Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Swag

Valentine is the day to celebrate love and this is one of the most awaited day for couples. This an occasion for them to express their feeling towards their partners.

Those who are already relishing the joy of getting their partner, valentine’s day is to celebrate togetherness. But, lovers who are still chasing their mates, has another opportunity to get their ‘Yes’.

The History Of Valentine’s Day

The valentine’s day is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day and the day is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine. The day got associated with the love in England during the middle ages. On the day, people use to share cards and love messages, and now it has come into its present shape.

How Do People Celebrate The Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day at the present time has no boundaries and this day is celebrated all across the world with the same zeal and enthusiasm. People celebrate this day by sending gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates and other items. Those who want to celebrate the day differently, plan it in a different manner. They take their partners for a lovely dinner dates, surprise party, etc.

Metropolitan cities are full of options where couples can go celebrate this special occasion. Hotels, restaurants and other event destinations announce some exciting deals, especially for couples during this week. The online and offline stores also pack with valentine gift items, which lovers can exchange on the special day. Though Valentine’s day is not considered as a festival, but in reality, this day is no less than any big festival for young boys and girls.

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special

Lovers do not expect any special gesture from their partner to celebrate valentine’s day, but as we know love is known for its passion, and when the passion is there, some craziness are expected. Every lover has his/her own style of impressing their partner, and everyone has a different desire. You can plan your valentine’s evening, according to your budget and convenience. But, if you need some tips how to make valentine evening an unforgettable one, then here are some amazing guidelines for the same.

Go For A Vacation – If you want to thrill your partner on 2019 valentine day, then take him on a vacation at a place which you both love. There is no better day than this. Unlike the normal trip, which you plan it with your friends, plan it with your partner and no one else. Spend some wonderful time together and create a memory.

Propose Her For The Big Day – If both of you are in a serious relationship and want to take this relationship to the next level, then proposing her for the wedding on valentine’s day is a nice idea. She will surely fall in love with when you put the ring in her figure and propose her for the wedding.

Take Her On A Joy Ride – Men have a perception that girls love money, gifts, jewelries, etc. But in reality, most girls in real need only the undivided attention of their partners. So, take her on a joy ride and spend plenty of time together. Compliment her for everything she has like her dressing, her looks, hair style, etc.

Plan A Night Out – If your partner is an adventure loving person, then this is for her. Find a good and safe place where you can spend the whole night and take her on a surprise night out, plan candlelight dinner, some music and dance.

This is how you can make your valentine evening memorable. Don’t forget to complete your valentine romantic evening without a heartfelt written message. If you are not good at this, then come to 143greetings. The platform has a huge number of messages written that relate to various emotions.

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Celebrate 2019 Kiss Day on 13th of February

Just one day is left for the arrival of cupid and by now, the love birds must have been swinging high in the sky across the universe. Now, it is the time to get more intense and close, it’s the time to celebrate the most passionate day of valentine, that is Kiss Day, which is followed by the hug day.  Kiss Day is celebrated a day before the Valentine’s Day every year. In 2019, the day will be celebrated on 13th of February on Wednesday.  On this day, partners show their intensity of love to each other by connecting physically.

So, celebrate kiss day with your partner and sweep off her feet. Here are some unusual facts of kiss day and about kiss.


Kiss For A Stretch:  You know, the record of longest kiss has been created by a couple from Thailand. The duration of that kiss was 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.  No, we are not asking you to break this record, but what we are saying is to make your partner feel your love, for a time. Kiss for a long duration, if your partner truly loves you, she won’t mind locking lips with you as long as you want.

Kiss Her In A Different Style: If this is not the first time you are kissing your partner, then try a different style to give her some surprise. Check out some fresh kissing style on the internet and try that on kiss day. You know, French kiss is one of the best in the world and it is known for its intense pleasure, it involves passion, love and lust. When American and British force returned after the World war II from Europe, they kissed their wives passionately and thought came, they have learned this kissing style from France, because this was the place where they stationed.

Remove The Fear Of Kissing:  This is a fact that a large number of people in our society have a fear of kissing. They get scared, when their partner asked them to kiss. If you are also struggling with this fear, don’t let this fear outshine the love involve in kissing.  Ask your partner to help you in this, if you are unable to deal with it. Instead of leaving your partner in between and in annoying state, ask her to help you to handle this situation.

Go In Comfort Zone – Kissing at a comfortable place has a different fun. So, when you are kissing your partner, you and your partner should be at a comfortable place. Chose a place, where you both are alone and undisturbed, but make sure that the place is secure. Now, move forward, hold her and then slowly proceed.  This is an amazing feeling and it will last forever. It will create a memory and you will never forget it.

Different Kisses You Can Try On Kiss Day Of Valentine

Spider Kiss – When person kisses his/her partner coming from back

Eskimo Kiss– When the nose of both partner touches while kissing, this is called as Eskimo Kiss.

Earlobe Kissing – When a person start kissing his other partner’s earlobe, this is called as earlobe kissing.

Lip Kiss –A small kiss on lip that last for only a second or so is called as lip kiss.

Flying Kiss – This most of us are of, this is also called as long distance kiss.

So, celebrate kiss day with your partner and dive in the ocean of love holding his/her hand, the valentine day is at the door.  Complete your kiss day with wonderful massages drafted by the best of writers. 143greetings is the platform where you can find messages that will relate to your emotion.

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Why Hug Day Has Its Own Importance within Valentine Week

A tight hug is a gift that comes free of cost, but holds a huge value. It makes love grow manifold. So, hug your partner tight on the special valentine week hug day and make her feel your warmth of love.

The sixth day of love week is known as Hug day and this day is celebrated on 12th of February every year by lovers worldwide. Hug day is the second last day of valentine week, love has widespread in the air already, and couples are all set in the mood of celebrating Valentine’s Day with all zeal and spark.

hug day messages

Romantic Hug Day Card

In the valentine week, this day is dedicated to cuddly, warm and lovely hug. The day has a huge significance in the week of love as it brings lovers closers and makes their love more intense and felt.

Scientific Advantages Of Hugging

When we hug someone, it indicates that we that person by heart, you can’t take a person within your arms until you love him/her. Hugging strengthens bonding, it removes differences, it fills positive energy, it removes all negativities and also cures diseases. According to some researches, hug control blood pressure and blood sugar level as well. It does this by releasing a hormone in the body. This is the scientific benefits of hugging!

Now, if talk about the significance of hug day in valentine week, then it emphasize on physical closeness of lovers. The hug day says two wonderful souls who had met just in the beginning of valentine’s week to come closer and express their feeling for each other. So, on the occasion of hug day, do not forget to give a tight hug to your lover. Also, do not forget to give a tight hug to even those whom you respect and those who love you.

You can add spark in your hug day celebration by opting some unique ideas

Call Your Love On A Date: Hug is also an expression and with this expression you tell your partner how much you love him/her. But, hugging your partner is a different feeling, to embrace this feeling completely, hug your partner at a place where there is no disturbance, there is no except you and him. Stand in front of your partner and give him/her a tight hug. While hugging your partner, forget about everything else, just dive deep in love.

Accompany Your Hug With Chocolates And Flowers: Hugging is a wonderful expression, but if you want to impress your partner don’t just go and hug him/her. Instead, first create an impression, present him/her flower and chocolates, bring feeling in the time and then slowly move forward to hug him/her.

Hug Your Parents: hug day is dedicated to lovers, but that does not mean you can’t hug your parents. Make a special arrangement for them and give them a tight hug. There is no better day than hug day for expressing your love and respect toward your parents.

So, now when you are going to celebrate hug day, do not forget to write some heartfelt messages for your partner to add charm in already a wonderful day. If you are week in drafting messages, don’t worry! 143greetings is there to help you. We have a huge assortment of hug day messages and we assure you that some will surely relate with your feeling.

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Celebrate 2019 Promise Day In A Different Style

Happy promise day! Promise day comes after teddy day in valentine week. This is the day when lovers proclaim their undying love toward their partners. 2019 promise day will fall on 11th of February Monday. So, revive the spark in your relationship and once again announce your promise to your partner.

promise day card

Romantic Promise Day Card

The Significance Of Promise Day In Valentine Week

The valentine week starts with rose day, followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day and end on valentine day. The promise day is the fifth day and has a huge significance for lovers. This is the day when partners promise to maintain the same level of love in their relation to live together forever. They express their eternal and unconditional love toward their partner.

Though, there is no story behind the history of promise day and there is no hard and fast rule for this day, but this is not a bad idea to remind your love, how important he/she is for you and what you feel for him/her. So, dive in the ocean of love holding hand in hand making commitments.

You can make your promise day more special by adding some spark, like making promises with a personalized message. Here are some tips:

Take Her On A Dinner Date: If your love is not a fresh one and you both are comfortable with each other, you can take her on a dinner date at a lavish place. Hold her hand and express what you feel for her. Tell her how much you love her and don’t forget to announce your vow in a romantic manner. Don’t be in a hurry, let her also speak and listen carefully what she want to say. This is an old school idea, but effective even now.

Say It Loud: If you love your partner don’t hesitate to express your feeling for her in public. Girls love those who confess their emotions and who are direct. There is not a better day to proclaim your promise to your partner other than the promise day. Call all your friends, hold your partner’s hand and tell her, you want to spend all your life with her.

Fulfil Her Small Dreams On Promise Day: When your girl silently whispers some of her desire in your ear, it means she want you to do that for her. Lovers share their desires and dreams, recall all things that your lover had shared and try to fulfill it on the promise day committing you will fulfil all your promises in future as well.

On the promise day, perk up smile on your partner’s face by making fresh commitments and showing your love how badly you need her in your life. Complete your promise day by selecting personalized messages. If you are not good at drafting messages, not to worry, visit 143greeting.com and pick messages that best fit your need. At 143greetings, we have selectively drafted message that holds the prowess of expressing diverse emotions

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Celebrate Teddy Day on 10th February 2019

The world is celebrating the week of love and love is in the air. Back to back days are dedicated for specific reasons and lovers are eager to celebrate it in a different style.  After rose, propose and chocolate day, here comes the teddy day.

The teddy day in 2019 is coming on the same date that is 10th of February, on Sunday. Each day of valentine is committed to something, and if you will search reasons for this dedication, then you would find stories in plenty. However, all will fell in the lap of love at the end and thus, instead of beating the bush, bring a sheepish smile on your love’s face by presenting him/her a cute little teddy.

teddy day message card

Teddy Day Card

One Story Behind Teddy Day

We were also keen to know why the day has got the name Teddy day and so we explored all stories and finally we got the one that seems justified to us. The day has got its name from the President of US, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt.  The day got its name when a cute teddy was designed to honor one of his decisions. The decision was not killing any animal during one of his hunting trips.

When it comes to emotions, no story has any relevance, the lovers are like that. They just want to see their partner happy during valentine week. So, buy a teddy and gift it to your partner to see an unforgettable smile on his/her face. But, while buying teddy, make sure you are picking the right one. Just like roses, even teddies are clinch to specific emotions. The market is full of teddies in various colors, make and shape, it is important that you select the right one. Here is the guide to buy right teddy for your love.

A Mushy Teddy – The mushy teddy is for those lovers who are expressive and don’t hesitate in expressing their feelings even in public.

A Couple Teddy – If your lover is your life and you can’t live without him/her, then gift a couple teddy to convey message that both of you are inseparable.

Any Animal – If your lover adores animals, then gift him/her a soft toy, which is soft and cuddly. It can be any animal.

It’s not like only the make and pattern of the teddy conceals message. The color of teddy is also associated with certain message.

The Pink One – If you are giving or receiving a pink teddy from someone in valentine week, then it means the person adores and likes you.

The Red One – Red is the color of desire, passion, love. The red color describes your emotion to your partner and if you are a receiver, then read the secret message.

The Orange One – The orange color indicates fascination, happiness, sunshine and joy. The orange teddy means you are going to receive a proposal from the person soon. And this will be a serious proposal.

The White One – If you are receiving a white teddy on teddy day, it means your lover is asking you to forget him and move on, he/she is in a serious relationship already.

The Brown One – If you have received brown teddy on the day, it indicates you have broken your lover’s heart. So, be ready and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

The Blue One – Feel special when you receive blue teddy from your lover. The color indicates your lover is serious about his/her relationship with you.

So, celebrate teddy day gifting cute, adorable teddies to your partner. But, do not forget to add some heartfelt messages with the teddy. You can find personalized teddy messages written on 143greetings. A cute teddy has prowess to bring smile even on a sad face.

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Follow A Different Style To Celebrate Chocolate Day On 9th Feb

Holding a rose in hand, you must have proposed your love of life to accept you as her partner forever already, celebrating the first two days of love week, rose day and propose day. Now, the time has come to add some sweetness in this fresh blooming relation by celebrating chocolate day. Chocolate day is the third day of valentine week, on this day people exchange chocolates with their love ones specially the young couples, mid age people, but as said, love has not limitations, if you see an old man buying chocolate for his lady love on chocolate day, then don’t be surprised. In western areas, this is a very regular sight. People love chocolate day the most in valentine’s week because of sweetness involved in it.


                                                                                            Chocolate Day Card

The love in the air has spread wide and it has enclasp everyone, if you have not shared your feeling to your love, even now, then collect some guts and do it on chocolate day. Take a big pack of chocolate along with a bouquet of roses, stand in-front of your girl, bend your knees and express what you feel about her.

And if you have dived in the ocean of love already, then it is the time to make it sweet. Here are some tips how you can make chocolate day romantic.

Wish Your Love Early Morning – Valentine’s week is the week of love, commitments and passion. It begins with the rose day, followed by other days. So, when you have jumped in the love ocean, just soak all its essence. Celebrate each day of valentine with fervor and enthusiasm. Wish your love, chocolate day very early morning in a different style. Note down some chocolate day quotes, messages and read that for her. And don’t forget to add a bouquet of chocolate at conclusion.

Send Her Chocolate As Gift –  Girls love surprises and they fall in love with those who try it. You can order chocolates online a day before, and arrange its delivery  at your love’s place on the early morning of chocolate day. Meanwhile, keep her busy sending beautiful chocolate wallpapers, romantic images, quotes and messages. She would jump in excitement seeing this wonderful way of wishing the day.

Call Her For Chocolate Day Celebration – A love filled relationship requires efforts. It has to be refreshed by some actions time to time. The idea we are sharing here for celebrating chocolate day will work for relationships that are already flourishing, that are budding and even for those that are blooming. The idea is to call her for a dinner date at a good place. Start dinner with chocolate cakes and end it with some dance move holding hands in hands. When you are dropping her to her home, don’t forget to give a bouquet of chocolate, the last impressive shot. On the week of valentine, you can find such places easily.

Arrange Some Activity – If your partner love adventure, then plan some activity with her. The activity should be related to chocolate only, like you can play chocolate games with her, plan chocolate spa, etc. Call your friends to join you in this fun after spending some time alone.

So, use these tips to celebrate chocolate day and add sweetness in your relation. To add more elements in your celebration combine it with wonderful heartfelt messages. 143greentings is the platform where you can find a huge collection of messages specially drafted for the occasion. You can find here messages for other days of valentine as well, such as rose day, teddy day, propose day, hug day, kiss day.

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romantic Propose day card

Its Propose Day, If Want To Listen “Yes” Follow Tips

The love season has enclasp lovebirds already and now it is the second day of love week also known as propose day. The day to share your feelings to someone who you think is the love of your life. So, when love is in the air, don’t hesitate to share your feelings, maybe this season you also douse in love ocean and savor the warmth of this wonderful emotion.

romantic Propose day card

Romantic Propose Day Card

Proposing someone and expecting a positive answer is a desire that every lover has in his mind, but getting reply as anticipated is not always on the card. When you decide to express your feelings your pulsation begins to pound, nerves get down and you lose all your confidence. However, by using the right tricks, you can confidently propose your partner and get her ‘Yes’.

Without wasting your time talking about the history of propose day and valentine’s day, we tell you tips to propose your love so that you get the answer what you want.

Take Her Out For Dinner – Girls are an attention seeking creator. They love to be chased and pampered. When you tell them how important they are in your life, they can never say ‘No’ to any proposal. And what is the better way of saying this than taking her on a lavish dinner on the special propose day. But, when you both are not so close even now, instead of giving her a surprise, call her and fix an appointment in advance. This, you can do to your beau also. This is a traditional way, but remember ‘old is gold’.

Flash Mob Proposal –  If you have watched the Bollywood movie “Dostana”, you will make it out what we are trying to say here, remember the trick John used, to propose Priynaka on the date, the flash mob proposal is the same. Decide one song and a location, choreograph that dance well and perform it on the day, when you are going to propose your love. And for this, there is not a better day than the propose day itself.

Take Her To The Place You Met For The First Time –If your love has given you indications that she also likes you, already, then proposing her at the place where you guys met for the first time is a wonderful idea. When you have made this plan to propose her, add a surprise element in your love drama. Don’t inform where you are taking her. If possible, close her eyes or ask her to do so till you reach at your destination. Don’t forget to click on her ‘Ohww’ face when she will open her eyes. Most of the girls like this.

You can also try some other ideas, such as taking her on the beach and proposing in Bollywood style. Keeping your arms open and wide and tell her how much you love her or you can also try boxed proposal, place a letter in a small box and keep it another box, make multiple layers.

So, these are some tips to propose your love on the very special propose day. Now, when it comes to proposing your love to hold your hand forever or to secure her place in your heart without end, it doesn’t mean you cannot propose your girlfriend again. Girls love surprises and they will ponder her love on you if you make them feel how important they are in your life.

Valentine’s week is all about celebrating love, you can complete all your love gestures of this week with heartfelt messages. Pick selectively penned valentine messages to share the right feeling. At 143greetings, we have a huge collection of messages creatively written to express most of emotions.

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The Significance of 7th February in Valentine’s Week

February is known as the month of ‘Love-ria’ syndromes. When the month of February begins, lovebirds start sailing dream boats in the Ocean of Love. They begin their journey of love seeking. Those who have not found their true mates also get in the love ocean to feel the warmth of this wonderful sentiment.

Rose day

                                                                                    Cards for Rose Day


You don’t need an occasion to celebrate love, this is true, each day is an event when you are walking holding hands in hands, when you are passionate for each other, when nothing looks better than your partner, when the world seems pink and red. And then your partner reminds you how much he/she loves you and how badly he/she wants you, from a second you start sailing the same boat and get vanish in Love Ocean again, this feeling takes you to the top of the world. The month of February has been chosen by lovers to celebrate the most wonderful feelings in the Universe. Lovers has been given a week to celebrate love, to glorify love affection and its tenderness and take it to the top. The love week commences with rose day celebrated on 7th of February.

There is nothing better than lovely roses when it comes to expressing a feeling that words can’t do. Simply get a rose and give it to your partner and he/she would understand what you want to say. Roses are the epitome of love and so the love week begins with rose day.

On rose day, you can buy roses and present it to your partner. During the valentine week, roses are sold as fast as hot buns and each color of rose has some emotions. So, before you pick a rose for your partner, understand it well.

The Beginning Of Valentine

The valentine week is also known as love week and you would hear different tales from different mouths about valentine, this week and what it symbolizes. But, if you will dig deep in each story, you will find all ends in the lap of love. The real story of Valentine’s week is related to the consecrated name of St. Valentine, who was the preacher of love.

How To Celebrate Rose Day

Lovers doesn’t need guide how to celebrate the first day of love week. Everyone has its own definition and feelings intact to this day. Though some add-ons can ignite the passion of love and take it on a ferry ride, like gifting roses with sweet delicacies to your love, sending greeting with roses with heartfelt messages. For a different taste of Romanism, send a heart-shaped decorated doves or cupid.

Emotions That Roses Reflect                                                       

Flowers are the symbol of love, respect, peace, purity and dedication. And so when you present roses to someone special, it expresses your emotions, though there is no hard and fast rule in this way of expressing feelings, the more you will plunge the better it is. A single rose represents you are thanking your love for being in your life. A bunch of red roses implies you want a special corner in your partner’s heart  and silently utter “I love you”

So, with roses you can speak up your entire feelings without ushering a single word. The color of roses has also to say something, the yellow is for friendship, white rose signifies peace and purity, lavender for admiring and expressing love, red is for love.

When you are presenting rose to your partner, don’t forget to complete the gesture with an amazingly penned message that just hit the right spot. 143greetings is the platform where you can find messages for rose day and other valentine’s day specially written for the special day.

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Good Morning Messages Your Way To Success


How lucky a person feels when he/she knows that there are people around him/her who care for him/her. Starting your day after receiving a good morning text feels magnificent not because we got a new message in our inbox but because someone has remembered us in the morning. They have thought about us, they got reminded of us and they cared for us enough to think about our well being. Conveying a good morning wish is not restricted to just text messages. A person can surely send good morning wishes, good morning wishes with images of flowers, heart etc. to their friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or lover.

To Know More About Messages Read Below – 

Good Morning Messages – Share and connect in a special way with the people you love by sending them the most remarkable good morning messages. We have a collection of some amazing good morning messages for you which you can send to anyone including your friends, family or loved ones. Starting a day with blessings is indeed a good thing to do. So, send a good morning message and spread happiness.

Good Morning Wishes – In a good morning message, you can send anything you feel like. You don’t need to be formal or think much but when it comes to a wish it becomes really important that you should send a heartfelt wish. It is because the person who will be reading the wish will connect with the text you are going to send him/her. Try to express your special feelings of love and gratitude in front of your people just before they start their day. This is really going to make their day.

Good Morning Messages for Love – It is rightly said that you can be a kid at heart always but the kid inside you can be exposed just in front of your loved ones. Get a little silly while sending good morning messages or wishes to the people you love. They will always like your cute and silly messages and will love the kid dwelling inside you. Make them smile in the morning with a lovely wish.

Good Morning Messages for Friends – Friends give meaning to a person’s life. Without friends, there is no existence of happiness. Acknowledge the efforts of your friends which they put to make your life joyous. Always try to send them something sweet and simple which makes them feel connected to you. Cherish the fun and spiritedness and wish a lovely good morning.

Good Morning Messages for Him – When you have a Mr. Special in your life, it becomes mandatory to shower love and care on him not because he is your boyfriend but because he deserves all the love. Send your most romantic and thoughtful wishes or messages to him and make him feel loved every day. This is surely going to strengthen the bond existing in your relationship.

Good Morning Messages for Her – A girl who truly loves you will always demand your time, attention and love. And what could be better than sending a long and romantic good morning message to her right before she begins her day? Remember girls love it when you are honest while praising them so try to get the best words which are directly felt from the heart.


Funny Good Morning Message – Send the most lighthearted and happy thoughts to your friends, family and loved ones just before they start their day. Try to bring a wide smile on their face so that they start their day happily and carefree. Spread smiles!

Good Morning Love Messages for Girlfriend – Good morning plays a very important role in your relationship. Every girl wants to be babied by their boyfriend, she wants to feel special every day. It is not possible to do everything one desires but sending a romantic good morning message can really make her day and she is surely going to feel content by knowing the fact that you missed her and she was the first thing on your mind in the morning. Send good morning messages to your girlfriend which are full of care and love and make her feel the most special every morning.

Good Morning Wishes for Boyfriend – When you don’t wake up next to the man you love, the best thing to do at that time is sending him a cute and romantic good morning text. This will let him know that he is the first thing on your mind after waking up. Send wonderful messages which he finds really adorable and he misses you the whole day after reading that. Also, make sure your good morning wish for your boyfriend should be unique.

Good Morning Wishes for Friends – Send amazing good morning wishes to your friends and make their everyday count. The more blessed you will feel yourself the more blessed you will be able to feel. Wish good morning to your friends and make them get up with a smile on their face. Send them positive thoughts which are going to make their day and give them a boost to survive.

Good Morning Wishes for Lover – If you want to see the pure happiness then send a heartfelt good morning wish to your lover and see the pious smile and contentment on his/her face. Share with them some cute, sweet and romantic messages in the morning which helps you in strengthening your bond further and making it a strong one.

Good Morning with Flowers – Flowers resemble innocence and are one of the most beautiful creations of God. Wishing someone good morning with beautiful flowers can help them awaken their true spirits and also make them, more productive. You can send red, yellow, and pink flowers to your friends and loved ones as these colorful flowers which convey their warmth of love. Good morning wishes with yellow roses are the warmest of all.

On the off chance that you don’t visit 143greetings, you are presumably passing up something. Bear in mind to experience diverse segments where you will discover cites identified with adoration, relationship, commemoration, and some more. Additionally, an unquestionable requirement see is the 143greetings thoughts segment. This segment can encourage you in the event that you need thoughts to make your commemoration, birthday, Anniversary, Good Morning or love life exceptional.

Happy Birthday Card

Top Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday Celebration Ideas For Your 21st Birthday 

Finishing teenage and heading to adulthood needs a celebration. As you have achieved a milestone and now moving towards a more serious and focused life.

Happy Birthday Card

So, if you are planning to throw a party to welcome life’s third phase, here are a few birthday celebration ideas that you can work on.

House Party – The traditional and most fun way of partying. And various reasons for this are, you are in-front of your parents eyes, so there will be no permission hiccups. You are saving venue cost, you are safe and undisturbed. Show your creativity in organizing the party and use your friend’s talent to make the night phenomenal.

Dinner Party – If you’re a kind of sophisticated personality, organize a dinner at home. Call your friends, introduce them to your parents. Sit together and discuss your future plans. The elder’s direction for the future is always good. Of course, make some arrangement for music to keep things flowing around wonderfully.

Barbeque– In-case you have not planned such party before, you will fall in love with this concept, and if you have, then nothing to speak about. This is for those, you are arranging this for the first time. The barbeque party, you can arrange anywhere with some outdoor space. Place your barbeque, load it with fresh meat and keep an ice bucket filled with chilled beer. Do, I need to speak anything more about this concept. I think, you get it!

Combine your barbeque party with some music to bring momentum in the party, while the music is playing softly in the background, you can share your childhood memories with your close pals.

Camping Trip – Now you are grown up and ready to try the adventure. Take your parent’s permission for a camping trip. Every city or town has some camping place, and trust me camping has its own fun, either the spot is big or small. So, locate that spot and reach there with your group. If you are fortunate to live in a place that has camping spots offering activities, then there is nothing wonderful then that. This will be memorable for your whole life.

Beach birthday– Now you are a big boy/girl! Big boys/girls do not cut the cake, they learn new things to get prepared for the new challenges of life. Go for a beach party with friends and explore a new way of birthday celebration.