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Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Poetry and love have always been together. Poetry has always helped lovers express their feeling in the best way. Talk about wishing a lover, good morning, good night or telling him, I love you, poetry has always been a real help.

While everyone is not blessed in wordsmithing division, there is assistance present from professional who master this art. In our Good Night messages for boyfriend category you can find heart melting messages that you can send to your boyfriend to tell him Good Night in a tempting style. And for other occasions like Good morning messages for boyfriend, love messages for boyfriend, flirty messages for boyfriend, you can refer our respective categories. For now, check out what we have in our assemblage for you.

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  • Although, I hate saying this. But have no other option. Good night love, I’m missing you.
  • I never miss you, do you know why? Because you always come in my dreams to surprise me. Love you, my life!
  • Having a boyfriend like you is no less than a blessing. You are the most desiring boyfriend. Good night, love you!
  • Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend
  • Love you, my sweetheart! I hate the night because it separates us. But, I manage with it as I could see you in my dreams.
  • Hey, my love, whilst you are sleeping, I pray to God, to plan a wonderful morning for you.
  • I hate to say Good Night to you because night separates us for almost 12 hours which I hate.
  • I am badly missing your warm and tight hug in this chilly night. Good night.
  • Good Night, my love. I know it’s too late, but you don’t worry! I have asked Sun to rise little late so that my love can complete his sleep. Love you.
  • Good night and sleep tight. I want you to wake up fresh tomorrow and take up all my tantrums, again. Love you.
  • I wish you have a sweet dream and a refreshing morning. Good night my love.
  • Good night to my handsome. Sleep tight and wake up fresh in the morning. I love your refreshing and energetic hug in the morning. Love you.
  • I love you, I love you and I love you, may you have a sweet night. May you see me in all your dreams, may you wake up with a morning surprise. May all your dreams come true. Good Night.
  • I had clicked your many pics while you were sleeping. And now, whenever I want to look at a sweet and innocent guy, I open those pictures. They are really amazing. Love you and Good Night.
  • What! Did I hear that you want to sleep with me? Well, I am sending my pic in a nightdress, kiss me, hug me and say Good Night.
  • Good Night Sweetheart, may you have a wonderful night and lots of dreams of you and me together. I love you.
  • Hey, my love, have a peaceful sleep, I will not come in your dreams to disturb you.
  • I want to see your fresh and cute face in the college, for this it is important that you sleep early and wake up late. Good Night will wait for you at the college gate.
  • I want to see the best version of my boyfriend every day. So, sleep right and tight, have a great night, my love.
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  • Sending you my warm hugs and lots of kisses, so that you have a wonderful night my love. Good Night.

Good Night Messages for Him

  • I know you won’t sleep without my hugs and kisses, so here I am sending them in ample with a wish that you sleep with peace. Love you.
  • God has planned a wonderful day for you. Sleep tight and wake up early in the morning to check the awaiting surprise. Good Night.
  • Good Night to my lovely, cute, handsome, intelligent, witty and kindhearted boyfriend from the angel of her life.
  • I know you are missing my warm hugs and kisses. So, I am sending the same through this message. Love you and Good Night.
  • I want to hug you tight and say that you are my Mr Right. Because, I can’t come to your home in the night, sending hugs and kisses via messages to make you feel that I’m laying on your side. Love you.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend
  • Hundreds of cuddle, Thousands of kisses and Lakhs of hugs to my boyfriend who is missing me badly tonight. Lots of love, Good Night.
  • Hey, this is me. Open the door, I want to come in. I want to kiss on your heart and take you on a journey that never ends. Love you, my shy, cute and lovely boyfriend.
  • Good night my love, I want to see your cute face every day as refreshing as it is. So, I am not calling you to say goodbye. Just texting you the same. Good Night.
  • Only a few months have been left for us to become a life partner. Don’t be so desperate to see me. Just relax and sleep tight. Good Night.
  • Good Night my love, Just imagine I am lying next to you and my hand on you. Can you please kiss me to say Good Night and I love you.

Funny & Flirty Good Night Texts for Him

Good Night Messages for Him
  • I don’t want to miss you so much in the night. Just wanna lay at your side and let you how much I love you. But, sadly we will have to wait for this time.
  • My lips are waiting for your touch. Can you please come to make my mouth’s taste sweet.
  • Kissing is the best exercise as it burns 6.4 calories per minute and it is also a fun exercise. Can we do some work out together to burn some calories?
  • I want to be the last thing in your mind every night. So, here is good night wishes and kisses from your love.
  • I feel passionate when I am with you, and really dull when not. Right now I am not with you so you can understand my situation. To recharge me in the morning, get ready.

Good Night Wishes For Boyfriend

  • The night will be good for us only when it will not separate us into two houses. Until then, have sweet dreams.
  • It has become a ritual for me to wish you Good Night as I land on my bed. This ritual I want to continue until my life’s end. Good Night.
  • Good Night my handsome, sleep tight and see me in your dreams all through the night.
  • Every night I glide off to my wonderland holding your hands, looking into your eyes. I am ready for the same dream tonight as well. Good Night my love.
  • I am missing you so badly today that I have started disliking the nights. Good Night my sweetheart.

If you are in a long time relationship or if you are serious about your boyfriend, and want to take your relationship to the next level, then mere loving each other is not enough. You have to take extra efforts to add spark in your love life and push it to a new height. For this, you can take the help of text messages, it is a real help in this situation. If you like our Good Night messages for boyfriend collection, don’t wait to share it. Additionally, refer to our other message category as well to get befitting love messages for your boyfriend. Our other categories are good morning messages for Girlfriend, Good Morning messages for boyfriend, love messages for boyfriend, etc.

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