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Miss You SMS

The hues of romance are many, missing someone is one of them. It is a feeling that comes only when you love someone like no one else. And when you share this feeling with your love, it strengthens your romantic relationship. Your love could be your girl, wife, husband, child or anyone. However, when you miss someone and want to convey your feeling to the person, it is imperative to choose words that express true feelings. Now, because every lover is not a good poet, we have landed for their rescue. To help you in this expression of love, we have prepared a stunning collection of miss you messages you and your partner would fall in love with. Flirt with her, make her feel special or charm her, the choice is yours. We have given you a bouquet of messages that you will surely adore.

  • I am missing you a lot! These words can only express my feeling but not its intensity, no words can express the same. Love you sweetheart.
  • I am missing you so badly that now my heart has started to bleed. Come home soon sweety. Love you.
  • I am missing you every second of the day. It’s been one month you have gone but still I am not able to muddle through this, and I think I would never be able to do so. So better, you become habitual of receiving such messages every day.
  • Miss You SMS
  • I have become crazy in your love, mad for your touch, sentimental for your presence and passionate to see you soon. Love you sweetheart, I am missing you a lot.
  • I take my words back that I can live happily without you. It’s not happening, and will never be. Missing you a lot, please come soon.
  • Yes, I accept, I can’t live without you. No matter, how strong I portray myself, the fact is you are my strength, and when you are not around, I am strengthless. Love you darling and missing you a lot.
  • In your absence, all the charm of my life has got over, there is no sunshine and even the moon has refused to appear. Baby I am missing you like hell.
  • My lips have forgotten to smile, my eyes not shining anymore, my body not reacting to even the most hilarious jokes, if you will not handle me right now, I will be no more. Missing you like crazy.
  • I love you, I love you, I love you and I love you. Please come home soon, I am missing you a lot and can’t live without you.
  • It’s getting difficult for me to live without you. Hey baby, I am missing you a lot. Please come soon.
  • I am getting so bored in the absence of you that I have started talking to mirrors. I am missing you a lot. Tell me what should I do to spend time without you. Love you baby.
  • I am dying to hug you tight and kiss you right, love you baby. I am missing my life.
  • Even the universe is not happy to see us separated. See, it’s cloudy here from the day you have left, there is no sunshine, no stars and no moon. On the behalf of all of them, I am requesting you, please come soon.
  • In your absence, I have realized how lonely I am without you. Desperately waiting for your arrival, missing you my muse.
  • Hey baby, you were right, I can’t live without you. Now, you won, Iose. The game is over, come soon. Missing you like crazy.

Texts To Make Him Miss You

  • I know, you are missing me the same way I do. Come home soon, will let you know what all things I missed and how much.
  • Hey honey, I am missing you like crazy, I want to see you as early as possible. Come soon.
  • I have decorated our room and entire home, have baked your favorite cookies and cake. And now that everything is ready, I am dying to see you, please come soon, it is getting difficult to wait.
  • Little wine on your face, vanilla cream on your chest, strawberries at your waist, you will experience all this, come home soon please. Missing your touch and feel.
  • I have lost 10 Kgs after you have gone. I don’t know whether you will find me or not, after your return. I am missing you so much that I am dying every single day.
  • Hey baby, if you love me and want to see me alive, come soon. I am dying every single minute and missing you like crazy.
  • You wanted to hear this always but I never said. Today, I confess ‘I Love You’, ‘I Am Missing You’, ‘I Want To Kiss You’, ‘I Want To Hug You Tight’. But sadly you are not around.
  • You are busy doing your stuff, leaving me all alone. Come home soon darling, you love is calling you all by heart. I am missing you like never.
  • Like the dessert, my life has become dead and dry. Like dessert, I am waiting for drops of rain to make me alive.
  • My memories are asking for beautiful moments, please come and make some. I am missing you sweetheart.

Miss You Sms For Boyfriend

Miss You Sms For Boyfriend
  • A home is where heart feels the most comfortable. When you are around, even the dessert gives the feeling of being at home. Missing your company darling.
  • Hey love, I am missing you like crazy. I would never let you go anywhere after this. Please, please, please come soon.
  • Missing you is like being on a ventilator without oxygen. Hope you are understanding my situation. Love you.
  • Love you my sweetheart. You are my honey-bunny, my cutie-pie, my lifeline and everything.
  • Every love message that you receive from my side, symbolizes how much I am missing you.
  • The sky above me has no stars now. You know why? Because, every time I miss you, a star falls. Come back or the whole sky will be out of stars.
  • My perfect me time is, lying next to you, having my head on your lap, talking endlessly about you and me. Missing those moments badly.
  • Miss you give me unbearable pain but I am bearing it, so that you can finish your work comfortably. Love you sweetheart.
  • It’s been 24 hours I haven’t seen you, you know how difficult it is for me, to not think about you when you are not around. Love you darling, come soon.
  • Knock-knock, it’s me. I have come to tell you that I am missing you badly. Could please stop coming in my thoughts and disturbing me.

Miss You Sms For Girlfriend

Miss You Sms For Girlfriend
  • If you feel, I am dying for you. You are not wrong, this is my actual status. But don’t worry, I will not die until I see you. I am missing my love a lot.
  • Without you, my condition is same as fishes without fins, birds with no wings, cats without paws and crab without claws. Missing you a lot baby.
  • I am missing everything of my baby, her magical kiss, her mesmerizing hug, her cute cuddle, her wonderful cheer, her mouth watering food and you know everything. All I want to say I love you.
  • Had missing someone would be a crime, I have been punished hanged till death for missing you so badly. Love you sweetheart.
  • After spending the whole night in trouble, I went to the doctor. Sweetheart, he said, I am suffering from Missing you syndrome. God, please help me.
  • Hey, I am missing you a lot, could you feel my feeling. The worst is, this trouble is not healing. Please come to rescue me.
  • The doctor has said, if I am not going to see you in next one day, nothing could save me. This is the last stage of Missing you syndrome, I am suffering from.
  • From the time you have gone, things have start behaving abruptly. Not able to sleep in night, not able to concentrate, even the coffee has become bitter.
  • Oh my love, I am missing you a lot. It’s getting difficult to spend even one more day without you.
  • Although you are many miles away, but when I close my eyes, I find you really close to me, hugging me tight and kissing me softly.

Miss You Sms for Wife

Miss You Sms for Wife
  • I have no shame in saying that I love my wife a lot. She is my life and I can’t live without her. Missing you a lot my better half.
  • When I say, I am missing the homemade food, I mean, I am actually missing you. When I say, I am missing the fragrance of my home, I mean, I am missing your smell. You made my house, a home, I love you.
  • Missing you means, I am missing everything related to you, your love, the food you prepare, your care and your soft arms hanging around my neck and your soft kiss that say you love me the most.
  • Everything I do has a small imprint of you, so I don’t miss you, because you are always with me. Hey sweetheart, I Love You.
  • A day is called as a good day, when it is sunny outside, but my day is called as a good day, when you are at my side. Sadly, these days I am alone, and days are not good for me these days.
  • Loving you is the wonderful experience for me. Missing you is the worst feeling for me, I am missing you a lot these days. You can understand what I am going through.
  • You are my wife, and you are my life. My life can’t be happier without my wife. Missing you a lot sweetheart.
  • When I have a wife like you, I don’t need anything else from the God. Your smile is everything for me.
  • I am doing everything to make you happy. In this effort, if sometime I am not with you, don’t miss me. It will make me weak. Love you sweetheart.
  • I don’t miss you as you are always with me no matter, I am around you or miles apart. Love you darling, you are my sweetheart.

Sharing feelings in words have never been easy, it takes lots of efforts and passion. Picking the right words mirroring your feelings is another challenge. Because of this many time lovers drop the idea of expressing their true feelings to their partners through text and messages, but you know words has its own magic, and it is more romantic to express love in writing than verbally. Our miss you message collection is for the rescue of lovers, who are a novice in writing. So, whilst we are drafting heart touching miss you, love you and other live filled messages, you spend time with your partner and fill love in your relation.

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