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Last Updated: 13th October, 2018

Love Messages

Love Messages
Whenever I close my eyes to make a wish, I pray for our togetherness. Love you darling!
Your smile is the cutest one. I am so much in love with you, my baby. Love you so much.
When I see you, I feel connected and in some way – beautiful; love you
I got really are my stress reliever...Love you
I don't care about your scuffed and scarred surface, but only your heart ... love you dearly
I love you ... and dream of you with my eyes wide open too
Your footprints are etched upon my you
You spurred me on during moments of weakness...thanks for just being there. Love you
My desire is not to live with you whole life, all I want is, whenever you remember me, my memories should make u smile.
I am bad at expressing my emotions and love, that does not mean I don't love you.
Best Love Messages
I understand you more than I love you. I believe, understanding a person is more important than loving.
It's strange, we decided to separate because of circumstances, and now the circumstances want us to get united again.
Now I have realized each time is apt to express feeling. So I want to say today, that I love you.
Being in love is a strong feeling that you happiness from inside. I am living this feeling these days. Thanks!
Thanks, for being mine, Thanks for accepting my love, Thanks for accepting me and Thanks, for loving me.
I have only wish, which I want God should fulfill, and the wish is, my love for you should remain as it is forever
I cannot imagine myself without you, you are my lifeline, and my reason to live. Love You!
You an example of love, affection, care, friendship, partner and what else to say. Im lucky to have you.
I feel, I am the luckiest person on this earth, when I see your love and care for me.
Love SMS
I know I make mistakes and sometimes hurt you. But, nothing is deliberate, all I say. I Love You
For some, precious belongings are their assets, for some, money is their asset. But, for me your love is my asset.
I have nothing to ask from God, as he has given you in my life, just stay with me forever.
I expected for flower but I got garden and I asked for beautiful love and you are there with me!!
Like a jewel, it’s very difficult to find a true love but when I found you I feel lucky!!
God created you for me to love you always, he picked you for me, coz he knew I would love you like anything.
We fight together; we cry together and share our happiness because we both are each other reason for survival!!
If your name is written on the sky it will be blew away, but if it will be on my heart, it become permanent
If you will ask me to hold your hand for lifetime I will do that, tome all that matters is you are mine
Beautiful Love Messages
You are the real example and feeling what actually love is, if anyone asks me what love is, I say its u.
I can go to any extent to see smile on your face and because I love you more than you love me.
How much apart we are, how much miles we have to cover. We will always remain like this.
It sounds cheesy when I say I will love you forever back but it is the exact feeling of describing my Love 4u
Everytime I meet you and look into your eyes, I fall in love with you all again and even more
Nothing can stop me loving you, even my last breath of life, I love you, I love you and I love you
Without you is nothing, it’s like no oxygen in the air. So I need you to be there in my life every time.
You are the sun in my day, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart. I luv u sweetheart.
You are one of the people that I cannot live without and I just want you to know that by this message.
Let’s decide to meet each other with a smile, the smile which is the beginning of love.
The best gift a man can give his lady is the ability to see herself through his eyes!!
You are always on my mind, no matter where I go and what I do. So I find a solution! to accompany you everywhere!!
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen and heard but can be felt by heart!!
I feel that you were perfect, so I love you and then I realize you were not perfect and I loved you even more!!
I chose you and I will choose you without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you!!
Keep following your heart without any regret if it’s going right then you succeed and if wrong then you will learn something.
When someone realizes that their happiness becomes your happiness that is true love. So love each other.
I love my eyes coz you look them, I love my name because you call it, I love you
There is one person in this world that I want to see every day in front of my eyes and that is you.
You are different, you make me crazy, make me smile; you are the asset of my life.
I promise you will not be alone to face any problem of your life; I am there with you always.
Love cannot be expressed with words, to see what I feel and my love for you, you have to look into my eyes.
The day I met you I was a different person then what I am today,I heard that love change your personality but wasn’t expecting this transformation.
I love you my sweetheart, and I want to spend all my life in the shadow of your love, care and affection.
You have given me every reason to love you, do love does not need any reason, what I say it.
Falling in love is the pleasure which is unique, this is the feeling that cannot be compared with anything else.
My journey of love start with you and ends at you, as you are my first and the last love
I think no one can love you the way I do, and I have no regret for this, I am lucky that I have got the opportunity of loving you
I feel like crazy when I don't see your face even for one day, so is my humble request become mine forevern make each day a fun.
I have no choice left, except to say that my love for you is eternal and it will remain as it is always.
I don't know I would have loved somebody else the way I love you. But, now when it is revealed, all I say ‘you are my love’
This life is too short to hate somebody, and it is too short to love someone also. God give me a long long line to love you.
I love you because you love me, I am not selfish saying this, but your love for me is same kind, I cannot stop myself loving u.
Your love is a strength to me, you give me all the power and energy to achieve all my goals.
I don't commit anything big, you always have complaint for this. But, I believe in doing things not in giving commitments.
Everything will change in your life temporary or permanent, but one thing is certain that my love will remain the same.
Your love is a medicine that give relief to me from all the pain and sorrows that life gives me.
Love is the strongest feeling of all, when you fall in love, everything start looking blue. This is the power of love.
I have no doubt on your love, not because I trust you, but bcoz I trust on the intensity of my love.
I Love you my sweetheart, you are my life line and I cannot think about my life without you.
I don’t have a desire of having you, all I want is to love you secretly and see you smiling on my stupidity.
You and I complete each other, without you I am nothing and without me you are nothing,love you.
Love means a lot to me, and you mean love to me, you are the one with whom I want to spend all my life
When you give me the time to meet, I wish I could turn the clock and find you sooner to love you more.
Thanks for loving me so much, as I don't think I am the right person to receive your love.
Rays of sunlight remove the darkness on earth your love is ray that remove darkness from my life.
Right from the day I met you, my heart is moving in one direction, towards you. Love you so much
Love is a feeling that can never be expressed, it can only be felt, and I am living this feeling these days
To be loved by someone deeply it's so special feeling that it makes you proud on yourself as a person.
I love you deeply, madly, completely, with all my senses, I would say you are the one for whom I can die.
I love you, and I won't say I will die for you because I want to live with you.
True love is unconditional,neither it ask for anything not it expect anything. My love for you is the same
Each time I see your beautiful eyes and I fall in love with you, so people who say love happens once I say it's not true.
When I say I love you, you think I am joking, but it’s my sincere feeling for you, today I want to say this.
When I met you for the first time I instantly fall in love with you, and this is what love at first sight is.
I have not proposed you with flowers and chocolates, my love for you is beyond this materialistic things, it is real and will last forever.
What would I give you as a symbol of my love, I am not an Emperor who can make Taj. All I say is ILU
People who say will die for love, do not understand the meaning of love, it is unconditional and demand nothing.
You are my love, I commit this from the depth of my heart and with all my senses. You are my princess.
Everybody want theirlove to be the most beautiful, but the fact is, it is the love that add beauty in thing.
Today is the day when I proposed you for the first time, whenever this day come I live that moment once more.
Having you as my love is the feeling that I can never express, you are the most precious for me, I love you sweetie.
When I look at the mirror I don’t find myself as beautiful, when I look in your eyes I realize im the most beautiful.
People want the reason to love each other, but for me loving you is the reason to love you.
I cannot imagine my life without you, because you are the one I live every day, you are oxygen of my life
The love is the feeling that teach the dedication and devotion, I have become the student of love and I'm learning this
The true love is the love that I have for you, I don't think there is any definition for true love, love is always true
I love you, I want to spend all my life with you and share all my happiness and sorrow with you.
I have no reason to say why I love you, because this I have not done with a choice.
I love you my sweetheart and you will always be in my heart, my mind and in my organs.
You are of my kind, I love you and always remember that you are so much special for me.
My love for you is unconditional I don't want to give any name to its just love you
Keep smiling as I love you this is the only thing that I want to say to you
I have received the most wonderful gift from God want nothing else, just stay with me always love you
What is love, my friend asked me, I said nothing just took your name and they all become silent
People think love exploits a person, but according to my experience it makes even a negative person into positive.
I have heard a lot about the charismatic feeling of first love, now with you I am feeling the same.
I love you to be loved by you, I am begging you to beg me, all I can say i wanna with u
I tried hard to not to love you, but what to do I can’t as it is not a choice
When people say perfect love difficult to find, I say you find love, you will see the perfection.
Love does not need any definition; it is un-explainable and can only be sensed.
About love, it is said, it happens just once, but I fall in love with u every time I see ur pretty face
Love teach us politeness, care, concern and being good hearted. Im feeling these days the same thing with u.
To be in love with you is not a choice for me, so im sorry I cann’t stop loving you.