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Thank You Messages for Mentor


A small thank you means a lot in some relationships, and the relationship of a mentor and a mentee is of the same kind. A mentor is a person who guides another person who is less experienced by building a friendly relationship and inculcating a positive outlook. Role of a mentor is very important in a mentee’s life. Therefore, when the time comes, the mentee should never let go of the opportunity to thank his/her mentor.

Some people are extrovert and they don’t take time to echo such gesture but a few find it difficult. Thank you messages for mentor is an easy and sweet way to say thank you. If you are short of words, looking for appealing messages or want to be little creative in your way……….say thanks to your mentor with our help.

  • A mentor is the one who knows well the weaknesses of his/her mentees. But he focuses more on mentees strength to suppress his/her weakness deep inside. I too was aware of my weaknesses but now no more. Thank You, for making me who I’m today!
  • After my family, you are the one who would never want to see me failing in any field ever. I love you, mentor. And thanks for all the support!
  • I thank you for all training, support and guidance. You are the best, and now I see some of your reflections in myself.
  • Thank You Messages for Mentor
  • I have heard it somewhere that when you desire something strongly, God sends someone as a medium to help you in achieving it. Mine is you. Thanks, mentor for everything!
  • I thank God for gifting me such an incredible mentor. Without you, I am nothing. Thanks a lot!
  • Your consistent effort has made you to endeared to win our hearts. Thanks a lot Sir, for giving so many wonderful tips to get success on the field.
  • When a talent gets good mentoring, there is nothing that can stop it from achieving its goal. You are the best sir and so your training. Thanks a lot for all support!
  • Dear sir, you the best, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional support and guidance. Thank you a lot.
  • When I thought, it the max, you said it’s the beginning. When I said, I can’t do, you said only I can do. When I lose hope, your words fill me with positivity. Thanks ………..(Name). All my wins belong to you.
  • Getting trained under you is an honour for me. Thanks a lot for all the support!
  • More than a mentor you are a friend. Thanks a lot for all the support.
  • Lucky are those who get the opportunity to be trained by you. Thank you from the depth of my heart, dearest Sir!
  • I am a good runner, it's all because of your wonderful training. You have never taught me to give. Thanks a lots Sir for making me an incredible.
  • From my side, I give you the award of the best mentor. You are an example for many. Thanks a lot for selecting me!
  • Your supervision has never failed to bring out the best from me, and amaze the people. All the credit of my success goes to you. Thanks a lot!
  • My dream was hallow and directionless. Your mentorship not only gave it a direction but also the needed support. Whoever today I’m, it’s all because of you. Thanks a lot, teacher!
  • A good mentor is the one who knows it well how to bring the best from his mentee. For everything you have done for me, I want to say thanks a lot. You own me a lot.
  • From my first school medals to the national trophy, you have guided me all the way. I don’t have words to present my gratitude. All I wanna say is, you are the best. Thank You, dear Mentor!
  • Might be you had seen something in me that made you select me for the job. Dear mentor, for all the support, wisdom and trust on me, thanks a lot.

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Words Of Appreciation for Mentor

Words Of Appreciation for Mentor
  • When I have such a wonderful mentor at home, what should I look for outside? Thank you, Mom, for making me a bright star.
  • The best mentor is the one who has the ability to turn someone’s weakness into skill. Thanks for trusting me, mentor. Love you a lot and thanks for all the support.
  • Instead of picking the thrones on my path, you trained me to work over it painlessly. It was not easy for both of us but your confidence on me made it possible. Thanks mentor, for all big and small things.
  • I don’t speak a lot but every word coming out of my mouth matters. Dear mentor, you are like my father, mother, teacher and everyone else. Thanks a lot.
  • Getting trained under your supervision is an incredible experience. Thank you for all the support dear mentor.
  • Had I not had your support, I would not be able to do things so well on and off the field. Thanks a lot to your dear mentor.
  • You have been a great friend and mentor. It’s been amazing studying and qualifying exams under your supervision. Thanks a lot.
  • I used to hate waking up early morning and getting in books. I used to hate the alarm bell, I used to hate your voice waking me up. But now, I love you for all those hates. And these are like stories to share with others for me. Thanks Dad and Mom for so wonderfully mentoring me.
  • You had a choice to focus on your life but you chose to spend your time making my life better. You mentored me so-so well. I can never ever forget your efforts. Thanks for all support.
  • Mentoring is not only about training on or off the field. Guiding someone to choose the right path, differentiate between wrong and right is also significant. Thank you for mentoring me so well.

Appreciation Message to a Mentor

Appreciation Message to a Mentor
  • Tonnes and tonnes of thanks to my mentor for making me an incredible sportsperson. Trust me, without your support, it wouldn’t have been possible.
  • I have learned many things under your supervision. A lot of teachings are helping me in my day to day life too. Thank You Mentor for all the support.
  • Had you not been so strict on me, I would not have shined like a star. Thanks for making me so bright. Thank you, dearest mentor, keep showing your brightness on me, for the whole life.
  • During my hard time, you stood next to me providing me shadow. Now that my good time has returned give me an opportunity to do something for you. Thank You to my lovely, sweet, strict and robust mentor.
  • Thanks, thanks and thanks a lot to my mentor. You are an incredible personality and I believe you have made me your replica.
  • You had given me so many tough days but now I feel it was all worth. Thank you for all the support dear mentor.
  • Whenever I am looking for motivation, I find you standing right in front of me. And it is my biggest motivation.
  • You have inspired me to make a simple life a special one. Thanks a lot for enlightening my mind and thoughts.
  • You are a man of wisdom, a divine soul with the heart of gold. Thanks for listening to my problem and making my life easier. Thanks, dear Mentor.
  • You are always there for me no matter what. Though I am younger to you and not as exceptional as you are I will always be there for you no matter what. Thanks for everything.

Farewell Thank You Message for Mentor

Farewell Thank You Message for Mentor
  • Because it is a farewell, to say goodbye to you is an obligation. You will always be close to the heart and contact. Thank you mentor for everything I had.
  • I wish I could have spent a few more years with you. It has been wonderful learning under your aegis. You are going only from the place, not from your student’s heart. Thanks, Mentor
  • Everyone whom you have trained or guided feels blessed to get you as their mentor. I am sure, coming students will miss you a lot. Thanks for all the help and support dear mentor.
  • I heard about your teaching through my elder sister. When I became your students, I experienced the same wonderful feeling. I wish I could have enjoyed your teaching for a few more years. Thanks, dear teacher cum my mentor for all the support.
  • Your education has made us rich in knowledge. Your teaching is a blessing that only a handful of people can receive. Thanks.
  • You are not just a mentor but an inspiration, a friend and a guide. It was a kind of blessing getting educated by you. Thanks for everything dear mentor.
  • Your teaching has enlightened our path of life. Thanks a lot for making us, your students. It is hard to say goodbye to such wonderful soul but this is the destiny, so we have to. I would end up saying Thanks for everything.
  • Not only you are an amazing teacher but also an incredible mentor (A fact only a few know). I'm lucky to get your association. Thanks and have a good time.
  • Wherever you will go, my network will follow you. Dear Mentor, thank you.
  • You are leaving us with a bunch of memories. Though we spend a small time together it was in all aspect incredible. Thanks a lot, dear mentor.

A mentor is a person who can turn a piece of charcoal into a diamond. And if you will read the biography of some successful person, you will come to know that each one of them has one or more mentor who showed them the path of success. If you have also got one, feel, that you are fortunate. Not everyone is lucky to get a good mentor or sometimes, even a mentor.

Never leave any opportunity to thanks the wonderful soul. If you find it hard to write a thank you note for him/her, take our help, our Thank You Messages for Mentor. But say it load how much you appreciate his/her efforts. These people yearn for appreciation not for money.

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