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Wedding Wishes For Sister

Wedding Wishes For Sister: Watching the wedding of my sister was a kind of mix moment for me. At one side, I was happy for her big day, had lots of blessings for her upcoming life. On the other hand, I was sad that she would no longer be at home with us. She would not be available for us round the clock.
The wedding moments of sisters are like that. The sisters never want the best wedding wishes for sister because they perfectly convey what they want to say with expression. And trust me, these are numerous sniffs, smile, eye rolls and a long list.
Still, if you want to wish your sister on her big day, it would be a bonus for her. You can share heartwarming wishes for your sister taking the help of our amazing collection. Here, we have tried to pen down all the expressions in words that sisters may have on this big day.
With the hope that our collection offer you wishes and messages that you secretly want to share with your partner till date, also wishes you sister, a great wedding day!

  • Sister, my dear. Congratulations on getting married to your beloved. You two appear flawless and deeply in love with one another.
  • I'm overjoyed to witness your happiness in the embrace of a loving partner. That is all I ask because I have no doubt he won't do anything except make you happier. You have my undying affection, sister. Greetings on your Special Day!
  • I'm happy to hear that your sister's dreams have come true. May your union always be wonderful!
  • Congratulations on your marriage! You two couldn't be more compatible with one another.
  • Wedding Wishes For Sister
  • May the day of your marriage be as wonderful as you are, sister; awesome!
  • My dear sister, don't make your husband's life as challenging as you did mine. Just kidding, I hope your marriage is happy and enjoyable for both of you.
  • My dear sister, may you look back on your past with affection and anticipate the great future that marriage will offer.
  • Congratulations to the happy couple! The time has come to begin. referring to the baby boom! Being an uncle makes me so happy! My sister, you are loved.
  • I'm overjoyed that you've at last found the man of your dreams. Congratulations on getting married!
  • I'm giving you my best wishes on your special day, lovely sister!
  • Finally, my dear sister, your wedding day has come. Best wishes on your special day. Don't become too agitated.
  • It’s lovely to see you starting a new life, all my wishes and love for you and your partner. Have a never ending love life. I will miss you a lot, sis!
  • Like your habit, you will make your new home a heaven again. For you its easy. It will be difficult for us to manage without you. Have a great day, sis. We all going to miss you!
  • As you are going to start your new life, all our wishes and blessings with you. We will miss your presence, but it’s fine, I will manage. Love you sister!
  • Not sharing my things and room with you will be cozier for me. But not having you around to solve my day to day issue will make me miss you a lot. Happy Wedding Day Sis. You stay in my heart!
  • Things will change after you, back in my life. But this is all life about. Will accept the change with a heavy heart. Wishing you good luck for the coming life. Happy wedding day, sister!
  • Good luck for your present and future. Your sister is the going to miss you the most but for your good, I’m happily letting you go. Happy Wedding day my lovely sister.
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    • Hey sister, I hate tears and so you. The deal is we both will not cry when you will leave the house. Love you, Happy Wedding Day!
    • Happy wedding day to my lovely sister. Till date, I have never said this. But today, I can’t resist my feelings. You are the dearest sister and I love you!
    • With lots of love in heart, I want to wish you best of luck. You are lovely and cute, I am lucky that I’m with you. Wish you happy wedding day, sister!
    • Congratulations for your new life! May lord showers his choicest blessings on my sister and her loving partner. Happy Wedding Day!
    • You know well what I’m feeling today. But, you don’t know one thing, that I am a great actor. Dear Sis, after you, your hug, care and love are the things that I’m badly gonna miss.
    • I’m so happy for you today that I don’t have words to express my feelings. Love you sister, happy and happiest wedding.
    • May you and your partner have a blissful life. Happy wedding, my beautiful sister. You are the most amazing person, I know.
    • Life is beautiful with you, don’t know how it will be after you. But hoping to see you smiling for the whole life with your beau.
    • Dear sister, you are the best partner, a great daughter and would be a lovely friend. Wish you wedding day.

    Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister and Brother in Law

    One of the most significant days in your sister's life is the day of her wedding. It's an occasion to honor her and her dedication to her new family. You should use this opportunity to express your love and support for her. Therefore, be sure to include your wedding wishes for your sister in a lovely card while you are helping with all of the exciting arrangements.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister and Brother in Law
    • You and your new spouse are a marriage made in heaven, my sister. May this day of marriage usher in a new era of blessings and joy. All the best to you two.
    • Happy anniversary to my beloved sister and her true love! I wish you two a growing marriage and unending love for one another.
    • Let's raise a glass to my dear sister and bestie! I adore you, and I am overjoyed to serve as your maid of honor. I'm sending you both my best wishes for eternal joy.
    • As you exchange vows, keep in mind that you must always stand with your life mate. May your love continue to blossom. Best wishes and congratulations to you both!
    • Cheers to your nuptials! There will be a lot of good wishes sent your way and may they all come true. My darling sister, I am overjoyed that you wed such a beautiful man, and I look forward to following you on this wonderful journey.
    • To my lovely sister! Married life can be challenging at times, but I can assure you that it's also frequently magical. I'll be here for you at all times. I hope your future with him is nothing but the best!
    • Salutations to my lovable sister and her fantastic new hubby. Congratulations on your lovely wedding and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.
    • I wish my favorite couple a happy marriage! God bless you both and may He lead you as you start your new life together. May you have happy days together for the rest of your life. I wish you a blessed and joyous home.
    • Happy birthday to my little sister! I'm so happy to see you getting ready to wed the man you love. We, hopeless romantics, are encouraged by the way you two stare at each other. All the best to you two.
    • I was aware that this marriage had already been documented. From this point forward, my beloved sister, I wish you a happy marriage. May you two always be there for one another, helping each other to achieve their goals. Be the finest possible life partners you can be for one another!

    Sister Marriage Wishes in English

    Those who have sisters are fortunate! Having a sibling can be entertaining and annoying at the same time. The love/hate connection is the strongest one anyone has ever experienced. But it's a bond unlike any other. Here are some wishes for your sister who is getting married.

    Sister Marriage Wishes in English
    • On the occasion of your marriage, my dear sister, I wish you the very best as you begin a new chapter in your life with your husband. I adore you two very much.
    • My dearest sister, it's a beautiful day for a wedding, and I'm excited to share every moment of it with you.
    • My dear sister, we hope that you will enrich your husband's life with joy and happiness in the same way that you have enriched ours. Congratulations!
    • May you both experience the same tendency to fall in love repeatedly! a successful marriage
    • Let your love triumph above all obstacles. And I shall implore the Lord to continually bless you and surround you with joy. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.
    • Sweet sister, I hope you have a wonderful start in your new life as husband and wife.
    • My dear sister, congrats on your nuptials. As you start a new chapter in your life, I wish you and your spouse all the best. I have faith that you two will always be content together.
    • My sister, many congrats on being hitched to the love of your life. You two look wonderful together, and I wish you a long and happy marriage!
    • Finally, my adorable little princess got to meet her prince charming. We are all spellbound by your stunning smile, my dear sister. Hope you achieve all of your goals. Congratulations!
    • I have never seen a more adorable bride than you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Godspeed to you both.
    • He will cherish you for the rest of his life, my precious little sister, and you have the ideal man for a life companion.
    • My dear sister, whom I love, may there always be joy and love in plenty. on your wedding day, congratulations!

    Wedding Wishes for Sister in Law

    In our lives, in-law sisters are quite special. They provide us with blessings. Finally, her important day has arrived. She is currently engaged. Her big day is today, but it's also your big day. The wedding of your brother is causing great excitement across the family.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister in Law
    • You would like to congratulate her and your brother right now, but you are at a loss for words. You would also like to send your sister-in-law a wedding card. The ideal time to express your joy for her as she embarks on her new life is now.
    • I just want to wish you both a happy ending as you begin a new life together, dear sister-in-law. I hope you are welcomed with the gentlest affection to nurture you and that your future is bright. Congratulations!
    • Dearest sister-in-law, You can bet that I'll miss you a lot. I send you my best wishes for this just-formed relationship as you get married. Sincere congratulations to you and your spouse, and may your future be blessed.
    • Congratulations on entering a new period of your life, dearest sister-in-law. You are such a beautiful person to be around, therefore I know you will make a great wife. I pray that God will provide you with every happiness and that you will have many happy times as a married couple. Good luck.
    • Please accept my best wishes and blessings for your wedding. I filled it with the warmth of my affection for the day of your wedding. Best wishes for your soon-to-be-starting married life, dear sister-in-law; may it be filled with joy and laughter. Greetings on your marriage.
    • I'm happy for you that you're getting married and I wish you many lovely moments to relish because love knows no boundaries and love knows no race. Best wishes for your marriage, my sister-in-law, and may you always be welcomed with delightful surprises.
    • I appreciate you being such a good sister-in-law. We may now share a lifetime of bliss because the past few years have been so long. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness for the rest of your life with him. I adore you a lot!
    • To the most wonderful person I know, my sister-in-law, who is the best in the world. I'm so glad you discovered him. You were created to be together. You entered my life and made it complete. You are and always will be my best friend. I adore you a thousand times over!
    • I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you as a sister-in-law. You are among the most unique people I know, and without you, I would be lost. I adore you as your sister and value every second we spend together as friends. My entire affection, you are everything to me!
    • Before becoming my sister-in-law, you were my sister. Even though you are now my sister-in-law, you are still primarily my little daughter. I am very grateful to have you as a member of our family and I love you dear daughter more than anything in the world.
    • I still recall the sixth-grade day when you promised me you would one day wed my brother. The best sister-in-law ever, you are! I adore you utterly! Enjoy your marriage, sweetheart.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister and Brother in Law

    Always incredibly special, sisters. They are also your closest pals in addition to being your siblings. On this emotional day, you are far too emotional to write your sister and express your feelings to her. Your sister is about to embark on a new phase of her life, and you want to wish her every success in the world. Using elegantly written wedding congratulations for sisters texts, you may relax and create specific wishes for your beloved sister.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister
    • Greetings, dear sister and in-law. I extend you my heartiest congratulations on your anniversary. I wish you both a long and happy marriage and that your love multiplies tenfold over time.
    • My sister and brother-in-law are the recipients of special wedding wishes in this text. Your commitment to one another has evolved into the epitome of unwavering love.
    • I'm sending my sister and brother-in-law my love and best wishes on their wedding. I wish you two much happiness during your entire marriage.
    • Through this text, I'm sending my sister and brother-in-law special wedding wishes. I give my gifts to you both and wish you a lavish ceremony to celebrate your union.
    • I wish you, my dear sister and brother-in-law, a lifetime of love and joy in marriage. I'm sending you two a text message with a special wedding wish.
    • Greetings on your nuptials, my dear sister. I send you both my best wishes for joy and smiles. May the blessings of the Almighty help you to fully enjoy your marriage. Best wishes to adorable little sister... You have a happy marriage.
    • My adorable sister! I'm overjoyed that you're wed to the man of your dreams. You two are the ideal pairing when paired up. I also wish you two a wonderful voyage filled with love, passion, and loads of enjoyment. May God continue to bless you. Happy marriage.
    • You are my dearest sister and I am very pleased for you that you are starting a new relationship. I am confident that you will make the best wife, daughter-in-law, and mother in the future. I wish you a happy married life. And best wishes!!
    • Being your sister and witnessing your joy and love-filled glow makes me happy. I wish you a happy, fulfilling, and blessed marriage. You made the right choice in a partner, and I do not doubt that he will look out for you and always keep you content. Regards on your upcoming nuptials.
    • I am very glad for you that you have met your Mr. Perfect, who will adore you forever, spoil you, and ensure that you have a happy marriage. I hope you two have many happy and loving times together in the future. Congratulations and best wishes for a great marriage ahead.
    • My dear sister, I am confident that you will make the most stunning bride. I wish you a happy married life with your devoted husband who adores and cares for you as you are ready to embark on a new journey. I hope you both have a good future. Congratulations.

    Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister

    Is your adorable sister prepared to tie the knot? There is no denying the bittersweet nature of seeing your cherished sister's wedding. You must be searching for the coolest but inspirational wedding texts for your sister.

    Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister
    • I am beyond thrilled to watch you wed the love of your life. I want the best for you two since you two are meant to be together.
    • You and your man are the happiest pair I have ever witnessed. After you get married, I hope your love will endure and grow.
    • If you want to have a good marriage, you should support and make your partner happy, especially when circumstances are difficult.
    • Greetings from the lovely realm of married life, little sister. If you ever need assistance or guidance, don't hesitate to call me. Congrats.
    • Even being married won't alter the fact that you have always been a special and significant person in my life. So I hope you and your partner have a lifetime of happiness.
    • I find it hard to comprehend that the young child who always accompanied me on my travels is now a mature adult prepared to begin a family of her own. You and my brother-in-law deserve congratulations.
    • After this wedding, the family will be lonely and miss you for a while, but as we watch you smile, we will learn to let go of you so that you can pursue your dreams. Sister, you have my undying love. I'm hoping that even after many years together, the two of you will find love again.
    • After this wedding, the family will be lonely and miss you for a while, but as we witness your happiness, we will learn to let go of you and let you to forge your own future. You have my undying affection, sister.
    • I'm praying that even after many years of marriage, you two continue to fall in love. Best wishes, dear sister.
    • You are my favorite sister, and now I have a favorite brother-in-law as a gift from you. I'm hoping that in your old age, the two of you will continue to warm and be happy in each other's hearts. Happy wedding!
    • I want you to know that I will always love you and miss you terribly as you get married and move out. Congratulations, sis.

    Funny Wedding Wishes for Cousin

    Sending hilarious wedding greetings to your loved ones might help to relieve some of the tension that can accompany a wedding. Wishing them both crazy and lunacy in the future. Sending humorous wedding texts to the newlyweds in order to congratulate them will be a way to poke fun. Don't forget to wish them luck and blessings as they prepare to engage in all the battles of their lifetime.

    Funny Wedding Wishes for Cousin
    • Dear sister, you are the best in this world, and I love you a lot. But I am also going to enjoy my freedom without you. Happy Wedding.
    • It is really heartbreaking to see you going. But I wouldn’t miss your presence in my room. Happy Wedding sister. I will miss you a lot.
    • Dear sister, you are best and I will miss your everything from our fights to unwanted advices. Happy wedding!
    • There is nothing that I’m gonna miss after you except your purse full of cash. Happy Wedding dear sis!
    • Lots of wishes to you on your wedding my lovely sister. And all the best to your partner. May God give him all courage to bear you.
    • Dear sister, now that you are leaving this house, I am happy that all your things will be mine, including your bed. I am soo happy. Happy Wedding.
    • Now you will get everything new from a house, room to the car and all luxuries. Don’t forget that I’ill also get all the things new. Your room will be mine now, and that to, forever. Happy Wedding Day!
    • Lots of wishes to you for your wedding. May your partner get all the courage to bear you for the whole life. Happy Wedding sweetheart!
    • Don’t worry about mom and dad, they will be happier without you. Happy wedding day, dear!
    • Dear sister, even your darling cat (kitty) is not ready to come with you to your new home. But we all will miss you here. Happy wedding!

    Wedding Wishes for Sister Messages

    And there she is- your stunning sister, all dressed up and emotional yet stunning as she made her first walk down the aisle toward her new life. Both highs and lows come with having a sibling. Having a big sister is essentially a blessing in disguise because of all the arguments, the happy memories, and the fact that she will always have your back no matter what. Send her some of the nicest wedding wishes.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister Messages
    • You are sweet, you are cute, you darling. You are the one I never want to be separated. For all your love and care, thank you!
    • Oh my sweetheart, you are going to be the best bride and wife. Love you a lot, and lots wishes for your big day.
    • When you will walk down the aisle, I will be holding your dress from behind. Will not look into your eyes, because it will fill with tears on ur special day. Love you my sister, have a great wedding day!
    • Happy wedding day to the most beautiful bride on the earth. For me, you are the most adoring and big hearted sister as well.
    • Best wishes to my sweet and beautiful sister. You are going to enter into a new life. All our wishes with you. Have a memorable life. Happy wedding!
    • Many-many wishes to you. May you have a love-filled life. All your dreams come true and things around you become blissful. Happy Wedding!
    • Happy wedding to my lovely sister. I adore you to the extent of becoming like you. So-so happy for you. Happy Wedding!
    • Lots of cheers to the bride and many more for the groom. Lots of love on your big day. Happy wedding.
    • You are perfect and I wish you wedding day be as flawless as you. Happy wedding my sweet sister.
    • Things will never change for you at home. It will be just like what you have left. Happy Wedding!

    Funny Cousin Wedding Quotes

    When your cousin gets married, it is a really emotional event, but you can always make it fun with humorous wedding quotes for your cousin. These amusing wedding quotes for your relative are shown below.

    Funny Cousin Wedding Quotes
    • Wedding is the last day when a couple smile by heart. Happy Wedding.
    • No matter what, now your partner will never leave you alone. Lots of wishes for wedding.
    • I wish you have a happy wedded life. With lots of love, your's would be wife.
    • No drinks, no smoke, no late night parties. This is the first side effect of a wedding. There are many others, you will know after.
    • Wedding is a kind of sweet that unmarried people crave for and married people regret for. But, both yen to taste it.
    • Love babe, love you darling, love sweetheart! Get accustomed to all these words as things are going to change after the wedding.
    • The marriage is all about giving and expecting nothing. The more you will give, the more you will have to. Happy Wedding.
    • The wedding is a sweet poison that will make you sick and very sick without even giving a clue of it. Happy wedding!
    • Congrats for your wedding! Note: Happiness in marriage is an over-rated feeling.
    • Now you will how love kills. Happy wedding.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister in Hindi

    Your sister has always had your back whether you're a responsible older/younger sibling. You'll also need some emotional and considerate wedding wishes for your sister to celebrate the event if your gorgeous sister is getting married.

    Wedding Wishes for Sister in Hindi
    • Meri pyari Behen, tum hamesha khush raho aur hamesha jijaji ki sunte raho! Shadi ki mubarakbaad.
    • Aaj tumko dekh kar dil bhar aaya behen, tum ko jeevan ki har khushi naseeb ho. Shadi ki dhero shubhkamnaye!
    • Bidaai me nahi rooungi aisa kaha tha, lekin tumhe dekh kar aansu aahi gaye. Tum bhut khubsurat lag rahi hu. Shadi Mubaarak!
    • Zindagi ke iss anokhe safar mein, aap dono hamesha ek dusre ka sath paaye, shadi ki dher saari badhaiyaan!
    • Badhai ho badhai, didi aur jijaji ko dher saari badhai! Aap dono hamesh khush rahe maste rahe aur hamare sath rahe.
    • Didi hamari thodi nazuk si hai, dua karte hai jijaji aapko ache se rakhe aur khub khush rakhe. Shadi Mubarak!
    • Ab aapki almari hamari huyi didi, aapko bhut miss karenge. Shadi ki dhero shubhkamnaye!
    • Itni mithai, sajawat aur tumhara vo dulhan banke aana, sab feeka pad gaya uske saamne. Shadi ki Shubhkamna!
    • Lakh-Lakh badhiya, hum sabko! Par didi aapko bhut yaad karenge, roz call karenge, apna khayal rakhiyega.
    • Pyaari didi, aapko bhut dular mile, maangne se pehle saari dua qubool ho jaaye aur bolne ki zaurat na pade jijaji bin bole sab samjh jaaye, inhi duao ke sath shadi ki badhai!

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    Find the best wedding wishes for sister and make her day special by sharing your feelings. There is nothing more compelling than receiving love from sister that to on a special day.