expressing his feeling. Many try to copy him, follow his attitude, but only few get success in the same.

Although, every individual has a unique trait, but the person having characteristics of expression remains the most praised one always. You can also develop this attribute, just by putting little more efforts, when you are greeting someone or wishing someone happy birthday. Instead of going drearily with wishes and using monotonous messages, find something spanking new and electrifying.

For e.g., if it’s your friend’s birthday and you want to send a birthday message to him, extend your thought beyond just three words “Happy Birthday friend”. There are lots of ways, you can wish someone happy birthday, such as

  • May you have a great day and a birthday bash in the evening. Many-many happy birthday
  • Although, I couldn’t make it for your birthday, but here is my happy birthday greeting to make sure my absence is not felt.
  • You know I am not good at writing heartfelt bday message, so I’m sending this message with intense feeling.
  • I wish you, happy birthday dear, may you have a great day.
  • On your birthday, I wish, you get everything that you want and deserve.
  • Have a bliss full year that start with a great birthday bash. Happy Birthday.

Now, if you can’t pen down such special birthday wishes, no need to lose heart. Take the help of messaging platform that maintains an impressive collection of happy birthday quotes.

What To Write In A Birthday Card

Birthday card comprise of a well drafted message and you can pick one that delivers your feeling, but if you wish to add few more lines, then there it is an impressive gesture. There are many things that you can write in a birthday card to make it standout, some e.g. are

  • Happy birthday to my special friend you deserve exceptional attention.
  • Just like sky is blue, I am always there for you. Happy Birthday
  • Want to hug you tight and say you have a great birthday night.
  • With this wonderful happy birthday wishes message, I wish, you have a year full of surprises and many successes.

Birthday gesticulation complete with excellently written birthday message. Everyone, want to know what their friends feel about them, the exceptionally drafted happy birthday sayings efficiently does this and show person’s importance.

If ever you fall short of words, take the help of messaging platforms to write down a remarkable message. Your efforts will always be appreciated and loved by friends.

Now, how about writing a birthday message for your girlfriend who is living far from you. It also requires efforts to creatively express the feeling. You want to wish her happy birthday along with showing her how much you love her. In this situation, you can’t go plane saying “Happy Birthday dear love” or “My love happy birthday to you”. Of course, you can write this birthday wish, but it can’t be called as one of the best happy birthday wishes. In place of writing some pre framed birthday wishes, try this.

  • Happy Birthday my sweetheart and my darling. I wish your whole year to remain sparkling.
  • Wishing my love, happy birthday without hugging her is a pain. But, I console myself thinking, this pain is all for the gain.
  • Another year added in age of yours, now you look pretty and sensual even more. I love you my darling, happy birthday from my heart.
  • You are my love, you are my soul, celebrate birthday many more. Love you, always.

Wish Him Happy Birthday In Style

We all love things that are different from usual, be an elegant attire, jewelries or anything else. And when it comes to sending happy birthday messages, here also, if you will be little different, you leave a footprint of your feeling.

We all used to have plethora of friends and we receive happy birthday greetings from most of the them on FB, text apps, Instagram, twitter, but tell me which one last on our memory for a long time? Yes — the one that has some feeling and drafted with efforts. When you are writing, birthday thoughts for your boyfriend, follow a style and show him your real side. Some e.g. of nicely written birthday messages for boyfriend are

  • Even if you will celebrate your 50th birthday with wrinkle on your face, my enthusiasm to celebrate your day would be the same. LUV u, Happy Birthday.
  • No matter how far we are, our heart and soul will always be together. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.
  • Happy, Happy and Happy birthday to you my sweet, cute, lovely and adorable boyfriend. Now, it’s final, I can’t live without you. Come home soon.
  • I feel blessed to have a boyfriend like you. I love and will always be there to support you. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Milestone Birthday

Milestone birthdays are special ones, and to make your friend, relative or close one realizes the fun of celebrating a milestone birthday is something that can’t be expressed. It can only be felt and enjoyed. If someone around you celebrating his or her milestone birthday cherish his/her in a unique style. The best way to do that is reading a birthday wish with some sense of humor, if the person is old. Or throwing a grand party for birthday person, if he/she is a young and party lover, but the significance of messages never goes down. Write a great birthday message and dedicate the same to him/her. You can also write funny birthday wishes for birthday person, as the people celebrating milestone birthdays usually don’t mind humor and they enjoy it completely. Some perfectly written birthday wishes for milestone birthdays are here:

  • It is great to see you are celebrating your 60th birthday with all vital parts of the body right placed.
  • Happy 50th birthday to women who seem to be in her 30 now even. You are an great inspiration.
  • Age is just the number, a person young by heart, never become old. Happy 90th birthday, many more years to go.
  • You have lived all years of your life without any compromise, may you have the same life in the coming time. Happy 80th

Wishing Your Parents Happy Birthday

We love our parents, but often we don’t express our feeling how much we love them, sometimes because of being shy and sometimes we don’t give much value to express feelings. On the other hand, parents always want to listen few words from their children that show them how worthy they are in their children’s life.

There are two ways how you can wish your parents happy birthday. The first pick a card, write happy birthday dear Dad and Mom on it and give it to them. The second way of celebrating parent’s birthday is, all you siblings come together, cut the cake read some of the best birthday messages for your parents and end your day. Parents do not want more than this. There are some birthday messages you can read for them

  • Having a parent like you is no less than a blessing. You knew it well how to keep us happy in your hard living.
  • Thanks for giving us such a wonderful life, full of memories. You know what, a big portion of our best memories are the moments we spent with you.
  • If god ever gives me the choice to choose my parents, my choice will be you guys always. Happy birthday.
  • We want to cuddle under your shadow for many more years. May you have a long, healthy and happy life.

Messaging platforms like 143greetings.com have a massive collection of similar messages, and you can never be short in finding the befitting message here.

Birthday Wishes For Friend

A friend is a person who is always there for us, who care for us. A person with whom we share everything happening in your life. Therefore, when it comes to wishing your friend happy birthday, the text should be full of emotions. The message should reflect, what importance your friend has in your life. There are many messages, you can write for your friend, instead of simply texting him “Happy Birthday dear”

  • With you I live my childhood, adulthood and now wants to live, oldhood. Happy Birthday, have a long life.
  • We play, we fight, then we don’t talk, but we can’t live without each other this is for sure. Happy Birthday and have a nice day.
  • Wishing you great happy birthday dear friend. You are the only person I can disturb even at 1PM in the night. May you have long-long life.
  • Whenever I come to for help, you without even asking solve my possible. You know, coz you know me really well. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday greetings, birthday wish, all these are small in-front of my love and affection for you.

Happy Birthday Wish, When You Are Wishing Someone Late

When you have forgotten someone’s birthday, it becomes crucial that you wish him with an apology. Additionally, your birthday wishes messages should have a deep feeling and it should be healing to hurting. Even if you are sending belated bday greeting to the person, or wishing him personally, a message will make your gesture impressive. Here is a handful of messages that you can send to wish someone belated happy birthday.

  • I’m sorry by heart for wishing you so late. This is the first and last time I have forgotten wishing you. Happy Birthday Belated.
  • Sorry my message is coming to you late, hope you won’t mind and forgive me. Have a happy and smiling birthday dear.
  • Grant me apology for forgetting your birthday. But, you there is good behind everything. My late message has brought the smile on your face once again.
  • Sorry I’m wishing you so late, the punishment for me is, I’ill celebrate your birthday once again today.

There are many other ways how you can impressively ask for the apology and wish your friend happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings For A Child

We all are aware of the children’s passion for celebrating their birthday. The little monster will not let you live peacefully, if you forget their birthday or didn’t bring any gift for them. You can give them lots of gifts, chocolates, clothes and cookies to win their attention, but with a beautifully written bday message, you can win their heart. However, it is not easy to write heart touching birthday quotes for little ones as their understanding of emotions has not reached the level of maturity. Also, mind their vocabulary knowledge, if you are going to use some heavy words in your message, it is very much possible that they don’t understand it. Write this type of birthday messages for kids

  • A big congratulation for turning five to you. And my side a big happy birthday to you.
  • Hey, my little champ, you are going too fast, I’m missing your childhood.
  • I am getting a feeling that you are going to look amazing in your new dress this birthday evening.
  • I wish the year brings lots of happiness, playful time and friends company and all this start from today.
  • Happy birthday to cutee, bubbly, softy sweetheart. I wish you enjoy a great time on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Messages For Husband/Wife

When it comes to expressing emotions to husband or wife, most people think it is not that important. This is not because they don’t care, but just because they presume that other person will understand. But, this should not be the case, when it’s the birthday of your husband or wife, you should not lose this opportunity to celebrate and add a spark in your life. Giving a gift, taking out for dinner, doing something for her or him are some usual things. Writing some heart touching special birthday wishes is something extraordinary and will help you in winning heart. This is how you can write a classic birthday message for your husband or wife.

  • Together you and I make our home, the world. I don’t love being in your lap forever. Happy Birthday my life partner forever.
  • I want to make your every birthday the happiest one. And you by being not a demanding husband, make it easier for me.
  • Happy birthday sweetheart. You have added so much sweetness in my life, I thank u for everything.
  • Before I say anything to you, you understand it well. This is why I love you so much.

If you are not good at writing such striking messages, no problem! Get similarly drafted birthday quotes at 143greetings.com. Here, the writer have penned messages for different relations and understanding the sentiments behind. Here, you will find birthday wishes quotes, for different categories such as funny birthday messages, belated birthday wishing message. The platform also offers innovative birthday ideas for the celebration of birthdays.

So, you can be short of words, but not emotions. If you are short with words, 143greetings.com is their you help you. Just pick a message and send to your love one to for wishing them happy birthday.


About Chaitra Navratri Celebration in India

When Is Chaitra Navratri Celebrated And What Is Its Significance In Indian Culture

Navratri is an important festival of Hindus and it is celebrated twice in a year. The navratri celebrated during the chaitra month (According to the Hindu calendar) is called as chaitra navratri. According to English calendar the chaitra month falls in the month of March and April. The chaitra navratri is a nine day festival and during nine days, the devotees of goddess Durga worship her following all customs and rituals. Chaitra navratri 2019 will be celebrated from 6th of April till 14th of April. In some parts of the country, this festival is also celebrated by the name Vasanta navratri or rama navratri, for the reason that ninth day of navratri is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama. The rules and regulations to celebrate Chaitra navratri is same as Shardiya navratri that falls in the month of October or November, according to the English calendar.

Chaitra navratri

                                                                          Chaitra navratri 2019

What Is The Purpose Of Celebrating Chaitra Navratri And How It Is Celebrated?

Based on mythological stories and some manuscripts, the Chaitra Navratri is an important one in Hindu religion and its significance increased more when Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga during the ‘Ashwin’ month that is during the period of Ramayana war. The festival is celebrated with enormous pomp all over India, but it is more popular in northern states of India and central India. People organize fairs, especially near the Goddess Durga temple. It is also the beginning of New Year for Hindus in some part of the country.  In Maharashtra state, Chaitra Navratri begins with the celebration of‘Gudi Padwa’ and in the southern states the festival begins with celebration of  ‘Ugadi’. Just like every year, the 2019 chaitra navratri will be celebrated from 6 to 14 April with the celebration of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi in Maharashtra and South India.

As during the nine days of Navratri, the Goddess Shakti is worshipped in her three forms, although according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga has many forms and she is also called as goddess of energy. The three forms of Durga that are worshiped during Chaitra navratri are Maa Durga, the goddess of energy, Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Maa saraswati, the goddess of wealth.

Mythological Significance Of Chaitra Navtratri

There are many mythological stories that narrate the significance of Chaitra navratri. One of the most popular one is, before heading for war with Ravana, who abducted Sita, Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga and her nine forms to gain power to defeat Rawana. On the 10th day Rama got Sita back, killing Ravana.

Another legend is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati. According to the legend, Lord Shiva allowed Parwati to visit their parents’ house during this time. This is the reason, in most part of Northern India, married women visit their parents’ house during this time. According to believe, people who worship goddess Durga and her nine forms during Chaitra navratri, get what they desire for. Also, those who worship her without any desire receives salvation soon.

Biological Significance Of Chaitra Navratri

But, this is the mythological reason for celebrating Chaitra navratri, the scientific reason is different. According to the scientific reason, the month of March and April is the time when most part of India had a change in weather. It is the time of last days of winters and initial days of summers. There is a sudden change in temperature in environment, which is favorable for growth of deadly viruses and bacterias. During Chaitra navratri, people do not consume non-vegetarian food, which are most infected food during these days. People observe fast of nine days and stay away from outside, and eat only fruits and some selected foodstuffs. This normalizes their body temperature and at the same time provide them protection from deadly viruses and bacterias. The devotees of Durga perform hawans during nine days. The smoke coming from hawan help in purifying the environment. The whole worship process actually prepares the human body for accepting the upcoming summer season.

The Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga Worship During Chaitra Navratri And 2019 Chaitra Navratri Dates

On the first day of navratri, goddess Shailputri is worshiped, the second day is of goddess bhramacharini, the third day is for chandraghanta goddess, the forth day is for goddess kushmanda, the fifth day is for goddess skanda, the sixth day is for katyani, seventh is the day for kalratri, eighth day is for maha gauri goddess and the last ninth day is for siddhidatri goddess. In 2019, the celebration will begin from 6th of April.

All nine goddess are symbol of power, energy, prosperity, health and wealth. According to Hindu religious believes, those who worship all goddess for nine days with complete devotion receives all these at the end.

Some also believe worshiping goddess Durga during Chaitra navrati gives them inner happiness and self contentment. To worship Goddess Durga, many devotee visits the famous Vaishno Devi temple to bestow their head and receive goddess blessings. To celebrate Chaitra navratri 2019, check chaitra navratri mahurat for 2019.

Holi 2019: Its Significance in India along with its celebrational importance

Holi is an important festival celebrated every year in the spring month in India and now in neighboring countries as well. The festival last for full one day and start in the evening full moon day (Poornima). It falls in the month of Phalgun, which fall between February end and mid of March month. The festival starts in evening with Holika Dahan and after that, main festival holi is celebrated. Holi is celebrated with euphoria and enthusiasm all over India, but it is known by different names in various parts of the country. The celebration pattern of this festival also varies depending on the region.


Holi Messages Card

Holi Wishes Card

Holi In 2019

Holi in the year 2019 will be celebrated on 20 and 21st of March. The festival will start on 20th of March with Holika Dahan and on 21st March, Holi will be celebrated with colors, sweets and bhang.

Significance Of Holi In India

Each festival celebrated in India has some mythological history, cultural, social, ecological and biological importance. The same is true with Holi festival as well. The festival holds a huge significance and we will tell you about the same in parts.

Mythological Significance

There is a mythological legend linked with holi festival. The story has a powerful and egoistic kind Hiranyakashyap and his the devotee of God Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap was a self obsessed powerful king who considers himself as god. His desire was, everyone should worship him and not the God. He used to punish those who don’t do so. On the other hand, his only son Prahlad was believer of God, he respects his father, but refuse to accept him as God. Instead, he was the devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakahsyap in ire of his son’s attitude wanted to kill him. After trying everything to kill his son, he took his sister’s help, Holika. She had a boon that fire can’t burn her. Holika took Prahlad in her lap and sit on fire. In the extreme fire, Prahlab kept his faith on God, and his devotion saved him from fire, while Holika got burned in the same fire because of her creepy act. Next day, Hiranyakashayap, also got killed by Lord Narshimha when we wanted to kill his son by himself. This way people get rid of Hiranyakashayap cruelty, and the next day, after death of king Hiranyakashyap, people shared happiness by applying and spreading colors, distributing sweets. This way the celebration of Holi started

Like this, there are many similar fairy tales present that relates to beginning of Holi festival. And the gist of all stories is ‘win of good on bad’.

Cultural Significance

All mythological stories associated with Holi deliver one message at end, ‘victory of good over bad’. All legends guide people to practice good behavior and follow the path of truth. When people inherit this message in their attitude, it becomes culture of that place. Holi develops a culture of brotherhood and harmony in society by spreading happiness.

Social Significance

Holi plays a significant role in keeping different people of society together. Though, it is the festival of Hindus, but it is celebrated by all communities in India, despite belonging to various culture, religion and values. Holi teaches a lesson ‘forget your enemies on the day’. On the occasion of Holi, people forgetting their social status celebrate festival with zeal and enthusiasm.

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Biological Significance

The festival of holi relates to our lives as well, and it has biological significance too. Holi comes in the month of Phagun. During this month, climate changes from cold to hot and lots of variation take place in the body as well. Abeer used in Holi has a soothing effect and reduces body temperature. It enters into the body pores, strengthen ions present in the body.

During this period, because of temperature variation harmful bacteria grows in our surrounding. When holika dahan is done, the overall temperature of atmosphere rise to a 145 degree. At this temperature, harmful bacteria in the environment and human body get destroyed, and our surrounding becomes clean and healthy.

In Southern part of India, after holika dahan, people mix ash with paste of sandalwood and apply it on their forehead. They also east mango leaves and its flowers that promote good health.

People cleanup their house to celebrate holi. This way they clean up all mess present at home, making house free from mosquitoes and other insects that normally grows during this weather.

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Significance of Women’s Day in A Woman Life

Women’s day is celebrated on 8th of March every year.  This day of celebration came into existence when an activist of America first organized an event on 28th of February, 1909 in New York speaking about rights and freedom of women internationally. The day was adopted to celebrate womanhood in 1975.


                                                                                     Happy Women’s Day

Now, 8th of March is no more an alien date for people. Everyone is well aware of its worthwhile. But alas! Most women around us, do not take this day as special as they should. For some, it is just like a regular day, for some, it is the day to talk about women empowerment, a day to raise a voice against injustice they have been facing etc.

This is all good, however, the true meaning of women’s day is something different and every woman should perceive it correctly. When the world is celebrating, woman day on 8th March, it is the responsibility of a woman to become the part of celebration and enjoy liberty.

What Is The Intent Of Women’s Day?

The people who were behind making 8th march as women’s day, has a wide vision pertaining to this. Their intent was not to assign a date for women in the world, on which they can stand and fight for their rights, but the objective was to showcase the importance of women in society, to make every woman realize that they have a strong footprint in society and its development. And at the same time, to express gratitude, love and respect that society has for women.

How To Celebrate Women’s Day

A woman can’t celebrate their very own day, until their counterpart from their heart give them the right to be the part of this celebration. It is the responsibility of men to let women in their surroundings, enjoy their life the way they want.

The women should realize the importance of freedom, being empowered, knowing their rights. On Women’s Day, this is the accountability of every woman to check what their constitutional and moral rights. They should take a pledge to practice the same.

Be The Part Of Seminars And Workshops

On Women’s Day, different organizations conduct workshops and seminars to educate woman about their rights. There is no perfect way of celebrating Women’s Day then getting educated about rules, regulations and rights that the constitution of a country gives to their women citizens.

Educate And Empower Other Woman

On the day of Women’s Day, move ahead, and in addition to learning the rules and rights set for women in the country, also educate those who don’t have access to this information. If you are able to lift the life standard of even a single woman, it means you have celebrated the women’s day in a true sense.

Promote Gender Diversity At Your Place

For promoting gender diversity, it does not mean one should be working or amid a group of people. Initiatives could be taken at home as well and one should promote this thought from their family and friends.

Organize An International Day Event

Fostering gender equality is a long term process and it should be in one’s attitude. But, celebrating IWD is also important. Collect a few successful women in your society and hold an event to celebrate the day. Many will get inspiration from this event and some life’s will also.

Send Messages and Wishes

Amid all this, don’t forget the worth of heartfelt messages. Send heart touching messages written on Women’s Day to all women who you know. It is the responsibility of men to cheer their partners by sending positive messages as well.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Swag

Valentine is the day to celebrate love and this is one of the most awaited day for couples. This an occasion for them to express their feeling towards their partners.

Those who are already relishing the joy of getting their partner, valentine’s day is to celebrate togetherness. But, lovers who are still chasing their mates, has another opportunity to get their ‘Yes’.

The History Of Valentine’s Day

The valentine’s day is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day and the day is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine. The day got associated with the love in England during the middle ages. On the day, people use to share cards and love messages, and now it has come into its present shape.

How Do People Celebrate The Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day at the present time has no boundaries and this day is celebrated all across the world with the same zeal and enthusiasm. People celebrate this day by sending gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates and other items. Those who want to celebrate the day differently, plan it in a different manner. They take their partners for a lovely dinner dates, surprise party, etc.

Metropolitan cities are full of options where couples can go celebrate this special occasion. Hotels, restaurants and other event destinations announce some exciting deals, especially for couples during this week. The online and offline stores also pack with valentine gift items, which lovers can exchange on the special day. Though Valentine’s day is not considered as a festival, but in reality, this day is no less than any big festival for young boys and girls.

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special

Lovers do not expect any special gesture from their partner to celebrate valentine’s day, but as we know love is known for its passion, and when the passion is there, some craziness are expected. Every lover has his/her own style of impressing their partner, and everyone has a different desire. You can plan your valentine’s evening, according to your budget and convenience. But, if you need some tips how to make valentine evening an unforgettable one, then here are some amazing guidelines for the same.

Go For A Vacation – If you want to thrill your partner on 2019 valentine day, then take him on a vacation at a place which you both love. There is no better day than this. Unlike the normal trip, which you plan it with your friends, plan it with your partner and no one else. Spend some wonderful time together and create a memory.

Propose Her For The Big Day – If both of you are in a serious relationship and want to take this relationship to the next level, then proposing her for the wedding on valentine’s day is a nice idea. She will surely fall in love with when you put the ring in her figure and propose her for the wedding.

Take Her On A Joy Ride – Men have a perception that girls love money, gifts, jewelries, etc. But in reality, most girls in real need only the undivided attention of their partners. So, take her on a joy ride and spend plenty of time together. Compliment her for everything she has like her dressing, her looks, hair style, etc.

Plan A Night Out – If your partner is an adventure loving person, then this is for her. Find a good and safe place where you can spend the whole night and take her on a surprise night out, plan candlelight dinner, some music and dance.

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Celebrate 2019 Kiss Day on 13th of February

Just one day is left for the arrival of cupid and by now, the love birds must have been swinging high in the sky across the universe. Now, it is the time to get more intense and close, it’s the time to celebrate the most passionate day of valentine, that is Kiss Day, which is followed by the hug day.  Kiss Day is celebrated a day before the Valentine’s Day every year. In 2019, the day will be celebrated on 13th of February on Wednesday.  On this day, partners show their intensity of love to each other by connecting physically.

So, celebrate kiss day with your partner and sweep off her feet. Here are some unusual facts of kiss day and about kiss.


Kiss For A Stretch:  You know, the record of longest kiss has been created by a couple from Thailand. The duration of that kiss was 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.  No, we are not asking you to break this record, but what we are saying is to make your partner feel your love, for a time. Kiss for a long duration, if your partner truly loves you, she won’t mind locking lips with you as long as you want.

Kiss Her In A Different Style: If this is not the first time you are kissing your partner, then try a different style to give her some surprise. Check out some fresh kissing style on the internet and try that on kiss day. You know, French kiss is one of the best in the world and it is known for its intense pleasure, it involves passion, love and lust. When American and British force returned after the World war II from Europe, they kissed their wives passionately and thought came, they have learned this kissing style from France, because this was the place where they stationed.

Remove The Fear Of Kissing:  This is a fact that a large number of people in our society have a fear of kissing. They get scared, when their partner asked them to kiss. If you are also struggling with this fear, don’t let this fear outshine the love involve in kissing.  Ask your partner to help you in this, if you are unable to deal with it. Instead of leaving your partner in between and in annoying state, ask her to help you to handle this situation.

Go In Comfort Zone – Kissing at a comfortable place has a different fun. So, when you are kissing your partner, you and your partner should be at a comfortable place. Chose a place, where you both are alone and undisturbed, but make sure that the place is secure. Now, move forward, hold her and then slowly proceed.  This is an amazing feeling and it will last forever. It will create a memory and you will never forget it.

Different Kisses You Can Try On Kiss Day Of Valentine

Spider Kiss – When person kisses his/her partner coming from back

Eskimo Kiss– When the nose of both partner touches while kissing, this is called as Eskimo Kiss.

Earlobe Kissing – When a person start kissing his other partner’s earlobe, this is called as earlobe kissing.

Lip Kiss –A small kiss on lip that last for only a second or so is called as lip kiss.

Flying Kiss – This most of us are of, this is also called as long distance kiss.

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Why Hug Day Has Its Own Importance within Valentine Week

A tight hug is a gift that comes free of cost, but holds a huge value. It makes love grow manifold. So, hug your partner tight on the special valentine week hug day and make her feel your warmth of love.

The sixth day of love week is known as Hug day and this day is celebrated on 12th of February every year by lovers worldwide. Hug day is the second last day of valentine week, love has widespread in the air already, and couples are all set in the mood of celebrating Valentine’s Day with all zeal and spark.

hug day messages

Romantic Hug Day Card

In the valentine week, this day is dedicated to cuddly, warm and lovely hug. The day has a huge significance in the week of love as it brings lovers closers and makes their love more intense and felt.

Scientific Advantages Of Hugging

When we hug someone, it indicates that we that person by heart, you can’t take a person within your arms until you love him/her. Hugging strengthens bonding, it removes differences, it fills positive energy, it removes all negativities and also cures diseases. According to some researches, hug control blood pressure and blood sugar level as well. It does this by releasing a hormone in the body. This is the scientific benefits of hugging!

Now, if talk about the significance of hug day in valentine week, then it emphasize on physical closeness of lovers. The hug day says two wonderful souls who had met just in the beginning of valentine’s week to come closer and express their feeling for each other. So, on the occasion of hug day, do not forget to give a tight hug to your lover. Also, do not forget to give a tight hug to even those whom you respect and those who love you.

You can add spark in your hug day celebration by opting some unique ideas

Call Your Love On A Date: Hug is also an expression and with this expression you tell your partner how much you love him/her. But, hugging your partner is a different feeling, to embrace this feeling completely, hug your partner at a place where there is no disturbance, there is no except you and him. Stand in front of your partner and give him/her a tight hug. While hugging your partner, forget about everything else, just dive deep in love.

Accompany Your Hug With Chocolates And Flowers: Hugging is a wonderful expression, but if you want to impress your partner don’t just go and hug him/her. Instead, first create an impression, present him/her flower and chocolates, bring feeling in the time and then slowly move forward to hug him/her.

Hug Your Parents: hug day is dedicated to lovers, but that does not mean you can’t hug your parents. Make a special arrangement for them and give them a tight hug. There is no better day than hug day for expressing your love and respect toward your parents.

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Celebrate 2019 Promise Day In A Different Style

Happy promise day! Promise day comes after teddy day in valentine week. This is the day when lovers proclaim their undying love toward their partners. 2019 promise day will fall on 11th of February Monday. So, revive the spark in your relationship and once again announce your promise to your partner.

promise day card

Romantic Promise Day Card

The Significance Of Promise Day In Valentine Week

The valentine week starts with rose day, followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day and end on valentine day. The promise day is the fifth day and has a huge significance for lovers. This is the day when partners promise to maintain the same level of love in their relation to live together forever. They express their eternal and unconditional love toward their partner.

Though, there is no story behind the history of promise day and there is no hard and fast rule for this day, but this is not a bad idea to remind your love, how important he/she is for you and what you feel for him/her. So, dive in the ocean of love holding hand in hand making commitments.

You can make your promise day more special by adding some spark, like making promises with a personalized message. Here are some tips:

Take Her On A Dinner Date: If your love is not a fresh one and you both are comfortable with each other, you can take her on a dinner date at a lavish place. Hold her hand and express what you feel for her. Tell her how much you love her and don’t forget to announce your vow in a romantic manner. Don’t be in a hurry, let her also speak and listen carefully what she want to say. This is an old school idea, but effective even now.

Say It Loud: If you love your partner don’t hesitate to express your feeling for her in public. Girls love those who confess their emotions and who are direct. There is not a better day to proclaim your promise to your partner other than the promise day. Call all your friends, hold your partner’s hand and tell her, you want to spend all your life with her.

Fulfil Her Small Dreams On Promise Day: When your girl silently whispers some of her desire in your ear, it means she want you to do that for her. Lovers share their desires and dreams, recall all things that your lover had shared and try to fulfill it on the promise day committing you will fulfil all your promises in future as well.

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