Last Updated: 3rd March, 2019

Navratri Quotes

  • Enjoy fantastic nine nights of devotion, happiness and spirituality this Navratri.Wishing you happy Navratri 2019.
  • May you get the lights of hope, aspiration, happiness and divinity this Navratri. May you have wonderful, fun filled Navratri.
  • May you celebrate the best of Navratri this year. May the goddess Durga fulfil all your wishes.
  • Navratri is the time to worship different avatars of Ma Durga,soak yourself in devotion and enjoy spirituality.
  • Wishing you and your family the best of Navratri this year. May you have a wonderful celebration this year.
  • On the arrival of Navratri, I am wishing you and your family the best celebration ever.
  • Worship Ma Durga in nine days of Navratri and see the change it brings in your life. Jai Ma, Happy Navratri.
  • Navratri is the nine days of celebrating the divine power of Ma Durga. Happy Navratri and Happy New Year.
  • Happy Navratri and New year to you and your family. Wishing you all great success through the year.
  • Navratri has nine shades, garbha, pooja,ramleela, dushera and fair are few to name. Get soaked in all nine shades and enjoy Navratri.
  • Happy, happy and happy Navratri to all devotees of Ma Durga.Bent in-front of Ma Durga to receive her blessings.
  • Temples has been decorated, homes has been cleaned, it is the time to welcome Ma Durga on our mobile screen. Happy Navratri.
  • Happy Navratri to all devotees of Ma Durga. To see her miracle, forget everything for nine days and devote yourself to her.
  • Navratriis to celebratenine avtaars of Ma Durga. To see her strength, worship her by heart.
  • Happy Navratri to all of you, may you have the best time, celebration and success in life this year.
  • Navratri is not just a festival for many, it is the time of beginning, time of rethinking. May God bless you everything. Happy Navratri.
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  • New hopes, new desires, new ambitions and new work, this is all Navratri brings with it. Enjoy the festival of positivity.
  • The universe, the air, water, sun everything is ready to Navratri a grand welcome. Happy Navratri and a prosperous New Year.
  • Happy Navratri to all my lovely friends. Want to see garbha in its best form with you all once again.
  • Navratri is the festival to celebrate the power of women. Every woman has Ma Durga inside her. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Inspirational Quotes

  • Don’t just celebrate Navratri, understand its importance and respect women. Happy Navratri.
  • I wish this Navratri removes all darkness in your life and show you a new path that leads to success.
  • Be a wonderful person and a personality. This Navratri, take the pledge you will never hurt anyone and never break trust. Happy Navmi celebration.
  • I wish Ma Durga shower blessings on you and take you to new heights of success. Happy Navratri.
  • This Navratri, don’t forget to pray and be thankful. She will bless you to make your life bountiful. Happy Navratri.
  • Begin your new journey of life, Ma Durga is there to shower her blessings on you this Navratri. Happy Navratri.
  • You move forward to achieve your goal with the blessings of Ma Durga and no hurdle would stop your way. Happy Navratri.
  • To become happy, first start spreading happiness around. This is the lesson that Navratri teaches all of us.
  • Spirituality when merged with celebration, it becomes grand and talk of town, just like Navratri. Happy Navratri.
  • While celebrating Navratri, don’t forget its exact meaning that is worship the Nine avtaars of Ma Durga.

Maa Durga Quotes in English

  • Happy Navratri to you’re my friends, this is what I can best write in English to you all.
  • Get drenched in celebration of Navratri, forget all your pains and forgive enemies. Happy Navratri.
  • Navratri is the day to spread happiness and be happy. Don’t hesitate to dance, laugh and enjoy in public.
  • Happy Navratri to everyone who has faith in God and love mankind. Be the part of the celebration 2019.
  • I wanted to be the first one to wish my friends Happy Navratri, but then I saw numbers of messages in my Inbox of Navratri. Same to you guys.
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  • Spread smiles around and you will get the same in return. Navratri is the festival that teaches this lesson.
  • The wind, river, ocean everyone is welcoming Navratri. Lets join this euphoria and be the part of celebration. Happy Navratri.
  • May lord Durga bless you happiness, prosperity and good health this Navratri.Happy Navratri and Dusshera.
  • Good fortune, good health and harmonious relation, this is what I wish for you during this Navratri celebration. Happy Navratri.
  • Be part of the biggest celebration of the Hindu year. This festival is the amalgamation of fun, excitement, spirituality and strength. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Quotes for Instagram

  • I wish this Navratri begins showering celebration in your life. Happy Navratri and prosperous New year.
  • Happy Navratri to you, dear friends have a nice time. I am waiting for you guys in garbha event, don’t make me disappoint.
  • Celebrate the Navratri festival with zeal and euphoria. Ma Durga will shower her choicest blessings on you.
  • On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, I wish you get good health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Navratri.
  • May your Navratri festival start with happiness and end with loads of happiness.Happy Navratri.
  • Chrish the new beginning by welcoming Ma Durga at your home. Celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.
  • Happy Navratri to all my friends and known who are reading this message. May you have the best time in these nine days.
  • Blessings, positivity, happiness and spirituality, Navratri is bringing all these with it. Have a great celebration.Happy Navratri.
  • Celebrate Navratri with beloved family and friends. May this year remains full of celebration. Happy Navratri.