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Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Birthday Messages
You are the light of my life. Your kindness and smile take my heart away every time I see you. Happy Birthday!
Sending tons of hugs, kisses, and love for my amazing boyfriend. I love you so much. Happy Birthday my boyfriend!
You are charismatic as well as authentic babe. Be as you are. Love you so much. Happy Birthday!!
Wishing all the happiness of the world for my bae on his birthday.. Lots of hugs and kisses for you!...Happy Birthday once again!
Live long and healthy life, no matter, I am there to hold your hands or not.
I am lucky that god has made you for me. HBD and stay fit, we have to live many years together.
This is your birthday gift, I have changed my SM status from ‘Single” to “I am in relationship”
Happy Birthday my sweet baby, take care of yourself as you are precious and belongs to me.
Birthday Messages
Many-many happy return of the day, have fun with friends in the morning and in evening come home to celebrate
Congrats you have become eligible to get married. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day.
Thinking about me? Imagine, I am in-front of you, holding beautiful red roses and saying happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, God has added one more year of happiness for both of us. Let’s celebrate it.
For the whole year, you do everything your way. On this birthday, do things my way. Coming to celebrate ur birthday.
Have a lovely birthday evening with parents, friends and relative. Don’t forget me to send invitation, I’m waiting.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend Romantic

Hey, you hold a special place in my heart, so never leave me or it will break in pieces. Happy Birthday
If I will be asked to live without you, I will prefer not live. It is better than leaving you. HBD
I don’t know why I love you so much, maybe I am born to love you.
Today I tell you the secret why I love you so much. Coz, you love me so much.
On this birthday a special gift for you. Bending on my knees I say ‘Marry me please’

Funny Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Happy birthday to you sweetheart. Now, give me ur credit card to hold a party for you.
On your birthday I’m revealing a secret. ILU a lot, but if u see another girl, will fuck you off.
Dad has called you for a personal meeting, I thought I should surprise you with this message on your birthday.
Happy Birthday sweetheart, have fun, but don’t over enjoy, or u won’t be able to turn.
Happy Birthday, you are my baby. I have liked and shared ur nude childhood pic. Apologize for the same.
Birthday Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance
I am missing your birthday a lot, can do anything except to wish you, happy birthday, I love you a lot.
On this birthday, I am making a commitment, we will celebrate our birthday together always.
I am far from you, still I can see your blushing face reading my birthday message. I love you.
Physical distance does not make any difference, we are still connected by heart. Happy birthday sweetheart.
Happy birthday, my love. You are special and made exclusively for me. Lots of hugs and kisses from ur beloved.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Lover

I am ready to share anything, but not the love that you and I have for each other.
I know you love me a lot, but you don’t know I love you like crazy. Happy Birthday dear.
You have spent many sleepless nights to turn me 4u, but you were not aware that I was ur admirer already.
I can buy anything, but your love is priceless and I’m ready to be a beggar for that.
Hope you know how much I love you, it is seriously more than you do. Love you, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Message for Boyfriend Facebook

Happy birthday, the memories of our first meet is still fresh in my mind. Love you for everything.
Happy birthday sweetheart, I have changed ur status from “single” to ‘I am in relationship”. Hope u won’t mind.
I love everything in you. So, stay fit and live long, on ur birthday, this is what I wish.
Happy Birthday dear, this post is just a formality, joining you in the party soon.
If you have something to say, please do that. It’s birthday and all your mistakes are forgivable.

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