Last Updated: 24th March, 2019

Retirement Wishes

Retirements are ocassions worth celebrating. It is one such fabulous time when you are free from your responsibilities and you start living for yourself. You have no deadlines to complete, no alarms to wake you up or no burden to take care of. It is simply a phase in which you have enough time for yourself and you should enjoy every minute of this phase. Sometimes retirement comes with mixed feelings as you are aware that you will no more be going to office or at work and meet your collagues and friends. Well, it is completely okay to adopt changes in life and move ahead of evrything. So, one should enjoy this ocassion. Send wonderful retirement wishes to your friends and co-workers and congratulate them on completing a phase of journey of life. Send them the best wishes on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms free of cost and make them feel positive and happy regarding their retirement.

Retirement Wishes
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May you have a long, happy and peaceful retired life. Enjoy your retirement.
The time has come to give yourself a break and enjoy a work-free life. Happy retirement!
Office would not be the same without you. Happy retirement, boss!
You have put in years of hard work. Now is the time to relax and enjoy. Happy retirement!
You have worked so hard all your life, now is the time to relax and enjoy. Happy Retirement!
With retirement the work life comes to an end and the life of enjoyment and fun begins. Happy Retirement!
It's amazing that your happy days have finally arrived. Relax and look for inner peace now. Have a happy retirement.
Wishing you the most stress-free, healthy, happy and amazing retirement. Happy Retirement!
Retirement is not an ending rather it's the beginning of the new phase in life. Cheers to your retirement uncle!
You must be wondering what to do after getting retired. Well, I must tell you that it is the time to find your true passion dear. Happy Retirement!!
Are you really so old that you are getting retired? Because I think you look really young! ..Happy Retirement!
The most relaxing, exciting and stress free phase of your life has begun. Happy Retirement!!
As the working years are over, the fun years are about to begin. Happy Retirement Grandpa!
Congratulations on your retirement. Now, we will get more time to hang out together. Cheers!!
Retirement Messages
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Bid farewell to work and start embracing your new cool life free of worries and tensions. Happy Retirement!!
Wish you get all the fun and happiness in your future life. Happy Retirement dear!!
Welcome to the level two of adventurous life. Wish you a very happy retirement!!
May retirement bring together with it a lot of happiness, satisfaction and new possibilities. Happy Retirement!!

Retirement Wishes for Boss

Your boss is going to start a new phase in life and it seems important to wish him/her good luck and convey your warm reagrds to him/her. So, send your wonderful boss the best wishes; read on and find the best message for you which perfectly expresses your feelings.

It is really sad to know that your words of wisdom will not be heard daily in this office anymore. But, the good thing is you are going to start a new phase of life. Happy Retirement Boss!
As you are preparing to pack up let me tell you, Boss, you are a great mentor as well as a remarkable human being! Happy Retirement Boss!
Best Retirement Messages
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Finally, you are granted an official permission by life to enjoy and relax. Happy Retirement Boss!!
I have learned a lot from you. Your perfection and brilliance is terrific Boss. We are going to miss you a lot. Wish you a Happy Retirement!
We received more direction and inspiration than instructions. It was a pleasure to have you as a mentor. Happy Retirement Boss!! Retirement Wishes for a Friend
Now that you are retiring you will have more fishing, golfing and sleeping time. Cheers to your new life buddy. Happy Retirement!!
Wish you happiness, health and a lot of joyous moments. Happy Retirement my dear Friend!!
Days of stress are gone, and days of relief are on the way. Happy Retirement buddy!!
Best Retirement Wishes
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I know it will be difficult for you to leave the work habits, but I believe you will easily adjust to the new phase of life. Happy Retirement dear!
You did an amazing job buddy! You had a remarkable career. Now, it's time to live a fantastic life. Happy Retirement!

Retirement Wishes for a Co-Worker

When the time comes to say good bye to a co-worker or collague it really becomes difficult to find the right words. Read on and find the words which appear appropriate to tell how much glad you feel for him/her and also you are going to miss him/her.

You have given the best gift to yourself dear. It's time to enjoy life now. Happy Retirement!
Retirement Wishes
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I know now, the morning coffees would not be the same but yes, they will finally be what they are meant to be- de-stressing and soothing. Happy Retirement buddy!
Lights are dimmed, cameras have rolled, and the job has announced pack up. So, here is the new beginning for you. Cheers! And yes, Happy Retirement!
Don't retire with regret, rather retire with plans for the leisure time. Enjoy your retirement dear!
You will be missed a lot in working space, in the canteen, actually in the whole office. Glad that my favorite colleague is finally going to enter a new phase in life. Good luck! Happy Retirement!

Funny Retirement Wishes

Retirement is one such ocassion which also needs a celebration. It feels good to be liberated from the work pressure but at the same time it feels really bad to leave the office, co-workers and also the daily schedule. So, during that time it becomes a necessity to send someone a funny wish which makes him/her feel light and positive. Send the most funny retirement wish to your friend, collague, co-worker and wish her/her all the best for future.

Hey you white-haired friend, you are really going to be released for the work pressure finally! …Happy Retirement!!
Retirement is wonderful dear friend. I mean who gets a chance to relax the whole day?.... Lucky You!... Happy Retirement Buddy!!
So, here comes the time to write the epilogue of the job story. Write it well darling. Happy Retirement!
Say goodbye to your tensions and hello to your pensions dear. Wish you a really Happy Retirement!!!
Now, finally, it is the time you should simply spend all the money you saved as you are going to get a pension and yes a permanent off from work. Happy Retirement dear old friend!! Retirement Wishes for Teachers
Dear teacher, we may have said few nasty things, or spread a few naughty rumors but let us confess we respect you and love you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Retirement Sir/Madam!
Putting aside all the mischiefs and pranks we really want to tell you we have imbibed every lesson you have taught us -from the syllabus and about life. We are grateful. Wish you have a Happy Retirement!
Your retirement is more of a celebration than a moment of sadness as now you will be free to complete your book. Cheers for your retirement!!
Conveying my warmest regards to the teacher whom I have admired throughout my high school. Happy Retirement to you Sir/ Madam!
You may have got amazing students, but we know we are not going to get an amazing teacher like you. Wish you a Happy Retirement!!

Retirement Wishes for Fathers

It is the time of retirement of your father which will turn his life upside down. Now, he will not have to go to the office regularly and deal with work pressure. At this time, it is really important to show him that he is valued. Tell your father that is it the time for him to take a break from everything and enjoy his life. Send the most inspiring words to your father and express how much he means to you.

You have taken care of your work and family throughout your life, now it’s time to start caring for yourself dad. Happy Retirement!!
Finally, it’s the time when you can be a lazy lad instead of being a professional and hardworking man. Happy Retirement Dad!!
No 9 to 5 hectic job, no pressure of work, no tension of projects... Yes, these are the perks of retirement. Wish you a very Happy Retirement Daddy!
Don’t worry because it’s all over, smile because something new is going to start. You are going to get a lot of time to play with your grandchildren father... Enjoy the Retirement phase!!
You have successfully managed to handle all phases of life- college life, work pressure, marriage, and fatherhood. It’s time to enter a new phase now!... Happy Retirement!

Retirement Wishes for Brother

Retirement marks a permanent off from the work. At such point of time, a message is sent to the people for conveying good wishes. Choose a perfect message from our wonderful collection and spread positivity around your brother; motivate him to do his best in the future.

Looking forward to see you experience a life which is free of tensions and full of happiness. Happy Retirement dear Brother!
You have surely marked several moments of success. Now, it’s time for you to relax and enjoy. Happy Retirement Brother!
A brother like you deserves a great retirement party!... Cheers to the new phase of life brother!.... Happy Retirement!!
Can you imagine now you can spend hours doing your favorite things like fishing, grilling or playing video games?.... Congratulations brother you earned it!.... Happy Retirement!!
I have almost started envying you as you are going to relax all day away from complaints, work pressure and shitty office stuff. But, I am also really glad for you! Happy Retirement brother, Enjoy!