Celebrate 2019 Kiss Day on 13th of February

Just one day is left for the arrival of cupid and by now, the love birds must have been swinging high in the sky across the universe. Now, it is the time to get more intense and close, it’s the time to celebrate the most passionate day of valentine, that is Kiss Day, which is followed by the hug day.  Kiss Day is celebrated a day before the Valentine’s Day every year. In 2019, the day will be celebrated on 13th of February on Wednesday.  On this day, partners show their intensity of love to each other by connecting physically.

So, celebrate kiss day with your partner and sweep off her feet. Here are some unusual facts of kiss day and about kiss.


Kiss For A Stretch:  You know, the record of longest kiss has been created by a couple from Thailand. The duration of that kiss was 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.  No, we are not asking you to break this record, but what we are saying is to make your partner feel your love, for a time. Kiss for a long duration, if your partner truly loves you, she won’t mind locking lips with you as long as you want.

Kiss Her In A Different Style: If this is not the first time you are kissing your partner, then try a different style to give her some surprise. Check out some fresh kissing style on the internet and try that on kiss day. You know, French kiss is one of the best in the world and it is known for its intense pleasure, it involves passion, love and lust. When American and British force returned after the World war II from Europe, they kissed their wives passionately and thought came, they have learned this kissing style from France, because this was the place where they stationed.

Remove The Fear Of Kissing:  This is a fact that a large number of people in our society have a fear of kissing. They get scared, when their partner asked them to kiss. If you are also struggling with this fear, don’t let this fear outshine the love involve in kissing.  Ask your partner to help you in this, if you are unable to deal with it. Instead of leaving your partner in between and in annoying state, ask her to help you to handle this situation.

Go In Comfort Zone – Kissing at a comfortable place has a different fun. So, when you are kissing your partner, you and your partner should be at a comfortable place. Chose a place, where you both are alone and undisturbed, but make sure that the place is secure. Now, move forward, hold her and then slowly proceed.  This is an amazing feeling and it will last forever. It will create a memory and you will never forget it.

Different Kisses You Can Try On Kiss Day Of Valentine

Spider Kiss – When person kisses his/her partner coming from back

Eskimo Kiss– When the nose of both partner touches while kissing, this is called as Eskimo Kiss.

Earlobe Kissing – When a person start kissing his other partner’s earlobe, this is called as earlobe kissing.

Lip Kiss –A small kiss on lip that last for only a second or so is called as lip kiss.

Flying Kiss – This most of us are of, this is also called as long distance kiss.

So, celebrate kiss day with your partner and dive in the ocean of love holding his/her hand, the valentine day is at the door.  Complete your kiss day with wonderful massages drafted by the best of writers. 143greetings is the platform where you can find messages that will relate to your emotion.

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