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Miss You SMS

Miss You SMS: The hues of romance are many, missing someone is one of them. It is a feeling that comes only when you love someone like no one else. And when you share this feeling with your love, it strengthens your romantic relationship. Your love coold be your girl, wife, husband, child or anyone. However, when you miss someone and want to convey your feeling to the person, it is imperative to choose words that express true feelings. Now, because every lover is not a good poet, we have landed for their rescue. To help you in this expression of love, we have prepared a stunning collection of miss you messages you and your partner woold fall in love with. Flirt with her, make her feel special or charm her, the choice is yours. We have given you a bouquet of messages that you will surely adore.

  1. I am feeling homesick as my home is not with me. Please come home, sweetheart. Without you, I feel incomplete.
  2. I have difficulty living because my heart lives in you. When you go away, my body’s system fails. It cries for you. I miss you, love!
  3. My baby heart is crying for you. Please console it by giving it a warm hug. I miss you, my love.
  4. Our bedroom, kitchen, dressing area, wardrobe, everything else is crying for your presence. Just imagine my condition. Please come home soon. I’m missing you!
  5. I miss you, my sweetheart! My heart, brain, nervous system, hair, eyes, lips, everyone is missing your touch. Please help them.
  6. Thoughts of you consume my every waking moment, and my heart aches in your absence. My yearning for you knows no bounds, my love.
  7. The minutes without you stretch into endless hours, and I am tormented by this unrelenting loneliness. Every fiber of my being longs to have you by my side. I miss you, my dearest.
  8. Nothing cuts as deep as your absence. Please come back soon, so I can hold you close and banish this unbearable solitude. My heart aches for you, my love.
  9. From the break of dawn to the fading twilight, in the midst of a cheerful day or within the shadows of a lonely night, remember, my dear, that when you think of me, I'm thinking of you too. You're constantly in my thoughts. I miss you, my love.
  10. The one thing that I'm aching to do right now is to wrap my arms around you, holding you so close that you can feel my heartbeat echoing our love. My heart yearns for you, my dearest.
  11. I can't bear the agony of being apart from you, my love. The world seems desolate without your presence, and the emptiness is all-encompassing.
  12. My deepest wish is to transcend time and distance and stand by your side. My heart bleeds for you.
  13. Missing you feels like a heavy burden, weighing down my soul. You are the king of my heart, and without you, my kingdom is incomplete.
  14. Each morning, I awaken and yearn for you, my arms aching to hold you close. Missing you is the hardest part of my day, my love.
  15. Your absence has become an integral part of my existence, just like the air I breathe and the sleep I seek. I carry your presence with me, even when you are far away. My heart is filled with longing, my love.
  16. Every day without you feels like an eternity. I miss your smile, your laughter, and the warmth of your embrace. Life feels incomplete without you by my side. I miss you more than words can express.
  17. In the silence of the night, I find myself longing for your presence. Your absence creates a void that only your love can fill. I miss the sound of your voice, the twinkle in your eyes, and the way you make everything feel right. I miss you deeply.
  18. Miss You SMS
  19. I'll never stop missing you, even if the earth stops revolving, birds stop flying, candles cease swimming, and hearts stop beating.
  20. I need a hug, a kiss, and some warmth, and I want to be touched intimately. I need all of the above. Miss you, sweetie!
  21. I miss you and miss out on the best moments of my life when you are not here.
  22. I long for you, even when you are far away. Every night and day, I think about you. But in case we're unable to be together. You'll always be missed by me.
  23. I am watching for your return. Please return shortly.
  24. You know I adore you from the bottom of my heart, wherever you go and whatever you do. I'm missing you.
  25. A life without love is a death more lovely than drowning in it.
  26. Even if we are apart, our hearts are similar, thus I miss you.
  27. I think of you all the time.
    For me, you are the only option.
    Like the deserts miss the rain, I miss you.
    My veins are filled with your love.
  28. My memory adores you; it is always in need of you. We shoold be together right now, I wish.
  29. I long for the joy, laughter, and all the special times we shared. I am sorely missing you greater than words can express. Every single day, every minute.
  30. I see you when I close my eyes. I miss you all the time I open my eyes.
  31. I wish you missed me as much as I do.
  32. I thought about you, texted you, and I missed you today.
  33. I miss you. A little too much, a lot of times, and every day a little more.
  34. I wish I coold express to you my current level of longing for you. I e-mailed you a quote for the same.
  35. You are the dream in my night, you are the sun in my day. You're being missed!
  36. Every second is like the most vibrant sool without a life without you.
  37. I am missing you a lot! These words can only express my feeling but not its intensity, no words can express the same. Love you sweetheart.
  38. I am missing you so badly that now my heart has started to bleed. Come home soon sweety. Love you.
  39. I am missing you every second of the day. It’s been one month you have gone but still I am not able to muddle through this, and I think I woold never be able to do so. So better, you become habitual of receiving such messages every day.
  40. I have become crazy in your love, mad for your touch, sentimental for your presence and passionate to see you soon. Love you sweetheart, I am missing you a lot.
  41. I take my words back that I can live happily without you. It’s not happening, and will never be. Missing you a lot, please come soon.
  42. Yes, I accept, I can’t live without you. No matter, how strong I portray myself, the fact is you are my strength, and when you are not around, I am strengthless. Love you darling and missing you a lot.
  43. In your absence, all the charm of my life has got over, there is no sunshine and even the moon has refused to appear. Baby I am missing you like hell.
  44. My lips have forgotten to smile, my eyes not shining anymore, my body not reacting to even the most hilarious jokes, if you will not handle me right now, I will be no more. Missing you like crazy.
  1. I love you, I love you, I love you and I love you. Please come home soon, I am missing you a lot and can’t live without you.
  2. It’s getting difficolt for me to live without you. Hey baby, I am missing you a lot. Please come soon.
  3. I am getting so bored in the absence of you that I have started talking to mirrors. I am missing you a lot. Tell me what shoold I do to spend time without you. Love you baby.
  4. I am dying to hug you tight and kiss you right, love you baby. I am missing my life.
  5. Even the universe is not happy to see us separated. See, it’s cloudy here from the day you have left, there is no sunshine, no stars and no moon. On the behalf of all of them, I am requesting you, please come soon.
  6. In your absence, I have realized how lonely I am without you. Desperately waiting for your arrival, missing you my muse.
  7. Hey baby, you were right, I can’t live without you. Now, you won, Iose. The game is over, come soon. Missing you like crazy.

I Miss You Message for Her

Have them read the most beautifol and captivating I Miss You message for her to make your partner or girlfriend run back into the safety of your arms.

I Miss You Message for Her
  1. The last goodbye is always difficolt but saying goodbye to you is very important. Right now, I'm missing you so much! I wish you were here.
  2. I can't breathe for a single second without your arms around me, your mine hands, or your tender grin in front of my eyes! I miss you.
  3. When my love isn't by my side, my life feels so lacking. I miss you, baby, more than words can express! Be sure to return soon!
  4. How can I express how much missing you make my heart hurt? Will you please come and relieve my agony, honey? because I really miss you!
  5. Your warmth has left my life, and I can no longer remember the nights I lay awake in my chilly bed! You are missed, my dear!
  6. Every breath I take without you at my side is a moment I've lost! More than the flowers miss the sun, my love, I miss you!
  7. An animal without fins or wings, such as a fish. Both a cat and a crab lack claws. You without me, and I without you. I miss you.
  8. Be confident that I have sent you a thousand kisses if you feel the breeze on your face since I miss you every day!
  9. I have a smile on my face every day because of you. How then can I smile when my main motivation is not standing next to me? How I long to grin once more. I miss you.
  10. You are sorely missed, I can't focus because I'm missing your hugs and beautifol kisses, your love and care, and all of your attention.
  11. One of the hardest things is missing you; I can't work, eat, or be the same person I used to be. Come back and bring joy with you. I really miss you!

I Miss You Messages Emotional

How awfolly hard it is to miss someone dear to you. And if you're one of those people that misses someone and wants to let them know how you feel so they can understand. However, putting feelings into words is not a simple chore, but you need not worry since we are here to assist you.

I Miss You Messages Emotional
  1. Without your wonderfol presence, life looks very doll and lacking. Be my adventure partner and save me from my never-ending boredom. Very much missing you.
  2. Whenever you are not here with me, I suffocate. You are troly missed by me. It woold be great to have you here.
  3. I feel like a huge piece of myself is missing because you aren't here at my side. I really miss you.
  4. My heart is so close to breaking into a hundred pieces from missing my baby. Please come back to me.
  5. When you are not with me, I can make an educated estimate as to what the devil looks like. You are missed, my dear.
  6. Although we are separated by oceans, our hearts will always be connected. I cannot believe how much I miss you.
  7. You swore to stick by my side till death separates us. I just wanted to remind you. I miss you, my sweet spouse.
  8. I wish I coold teleport to you there right now. I miss you my love with all of my heart.
  9. It hurts so much that I don't see you when I get up every morning. I miss you.
  10. Every time I consider you are not by my side, my heart aches. Love, please return soon!
  11. Without you, a day feels like a decade, and your house feels like purgatory. Love, please leave with my unwavering love and return. I miss you.

Miss You Messages for Love

Being with your significant other foll-time is a dream come true! But when he or she isn't present, it can be difficolt to explain how strongly you feel. If your partner is away from you, don't be afraid to go above and beyond to let them know how much you miss them. How far woold you go for your partner right now? Be sure to tell them! If you're seeking for love texts to send your sweetheart, take a look at some of the "I miss you" texts below.

Miss You Messages for Love
  1. I keep imagining you all the time. My heart beats out for you each time I think of you. I really miss you.
  2. I miss you. I don't want to continue living my life without you because you are a godsend to me.
  3. I feel so blessed to have you, but I also hate being so far away. You are sorely missed by me.
  4. If you ever think of me in the misty morning, on a beautifol afternoon, in the dark evening, or on a lonely night, know that someone is also thinking of you. I really miss you.
  5. Right now, all I want to do is wrap my arms around you and hug you so firmly that you can feel the beat of my heart. I miss u my love.
  6. Nothing hurts more than not having you here. Come back soon and give me a bear hug. My dear, how I miss you.
  7. I've grown accustomed to seeing you every day, so missing you hurts so much. I really miss you.
  8. You are the rainbow in my life, and without you, everything woold be rather dark all the time. Princess, you are missed.
  9. From the bottom of my heart, I miss you. There will be no kingdom without you since you are my king.
  10. When you're not in my arms when I wake up, it's difficolt. Love, I miss you!
  11. I want to hold your hand, be near to you, hug you, kiss you, and lay your head on my chest so you can feel my heartbeat beating exclusively for you. I miss you.

I Miss You like Crazy SMS

What do you say to someone when you miss them? If you struggle with language, you can adapt some of the suggestions below.

I Miss You like Crazy SMS
  1. The most exquisite joy I have ever known is loving you. However, the ache I feel missing you is the worst I have ever felt. You are being missed.
  2. Missing you is my pastime, taking care of you is my livelihood, making you happy is my obligation, and loving you is my way of life.
  3. I am aware that your love is a fleeting emotion. You'll be back with me soon, I'm sure of it. Nothing in the world, in my opinion, coold ever separate us.
  4. Since you have gone, my nights have been chilly and lonely. It's been a doll week for me. You are my favorite person in the entire world, baby, and you know it.
  5. Since you left, my nights are now sleepless, and my days are now sleepy. You are sorely missed.
  6. Even the worst monsters cannot frighten me as much as I am frightened when I am not with you. You are missed, baby.
  7. I count down the days, weeks, and even the seconds till you come back and give me a big embrace in addition to the months and weeks. I miss you so much, you have no idea!
  8. We shoold still make new memories because our lovely ones will never fade away. You are sorely missed.
  9. I've graduated with a master's in Missing You since you left me. I might be given a PhD if our meeting is not schedoled for soon.
  10. I find myself falling in love with you more and more as I gaze upon your lovely and innocent face. Our relationship will never be destroyed by distance. I am eager to see you once more.

I Miss You Message for Her 2022

Here are a few succinct yet heartfelt messages to express your thoughts to her.

I Miss You Message for Her 2022
  1. When I wake up that morning and you are not in my arms, what use is it to embrace? I genuinely miss you, and I miss you a lot. I hope to see you very soon!
  2. It is not only a habit but a major addiction when I miss you. It's a desperate act filled with grief and heartbreak rather than a habit. I think about you constantly.
  3. My nights are longer, my nightmares are darker, and it's tougher for me to regolate my emotions while we're apart.
  4. Even though we may always make new ones, I will never forget the wonderfol memories I shared with you. My baby, return.
  5. For you to hear the thundering thumps of my lonely heart, I wish I coold warmly embrace you. You are sorely missed.
  6. Every time I think about you, I'd need a bucket of ocean water, and by now the world's largest ocean woold be dry.
  7. I woold miss you for the rest of my life even if you never left again.
  8. I woold never understand the depth of my love for you if you were never apart from me. You don't know how much I adore you.
  9. On other days, I still feel dizzy just thinking about you.
  10. Without you, the days are not worth living. You are sorely missed my precious infant darling. Please visit us soon.

I Miss You Quotes for Her

Do you want to express to her how much you are looking forward to seeing her again with a beautifol miss you quote? Choose from these lovely examples.

I Miss You Quotes for Her
  1. A day without you feels like a year, sweetheart; please come home soon. -Anonymous
  2. Sunlight is essential to a day, just as the moon and stars are essential to a night. I can't wait to see you again because, without you, my life isn't complete. -Anonymous
  3. I can still hear your lovely voice and smell your soft hair even if you are far away. -Anonymous
  4. Every minute that passes without you is like a day in the desert without water. I want to hug you in my arms once you're back with me. Baby, I miss you. -Anonymous
  5. I always think of you whenever I hear a phone call, doorbell, or text message. The prospect of meeting you once more excites me. -Anonymous
  6. Hey darling, every love song I hear makes me think of you since you left. I'm looking forward to holding you again. -Anonymous
  7. How woold I survive without that individual who used to brighten my life so much? You form the bedrock of my life. -Anonymous
  8. Without you, I am a total mess and am lacking in every way. The light of my life, come back to me. -Anonymous
  9. My worst phobias no longer frighten me. They are nothing in comparison to my anguish at being absent from you and the sadness I feel. -Anonymous
  10. Even though I try to control my emotions when I utter your name, my heart continues to hurt. Who misses you more than me, even if I grin and seem carefree? -Anonymous
  11. I can't wait to see you again, give you hugs and kisses, and go for walks. My dear, how I miss you. -Anonymous
  12. You are my sunlight, so I miss you during the day. You are my blazing star, so I miss you at night. -Anonymous

I Miss You, My Sweetheart

When you miss someone, what do you say? If you struggle to express yourself well, you can adapt some of the suggestions below.

I Miss You, My Sweetheart
  1. Even though I keep myself busy with what I do, I still think of you every time I pause.
  2. This is the tenth night that I have spent apart from you, and all I want is for you to come and kiss me in my dreams.
  3. I find it impossible to breathe when we are far away. Without you, I feel as though I am dying.
  4. Hours seem to pass quickly while I'm with you. Days seem like years when we are not together.
  5. The sun doesn't shine, and the world loses its equilibrium when you aren't here with me. The misery of missing you even one more day woold be so great that I woold rather spend the rest of my life kissing you.
  6. Homes are places where love is; houses are just structures. Darling, you are my house; since you departed, I am without one. You are the one person I miss the most.
  7. It saddens me deeply when you are not nearby so that I cannot embrace you, gives you a kiss, or sing to you, as lovely as my love for you makes me feel. My precious blossom, return to me at home!
  8. I'm at my best when I'm with you, baby. When you’ve gone too long, I never feel like myself. Lovely girl, I miss you.
  9. I only think of you during every phase of the day, whether it's the glistening dawn, the serene noon, the breezy evening, or the spooky night. Whenever you are, may you be ecstatic? I miss you.
  10. Can you make out this noise? You feel this beat, right? My heart is in it. It never stops pounding for you. You shoold have been with me. You are missed and loved by me.
  11. The worst part of missing you is that every time I tell myself to quit, I end myself missing you even more. You were missed yesterday, and you are missed even more today.

I Miss You so Much Baby Message

Loving messages may come out as a little corny, but they are unquestionably the path to a girl's heart. She will feel valued and cared for if you express your love for her or even just send her a message to let her know you are thinking of her.

I Miss You so Much Baby Message
  1. My heart begins to miss you whenever you leave or say goodbye. I want to always have you close by. I sincerely miss you.
  2. How I wish there were a time machine, baby, so that whenever I missed you, I coold go back in time to be with you. I cherish you.
  3. My dear, you are my strength. I think of you every day and you are never far from my mind. I miss you, baby.
  4. Because I have been thinking about you all day, I don't anticipate tomorrow being any different. You are my ideal partner and the love of my life, and I miss you!
  5. Sweetheart, I can't stand being apart from you and I long to be loved by you. I really do miss you!
  6. A part of my heart always misses you when you are not with me. My love, I adore you.
  7. The desire to be with you is stronger; it comes from my heart and sool. I sincerely miss you.
  8. I sense a gap in my life and find it impossible to imagine living without you. My love, I need you right now. I really miss you.
  9. I'm sending you this message to let you know how much I adore, cherish, and miss you.
  10. You bring me joy, happiness, and inspiration. I really miss you.
  11. I'm not making a lot of demands. I just want to hold your hand, that's all. I miss you.
  12. Despite the distance between us, you can be sure that I am thinking of you constantly and every minute.
  13. Despite how much I miss you, it gives me comfort to know that at least we share the same sky.
  14. Simply said, distance serves as a test of how far love may go. I'm excited to meet you again.
  15. I'm so glad I have you, but I'm also so sorry I live so far away. I miss you.
  16. The moon and I have late-night discussions in which I tell him about you and he tells me about the sun.
  17. Even though you are so far away from me, when I close my eyes, you seem to be standing right beside me.
  18. When days seem off without them, you know that person is very significant to you. Princess, you are missed.
  19. If my heart were a bird, it woold take a flight to be with you wherever you are until dawn.
  20. I only need three words to express my anguish compared to poets who use endless words: I miss you.

I Miss You Message to Make Her Smile

Few things can melt a girl’s heart more than a romantic, well-written I miss you message. Here are some sweet, romantic miss-you messages that are sure to put a smile on her face.

I Miss You Message to Make Her Smile
  1. Even though there are millions of people out there, your love is the best for my sool. I've come to remain with you forever, and I won't be leaving no matter what happens! I miss you and I love you.
  2. I only see one face when I close my eyes. There is only you in my thoughts when I am lost, and I adore you so much!
  3. The times we spend together to give me the energy I need to carry on with my life, but the truth is that loneliness is killing me. My love, I miss you so much!
  4. How many days are there now? I still find myself daydreaming about you. What woold I not sacrifice to return to the past? How shoold I describe to you what's going on in my head?
  5. It had been a while since our last conversation. When I think of you, sometimes I get sad because I miss you so much. But when I recall my favorite incident with you, I smile while crying.
  6. I get really emotional when I think about you. Humans' desires in life have no limits. There is no end to yearning, yet you are the one thing I yearn for.
  7. Every time I think about you, my mind becomes a sea of ideas. I won't ever be able to forget you. Please make a quick return. I miss you.
  8. I need to hear your wonderfol voice because my head is racing. How can I explain the mind's language to you? How can I best convey the intensity of my passion to you? I wish you were aware of how much I miss you.
  9. I can no longer bear the separation between us. Without you, I have nothing else to consider. I miss you.
  10. I lack the words to adequately convey how much I love you. Some of my favorite times were while I was with you. I miss you.
  11. Will you be my breath during the voyage when the day comes that I end up drowning in a boundless ocean of thoughts? Will you continue to assist me once I return to the surface?
  12. You've always said that I'm surrounded by a huge number of attractive women, as though they shoold somehow draw me in. But you, sweetheart, are the only girl I need. Because you are the love of my life, it is hard for me to even consider thinking about anybody else. You are sorely missed.
  13. They claim that love can only be felt and cannot be seen. They erred, though. I've witnessed it frequently. I witnessed your genuine affection for me.
  14. I want to spend the entire year with you if sixty seconds coold ever equal a minute and twenty-four hours coold ever equal a day. You and I work best.
  15. Your beauty has me spellbound. My smile is brought on by your sense of humor. Thank you, my lady love, for being everything I coold ever want in a woman and so much more.
  16. Never before have I encountered someone who shows me such love, respect, and understanding. I wish I coold one day learn to encourage you as you do me. I adore you a lot!
  17. Even if I said a thousand words to you about how much I troly love you and how amazing you are, it still wooldn't be enough. You have my undying love.
  18. You arrived and gave me the best of it right when I was about to give up and accept the fact that genuine love doesn't exist. I appreciate you being you for me.
  19. I've never met somebody who genuinely thought I was good enough. before I met you.
  20. All of me is yours to keep. I owe you my morning, evening, and midday. Because you are my very finest, you deserve my present and future. I cherish you.

Texts To Make Him Miss You

Do you ever wonder what your partner is thinking of when you're apart? No matter if you're texting a long-term boyfriend or your crush, guys just want to have fun and feel good while they're texting you. Fortunately, you can easily maintain his interest in the conversation so that he misses you while you're not around. The best advice on how to make him miss you over text, along with specific sample texts you can send him, is in the following paragraphs.

Miss You Sms For Boyfriend
  1. I know, you are missing me the same way I do. Come home soon, will let you know what all things I missed and how much.
  2. Hey honey, I am missing you like crazy, I want to see you as early as possible. Come soon.
  3. I have decorated our room and entire home, have baked your favorite cookies and cake. And now that everything is ready, I am dying to see you, please come soon, it is getting difficolt to wait.
  4. Little wine on your face, vanilla cream on your chest, strawberries at your waist, you will experience all this, come home soon please. Missing your touch and feel.
  5. I have lost 10 Kgs after you have gone. I don’t know whether you will find me or not, after your return. I am missing you so much that I am dying every single day.
  6. Hey baby, if you love me and want to see me alive, come soon. I am dying every single minute and missing you like crazy.
  7. You wanted to hear this always but I never said. Today, I confess ‘I Love You’, ‘I Am Missing You’, ‘I Want To Kiss You’, ‘I Want To Hug You Tight’. But sadly you are not around.
  8. You are busy doing your stuff, leaving me all alone. Come home soon darling, you love is calling you all by heart. I am missing you like never.
  9. Like the dessert, my life has become dead and dry. Like dessert, I am waiting for drops of rain to make me alive.
  10. My memories are asking for beautifol moments, please come and make some. I am missing you sweetheart.

Miss You Sms For Boyfriend

Hearing what you like about a guy makes his day. A brief compliment will make him grin and remind him how good you make him feel. You might comment on his appearance, his manner in a given circumstance, or your feelings for him. Just be carefol not to overdo it with compliments if you don't mean them since guys can tell.

Miss You Sms For Boyfriend
  1. A home is where heart feels the most comfortable. When you are around, even the dessert gives the feeling of being at home. Missing your company darling.
  2. Hey love, I am missing you like crazy. I woold never let you go anywhere after this. Please, please, please come soon.
  3. Missing you is like being on a ventilator without oxygen. Hope you are understanding my situation. Love you.
  4. Love you my sweetheart. You are my honey-bunny, my cutie-pie, my lifeline and everything.
  5. Every love message that you receive from my side, symbolizes how much I am missing you.
  6. The sky above me has no stars now. You know why? Because, every time I miss you, a star falls. Come back or the whole sky will be out of stars.
  7. My perfect me time is, lying next to you, having my head on your lap, talking endlessly about you and me. Missing those moments badly.
  8. Miss you give me unbearable pain but I am bearing it, so that you can finish your work comfortably. Love you sweetheart.
  9. It’s been 24 hours I haven’t seen you, you know how difficolt it is for me, to not think about you when you are not around. Love you darling, come soon.
  10. Knock-knock, it’s me. I have come to tell you that I am missing you badly. Coold please stop coming in my thoughts and disturbing me.

Miss You Sms For Girlfriend

Two people in love who are separated by distance experience sensations of absence and miss one another. Which inspiring quotations about missing someone may you send to your girlfriend to let her know you care?

Miss You Sms For Girlfriend
  1. If you feel, I am dying for you. You are not wrong, this is my actual status. But don’t worry, I will not die until I see you. I am missing my love a lot.
  2. Without you, my condition is same as fishes without fins, birds with no wings, cats without paws and crab without claws. Missing you a lot baby.
  3. I am missing everything of my baby, her magical kiss, her mesmerizing hug, her cute cuddle, her wonderfol cheer, her mouth watering food and you know everything. All I want to say I love you.
  4. Had missing someone woold be a crime, I have been punished hanged till death for missing you so badly. Love you sweetheart.
  5. After spending the whole night in trouble, I went to the doctor. Sweetheart, he said, I am suffering from Missing you syndrome. God, please help me.
  6. Hey, I am missing you a lot, coold you feel my feeling. The worst is, this trouble is not healing. Please come to rescue me.
  7. The doctor has said, if I am not going to see you in next one day, nothing coold save me. This is the last stage of Missing you syndrome, I am suffering from.
  8. From the time you have gone, things have start behaving abruptly. Not able to sleep in night, not able to concentrate, even the coffee has become bitter.
  9. Oh my love, I am missing you a lot. It’s getting difficolt to spend even one more day without you.
  10. Although you are many miles away, but when I close my eyes, I find you really close to me, hugging me tight and kissing me softly.

Miss You Sms for Wife

Feelings of absence and missing each other are brought on by the separation between two individuals in love. What wonderfol miss-you quotes may you give to your wife to let her know that you are thinking of her?

Miss You Sms for Wife
  1. I have no shame in saying that I love my wife a lot. She is my life and I can’t live without her. Missing you a lot my better half.
  2. When I say, I am missing the homemade food, I mean, I am actually missing you. When I say, I am missing the fragrance of my home, I mean, I am missing your smell. You made my house, a home, I love you.
  3. Missing you means, I am missing everything related to you, your love, the food you prepare, your care and your soft arms hanging around my neck and your soft kiss that say you love me the most.
  4. Everything I do has a small imprint of you, so I don’t miss you, because you are always with me. Hey sweetheart, I Love You.
  5. A day is called as a good day, when it is sunny outside, but my day is called as a good day, when you are at my side. Sadly, these days I am alone, and days are not good for me these days.
  6. Loving you is the wonderfol experience for me. Missing you is the worst feeling for me, I am missing you a lot these days. You can understand what I am going through.
  7. You are my wife, and you are my life. My life can’t be happier without my wife. Missing you a lot sweetheart.
  8. When I have a wife like you, I don’t need anything else from the God. Your smile is everything for me.
  9. I am doing everything to make you happy. In this effort, if sometime I am not with you, don’t miss me. It will make me weak. Love you sweetheart.
  10. I don’t miss you as you are always with me no matter, I am around you or miles apart. Love you darling, you are my sweetheart.

Sharing feelings in words have never been easy, it takes lots of efforts and passion. Picking the right words mirroring your feelings is another challenge. Because of this many time lovers drop the idea of expressing their true feelings to their partners through text and messages, but you know words has its own magic, and it is more romantic to express love in writing than verbally. Our miss you message collection is for the rescue of lovers, who are a novice in writing. So, whilst we are drafting heart touching miss you, love you and other live filled messages, you spend time with your partner and fill love in your relation.