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Easter Messages

Easter is the day of rememberance of the resurrection of the Christ. It is one of the most important days for Christians. On this day people usually fast and offer prayers to the Lord. People go the chruch, play games, make easter eggs, and prepare Easter foods on this day. They also attend easter parades and promise each other to renew hope, prosperity and happiness. If you want to make this festival meaningful for your friends and family do not forget to send them the best wishes and messages on this occasion. Share the spririt of Easter with your near and dear ones by sending them the most beautiful messages for our collection. Cheer them up with amazing words. Browse through our page and pick the best message which you think is suitable to be sent to your loved ones. Whether you want to say happy easter or want to send religious easter wishes we have it all. Go through the page and find the most suitable one for you.

  • May the blessings of Jesus always follow you and show you the right path. On the holy day of Easter, I wish all good things come your way, my sweetheart.
  • Happy Easter! Have faith on Jesus and you will never be in trouble. 
  • May you celebrate the best Easter ever. Have a great day, sweetheart. You are my love!
  • On the holy day of Easter, I pray to lord to fulfil all your wishes. May you have the best time ever.
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  • Let this day give your wings a new birth and let you fly high to achieve everything in your life. Happy Easter!
  • Let the warmth of love and the fun to enjoy this day be celebrated as memorable as it could be. Wishing you and your family Happy Easter!
  • May this day lord shower love and blessing all upon you and May this day brings joy in our families. Happy Easter!
  • With lot of cakes and hugs, sending you my heartfelt wish for Easter 2020. Hope you enjoy this day to the fullest!
  • Let us celebrate the resurrection of Lord Jesus with joy in the heart and prayers on the lips. Wishing you a very happy Easter.
  • May your home and heart always be filled with joy and happiness. Happy Easter!
  • May the benevolent eye of Lord Jesus be always upon you and your loved ones. Happy Easter!
  • Lord Jesus is my saviour and his blessings will always be with me. Happy Easter!
  • May Lord Jesus rid our hearts of hatred and negativity. Happy Easter!
  • Life is beautiful and short. so, be good to people and Lord Jesus will bless you. Happy Easter!
  • Let us remember the sacrifices Lord Jesus made for us. Happy Easter!
  • May happiness fill the environment and there be joy all around. Happy Easter!
  • God has given us more than we deserve. Be thankful for it. Wishing you a very happy Easter!
  • If you want to achieve something you can. All you need is determination and the blessings of Lord Jesus. Happy Easter!
  • Every night before I go to sleep I kneel don and pray to Lord Jesus for giving me such a happy and healthy life. Happy Easter!
  • No matter how troublesome the time is it would soon pass for Jesus is always by your side. Wishing you a very happy easter.
  • Jesus gave his life for us. So, your life is precious. Do good for others. Happy Easter!
  • Let us pray to Lord Jesus and make a pledge to follow his teachings. Happy Easter!
  • Wishing you a life full of contentment and peace in the heart. Happy easter!
  • May you have a fabulous Easter full of bunnies, pastries and chocolates. Happy Easter!
  • God has given us such a wonderful life. Cherish it every moment. Happy Easter!
  • May Easter bring you new beginnings and hope. Happy Easter!
  • Life is beautiful and you need to thank Lord Jesus for it. Happy Easter!
  • May this Easter bring you a shower of love, happiness, peace and prosperity. Wishing you a happy Easter.
  • May the blessings of Lord Jesus always be with you and may you overcome every challenge with ease. Happy Easter!
  • May the day of Jesus’ resurrection bring you hope, optimism and new opportunities. Happy Easter!
  • Believe in Jesus. He is always there by your side. Happy Easter!
  • Give yourself a new start and do well in life. Lord Jesus is with you. Happy Easter!
  • May your day be filled with lots of goodies, chocolate, candies and bunnies. Happy Easter!
  • Sending you and you family warm wishes on this Easter. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is here and with it all your miseries will come to an end. Happy Easter!
  • Kneel down before lord Jesus and thank him for the lovely life he has given you. Wishing you a very happy Easter.
  • May the happy occasion of Easter bring you happiness and the start of a prosperous life. Happy Easter.
  • May Lord Jesus shower all his blessings upon you and fill your home with peace and happiness.
  • Always remember that Jesus sacrificed his life for you. So, make the most of your life by doing noble deeds. Happy Easter.
  • May the Lord give you fame, fortune and everlasting peace. Happy Easter!
  • Rejoice in the name of God and sing his praises. Happy Easter to you and family!
  • May all your sorrows end and all your pains get washed away. Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • Happy easter my dear friends lets become the kids again, fill our baskets with eggs, sweets and bunny gums
  • Happy Easter, may the rising Jesus fill abundant happiness in your life and make it worthwhile.
  • Spread love, hopes and faith all around on this Easter. Happy easter to you and your family.
  • This Easter don’t just forgive people for their mistakes, but realize yours as well and ask for sorry.
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  • Today is one the most blessed day of the year. Take all positivity from the day and celebrate Easter.
  • Happy Easter, celebrate the festival with friends, family and don’t forget to include me.
  • Easter gives us hope and teaches us about faith. Fill the God’s blessing in your life and make it special.
  • He is risen, and so we all have reason to rejoice the easter and make it memorable.
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  • Forget about the past and begin a new journey of life from the day of Easter. It is the time you rise.
  • Happy easter to my bestest friend. I am missing you on this evening.

Funny Easter Wishes

Easter, which marks the resurrection of Christ is a festival worth celebration. It is a festival surrounded by fun and gaiety. Find the best Easter greetings for your friends and family and send it to them on this Easter Day. Make them laugh by sending some funny wishes this year in order to add fun and frolic to the festive season.

  • Happy Easter honey bunny. I was wondering what to present you and finally I decided 2give you eggs, after all it’s Easter.
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  • I can tell you the secret places where the eggs are hidden, first you tell me ur phone password.
  • Happy Easter dear papa. Let’s celebrate the festival differently. Begin the festival sleeping and end it with sleeping.
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  • Happy Easter, I was wondering who could be the bunny, and I realized no one is better than you.
  • Let’s be the kids again. You find the eggs and fill ur basket and I steal ur eggs to fill my basket.
  • Happy Easter dear friend. I was missing bunny and thought of you.
  • Enjoy the Easter festival with friends n family. Family ur already with and for friends call me for dinner.
  • Let’s make some difference in Easter festival. Instead of celebrating it eggs, celebrate it with chicken.
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  • On Easter, I get the feeling, even the eggs are better than me as they are also being decorated
  • Have a great Easter festival and enjoy it with cool friends like me.

Easter Message Bible

Bible is the pool of knowledge. On the pious occasion of Easter, let us spread the words of Jesus. Send the best Easter messages to your near and dear ones which are taken from the Bible. Let the coming generation get a glimpse of what the Bible has in its store for them. Share the best messages and wishes with your loved ones just by a click. Choose the best message and share it on any social media platform including Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Facebook.

  • The God is life and the God is the death. Those who believe in him would understand. Easter message of Jesus to everyone
  • Happy Easter, if you will declare it “Jesus is Lord” and believe by heart, God resurrected him, You will be saved.
  • The resurrection tells us that spirituality is always higher than materialism. Happy Easter.
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  • Happy resurrection Sunday, Happy Easter, he has risen take all positivity from the day.
  • May the God’s glory fill you with strength and his grace shine you up. Happy Easter.
  • No matter how hard you press the truth, it will never give up and will turn up with great strength.
  • Happy Easter, he is risen, he is the truth. Death could not hold him, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
  • If you believe in him, he is there. If you don’t, you can never see him. Happy Easter.
  • The Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and I am the life. Those who believe in me will live eternal life”
  • Jesus died, because he paid the penalty of our Sin. This Easter, start a new life and confess all your mistakes.

Inspirational Easter Messages

Easter is a festival of joy as it marks the resurrection of Christ. On the occasion of this inspirational festival, it's time to send inspirational wishes and messages to your friends and family. It just takes a little time to remind your loved ones that you think of them. Send them the best message from our collection. Remember, you are just a click away!

  • May the Easter bring positivity in your life, and may Jesus bless you lots of strength. Happy Easter to my dear friend.
  • May you start to your life from this Ester with the blessings of Lord Jesus and elder’s. Happy Easter
  • It is never too late to start something new. Late, is just the perception. Begin your new journey from this easter
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  • Happy Easter dear friend. You are an inspiration to many, don't lose your spirit. You will always be our hero.
  • Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Lord Jesus. Take positivity from this day and fill it in ur life.
  • He returned to life to help us and filled love and affection in mankind. Take inspiration from Easter and change your life.
  • Have a blissful Easter. Rest your hopes in who has authored our life and live life with peace.
  • Keep Lord’s word closest to your heart, and you will never have the feeling of dissatisfaction.
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  • The easter says, no matter how deep you engrave the truth, it will come out. Happy Easter
  • Happy easter to dear friend. Celebrate the resurrection and take inspiration from the day, you can never lose from sin.

Religious Easter Messages

On the occasion of this religious festival, send the best religious wishes and spread the words of Jesus with your friends and family. Choose the most religious wish and circulate throughout. 143Greetings has the best collection of religious wishes which you can share on any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Pinterest. They are absolutely free of cost so send them now.

  • May you remain in the shadow of God's love and care and never experience the pain of losing someone ever.
  • Have faith in him, he has risen to make our life easeful and strengthen us. Happy easter.
  • Celebrate the resurrection. Easter is the day to pray, to forgive, forget and realize mistakes and say sorry.
  • Open your mind and soul and free it. Let’s take inspiration from the day and fill your life with embellishments.
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  • Get some time to thank Jesus for all his blessings. Easter is the day to pray and stay with family
  • Visit the church and be thankful to God for everything that he has given you. Happy Easter.
  • May the basket of easter you hold get filled with love, joy and prosperity and peace.
  • Easter bunny coming to wish you beautiful Easter day. Have a great day my friend.
  • Happy Easter, celebrate the resurrection day with hopes and positivity in thought and don't forget to thanks the almighty.
  • He has risen! Pray to god to forgive all your sins and make a new beginning. Happy easter

Easter Messages for Friends

Any festival without friends holds no meaning. No celebration without friends is ever complete. This year, send a heartfelt message to your friends for wishing them a very happy Easter. 143Greetings brings to you a spectacular collection of messages which you can send to your friends and family and keep the festive spirit alive.

Let your friends, family and loved ones know just how much they mean to you this Easter season by sending them extra special Easter wishes. Our wishes show how much you care. If you are having trouble finding the right words or wishes to send, trust in our list of Easter wishes..

  • Little bunny is knocking your door open it to take Easter wishes for you and your family.
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  • Give a ditch to diet and fill your tummy with food you love when everyone at the place unite.
  • Happy Easter, God bless my dear friend and bring love, laughter, prosperity and peace in his life.
  • Let's DIY our easter eggs and make it beautiful to hatch. Let's get united and celebrate the day with fun unlimited.
  • The April is here, Do not waste your time, get ready to celebrate the Easter in its pristine.
  • May the love of Lord shower on you on this Easter and you have a lovely and a wonderful day.
  • Have great day of Easter, enjoy with friends and don't forget to be on the table at the dinner.
  • Neither the love, nor the hate. Neither the pain nor the sorrow can keep us away from the love of God.
  • He month of April speaks what is there in people's heart. Happy Easter, celebrate the festival with friends around.
  • We all can do everything, when we get strength from the God. On Easter don't forget to pray.