Last Updated:Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Quotes for Women

  • Don’t fight and try to be like men because that difference is beautiful, polish you to achieve more and be yourself!
  • The best you know you already have by being a woman, a woman can do anything and nobody asks to prove it.
  • The change lies within you, the entire era and the way women elevated to success, you didn’t and achieved it all!
  • She is not the queen of a king, she might be a queen for her princess and that queen doesn’t need a crown. She rules her own world and the kingdom!
  • Women are the creator. No one has the right to judge her.
  • If you are judging a woman means you are judging yourself. She is the one who has given you life.
  • Even the weakest woman is stronger than a man who underestimates women’s power.
  • To test her strength put her in a difficult situation.
  • It is a strong woman who shows a man the way.
  • Just imagine, how the world would look if there were no women.
  • For me, being sexy is not having a sexy body, but owning a confident personality and positive attitude.
  • Without a woman, a man is incomplete. This is the reason man imposes their judgements on women and don’t let her live life their way. They know, they will be incomplete then.
  • The day when women decide to live without men, men will no longer be men.
  • A woman with strong perspective are hated and respected the most. You will be respected by feminists but hated by machismo.
  • I am living in a society where women are respected and loved in public, humiliated and fucked off in private.
  • Even the most caring and loving husband can’t accept his wife presenting her views and point of views strongly.
  • The women who pretend to be equal as man are foolish, because they are far superior than man.
  • A woman is absolute, she does not need anyone to complete her. But, when a man enters in her life and start controlling her, she becomes the epitome of weakness.
  • After years of experience, I understood a woman doesn’t need a man to live a happy life, she needs financial independence instead, man will follow them automatically.
  • Women is not an emotional creature, she just don’t wanna hurt people’s sentiments. And the one who doesn’t care about people, are the most dangerous one.

Quotes about Being a Woman

  • Women are the most beautiful creation of god. So, I am proud of being a woman
  • Being a woman does not mean I should be judged for everything I do. Being a woman I should enjoy people’s attention, pamper and care.
  • I never apologize for being a powerful, uncompromising and unsympathetic woman.
  • No matter what shape or size a woman has, she will always be the best creation and the most beautiful one.
  • The beauty of a woman is not in her clothes and figure. If you want to see her beauty, look into her eyes.
  • When God was creating woman he took his time and inculcated every possible feeling in her. This is why a woman has everything love, care, hate, wisdom, cunning.
  • I am a woman and I have everything to support myself. No one has rights to impose their thoughts on me.
  • I might not be having a pretty face, sexy body and beautiful hairs. But, I am a proud owner of pure heart and soul.
  • A woman is also a human being in addition to being a female. She desires, feels and have dreams to accomplish. Her dreams could be as small as giving right upbringing to her child, but it exit.
  • I know many women who work round the clock without having a goal in life. They work to help people to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.

Beautiful Quotes for Women

  • I may not be the best women in this world, but I know I am one of them.
  • I feel lucky that despite being a girl, I have received the best education, I have points of views to present and I have got freedom to live my life the way I want.
  • It is strange that in most part of the world, girls and women have to struggle for a basic right that is to live their life the way they want.
  • The life of beautiful women are as dark as their glowing face. It is sad, but true.
  • Being a beautiful woman is a big responsibility, if beauty is not handled with care, it will take you into dark.
  • Every woman should proud of themselves. Even if you don’t have a pretty face and figure to flaunt, you have a big heart.
  • When a woman is talking to you, look into her eyes to understand her eyes. She speaks more by eyes than mouth.
  • A man who respects woman is the one who have received the best upbringing from a great mother.
  • Mother plays a significant role in shaping the society. She is one who inculcate values in a child who becomes the citizen of a country.
  • I am a feminist. This doesn’t mean I hate men.

Strong Proud Woman Quotes

  • A strong woman can be gentle, a fierce one can be compassionate, a disciplined one can be free. I want every woman to have the similar qualities.
  • I am a survivor not a victim. If I will fall down, I will rise up more strongly. I have all strength to control my life.
  • I am a woman with strong perspective. As a strong woman I just don’t take stand for myself, but for every woman who need support.
  • Tears are not the symbol of weakness for women. It is the time she is preparing herself to handle her rivals more strongly.
  • I am a mother, but not a compromiser. I teach how to love and live happily without compromising self respect and comfort.
  • Few qualities of strong women are, they cry and laugh both in abundance. They feel deeply and love fiercely. They are soft yet powerful. They are spiritual yet think practically. In true sense they are a gift to this world.
  • The happy girls are the cutest and prettiest girls, so keep smiling and be happy always you girls.
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  • A strong woman becomes a role model for her daughter, for her son and for the whole world. She delivers message how a woman should live and what a man should look in a woman.
  • I am strong, I am meaningful , I am fearless and I am not apologetic to whatever I am.
  • I know my significance in the society I live, so I don’t need any certification from people about my personality.

Beautiful Confident Woman Quotes

  • The secret of my success is the confidence that I have in me. I have confidence that people call weird, but if it is so, so do I.
  • If you are confident in whatever you wear and you love what you are wearing. You create your own style.
  • No one is going to tell you, you look good, until you yourself strongly believe that you are beautiful.
  • A strong woman is an example for the society she lives in. She becomes an example for almost everyone, not just for a specific gender.
  • I used to live my dreams so passionately that when I used to walk on the road, it appears to me like the ramp.
  • A woman does not need any certification from people about how she looks and what she wear. She is the master creation of God, she will be the best in whatever she will do.
  • If you are not confident, then you are not going to win the stage. No matter how beautiful you are and how sexy your body is.
  • Without asking my choice, God crafted me in black skin. It is not my fault so please don’t hate me. Hate the God if you can.
  • I have got everything that people in white skin tone have, still a lot of people around me hates me. But according to me, I am better than all of them.
  • Every woman has the right to dress up as perfectly as she wants. And it is not just their rights, but responsibility as well. However, it shouldn’t be an obligation.

Proud to be a Woman Quotes

  • The best human beings on earth are women, they are the creator of new life. I am proud that I am a woman.
  • I love shopping because I am a woman. I love flaunting my looks because I am a woman.
  • The best thing about being an woman is I can shop a lot and I have plenty of options to shop.
  • The confident women are those who know how to take care of themselves, how know how to handle difficult situations.
  • Being a proud means I stand for myself and all other women who need support. Also, I respect everyone and all genders.
  • I am a woman, I am not a different creation, I am just a human being having different appearance.
  • Every woman is a queen and she should live like a queen no matter, she is born in a palace or shed.
  • High heel is the symbol of style and women who carries high heel confidently are called as stylish.
  • Men scare to give equal chance to women, because they know when women will get an equal opportunity, they will become superior.
  • I am strong and a proud woman because I have been brought up by a more strong and proud woman.

Courageous Woman Quotes

  • The strength of a woman should be her attitude, not looks. A confident woman is positive and courageous
  • I am a woman, God has gifted me an exclusive quality that I can withstand comfortably against tough conditions and cope up with everything.
  • Respecting women is a different thing and giving her freedom to do what she wants is altogether a different state. A courageous woman molds every situation in her favor.
  • There is something in every woman that makes her special. When a woman identifies her strengths, nothing could stop her doing anything.
  • A woman is a true mate of a man. She is his strength at the time of suffering, She is intuitive at the time of danger, she is resourceful when she her presence is required.
  • Courage comes in a woman when there is someone to support her thoughts, actions and it is best if the supporter is her partner
  • People say I am not scared of anything, the truth is I am scared of almost everything, but I courageously fight with everything that obstruct my way in any ways.
  • Being a courageous woman I always remain in favor of uplifting women in society and fighting for their rights.
  • I am a daughter of a courageous woman. Like her, I too love living a natural life and face any challenges of life with courage.
  • When it comes to protecting their children, women fearlessly fight with everything that come across her way.

Quotes about Women Strength

  • Nothing can stop women in accomplishing their goals except they themselves.
  • A big pool of talent is hidden in houses, engaged in work they don’t love and do it just for obliging.
  • I live in a society where women have to prove themselves in every role that they are perfect in the same and others never stop judging her.
  • Now when I have got the voice, I am not scared of speaking, hurting sentiments of typecast people and presenting my views.
  • Failure of a man is his failure, while failure of a woman is typecast as “women can’t do this”
  • An empowered woman never look on other faces to know their abilities. They are self driven and know well what they can do.
  • I don’t limit myself because of the limited imaginations of others and vice-versa.
  • My competition is always with me, it is not with other women or man in the society.
  • A woman who is running the whole house keeping everyone in the family satisfied and happy, have the ability to keep her surroundings in the same state.
  • The time has changed, women are no more rivals. They support each other know the benefit of supporting.

Strong Confident Woman Quotes

  • I am a confident and smart woman. This I feel so, not because I have a big degree or certificates. This is because I have trust on my instinct and I think out of the box.
  • The strength of my confidence is my mother who taught me not to compromise in any situation.
  • People say I am a confident girl because I have money. I think I am confident because I think logically and have common sense in ample.
  • A true beauty does not need a layer of makeup to look beautiful. She is beautiful in her own
  • Self belief gives you the ability to do whatever you want to do and wherever you want it to do.
  • Nobody in the world is going to give you the power. The day you are going to learn this, nothing can stop you.
  • There is no better confidence booster than self-belief. If you believe in yourself nothing can stop you.
  • I feel comfortable in being confident and I don’t find there is any issue in it. Every woman has the right to do so.
  • Women’s day is to celebrate her inner strength, not her outer beauty.
  • I am today’s woman who has the prowess to think out of the box and execute on her ideas. I love this way of living the life.