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Flirty Messages For Boyfriend

A recent report says, flirting is important in a relationship as it helps to remove the boredom factor from a couple’s life. It creates excitement as it makes the couples feel great about themselves. According to science, when we flirt with our partners, our body releases certain hormones that make us happy. Those hormones are adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. So, when there are so many benefits of flirting, why to not include it in our day to day life. The best way to flirt with your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband is you text her/him flirty messages. This gesture will pull him to you, no matter what. If you want to know about healthy flirty messages, check out our collection.

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    • Love you, my sweetheart! This night is so chilling that I wanna hug you tight to get some warmth.
    • I know its too late, but I’m missing your hug and touch badly.
    • Can you suggest me ways that could help me in forgetting you for some time? I love you, and I’m missing you a lot!
    • The Best Flirty Messages For Boyfriend
    • Nothing is more important for me than you. I can leave almost everything just for you
    • I hate your pillow. You know why? You sleep with it, hugging it tight every night.
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    • May I know your size, I want to buy a shoe for you.
    • I find you perfect in the black dress with everything around you black. Shall I come to turn my imagination into reality?
    • My Doc says, sleep with a kiss to have a happy morning. I am wondering who will kiss me in the midnight.
    • I am studying hard so that we can live under one roof and sleep on one bed.
    • I want to count the moles on your body as the latest research says a boy with multiple moles is sexy on the bed.
    • Every time I open my eyes in the night, I don’t know why do I see your face.
    • I have a plan to make your nights lovely, would like to know what is it?
    • I am not flirting with you, just want to know are you missing me or it's my perception.
    • Happy anniversary dear mom and dad, may I have your day please. I want to spend time with you guys.
    • My heart whispers only your name, day and night, I think now it is more devoted to you than me.

    Flirty Messages For Her/ girlfriend

    The Best Flirty Messages For Boyfriend
    • You are so hot that I think your dress does not need to be ironed every day.
    • Can we go for the coffee today, I am feeling sleepy and need some relaxing time.
    • A new café has open close to our college. Can we go for the coffee, it is giving buy one get one free offer.
    • Hey, your features resemble my would-be wife.
    • I have a wish if you can fulfil. Can I replace your teddy bear with me, please?
    • May I know what size should I consider if I buy a bodycon dress for you.
    • I want to hold your hand, not for a day or night, but the whole life. Are you free to spend your life with me?
    • I am alone at home and very scared. Can you please come here to make me feel comfortable.
      • Flirty Messages For Him/Boyfriend

        The Best Flirty Messages For Boyfriend
        • Hi, how are you doing, I am close to your home, can we go for coffee?
        • Hey Hottie, I want something warming in this chilly winter.
        • I am the luckiest girl in this world to have a man like you in my life. Love you, dear.
        • You are the most special boy in this world and this is my deepest feelings.
        • Which fruit you would like to have after dinner, strawberries, mango or apple. Updating my general knowledge about you.
        • What! Did you say you love me and want to marry me?
        • I want to see how our future would be together. For that, can we go for some trials?
        • Hey, my love, I want to know the definition of love from your mouth can you please tell me the same.

        Best Flirty Messages

        • I think you are missing me, so I am coming to your home. Keep the doors open
        • I can’t sleep, need help. Can you please help me to sleep.
        • I want you to manage my hairs, love me like crazy and I want you to do the same from today itself.
        • May I know are you a good girl or a bad girl?
        • You are going to love the outfit I am wearing tonight.
        • You know what, I love bad boys and their flirty talks.
        • I don’t love you, but I love you more than anything else. I want to devote all my life to you.
        • Can you join me to watch an adult movie, I have heard it's doing really well in cinemas.

        Even if you are bad at flirting, you can flirt with your partner by taking help from our awesome collection. Our heart-melting flirty messages have worked for me, give it a try to check how it works.

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