Last Updated:Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes: A birthday wish is just as memorable as the day itself. Why do we always tend to wish our loved ones with more formal birthday wishes than actually making it more funny and laughable and obviously some inside jokes? How about sending the little inside secrets or funny jokes which only few people share and actually make their day more amazing. It could be anything to anyone, probably a shittiest joke to your best friend about how stupid activities they did while just after getting drunk or probably a message about their last birthdays when you were together. Let us help you with this, in case you forgot what actually memorable thoughts or wishes you too had there are wishes which will exactly help you define how your birthday wish should look like.

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  • Happy Birthday, sweetheart, please tell me what age should I write on the cake. 
  • Happy birthday to you, is your age the same as it was five years back?
  • No matter how old you grow, your activities will never change. Happy Birthday, have a great day!
  • Funny Birthday Wishes
  • I have attended all your birthdays from your childhood, should I tell everyone how many candles to place on your cake?
  • Happy birthday, finally you are older to me by two days and that is the reason I didn't get you present because I won't give, you won't give me simple!
  • Wishing you tons of days for party and plenty of sleep, also no hectic work just an easy schedule. Happiest birthday!
  • Well wishing you a very happy birthday and also giving you a candle pack in the gift because you will need three packs now!
  • I am glad you are still not as old as you will be next year, wishing you happy birthday and have a great life ahead!
  • Remember the cow dung cake walk on your last birthday before the actual cake walk? Happy birthday, hope you have an amazing day!
  • Finally you are an adult, how about getting you drunk on your this birthday? Happy birthday, see you tonight!
  • Have invested lot of years drinking illegally, finally you are legal now. Let’s celebrate by coking up the champagne. Happy birthday!
  • Age is just a number for us; I mean nobody can tell you are already 30! Shit did I just break that news to everyone, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you, had no trip this year too, hoping to have a trip this year with you. Finally a permission granted from your parents too, happy birthday to you!
  • This birthday I will celebrate with your parents to tell them how successfully you kept doing things without knowing them or you better treat me. Happy birthday!
  • Makeup does not suit you well, how about a creamy layer of cake on your face for perfect smooth skin? Happy birthday.
  • Oh the candle just got reversed it should have been 51 instead of 15. I am sorry, happy birthday!
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  • I thought of gifting something beautiful and amazing to you which fits you the best but I am sorry I can’t gift myself! Happy birthday.
  • You are just “102 not out” year old! You are forever young, happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • Drink your years buddy so that you never get old, happy birthday!
  • Not that all your years went mild, but trust me upcoming years are going to be classic. Happiest birthday!
  • Birthday bombs are the most amazing feeling only when we give to someone else, someone like you! Happy birthday.
  • Stop thinking about your future and think about your present that you are going to receive today. Happy birthday!
  • C & D are your favorite letters right? Oh because you love cats and dogs. Happy birthday!
  • Wish you were younger so we can actually go to the museum and put you there. Happy birthday older!
  • Forced me since a week to write a message for you, so here we go. Happy birthday!!
  • That makeup works to hide your wrinkles, make sure you don’t forget to count your blessings. Happy birthday!
  • All years are gone of burps and farts now it’s time to fart more sophisticatedly. Happy birthday!
  • I need my money that you took 100 years back! Happy birthday oldie.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Men

Funny Birthday Wishes for Men
  • May your tummy gets thinner as you grow older, happiest birthday!
  • The “D” of the day and the day is your birthday, get drunk not dress. Happy birthday!
  • You might emotional but I wish this birthday you get everything in motion. Happy birthday! P.s: I love you!
  • Who would have thought you would be reading this today because I forced to study in standard 1 and hence you are able to read. Happy birthday!
  • Birthdays are for girls but you are my woman. Happy birthday buddy! Let’s get drunk tonight.
  • From cave painting to canvas painting you grew my dear friend and you are getting older. Happy birthday!
  • I am happy someone is more older than me, it makes me feel like I can hit on more girls. Happy birthday oldie!
  • Look at your watch, I gave this present on your 1st birthday, kindly change that you are growing old. Happy birthday!
  • Stop obsessing over you face because it does not match your age. Happy birthday to you and your growing wrinkles.
  • The number of candles lighted on your cake is equal to the years we have spent together. Happy birthday dear.

Funny Messages for Best Friend Female

  • Happy birthday to you, many boyfriends to you, all the drinks on you, happy birthday to you!
  • Happiest birthday darling, I saw pooping in your pants and I am cleaning your babies poop. Wow, happy birthday again!
  • Just as long as I live, I would want you to spend more money on me and our parties. I love you, happy birthday!
  • What a say without shopping looks like is a day without teasing you looks like. Happiest birthday love!
  • Best friends go on trip together and they enjoy their life to the bets unlike you, you just sit at home always. Take me to a trip, happy birthday!
  • Party awaited tonight, see you in that gold shimmer dress so that we can hit on more men. Happy birthday!
  • May your hair dye and mascara never run! Happy birthday, old lady!
  • Cheers to a woman who has been constant in keeping the age number 30 past 20 years. Happy birthday!
  • Happy to my sunrise partner, sunset partner, gym partner, business partner and obviously partner in every crime. Happy birthday!
  • You look old, nerdy but trust me I am loyal to you and will not leave even you look this ugly. Happy birthday old woman!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

  • Who said a boy and a girl can’t be friends, I mean just look at me I have been struggling with you past 10 years now. Happy birthday Bff!
  • Happy birthday to you, many girlfriends to you, all the drinks on you, happy birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday to my all time, non-paid bodyguard. Blow the candle and make a wish!
  • I like when you put specs you look more old, more ugly which means more girls are with me. Happy birthday!
  • Dearest best friend, stop using filters on your every photograph which makes you look younger which you are not. Happy birthday!
  • Saving you from getting old, come cheers to last drink and drink up to 30. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday idiot! Count your blessing, not your years also make a day memorable. Love you!
  • Happy birthday best friend, first foremost please learn to tie your shoe laces now. You are old, you might have to teach your children now!
  • What do you say a person who is old enough to be a child again!? I say them my friend, happy birthday idiot! Love you.
  • Cheers to never ending friendship, love and parties. Happy birthday to most useless person in my life but I still love you!

To never ending love, fun and happiness and cheers to the funny moments we share with our friends and besties. One thing which remain common and constant between all of us is the feeling, the heartfelt emotion we feel for each other and the bond which is more than anything and could be cherished forever. We all tend to celebrate our friend’s birthday with lot excitement and joy, so why not to express the feeling by saying or writing or sharing a message which they love.
Keep expressing and loving!