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New Year Messages

A fresh year is again upon us and it is the time to wish each other and be thankful to everyone who contributed in making our year a better one. The coming year is a brand new year to start afresh and give yourself another chance. Also, New Year brings with us numerous opportunities which help us in evolving as a better person this year. So, express gratitude, love, respect, joy, and appreciation to everyone you wish to. Exchange wishes, messages, ecards with family, friends, relatives and co-workers and let them know that you remembered them at the beginning of this wonderful year. 143Greetings brings to a wide variety of messages which you can share with everyone. Be it emotional new year messages, funny new year messages, new year wishes for friends, new year wishes for boyfriend, new year wishes for girlfriend or simple new year wishes, we have them all. You can choose your kind of message which you find suitable and share it with your near and dear ones.

  1. It is the time to say goodbye to the old year and say Hi to the new one. With a heart full of hopes, I wish you a happy and rewarding new year!
  2. Although the year 2020 was troubling, it has taught us many lessons. Learning from the past mistakes, look at the future, forget the past and living in the present. Wish you a Happy New Year!
  3. May the New Year has all positive new for you, your family and business. Happy New Year!
  4. New Year Messages 2020
  5. Many-many wishes for the New Year. May it brings numerous opportunities, good health and wealth in your life.
  6. To pop, fizz and clink new years here and so we are, wishing you the best of all new year yet the best one to come. Happy New Year!
  7. From January to December I had a rollercoaster ride, and hoping you had same. Wishing you happy new year!
  8. To more drunken, to more gossiping, to more fights and to more love. Happy New Year from mine to yours!
  9. To never giving up and to always saying �that�s bullshit� we all grew up and so is the time. Wishing you Happy New Year!
  10. It is time to bid 2019 goodbye and welcome 2020 with a smile on the face and hope in the heart. Happy New Year!
  11. The day has come to bid 2019 goodbye and welcome 2020 with a bang. Happy New Year!
  12. May the New Year bring you lots of happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year!
  13. Take a lesson from the mistakes you made last year and promise not to repeat them in the new year. Wishing you a very happy New Year.
  14. Do make resolutions but vow to stick to them. Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year.
  15. The New Year is about to enter with a bang. May it bring good luck and prosperity for you. Happy new Year!
  16. The new year is about to begin. Do away with all the negative thoughts and fill your mind with positivity. Wishing you lots of success and happiness. Happy New Year!
  17. The time has come to let go of the past. Welcome the new year for it is full of hope, optimism and happiness. Happy New Year!
  18. Do not feel sad for the year is coming to an end; the next one is surely going to be even better. Wishing you happy New Year.
  19. The New Year is just round the corner, my it bring bright prospects for you and your family. Happy New Year!
  20. The year gone by has taught us many lessons. Learn from the mistakes that you have committed and try not to repeat them in the New Year.
  21. Whatever dreams and aspirations were left unfulfilled in the year gone by may God fulfil them in the New Year.
  22. Sweetheart, I have made a resolution for the New Year. I would give more time to you in the coming year. Happy New Year and lots of love.
  1. Let us bid 2019 goodbye with teary eyes and welcome 2020 with a broad smile on our face. Wishing you a very happy New Year.
  2. A year full of sweet memories is gone. The next year has arrived and brings with it the gifts of hope and optimism. Wishing you a happy New Year.
  3. The New Year has arrived and with it have come new beginnings and opportunities. May this New Year be a fruitful one. Happy New Year!
  4. The year gone by was awesome and the New Year would be even better.
  5. Wishing you a very happy New Year
  6. We are lucky to get a new chance to live another year full of joy and peace. Be grateful and live life to its fullest. Happy New Year!
  7. Never forget the lovely time we shared altogether. May the year 2019 be more glorious and memorable!
  8. Here comes the time to look forward to better things in life. Have a happy and blessed New Year!
  9. May God shower enormous love on you in the coming year. Happy New Year!
  10. Life has given you a chance to fill the blank book of 365 pages. Try to write something new every day. Happy New Year!
  11. While moving deep into our friendship the wish for more fun and happiness is the year to come. Enjoy every time in the year 2020.
  12. I recall about our friendship and how happy I become with the thoughts, I would like to wish the same happiness in 2020. Have a Prosperous New year!
  13. Countless blessings for you and happiness beneath Earth�s horizon in year 2020, Happy New Year, my lovely friend
  14. Every New Year wish from me is worthy. Thank you for being in life. Hope we spend years and years together. Happy New Year
  15. New year comes with new hopes, joys and experiences. Wishing you immense of love, Happy New Year
  16. It's a new day, it's a new year, it's time to feel good. Be the better version of you this year.
  17. Happy New Year!
  • Give an energetic start and let the old turmoil passes away. New Year greetings to you and your family
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    New Year Messages 2020

    Let us celebrate the New Year 2020 with a wide smile and an open heart. Wish your loved ones a year full of prosperity, wealth, love, joy and happiness. Send them wonderful wishes which we have compiled below to help you out. Exchange wishes, greetings, and messages with your family, friends and relatives and enjoy this amazing year with blessings of near and dear ones.

    1. May the New Year bring lots of happiness, prosperity in your life and make it a grand one.
    2. Have a rewarding Happy New Year, dear friend. May the year comes holding lots of gifts in hand.
    3. New year has knocked the door, open the door and check what surprises it has brought for you.
    4. Knock Knock! It is New Year on the door. I have come with many surprises, open the gate and let celebrate.
    5. Happy New Year, may you have days filled with happiness and jovial moments.

    Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

    Friends are an essential part of life. Without friends, life is incomplete and mundane. New Year is the time to make new memories with friends which you are going to cherish throughout the year. So, here is the time to let your friends know that you want them in your life this year too. Get ready to welcome the new year and leave all the bittersweet memories of the past behind. Send your friends some amazing messages, wishes, and greetings and wish them a remarkable new year.

    1. Again the New Year has come with many surprises. Let�s welcome it with determination that we won�t stop our path.
    2. Last Night, New Year came in my dream and say, if we will not party, it will get angry with us.
    3. Happy New Year to all my friends. We have shared so many years of togetherness, let not break the continuity.
    4. It�s the time to take new resolution, forget past and focus on the future. So, all the best and HNY in advance.
    5. Let�s start planning for future taking experiences from last year. Have a rewarding Happy New Year.

    Emotional New Year Messages

    The year 2020 is going to end really soon and it is the time to welcome another new year and also leave all the aching memories of the past behind. Here comes the time to say goodbye to all problems and worries and welcome a new year with an extra big smile. So, this year show gratitude to every person who contributed in making your life a bliss. Send some heart touching and emotional messages to your friends, family, relatives, and co-workers and let them know you care for them.

    1. Happy New Year to all. This is our last year in school. Next year we will be at different places.
    2. You know why New Year come? Coz, God wants us to forget all our sorrows make a new beginning.
    3. Our last year was great as we are together, let�s ensure coming year be the nicer and we will remain connected.
    4. Time wait for no one. So, forget the past and welcome the New Year with a big heart.
    5. Let�s make a determination that no hurdle will stop us from achieving our goal. Happy New Year.

    Funny New Year Messages

    New Year gives you an opportunity to begin everything in a new way. New Year is the time to celebrate together a new beginning leaving behind the baggage of the past. Do not worry if you are unable to be present at all the places with all your near and dear ones. The best you can do is send your loved ones some really funny messages which will bring a smile on their face. Also, do not forget to share with all your friends and acquaintances to make them laugh and also realize that you want them in this year too.

    1. Happy New Year to my friend who is young by age but old by heart.
    2. Great new year to you my friend, let�s sit together open the bottle of champagne, but don�t call our girlfriends.
    3. Happy New year, wish you get everything better this year. No comments on ur wife.
    4. Happy New Year, may you have a great and lovely life with your wife and girlfriend. God bless you.
    5. New Year wish to you dear friend. Have a pleasant time and dance with your girlfriend.

    New Year Messages for Girlfriend

    On the joyous New Year don't be late in wishing the love of your life a new beginning, a new turn, and a new life. Express your feeling with style to the girl of your life in a special way. Share some amazing messages, quotes, and cards with the girl for whom you have special feelings. Convey your real feelings to her using our words and make her feel really special at the beginning of this fantastic year.

    1. It�s being long you are my girlfriend. This new year lets change our relationship status, be my partner.
    2. We have completed another year of togetherness. May we live together for long-long years. Happy New year
    3. I want to celebrate uncounted numbers of New Year nights with you and each one will be as special as you.
    4. Happy New year my love. As the years are passing im getting older n eligible to hold your hands forever.
    5. New year wish to you my sweetheart. For this year as well, my resolution is I will never hurt you.

    New Year Messages for Boyfriend

    This New Year, express your emotions for the guy who has touched your heart and made your life really beautiful. To the guy who has given a new meaning to your life, wish him with the most romantic and beautiful words this year which touches his soul. Tell him that you want him in every year of your life. This year let your boy know how much you are in love with him by sending him wonderful new year wishes, messages, and greetings.

    1. May we walk hand in hand like the previous year and support each other forever. Happy New Year darling!
    2. New Year gives us an opportunity for living another year full of kisses, hugs, and blessings. Happy New Year baby!
    3. Thank you for making all my wishes come true. May we stay together forever and ever. Happy New Year!
    4. I will never be complete without you my love. I want you in all walks of life. Love you. Happy New Year!
    5. New Year gives us a chance to renew the love existing between each other. Let's promise to love each other more this year. Happy New Year!