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16th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are the best day to celebrate in 365 days and these milestones mark all that you have achieved in previous years. It is just the beginning of every thing new in your life and to wish your loved ones we have curated a list of special messages for beautiful moments and express how you feel.
Nothing can beat the power of words and love of hand-written messages, make them feel special on their birthdays!
Celebrating a special moment like 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st birthday of your loved ones is very close to everyone's heart, here's what you can say to them on their D-Day!


    16th Birthday Messages

  • Sweet 16 is a feeling of growing up yet a child in you will always be alive. Wishing you that all your dreams come true, happy 16th birthday!
  • May this birthday shower 16 love, 16 blessings and millions of possibilities for you achieve. Happy 16th birthday to my heart!
  • You are most beautiful person I have ever met who have always take a stand for a right at such a young age. Happy 16th birthday!
  • 16th birthday messages
  • You are growing up into a wonderful person and we can't wait to see achieving all your dreams one day. Wishing you a very happy 16th birthday!
  • Birthdays are always special but 16th one will always be close to your heart, people refer that beauty in 16 is magical just like you. Happy 16th birthday!
  • May you 16th birthday be as sweet as honey, as warm as sun and as cool as ice. Wishing you happiness, love and everything that you want, happy 16th!
  • Celebrating today and many more to come with you because no matter what we will always have each other's back. Happy 16th birthday my dearest one!
  • My little sweetheart is 16 now, my wish for you is go crazy, try everything you want, live your life to the fullest! Happy 16th birthday!
  • Don't wait for any opportunity to come, build your own, run your own and achieve your own. Own this victory that you made in just 16 years, happy sweet 16 birthday!
  • I want for you to have all the happiness, love and beautiful moments to cherish on your special day. Happy 16th birthday, enjoy your day!

17th Birthday Messages

17th birthday messages
  • A year older, a year wiser and a year gorgeous. Happy 17th birthday, here's to growing old together and making beautiful memories together!
  • You are so close to being an adult, I wish you enjoy your last year as a teen, happy 17th birthday, hugs and kisses on the way!
  • Happy 17th birthday to you, may you shine brighter as a star and fight your battles and come out even more stronger, that is what I wish for you today!
  • Wishing you a very happy and wonderful 17th birthday! Count on your blessings and always spread love and laughter.
  • You bring so much joy to the family, we wish you to deserve selfless love like you give it to us and thoughtfulness for people who you care, happy 17th birthday!
  • It's just beginning of your 17th birthday, you have a lot to look forward today and in your life. Keep living all your exciting opportunities!
  • You are growing old and becoming mature, responsibilities are going to come on 17th birthday, hope you enjoy as all it comes together. Hugs and kisses!
  • Wishing you strong shoulders for other to rely on, soft hands for everyone to hold, warm hugs for loved ones and may you always find the same. Happy 17th birthday!
  • As you are turning 17 today, may you always find yourself stuck at the right place, at the right time and thank God for this lovely 17th birthday, happy for you!
  • May you always find strength to fight your problems and dig out solutions and may you always help someone in need. Happy 17th birthday!

18th Birthday Messages

18th birthday messages
  • Here's to getting adult and offical for all things in the world. Happy 18th birthday, spoil yourself with gifts and glamour, seize your special day!
  • Do wild things, crazy stuff while you are young so that a smile can flash when you are old. Happy 18th birthday darling!
  • Wishing you a life full of opportunities, happiness, love and laughter. Happy 18th birthday to this most beautiful soul, who spreads smile and warmth of hugs!
  • Sparkle and shine brighter, raising a toast and huging your tighter! Happy 18th birthday to the wonderful person, enjoy this beautiful journey of life!
  • Happy 18th birthday and wishing you a rollercoaster ride a head filled with adventure and fun. Experience everything new and wild, love you!
  • Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibility, you have to look after your younger ones now. Happy 18th birthday to my dearest one, loads of love!
  • You are a true rising star, may all your dreams comes true, may you find right opportunities for you. May this 18th birthday be the most special one and a memorable one!
  • Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday, keep shining and smiling. May you always find the courage to speak about the right thing, happy adulting!
  • May you always find your way to your home in any problem, we will always have your back. Happy 18th birthday, stop growing so fast!
  • Squeezing with million hugs, may you alway find happiness in what you do. Happy 18th birthday to you, wishing you luck and love!

20th Birthday Messages

20th birthday messages
  • Deep dive in to the sea of opportunities and may be you will find a pearl for you. Happy 20th birthday, enjoy your special day!
  • We have always wanting to celebrate your 20th birthday, finally a segment of 'teen' life is over completely. You will miss every moment but keep looking forward!
  • 20th birthday, here it comes with so much happiness and blessings for you. Wishing you years and years to come with love, luck and your dreams!
  • May you always find a right direction and a right path. Happy 20th birthday, may god bestow all his blessings on your today.
  • 20's are the best years of life, you have so much explore, so much to decide, so much to look for. Happy 20th birthday, have so much fun!
  • There is spark in being 20, it's like you have so many great decisions to make and all these decision will reflect your future. Happy 20th birthday, make it all worth it!
  • Count every blessing you can, every moment you share, every friend you meet because these are the years you will make the most of it. Happy 20th birthday!
  • Seize your special moments for you to cherish them later. Memories will count so make a lot of them. Happy 20th birthday, have a incredible one!
  • We cannot wait for you to accomplish big things in life and living your dream. Happy 20th birthday, celebrate it to the fullest!
  • Tomorrow will be a new day, big day but today is your day. Happy 20th birthday, live your today and plan your tomorrow. Wishing you happiness and luck!

21st Birthday Messages

21st birthday messages
  • A milestone achieve by turning 21, remember you are stronger than you imagine and you are loved even more. Happy 21st birthday!
  • Create something for yourself when you can't find one. Happy 21st birthday, wishing you the best and the special one!
  • As you are 21 today, we were looking back at the moments you made it so memorable. Wishing many more memories to make together, happy 21st birthday!
  • Happy 21st birthday, have a fabulous start to your new day, new life. Add a spice of little adventure and loads of fun. Keep shining!
  • When I turned 21 I did not plan on getting you but surely your 21 seems more nicer than I had. Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday love!
  • You are our survival for next 1000 years, we are so glad to celebrate your 21st birthday with you. Happy 21st, may you always lead a fabulous life ahead!
  • Congratulations on achieving a big one, a big twenty-one! Wishing you success on your 21st birthday, love and luck to you!
  • May this 21 bring eternal sunshine, may your beauty never fades away and you always look like 21. Happy 21st birthday!
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  • 21years of life has brought a lot of change, you are grown up to this wonderful person and may you always become like your father. Own your worth, own yourself!
  • You will always be precious to us no matter how old you get. This is just the beginning darling, achieve all you dream. Happy 21st birthday!

Having a valuable thought shared on your close ones birthday will always bring a smile on their face, keep celebrating special moments with special wishes and messages!

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