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Love Calculator

Are you in love and keen to know whether the person you have fallen in love with also love you. If your answer is yes, then you are like a normal couple, who strongly desires to check if your love chemistry will work or not? How strong is your relationship on love parameters?

Use love percentage calculator to calculate how much you love your partner and vice-versa. In this calculator, you can calculate your love by name and date of birth. It is an effective and fun way to calculate love percentage.

Love is the most profound feeling. It is bigger than anything and therefore, when love happens, we start feeling something sensational in our heart, mind and body. We spend day and night turning and tossing to enjoy this wonderful feeling.

The tricky thing about love is that is can make a person happy, angry, sad, emotional, possessive, excited and even confused. It is hard to say what feeling a true love actually generates in two partners. Well, it won’t be incorrect to say the kind of attitude a person develops after falling in love entirely depends on whether his love is affectionate one, pleasure or infatuation.

The old Greeks have defined love in seven words. The seven words defines seven different states of love a person experience after falling in love.


Storage – Natural affection

Philia – Friendship

Eros – Erotica and sexual

Agape – Unconditional, divine love

Ludus – Flirting

Pragma – Committed, married love

Philautia – Self love

Although there are many other love experiences exist, but affectionate and romantic version of love is something that most people look for. The reason for the same is that most of us find comfortable staying in a relationship, which is committed and romantic. And according to the majority of Americans, they decided to get married after finding such love only.

Love brings many emotions and along with emotions it brings one more thing, that is expectations. When we love someone we start expecting many things from our partner. And one the strongest desire is seeking love from the other side.

One partner desires to be loved by his/her partner truly and unconditionally always and keen on knowing how he/she is loved by his/her partner. Alas! There is no standard way to calculate true love. Love can’t be calculated on a percentage.

What Is Love Calculator?

The love calculator is a software used for calculating love percentage between two partners. Though, this calculator has not practical base but in most cases its results resemble the true feeling. This is the reason, this calculator is very popular among teenagers and lovers.

In love calculator one can calculate the love percentage. The score comes in between 0 to 100%. The higher score indicates a better match in terms of love.

Here is how this calculator work

The love calculator is also known by the name love meter. The love meter come with two boxes, where you need to enter the name of both partners in both boxes. One is for female and one is for male. After entering the name, click on calculate or enter button. The love calculator will show the result in percentage.

Note – The love calculator is just for amusement, it does not indicate the real love. Do not judge your partner on the basis of this calculator’s outcome. Some love calculators present online that refectsthe love percentage along with description, that defines what kind of relation you and your partner shares. This is also amusing and fun filled.

Can I Trust On Results Of Love Calculator?

Although these software does not have any solid ground that can justify its outcome, still many trusts on its result and say the result they get from this calculator are same as their feelings. As far as, the credibility of this calculator is a concern, it is not credible. But yes, you can use this tool to spend some quality time with your partner calculating your love compatibility test.

On the internet, you can find many love calculators that claim to produce the real result and will impress you with its outcome.

Numerology Based Love Calculator

Numerology as we know is also a science. Some calculators are numerology based as well. To calculate your compatibility with your partner, this calculator asks for date of birth of both partners in addition to names. When you enter the name and date of birth and hit on calculate button, this calculator claims to calculate real love percentage thatboth of shares along with some description that describes what type of relationship you are sharing with each other.

This is a more effective calculator of love than love calculator by name application as it has one more component. This is a traditional way of calculating love percentage and it is hundred percent unique. People are using this tool to calculate love compatibility from centuries and it gives accurate results. This is the claim of this application creator. If you believe in this, then you can use this calculator to check your love percentage.

The Practical Way ToTest Love Compatibility With Your Partner

Yes, a lover always keen on knowing how much his partner loves her, whether his love is true or he playing with her emotion, what is the future of their relationship? A software can’t tell this. To get answers of all your questions, you have to use some practical methods such as

  • Ask your partner if he is serious about you and the relationship you both are sharing.
  • Check if he is introducing you to his family. If your lovers has introduced you to his/her family that means he/she is serious for you.
  • Spend some time together to know each other better, before taking any step. A strong, emotional and committed relationship does not rush for physical intimacy. If your partner is doing so before understanding you well or without your consent, then it is a clear indication that his love is only an infatuation and he desires for pleasure from the relation you are sharing.
  • You and your partner should have respect for each other. Any love relationship is successful only when both partners respect each others thoughts, each others way of working and living, what they feel about things, they will not do any action that might her other partner in anyways.

Is There Any Way To Calculate The Real Love Percentage?

Well, practically it is absolutely not possible to calculate the percentage of love two partners have in their relationship. Any calculator can give an idea, how would be your love life and whether your partner is right for you, but it can’t give a definite result in terms of percentage.

Therefore, relying on love test calculator is not the ideal way to check your compatibility with your partner. Instead, you should listen to your heart and use your mind to know how you and your partner love each other. This is one of the best and proven ways to check compatibility in a love relationship.

How To Increase Trust And Love In Your Relationship?

The love calculator by name, date of birth can show you how much both of you love each other and what types of relationship you both share. But, the success of any relation depends on how better you both understand each other and resolves your conflict. We are sharing here, some tips that can help you in building harmony and love in your relationship.

  • When we get the feeling that we are rightly understood, cared for and our points are validated, then we feel good. The same thing help you in building your relation. You should show your partner that you understand him well, you care for him and this you can do by providing more support to your partner whenever he need the same.
  • Set a time to talk and do things that you both enjoy, it could be visiting some new place, watching an old movie, completing some home chorus, etc. Also, help your partner occasionally in her work. According to marriage counselors, such activities boost strength in a relationship and make it long lasting. And if this work in marriage and it would certainly work in love relationship too. Enjoy doing some fun activity together, like using true love calculator, calculate your love percentage here and share it with your partner.
  • Be grateful to your partner. According to a study saying thanks to your partner for all the efforts he/she take to make your life easier is a great gesture and you should always thank him/her for the same. Showing gratitude for grand gestures is obviously a good thing, but you should not forget doing the same for mundane work such as washing clothes, cleaning house, etc.
  • Physical intimacy is important for maintaining love in relationship, so no matter how much busy you are in your work or personal things, take some time for this and show your partner that you are made only for him.

On the internet, you can find many free love calculator online. This calculator gives you the percentage of love you and your partner have in your relationship. This is a fun tool and you should take it as fun only.

This love calculator can not calculate the exact love percentage in your relation, but if you will enjoy its fun with your partner, then certainly it can help you in creating some good memories which will remain with you for the lifetime. So, enjoy doing true love test online free of cost and sharing its results with your partner.