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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Celebrating a birthday is unique. It's a day that solitary comes around once per year, and hence it should be a vital one. It's an exceptional day, only for you! Interestingly, we can choose how astonishing a birthday ends up being – a decent measure of love and effort will bring about a glad, fruitful day. We grow old as time passes by, giving us the memories and experience to turn into the individual we dream to be. A birthday implies a new beginning – a splendid and intense new goal with new objectives and various motivations to be roused.

Then why not making your loved ones feel more special about their birthday. Send them a card or a hand written message or actually write the message on their face book wall telling about how much their birthday is important to you. Let’s get your pen rolling, choose the best and wise set of words!

  • I have always thought to have a big blast on your birthday but today I am realizing I just want to celebrate it with you, just we. Happy birthday to the most happening person I ever know, love you!
  • The more I spend time with you, the more alone I want to be with you. Happy birthday to the person who completes me. Loads of love and blessings!
  • Happy birthday to you, wishing you an amazing golf game and wine for your celebration. Loads of love darling, I wish that you always win the game you are in!
  • In the days of happiness and sadness what always comes around is the bond of us; I am blessed to have a great friend like you. Happy birthday to you, love you partner!
  • The hero of my life and star of my eye, it’s for the days when I was your child and now you are my friend dad. Happy birthday to world’s best father!
  • To all the gossips as friends, to all the shopping that we do together it made me realize mom, you are the one who I need always and forever. Happy birthday to my world, love you mom!
  • After you my life has always been about love and laughter, happy birthday to my best daughter! I wish you always find your star and shine but keep your toes to mine, love you!
  • Wishing you a successful year ahead my dearest son, hope all your dreams are achieved. Happy birthday my shoulder to heart!
  • I wish you lifelong happiness and laughter. You have always been my go to person and I know I mean the same to you. Happy birthday, loads of love!
  • Candles are increased as your age; flowers are beautiful just like you and you my dear are looking stunning in the dress worn by you. Happy birthday!
  • My happily ever after starts from you and ends at you my love, I wish you a very happy birthday my soul mate, stay the same as you are!
  • To all the parties and fun we have together and to all the classes that we bunk together. Happy birthday darling, loads of love and blessings!
  • You always spread joy and happiness around, I wish the upcoming year is filled with laughter and adventure. Hope you have a gorgeous birthday love!
  • One two three blow, the candles
    And one two three glow, the sandals. Happiest birthday to my all time partner, wishing you happiness and love!
  • The glow on your face tells a story, the struggles made you look more beautiful, happy birthday and I wish that you always be the same like this!
  • Your smile can kills 1000 people in this room, you look so gorgeous. Happiest birthday to the woman of words and to someone I can trust! Love you!
  • The man in black is always handsome to have; you and I make the perfect power couple. I am happy being at you side. Happy birthday sweetheart!
birthday wishes
  • Don’t count your days, count memories and don’t count your years count your blessings. Happy birthday to the person who always spread love.
  • Make your day be filled with surprises, love, laughter and flowers because you like them. Happy birthday to the beautiful soul, loads of love!
  • Birthdays are super special that’s the time that one celebrates for their own selves and you deserve every bit of happiness darling. Happy birthday!
  • May your upcoming year be blessed with new opportunities and happiness. Happy birthday to the person who always follow his own path.
  • Thank you for always standing by my side, for supporting me like a rock and the best thing is our bond is stronger than always. Happy birthday sweetheart, love you!
  • To the most amazing friend I know, you have always been my savior from mom, I love you. I wish you a very happy birthday darling!
  • Well, wishes to world’s best mom, you have been the most feeling of love and care. I wish you the same mom forever and always. Love you so much more!
  • Your struggles and sacrifices cannot be put in word dad but all I want to say is you have always got my back. Happy birthday to my hero, my man and my first love!
  • To my little one, you are going to blow more candles but make a wish for me to always have a daughter like you. Happy birthday little girl, love you!
  • May all the cars find a way to your pocket and all the watches that you love I will gift you. Happy birthday to my dearest son. Love you!
  • Because when life do wrong things it brings the good in us, so don’t you worry I am and will always be there for you. Happy birthday and hope you party hard!

Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Birthday Messages

The greatest part about creation a birthday message significant is as a rule consistent with yourself and the beneficiary by communicating from the heart. These inspiration birthday quotes will help you to send your warmth of love wrapped by care and motivation. It is justifiable that one can battle to get feelings and emotions into the paper – particularly when they're the more profound kind and are meaningful.

  • One day you will be all grown up and mature celebrating your success with your birthday and today is the day my dear. Happy birthday and may god bless with lifelong happiness!
  • May you achieve every milestone in your life and always find success in whatever you take. Happy birthday sweetheart, stay strong and keep inspiring!
  • Success comes for a grounded head and you are an exact example of it. Happy birthday to the successful and the most humble person. Love you!
  • Believe me or not birthdays are the best they let you forget the rest and all you have is focus on today and let go the past. Happy birthday, loads of love!
  • Because why we think of one day when your day one has started with your birthday, hope the upcoming year is as successful as your dream. Happy birthday darling!
  • Once the boss always the boss, you have certainly made me feel that I am head over heels in love with you. Happy birthday to my girl boss, my lady!
  • Running the house is one thing but making it home is not possible without you. I am inspired from you move to make my life happier. Happy birthday to the person you are and I love you!
  • Silence is the ‘silent’ opportunity and being vocal is the ‘violent’ opportunity, choose the right one for you. Happy birthday dearest!
  • Let your wings open and fly, you don’t have to be shy, trust me you are capable and don’t ask why, your happiness makes me cry.
  • Blow the candles and don’t count any, wish for all the year and don’t just count a day. Happy birthday dearest, wishing you love and luck!
  • It’s always a fresh start when you celebrate your birthday, forget the rest and focus on the best. Happy birthday sweetheart, wish you all the happiness in this world!
  • Today is the day when you were born, when you promise to let everybody smile, to let go of bad and believe in the good. Happy birthday to my inspiration!
  • May all your days are filled with joy and bliss, to all beautiful hugs and kiss. Receive your luck today it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, blessed to have you!

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

Birthday SMS

Birthday celebrations are intended to be brimming with laughter and cheer. At the point when the visitor of respect opens their birthday card from you, you'll know why they can't quit grinning. Select one of these entertaining glad birthday statements or blend and match them with your own words to create the ideal cheers to one more year more seasoned. Make it funny and quirky by using your internal jokes and humor. ‘Happy birthday’ wish them with lot of laughter!

  • Statutory warning: People listening to this are heart patients now as they have just lifted another year on their shoulder. Kindly stay calm and celebrate the birthday. Birthday wishes!
  • It’s time for your free advice to people, to talk about your experience buddy. You are growing old, have a happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday, my party animal and my shopping partner. I wish you all the booze and the best clothes in the world. Loads of love, luck and blessings!
  • You are growing older and you will soon start forgetting things the first thing I remember is we have to party and the other two I forgot. Happy birthday buddy!
  • Booze and snooze, let go off everything and be loose. Happy birthday to the person who always have been there for me, loads of love!
  • Don’t count your days or years because memories is going to bring tears. Wishing you a very happy birthday and lot more blessing the upcoming year!
  • Happy birthday to the funniest person I know, you have made my life colorful in laughter and love. God bless you for the same.
  • To all the illogical jokes you crack and I still laugh at it makes me sick how beautiful our bond is. Happy birthday to the person who brings best in me.
  • Live a life little longer, laugh and make it funny a little more and spread your arms to nonstop booze. Happy birthday buddy, I miss being to our old days!
  • It’s finally the time to wear a wrinkle free mask or use a wrinkle free cream, any suggestion? You are growing old lady love, happy birthday!
  • To my sweetest darling, you have thrown your enough tantrums on me and now you are growing old so it’s my time to show some tantrums. Happy birthday!
  • Now you are much more experienced than I because you have just grown a little older but trust me no relationship advice (kidding). Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • To all the tears and laughter counting years, to all the memories which we had together. Happy birthday to my funniest person, I love you!

Cute Happy Birthday Quotes

Birthday Wishes and Messages

Regardless of whom your card receiver might be, there is something sweet about including a charming yet cute birthday statements to your messages. On the off chance that you are composing a birthday card message for your loved ones, make a point to utilize one of these estimations to wish them well. Send them a cute happy birthday quote which they will always remember.

  • You have cutest smile and I am sending my love from all the miles. Happy birthday to the loveliest person, you are amazing!
  • To all my dearest friends you are invited to the party which never ends because it’s my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday sweetheart, hope to celebrate your big day. Loads of love!
  • Don’t worry about getting old because you are so cute that you still like 10 years old. Happy birthday beautiful, loads of love and luck!
  • Sending my love wrapped with warm hugs, waiting for us to share all the gossip with your favorite coffee mugs! Happy birthday cutie! Love you.
  • Your D day is here darling, hope you are birthday is as cutest as you are, and I am so blessed to have a friend like you. Loads of love and hugs!
  • And one day I find my soul mate on the road passing the street and this story has taken many years leap, it’s your birthday and I want a treat. Happy birthday cutest, love you!
  • Sending a bag full of chocolates and bottle filled with love and messages. Happy birthday cutest brother I have ever known loads of love!
  • To world’s cutest mom, I have never told you enough that how much you meant to me and how much I love you but it’s your birthday mom, happiest birthday to you!
  • Start a fresh because birthdays are about it, they make you forget the bygones and announces new hellos! Happy birthday my dearest son, love you!
  • A partner I have always dreamed of, when you sleep you look so cute. Happy birthday husband, I love you and I want to tell that you are the best!


These birthdays cite are an incredible spot to begin, yet don't think you need to stay with just what's composed here. Customize the conclusion much more with an inside joke or unique moment among you and the birthday of your loved one. Cause them to feel uncommon with the easiest birthday wish from you! Likewise, before you go, don't feel constrained to simply utilizing these birthday cites for cards. You can print them on stylistic layout pieces and balance them around the gathering, use them on birthday celebration solicitations or anyway you'd like. Prepare to celebrate!
Keep wishing birthdays and keep celebrating love!

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