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Birthday Wishes for Friend

Friends play a very important role in one's life. Having a friend by your side is really a blessing. Life without friends is extremely difficult and boring. They are the ones who will fight with you, care for you, love you and also protect you just like family. Actually, friends are not just friends, they are another family. To find birthday wishes for such a important person in life is really a very difficult and tiring task. But, dont worry! We are here to help you. We have an awesome collection of birthday wishes, messages, quotes and images for your friend which is going to make his/her day full of love and happiness and also express your fondness towards him/her. These messages, quotes, images etc. are free of cost so you can directly share them on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and pinterest and make him/her feel really special on his/her birthday.

You have made me understand the true meaning of a friend. To a friend like you “I love you and always there to support you”. Happy Birthday!
Friends are easy to find but it is hard to sustain the relationship. I’m proud I have you as a friend from the past so many years. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!
I still remember that day when came to me and extended your hand for friendship. I too was looking for a friend but wasn’t as smart as you to go forward and ask for. In the past five years, you have changed me completely. Only a true friend does this for the other friend. Thanks for all the support, happy birthday to you!
Birthday Messages
You are not just a friend but my brother from a different mother. On your birthday, I wish you keep growing healthy and fit. Happy Birthday!
Cheers to never growing old and to never stop partying, happy birthday buddy!
To all the classes we bunk together, to all the exams we went unprepared may god bless all of us but bless you more. Happy birthday friend!
A friend who always constantly supported us and who always motivated us to do better. Happy birthday, have a good one!
Happiest birthday to my all time favorite, to the person I always call, text and harass. I love you my dearest, thank you for tolerating me!
Dearest Friend, I still remember the first time we met and bitched about each other and now we bitch about everyone else together. Happy birthday darling!
Wishing life, light and love in your upcoming year and life. The best is going to be your that’s my wish. Happy Birthday baby!
My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and you never need to carry more than you can hold. Happy birthday!
I have the greatest gift in life and that is good friends like you. Happy birthday, buddy!
Life becomes all the more wonderful when there are lovely friends like you. Happy birthday, pal!
Happy Birthday my dearest and closest friend. May you have a year full of success along with fun.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

You wake up one day and understand that this day is more exceptional than different days ... it's your bestie's birthday! Your closest companion is one of the most uncommon individuals throughout your life. She has been there with you for such huge numbers of recollections both great and awful. Wish them a funny happy birthday so their day goes with love and laughter!

No matter how old you grow, I would still be your nappy buddy. Happiest birthday to my best friend, I love you!
Wishing you a very happy birthday best friend, cheers to lot more gossiping and bitching because you are my all time. Love you!
It’s time for more face masks to look young as you are growing too old now. Happiest birthday best friend, I would suggest try some wrinkle cream too!
To all your boyfriend list and endless crying, finally you are old look for some serious relationship (kidding) happiest birthday, love you!
Well, finally you would be celebrating your most special day and I hope it goes as crazy as you. Happiest birthday best friend, love you!
To all our crazy nights and crazy fights, but to never ending love and us. Happiest birthday my James Bond, I love you best friend!
Wishing you loads of teddy and chocolates, cheers to your regular lattes. Happiest birthday best friend, love you!
The bond that you share is so magnetic that every guy attracts to you (kidding darling). I love you, wish you a very happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

You have had wild occasions falling into some great difficulty and being partners in crime. You have had stunning encounters, perhaps travelling or experiencing life organizes together. Furthermore, you have been steady through the entirety of the tough situations that both of you have dropped by.
The primary concern is your closest companion is so important to you and you need to give them that you generally care. Wish your girl, your best friend with an amazing birthday wish!

To my dearest darling, you have always been my best friend but more than that you are my family. Happy birthday girl, love you best friend!
To my all the problems you have solved, my mood swings you have handled you are the best that I could have. Happiest birthday girl, love you best friend!
I would choose you as my best friend forever and always, you are constant girl! Happiest birthday, loads of booze, parties and love!
Wishing you a very happy birthday, you always get what you deserve best friend, I love you and may god bless you with happiness and love!
Well, a lot more shopping to do because it’s my best friend’s birthday and I can’t keep calm. I love you girl and I wish you always have the best!
Best friends are the best thing god has created and mine is world’s best. I love you girl, happiest birthday! Enjoy your day.
Candles are to be blown, love to be shown, you are the best I own. Happiest birthday best friend, I love you and I wish you have a blast!
To the most beautiful girl in the morning, I am super blessed to have you by my side. Happiest birthday best friend, loads of hugs and kisses!

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

You could bake them a cake. You could get them a magnificent blessing, possibly something she has been alluding to for some time. Or then again something nostalgic that would make her grin. Or on the other hand you could take her out, drinks, supper the entirety of that pleasant stuff.

It very well may be hard to praise your closest companion's birthday in the event that you are far separated. So, why not to send your friend some unique birthday wishes. They would cherish it forever!

Not stressed, very blessed you my girl are the best! Happiest birthday to my dearest friend, love you!
Well, toffee to coffee and theatres to movie you have been always my partner. Happiest birthday friend, loads of love and luck!
To my drama queen, with all your tantrums and drama you have kept all of us entertainment and we love you more now. Happiest birthday friend!
Dearest friend, I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you never have to hold something that your heart doesn’t want. Love you!
I would love to see you in your birthday dress, you will look gorgeous. Happiest birthday friend. Stay blessed, Stay happy!
I don’t have words to describe our friendship but surely it’s more than the love we talk about. Happiest birthday friend, blessed to have you!
I wanted my life to be sorted but thanks to you with you it will always be complicated (kidding) I love you and happy birthday friend!
Happy birthday to world’s amazing friend, I love you and I wish that you be successful in whatever you choose. Stay blessed darling!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

Well, you are lucky to have a best friend male and you are sufficiently blessed to have an old buddy or a closest companion, at that point you have something that numerous individuals don't: a bond with someone else that is genuinely interesting and unique. And it’s their birthday, choose some best set of word to write birthday wish for your best friend!

To my coolest buddy, you have always been there when I need to you. Happiest birthday best friend, thank you for everything!
A male best friend is indeed a blessing, he is partly your father, your brother and mostly your friend in need. Happiest birthday best friend!
Well you came in the exact day when I was broken and you heal my heart. Happiest birthday best friend, loads of love buddy!
And the award for the best friend male goes to my buddy! Happiest birthday to the man who always loved like his small sister, love you bud!
I did everything to keep our friendship because it’s hard to find friends like you buddy, happiest birthday best friend. Love you!
A male bestfriend is important because she would take care of you like a family like you do. Happy birthday best friend, stay blessed!
Happiest birthday to my all time best friend, you have been constant in my life and I wish we always be together! Loads of love!
Wondered every time that how can be I so blessed to have a male friend, well sounds good to me! Happiest birthday best friend, I love you!

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Friend

You will have my hug no matter where you are. Happy Birthday, friend have everything in life that you say is great for you.
We have spent so many days together. We have seen numerous dreams together. May we keep doing the same till our last breath together. Happy Birthday dear friend!
I declare to the world today, you and only you are my best friend. Happy Birthday my sweetheart and the best pal.
May everything in your life stay bright and sweet. Happy birthday dear friend you are awesome and cute
Happy Birthday dear friend! You are special, so your birthday celebration should also be special. Birthday party from my side at your favourite place.
Time flies and now you have grown up. It is incredible to see you as a young and handsome boy. Happy Birthday!
I don’t need a Facebook reminder to memorize your birthday, because you are special. Happy Birthday!
No matter what I will always stay by your side. Have a rocking birthday, buddy.
Today is your birthday, so let us put on our best suits and dance the night away. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Each moment of life is precious. Hope you get lots of memorable moments this year. Happy Birthday my dear friend!
Nothing can be as joyous as spending time with your loved ones. Hope you get a lot of time for you always. Happy Birthday dear friend.
Friends like you are rare to find. You have always stood besides me in thick and thin and shared my joys like they were yours. Wishing a very happy birthday to a true friend.
True friends are so rare and difficult to find; but, I am lucky to have found one. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear friend.
Dear friend, I want to celebrate many more birthdays with you. May your life be filled with lots of happiness. Happy birthday!
Birthday Messages
Dear friend, whether it is a moment of joy or sadness, you will always find me by your side. Happy birthday wishes from a true friend. Have lots of fun.
Hey! Happy Birthday, Hottie!!... I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Stay Blessed!
Happy Birthday to my best friend who is best than the BEST. Love you! God bless you!
Friends like you are hard to get, I am blessed and thankful to God, that he planned my life with you.
Happy birthday my dearest friend, I want your company all through my life. Have a good long life.
Happy Birthday dear, you are a friend whom I can call anytime. May God give you a long
I feel lucky that I have a friend like you. On your birthday, I pray to God to bless you happy long life.
My dear friend, happy birthday to you, enjoy your day with full spirit and I have lot of fun.
You are my true friend you know me better than any other. Happy birthday to the friend who is like brother!
You have a special heart and a intellectual mind. We both make a perfect combo.Happy birthday dear.
I wish my friend the happiest birthday ever, and I know it will be this year because unlike last years, I am here.
Lucky to have you as friend, you have become so close to me that I don't miss my parents, being here.HBday.
I wish to God, to give my friend long-long live along with good health to enjoy each moment.
You are like my soulmate, when I met you the very first day I realized that you are the one whom I will make my best friend.
You have made me friend, and this is one of the biggest thing for me. On your birthday, I made your day saying thanks.
It is hard to make friend like you. I am confessing this on your birthday, for being my friend I thank you.
For me making friends is really easy, but it is hard to find a friend like you. You are a true mate and a great support
Happy Birthday to my darling friend, you know how to make me happy and angry at the same time.
Hey friend,I am wishing you a glorious happy birthday and I wish all your dreams come true on this day.
If you have plans for party, I am available for that. Happy birthday, enjoy your day and do not forget me.
Lovely friend like you is hard to find. I am so lucky that I have cracked the deal and got you as my bestie.
Lovely friend deserve lovely messages, and ugly friend is a ugly message. So for you, happy birthday to you!
You never said that I am your best friend, but I know I am your only friend.Happy Birthday to my mysterious friend.
Hey friend, from the day I am with you, I have learnt a lot and improved as a personality. HBday and thanks for everything
I don't know what you think about me, and what importance do I carry in your life. But, you are the most important for me
Enjoy a glorious, spectacular, thrilling, lovely and full of memorable moments birthday. Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet friend.
God has added another birthday in your life's calendar, be thankful to him and enjoy it to the fullest.
If you will ask me what is friendship, I will always say there is no definition just look at yourself, HBay to this lovely frd.
You have been such a lovely friend I have ever get in my life. I wish you a very warm birthday on this day.
Oh!I pray to god to give you all the happiness that you want, handsome boyfriend, pretty dresses and friends as me
On your birthday, I won’t lie, you are my best friend and I wish god gives you all good luck
Be as you are, you are the most prettiest friend one can ever get, and I am lucky I have you. Happy Birthday to u.
Hey sweety, it’s been years we have parted, but I can never forget the rocking birthday we used to celebrate together, hbday
It is said, when a friend give blessings it comes from heart. So, today I give one blessing, stay happy forever
You are friend true by heart, you stood by my side always no matter whether the time was good or hard. HBday sweetheart.
Today I want to roar hard and say, I love you my sweet, cute and lovely baby, happy birthday’
You have taught me many things, how express, how to behave and how wish birthday. Using one of those trick, im sending this birthday mess.
Ur cool and I am gentle you are generous and I am mental, you are celebrating ur birthday n i am writing message. Anything 4u.
Its the birthday of my friend, let forget everything, let’s go for chill out and celebrate the day like super starts.
For me you are the world, without you everything just swirls. I wish happy birthday my girl.
You are my lady luck, without you everything sucks, I wish long life for you and you it spend it with me.
I don’t know what is right and what is wrong, all I know l love you my friend. Happy Birhday
You are the friend who know me more than myself. So, on ur birthday I am gifting myself to you.
Hi and wish you happy birthday my friend. You enjoy this day with good health, wealth and happiness.
It is being long years we are together sharing things and life. I think you are best person in my life. HBday to such a beautiful person.
I think we both complement each other perfectly, as you are simple and Im a mystery. Be always with me.
Sending a bouquet of laughter, bundles of love, many dozens of happiness to mark the birthday of my true friend.
Hey friend, today is your birthday and I wish you wake up with a big smile on your face,
I am lucky that I have spent one more year with you, hey friend! I wish you happy birthday
Remember when I used to sing birthday song 4u. I want to do it all again and see your expression. happy birthday 2u dear friend.
I wish to God that he gives you everything in life that you want, and I feel jealous why I wished this.
May your cake be sweet, your gift be expensive, and your day with lot of good deeds,Happy birthday sweety
A friend is a person who has beauty and grace, his presence make the world the happiest place.Happy Birthday Jace.
Friendship is not like paper that can be torn, it's not like rock that can be broken, but it is like fresh flowers that always blossom.
Many challenges come my way, but they are never able to scare me, as they know my friend is there to protect me.
You are my best friend, it would be a lie to say this, as ur more than a friend. I think you are my lifeline.
The birthday is the day when you are born and welcomed in this word, I welcome you again with the same expression.
If someone ask me what is thedefinition of a true friend, I will say, I don't know, I have one, will share your name.
You have number of friends to talk, to hangout and enjoy, but I have only one and ur the one. happy birthday to you
I always wonder why friends are important in life, when I got you as my friend, I stopped asking this question to myself.
Ur the friend whom I am always comfortable with. I thoroughly enjoy everything doing with you, shopping, gossiping, eating and what else. happy birthday
I forget to wish your birthday yesterday, I am sorry for that, but trust me, you are more important for me then remembering ur birthday date.
If one has to judge who I am, all they can do is get in touch with you my friend. You are my replica.
Happy Birthday to my friend who is more like me then himself, I love seeing myself in you. happy birthday and love you.
If God gives me one wish and ask me what I will do with it,I will say I want to gift it to you.
Never feel alone even when nobody gives you support, I am there for you no matter what time you come across.
I have no reason why I have selected you as my friend, like the same way I have no reason why I have made girlfriend.
I am lucky that I have got you as a friend, wish you happy birthday and you always remain my best friend
You would never know how much I love you, Happy Birthday Sweetheart and remain my best friend for the whole life.
On your birthday I want to give you a wish that you can ask anything from me anytime and I will give it to you.
I'm not sending bouquet of roses, lovely cake, expensive gift, because you know I cannot import this. So, I am sending all good wishes
If I give you gift on your birthday, it will be like underestimating our friendship. We know bounding we share. All my wishes there 4u.
You are an incredible friend, and a superb partner. All I want to say on ur birthday 'ur my good luck, live long.
Our friendship does not require any formalities, still I am sending the most precious gift on your birthday as a mark of our relationship
Hey my dear friend, I wish you happy birthday with the wish that you have lots and lots of girlfriends
The time we have spent together is hard to forget, you are an incredible friend and have made each of my day fantastic.
I am lucky that you have chosen me as your best friend. You are more than a friend to me. Ur like bro, life, everything
I cannot think of living without you, you have become part of my life in such a small time. Happy birthday dear
I never realized that I need a friend, but when I got you, I understood this is one of the most beautiful relations, happy birthday
One cannot define what is friendship, it is a feeling that can only be felt and lived with ,HBday dear
I have no reason why I have made you my friend, maybe this is called true friendship. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
Your friend shows what personality you carry. Thanks for making a personality great, you live long life with good health.
You are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend, on your birthday let's get together and do bang bang.
Friendship is the relation that does not require any formality; it is lived really and happily. Thanks for being such a nice friend.
At the time when health has become the most important thing to look after, I wish my friend good health for all his life
You were waiting for my message, I know this. So here is the spectacular, extravagant, astonishing birthday wish for you.
Happy Birthday to my lovely, dear and really close to my heart friend. Enjoy your day and have all the fun.
You may not be the only friend I have but you are definitely the only friend that I need. Happy birthday!
Dream big and may your dreams take you an amazing place where you always wanted to be. Have a great day!
Birthdays come every year but friends like you come once in a lifetime. And I am so glad to have a friend like you.
From messages to quotes I need everything to survive. Thanks for being my friend it matters me most!!
The way you pamper me no one else can so keep pampering me and I will keep wishing you.
Those walks, long chit-chats, late night parties won't be same and enjoyable if you are not with me.
From our first nail paint to the first kiss we had, we always share the excitement. Happy birthday dear!
Today as you grow year older and our friendship no matter how tough situation is m always your side.
Friendship is beyond all the relationships so my friend you can imagine how much important you are to me.
When everything around you is un definite the one thing which comes is definite friendship.
Happy Birthday to my best friend, on your birthday I wish God gives you all the happiness,love and care of people around including me.
Hey bro, happy birthday to you, have a rocking birthday with all the pleasures and leisure you want and you deserve.
Within all uncertainties of life, one thing is very certain, that is; I will always be with you, wish you happy happy birthday.
Friendship is the only relation that we choose, rest all the relationship are given. I love to be your friend, happy birthday bro.
I do not require to show how intense my feeling of friendship is with you, all I say is, it is eternal.
Thanks for being my friend, you have been so special for me and I wish our friendship last for years.
On your birthday, I wish God gives you all the strength, good health, positivity and love for all your life.
Celebrate your birthday like an Emperor, as you are my friend and you rule my heart, happy birthday dear.
I give you all the right to take my decision, I know you are the one who will always wish good for me, Happy Birthday
I wish God gives me you as my friend whenever I come on this earth, love you bro happy birthday.

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Finding the correct words to wish an ideal birthday for somebody like your best friend who has played such a significant role in your life can be fun when you have a decent compilation like this. Pick the best message for your best friend and make their birthday increasingly extraordinary. Wish them what your heart says, include a memory of you two in these messages and give them a beautiful wish. Good luck and happy birthday to your best friend.

Keep wishing and keep sending love!

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