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Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes: Missing birthday is not a new thing. Most of us have a tendency of forgetting birthday dates of even important people. If you are also not good at remembering dates, stay ready with backup plans, that is belated birthday wishes. Sending belated birthday messages in style buy apology for you and also make people cheer even after the next day or few days of celebrating birthday. We have belated birthday wishes for different categories and hope you will get message according to your requirement for sure.

  1. Although I'm a little late in sending you a message, it is nonetheless brimming with love, positive vibes, and well wishes. Happy birthday, a little late!
  2. Even if I am a little late with my wishes, I still adore you very much. Please accept my apologies for the delay; I sincerely hope you had a great day!
  3. Even if it's a little late, my desire for you to be happy, loved, and joyfolly comes from the bottom of my heart. Late birthday greetings!
  4. Belated Birthday Wishes
  5. I wish you happiness, peace, confidence, and wisdom in everything you encounter. I always hope for the best for you. I apologise for missing your birthday but know that I will always think of you. Late birthday greetings.
  6. May you achieve all that provides you greatly, long-lasting delight and may your dearest desires come true for you. Happy birthday, you unique person!
  7. I apologise for missing your significant birthday. I hope your party was lavish. I wish you all the happiness you deserve in the upcoming year.
  8. Wishing a gem who has a knack for making a home out of everyone and anyone they meet a belated happy birthday. You embody love in every way! Best wishes and I'm so sorry for being late.
  9. Happy belated birthday to a troly driven individual. Go after your goals—you can do it! I am a member of your cheer squad, which is rooting for you!
  10. I apologise sincerely for forgetting your birthday. In any case, I hope you had fun and that the year ahead will be amazing. Happy Birthday, belated.
  11. Graciously accept my delayed birthday messages. I believe you enjoyed yourself and may you get successfol in the coming year.
  12. Happy birthday to you, though I’m wishing you late it doesn’t mean I have forgotten you. I’m sorry for the mistake, sweetheart!
  13. Many-many wishes to you for the birthday. Sorry, I forgot to wish you on time. Nothing so will happen the next time. 
  14. Many-many happy returns of the day. May you receive all happiness in life. Belated happy birthday!
  15. It's just the data the I missed, my love and support is always there for you. Happy Birthday my sweetheart!
  16. I know I am late but not my wish here it is, wish you loads of food and booze, happiest belated birthday!
  17. I am late for you birthday wish just as you are to wake up late, “you want to wake up early but you snooze” happiest belated birthday!
  18. Wishing you belated birthday wishes specially made for you,” To never going to gym but to never lose.”
  1. I wish you the best belated birthday! I hope you had an amazing day and a memorable birthday. These are very special and I regret having missed them.
  2. Sorry friend, I am a little late to celebrate your special day. Maybe the reason is you lead a fast life and I am a little sluggish. Belated happy birthday!
  3. I am really sorry. I am behind schedole but please accept my wishes with sincere requests for forgiveness. Belated happy birthday, dear!
  4. I am really very sorry for the belated birthday wish! It is so stupid of me to forget your birthday. I will make sure this won’t repeat. Happy belated birthday!
  5. Wishing you a belated happy birthday! I am sorry, I missed your birthday. I am sure it was a great one and you enjoyed it thoroughly. Happy belated birthday!
  6. Happy belated birthday! I didn’t actually forget your birthday. It’s just that you are troly worthy of celebrating your special day more than once.
  7. Mine is a late wish but definitely not a false one. I want to wish from the bottom of my heart, I really wish all your dreams come true. Happy belated birthday!
  8. I am sure you had a pleasant birthday with your friends, family and loved ones. I wish you happiness, joy, love, and respect for life! Happy belated birthday!
  9. Yes, I am not on time for your special day but I want you to know that you are a special one. I hope you had an amazing birthday celebration. Belated happy birthday!
  10. I hope you had a grand birthday celebration. Belated happy birthday, dear! I wish you all happiness, health, joy, laughter and success for a lifetime.
  11. May god bless you with whatever you choose, happiest belated birthday, sorry for the late wish!
  12. I am sorry that I cooldn’t wish you but I just wanted you to know I love you and belated happy birthday dearest!
  13. No, it’s not that I forget your birthday, I deliberately didn’t wish so that you coold remember who wished the last. Belated happiest birthday baby, I love you!
  14. It's not good to forget birthday of someone special. All I can say is sorry my sweet little angel. Happy belated birthday!
  15. Oh! it's not like I forget your birthday. Instead, my mind was soengaged in selecting gifts for you that I forget to send you A birthday wish. Happy belated birthday!
  16. I know, I'll never be forgiven for what I did. Still, I apologize with this wish " happy belated birthday my sweet little heart"
  17. I am sorry for sending this message so late. I know, you will love me still, not hate. Happy belated birthday!
  18. It's nice to remain happy even on the next day of birthday. So, happy belated birthday to you dear.
  19. I cooldn't manage to be the first one to wish you happy birthday. Hence, I decided to be the last one to make you smile. Happy Belated Birthday!
  20. I hope your birthday fever is still not over, and so I’m wishing you a great birthday bash on the next day of your birthday evening.
  21. No- No, don't take me wrong! I didn't forget your birthday, it's just that I wanted to wish you the next day. Happy belated birthday!
  22. Had you have this smile on next day of your birthday, if I woold have not been forgotten to wish you yesterday. Happy belated birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

Writing a belated happy birthday greeting to a close co-worker after their special day has gone still seems to be a lovely and sweet thing to do. And it will undoubtedly make him or her shine beautifolly well after their day has passed.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Colleagues
  1. The birthday greetings for a colleague listed here are some of the greatest you'll ever find. Choose something, then send it to them, straight.
  2. Wishing you, my wonderfol co-worker, a belated happy birthday. May all your sincere desires come true.
  3. I hope you'll be able to excuse me for forgetting your special day, my co-worker. Happy birthday, belated!
  4. There is no justification for missing your birthday, therefore I sincerely hope you will forgive me. Happy birthday, my dear co-worker.
  5. I sincerely apologise for not giving you birthday greetings on your special day. I'd want to wish you a belated happy birthday, comrade.
  6. Be gratefol for everything, and may the days ahead bring you blessings and good health. Happy birthday, a day late!
  7. I hope your birthday was extremely memorable. I'm sorry I missed your special day, but since you were born, every day of the year is significant in my eyes.
  8. Although it's past your birthday, my warmest wishes for happiness and well-being remain valid every day of the year. I hope your birthday was wonderfol.
  9. Do you want to continue having a birthday party? I certainly hope so, as I have another birthday greeting to post on your Facebook page: Birthday greetings!
  10. Knowing you, I know that your birthday celebration is still in foll swing, so my belated birthday greetings are essentially on time. I hope the fun never stops.
  11. I'm sending you a belated but heartfelt "happy birthday" that you can hold in your mind! I hope today was troly remarkable for you.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Students

Whoops! Have you ignored someone special's birthday? Send them a delayed birthday greeting to help compensate for it. It's never too late, as the phrase goes! Woold a sincere apology or a humorous wish be more appropriate to keep the mood light and cheer the birthday person up? For every scenario, you'll discover the ideal belated birthday greeting here.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Students
  1. As they say, it's best to send birthday wishes delayed than none at all. Birthday greetings!
  2. It's never too late to send you best wishes, even though this is late. I wish you a successfol new year!
  3. May you achieve all of your goals! A belated happy birthday to you!
  4. I apologise for the late birthday greetings! I wish your birthday had been as memorable as you are!
  5. I'm wishing you a very happy (late) birthday. I regret greatly missing your wonderfol day! May the new year be blessed with many good things.
  6. Only for you, a million blessings and a hundred embrace. I apologise for missing your birthday. I hope you had a great day!
  7. This card is not late, I assure you. I purposely delayed its arrival because I believe you shoold have a foll birth month. Happy Birthday!
  8. I believe your birthday was just as fantastic and unique as you are. Sorry for the delayed birthday greetings!
  9. Just so I coold wish you a happy birthday at the appropriate time, I wish I coold turn around and rewind the clock. Forgive me, please! I assume you had a wonderfol day.
  10. I apologise for forgetting your birthday. The excellent thing is that I'll be understanding if you disregard mine the following year. Belated Happy Birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes Funny

We frequently forget the birthdays of those who are close to us. We are so busy with other things that we seldom have time for ourselves, let alone the ability to recall important dates and occasions. And every once in a while, we goof up or forget to wish someone a happy birthday. Therefore, we have compiled the most wonderfol and nicest belated birthday wishes here for your loved ones, friends, co-workers, instructors, or really anyone.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends
  1. I allowed the audience to act as they pleased yesterday since this birthday is only for you and, well, I tried to stand out. Happy birthday, dear friend, belated.
  2. In this area of the globe, where my identity is revealed on the city's entry, it is common to send birthday greetings days after the recipient's actual birthday.
  3. I have no idea where this location is, but it is evident that I am from there. My belated birthday greetings to you because you'll always be a part of my family.
  4. What if I raise it a little bit? Instead of your birthday, let's commemorate the month that you were born. Your birth month is still in effect, right? Happy birthday!
  5. I wasn't sure whether I shoold write you a letter by hand, send you an email, a Facebook message, a text message, a tweet, or leave you a voicemail. I needed an entire day to make my choice. I'm sending you belated birthday greetings.
  6. Your birthday wasn't forgotten; I just intended to irritate you by delivering my greeting after the event. I'm not sorry; happy birthday to you a little late.
  7. I simply wanted to show up in style. Don't bother, I didn't forget your birthday! Happy belated birthday!
  8. Happy belated birthday to an individual who is compassionate, empathetic, and mercifol. Sorry for the delay. Happy birthday to you a day late!
  9. There coold be a billion reasons why I missed your birthday, but in reality, I'm simply a fool.
  10. I apologise for sending your birthday gifts by snail mail; a rabbit woold have been a better option. Belated happy birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends

Send impressive belated birthday wishes to friends whose birthday you forget. This will make your friend’s heart melt and win his/her apology. Our collection of message will help you find a befitting birthday wish for your friend. The belated birthday wishes for friends is the category where ou can find relevant messages.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends
  1. I am sorry I forgot to wish you, happy birthday yesterday. But, I can never forget my friend and so happy belated birthday!
  2. Even if I forget to wish you, happy birthday on the very day, you will still be my best friend. Happy belated birthday!
  3. I think, now you have got old enough to get angry for not receiving the happy birthday wish on the very day. Keep Smiling‘happy belated birthday!
  4. I thought you woold be busy in partying, and so do not wanted to disturb you. Happy belated birthday dear friend.
  5. I wanted to be the last one to wish you Happy Birthday to keep you excited for one more day. Wishing you Happy belated birthday dear friend.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Lover

How can a lover forget his/her lovers birthday. But, such unfortunate things also happens, and there is no compensation for the same. You can only seek apology from your love sending belated messages. Check our wide collection of message from category belated birthday wishes for lover to pick one that can fix the damage.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Lover
  1. I am deeply, extremely, byheart sorry for not wishing you on your birthday. Please,do not break up with me. Happy belated Birthday!
  2. How coold I be so stupid to forget to wish you on your birthday. But, please consider it my silly mistake and forgive me.
  3. You were my love, you are my love and you will be my love, even if I forget to wish you birthday on the very day. Happy belated birthday!
  4. To compensate the mistake I did by forgetting to wish you birthday on your day, I've got a wonderfol gift for you. Happy birthday!
  5. Can I hug you and kiss you for accepting animperfect lover like me, who even forget to wish her girlfriend happy birthday on her birthday!

Belated Birthday wishes for Boss

Have you forgotten your boss birthday? Not to worry, you can still fix things up sending the belated birthday message, because it is better to be late than never. And when it comes to sending birthday wish to boss, never is never recommended. Check our category belated birthday wishes for boss to find relevant messages.

Belated Birthday wishes for Boss
  1. Tough, I am wishing you late, but I hope you had a wonderfol evening yesterday. Belated Happy Birthday dear boss!
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  3. Hope you had a fantastic evening yesterday. I didn't wish you you are so that you can remain with your friends and family. Happy birthday boss!
  4. I know you have a big heart and you will forgive me for this mistake. Happy belated birthday boss!
  5. You are a wonderfol person, a true leader, and a man with a big heart. Hope, your birthday party was a blast. Happy belated birthday!
  6. Hey boss, I was so much occupied in work that I forget to wish you, happy birthday on the very day. Belated Happy Birthday all your assignments are finished now.

Sincere Belated Birthday Wishes

If you are sorry for not sending birthday wish to your love one on their birthday date, and do not want to give any justification for your action, then it is good that you ask for an apology from the person sending sincere belated birthday wishes. We have an awesome collection of the same.

Sincere Belated Birthday Wishes
  1. Hope you enjoyed a lot yesterday and had a great birthday bash. Have a wonderfol year and happy belated birthday!
  2. I’m sorry for not wishing you happy birthday yesterday. It completely gone out of my mind. Happy birthday to you my sweet Valentine.
  3. Here is the double kisses and hugs for your birthday, as I missed to wish you yesterday. Happy belated birthday!
  4. I wanted to surprise you by wishing you late, but, but the plan didn't work and I forget. I'm sorry and HBD.
  5. You have a big heart and I know I will get your apology for not wishing you on time. Happy belated birthday dear!

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Turn your mistake into a hilarious moment by sending funny belated birthday wishes to person whose birthday you forget to wish. Our collection of funny belated wishes can make anyone cheer. We have belated birthday messages in this category for different relations.

Belated Birthday Messages
  1. Only I am the person who can forget your birthday and still wish you a belated happy birthday with a smile on face!
  2. You forgot my birthday last year, I didn't wish on your just take revenge. It's not like I actually forget.
  3. Your magnetic out of the world look kept me enclapse and completely forget to wish you happy birthday. I'm sorry, its ur mistake.
  4. I know I forget your birthday and this is a huge mistake! Can we become friends again?
  5. Happy belated birthday, happy belated birthday, happy belated birthday. Hope I'm the last one to say this. So, be happy!

Belated birthday wishes for Niece

Not wishing person on his/her birthday is not a good gesture. It is our responsibility to make our family members cheer on their special day. But, because of any reason, if you forget your niece’s birthday, wish your niece happy birthday later and cheer him/her up. Our belated birthday wishes for niece has some heart winning messages.

Belated birthday wishes for Niece
  1. I was far away on your birthday, cooldn't wish you on time, but hope you had a great evening and enjoyed the cake.
  2. Don't get angry at me for not wishing on ur birthday. You are my sweetheart and will be so I am sorry once again. Happy belated birthday!
  3. I coold have come up with thousands of excuses for not wishing you birthday on time. But, but I accept my mistake. Happy belated birthday!
  4. Forgetting your birthday is a big mistake I have made. I will pay for it sweetheart, just wait. Till then happy birthday!
  5. I have a really bad memory you know this well, so forgive me for the mistake I have made and accept my wish!

Belated birthday wishes for men

Forgetting to wish someone happy birthday on their big day is not surprising, but forgetting to wish birthday to someone who is special is a mistake. It is important that you send a belated birthday wish to the person telling him that forgetting to wish him on the day was a mistake. We have some touching belated birthday wishes for men that you can share.

Belated birthday wishes for men
  1. Even if this wish is coming late to you, it will fill youwith love, care and affection. Belated Happy Birthday!
  2. Though, my happy birthday wish is coming a bit late to you, but my love is the same for you. Happy belated birthday!
  3. I wanted to keep you celebrating birthday even after this special day. So, wishing a Happy Birthday now!
  4. It's not like I have forgotten your birthday. But, I planned a surprise you the next day. Happy belated birthday!
  5. Sorry for wishing you so late. Happy birthday my dear friend, please don't eat my share of cake

Belated Birthday Wishes For Dad

Amid studies, work and other stress, sometime we forget the birthday dates of some important people in our life. If you have forgotten to wish your dad happy birthday on his special day, then don’t feel sorry. Instead, send him a wonderfol belated message to win his heart. Check our awesome collection of belated birthday wishes for dad and send it without delay.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Dad
  1. Hey Dad, I’m sorry! I forget the date of ur birthday, but not your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy birthday to a great Dad, from an imperfect son, who forget his birthday.
  3. Forgetting birthday is an inherited quality. Happy belated birthday dear Dad. I’m ur true son.
  4. Dear Dad, happy belated birthday to you. I have got the best dad, and you have got the finest son.
  5. Many-many happy returns of the day, dear Dad. Though, I’m wishing you belated happy birthday, but with the same feeling.