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Last Updated: 23rd September, 2018

Rose Day Messages

Rose Day messages
Not every flower except a rose can express my love for you. Sending a bunch of roses for my beloved....
Happy Rose Day!
I asked for a flower but God gave me a rose...You are the rose...Happy Rose Day!!
Rose is not just a flower but a symbol of love...I love you... Happy Rose Day!!
Rose Day messages
You love is like a rose, it refreshes me every time I feel it. Love you so much.. Happy Rose Day darling!
Our love is like a rose.. it will bloom and bloom.. forever.. Happy Rose Day!!
Sending a bunch of lovely roses to the most beautiful woman in the world.. Happy Rose Day darling!
Rose Day messages
Love can be expressed in many is to send a bunch of lovely roses my love...Happy Rose Day!!
Red is the color of roses and red is the color of love... I love you... Happy Rose Day baby!
Roses are really delicate don't touch it with hands, my love is also the same... don't throw harsh words on it... Happy Rose Day!!
Like a rose can fill the room with fragrance, your love has filled my life with love... Happy Rose Day!!

Rose Day for Girlfriend

With these Red Roses all I say - Keep the fragrance of love in our relationship as fresh as these roses are.
A flower can say thousand Words - I'm giving you this bouquet of roses to make you understand my feeling my love!
Rose Day messages
I don't find any other interesting way to express my love for you. The red roses just for my life.
Roses are the best way to express love and define a relationship. I have selected the red one for you.
Red roses are the symbol of intense love. And so, on this rose day I’m giving you a big bouquet of love.
Red roses are the prettiest among all, like you are the most adorable amoung all. Love you!
I'm giving you roses to show how much I love you my life. Now give a fresh smile just like roses
On the rose day, I have selected the red rose for you my dear, and the pink one to your friend.
Roses are red and the sky is blue. You don't know my dear how much I love you.
Great couples are those who accept positive and negative, like the beautiful roses accepting the thrones.

Rose Day for Boyfriend

I don't know whether I am perfect for you or not, so sending these roses to know your mind.
Rose Day messages
If the roses are the way to express my love, then here is garden of roses for you.
I love you my sweetheart, and I want you to accept me as thorne if you can't do it as rose.
My love for you is as pure and fresh as the red roses that I am sending to you.
Keep smiling and remain fresh as the roses. Spread your fragrance to make everyone fall in love.
On this day I have selected the red rose for you dear! Now waiting for your revert.
I am sending you the bouquet with roses in different colours. Select the one for me and tell me your secret.
My love is not like regular flowers that will vanish when shrivel. It’s like roses, that will spread fragrance even after drying.
Ur the most special to me amoung all, as the roses are in flowers. Happy rose day, my love.
Happy rose day sweet heart. I love you and want you to share ur heart.
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