Celebrate Teddy Day on 10th February 2019

The world is celebrating the week of love and love is in the air. Back to back days are dedicated for specific reasons and lovers are eager to celebrate it in a different style.  After rose, propose and chocolate day, here comes the teddy day.

The teddy day in 2019 is coming on the same date that is 10th of February, on Sunday. Each day of valentine is committed to something, and if you will search reasons for this dedication, then you would find stories in plenty. However, all will fell in the lap of love at the end and thus, instead of beating the bush, bring a sheepish smile on your love’s face by presenting him/her a cute little teddy.

teddy day message card

Teddy Day Card

One Story Behind Teddy Day

We were also keen to know why the day has got the name Teddy day and so we explored all stories and finally we got the one that seems justified to us. The day has got its name from the President of US, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt.  The day got its name when a cute teddy was designed to honor one of his decisions. The decision was not killing any animal during one of his hunting trips.

When it comes to emotions, no story has any relevance, the lovers are like that. They just want to see their partner happy during valentine week. So, buy a teddy and gift it to your partner to see an unforgettable smile on his/her face. But, while buying teddy, make sure you are picking the right one. Just like roses, even teddies are clinch to specific emotions. The market is full of teddies in various colors, make and shape, it is important that you select the right one. Here is the guide to buy right teddy for your love.

A Mushy Teddy – The mushy teddy is for those lovers who are expressive and don’t hesitate in expressing their feelings even in public.

A Couple Teddy – If your lover is your life and you can’t live without him/her, then gift a couple teddy to convey message that both of you are inseparable.

Any Animal – If your lover adores animals, then gift him/her a soft toy, which is soft and cuddly. It can be any animal.

It’s not like only the make and pattern of the teddy conceals message. The color of teddy is also associated with certain message.

The Pink One – If you are giving or receiving a pink teddy from someone in valentine week, then it means the person adores and likes you.

The Red One – Red is the color of desire, passion, love. The red color describes your emotion to your partner and if you are a receiver, then read the secret message.

The Orange One – The orange color indicates fascination, happiness, sunshine and joy. The orange teddy means you are going to receive a proposal from the person soon. And this will be a serious proposal.

The White One – If you are receiving a white teddy on teddy day, it means your lover is asking you to forget him and move on, he/she is in a serious relationship already.

The Brown One – If you have received brown teddy on the day, it indicates you have broken your lover’s heart. So, be ready and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

The Blue One – Feel special when you receive blue teddy from your lover. The color indicates your lover is serious about his/her relationship with you.

So, celebrate teddy day gifting cute, adorable teddies to your partner. But, do not forget to add some heartfelt messages with the teddy. You can find personalized teddy messages written on 143greetings. A cute teddy has prowess to bring smile even on a sad face.

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