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Birthday Gift Ideas

Everyone have one special day in their life and that is their birthday. When it comes to celebration of this special day, it becomes our responsibility to make it memorable for our loved ones. Do you know what is the best way to make a glazed eyes sparkle on birthday! Surprise it with wishes and gifts.

Now, when it comes to gifting, it is also an art and requires skill. Selecting a good gift, making the whole arrangement is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, don’t worry, you are not alone in this queue. There are many like you, therefore, we took the responsibility of helping you to find a befitting gift for loved ones, we present here some great gifting ideas.


Heart Conquering Ideas for Her

She is elegant, adorable, soft and sweet. She is bold, strong and tough to compete. She is a woman, handle her with care. And when it comes to impressing her on the best day of her life, raise creativeness matches her attitude.

Perfect Birthday Gift for Girl Friend

If you are in a serious and committed relationship with your girlfriend, it is not just your duty, but a huge responsibility to take care of her and make her feel out of the world. In this case, mere sending deepest heartfelt birthday wish will not work, you will have to do some brainstorming and comeup with an exclusive gift. Some impressive gifts that you can present her include:

  • Gift Her Your Heart – This, you have handed it over to her already, but sad part is, it is not visible. Thus, present a physical heart to her. Get a golden heart pendant with yours and her picture in it. Let’s swing the pendant around her beauty bones grooves.
  • Watches – Girls inclination toward beauty products is well known, but if you have a perception, this could be the perfect gift for her, and then you are wrong. These are old days gift. The best makeup of present time girl is their attitude, so gift her something that complements it. Watches are one of the perfect option. Buy, exclusive range of Fossil, Longines, Giordano and other brands of watches. You can buy a pair of watch for you and your girlfriend.

BirthdayGift Idea For Wife

Wife is a person who dedicates her whole life for upbringing his partner’s family. So, don’t forget to reward her on her best day. And remember! No reward could be bigger than her offering. Even if you will present her the most precious gift, it will be a small gesture. Still, to win her heart you can give her these gifts

  • Perfume Of Her Choice – Women love fragrances. On the occasion of her birthday, gift her some wonderful fragrances that takes everyone’s attention. Some ofperfumes you can select for her include, Carolina Herrera Good Girl Set, Le Labo Discovery Set, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Twist & Spray Set, Viktor& Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Duo. These are top brands, you can select perfume in your budget as well, there are lots of options present.
  • Zodiac Necklace – Zodiac necklace is also a great option to gift her. You can pick stainless steel pendant, Swarovski pendant or gold pendant.
  • Bracelet – Bracelets and bangles are can impress any lady who loves to adore herself. Many options are present in this gift category, which you can pick for her.

BirthdayGift Idea for Sister

Sisters are prettiest girls in the world isn’t it? If your answer is yes, then don’t forget to give her giggle on her birthday presenting the best gift. Now, looking for ideas, here are few-

  • A Nice Dress With Accessories – She won’t expect to receive precious gifts from you. To be cheerful on her birthday, all she would ask for is your attention. And no one would better know how to catch her attention except you. Give her a nice dress of her choice. You can take her for shopping and present what she wants.
  • Bags – If your sister is elder to you and you are a bad shopper, no problem. Buy a good looking handbag for her. You can buy an elegant leather bag, chic jute bags, cotton bags and there are lots of options present. You can buy designer bags of lavie, legacy, van heusen, etc.

BirthdayGiftIdea for Mother

Mothers are most adorable and wonderful creature on this earth. Whatever you will do for her, it will be less. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a perfect birthday gift for mothers, there is nothing that can be perfect for her and at the same time there is nothing that cannot be perfect for her. Still, you can let her sway on swing of happiness.

  • Gift Her A Nice Dress – A dress perfectly reflecting her silhouette is the thing you can present her and don’t forget to complete this dress with astonishing jewelries. At the end, shower birthday wishes on her with loads of compliments. The intent is you should make her feel like a queen on her day.
  • Body Care Service– You can gift her spa service, parlor service at her favorite place. Give her ample amount of ‘me’ time. You can find good deals of beauty care service online at various portals.

BirthdayGift For Mother-In-Law

Mother-in-Law is just like a mother. But, when it comes to selecting birthday gift for her, you have to be little choosier, if you are her daughter-in-law. Here are some recommendations that can help you t find nice birthday gift for her

  • A Nice Saree – If you have planned to present her saree for the first time, then check her fabric choice and color at first. You can buy silk, cotton or pashmina saree for her.
  • Shawl – If you live at the place that is cold or has a winter climate sometime in a year, then you can present a shawl to your mother-in-law. It is a useful piece and could be worn on different occasions.
  • Gold Plated Jewelries – Gold plated jewelries are a great gift for mother-in-laws. You can check online stores for these items and buy some from there.

BirthdayGift Ideas for Him

Men who appears tough from outside hold a soft heart that also loves pampering and care so, when a man is celebrating birthday, don’t go empty hand. Get a great gift for him that he can wear or carry. Although, buying gifts for men is not an easy deal, however, with a little brainstorming, you can win his heart. And the secret is, men too love surprises.

Gift Idea for Boyfriend

You are the one who best know the likes and dislikes of your beau. Therefore, you are the one who can choose a nice birthday gift for him. However, we suggest some gifts that are all time favorite and everyone like it.

  • Plan An Outdoor Activity – Adventure and boys this goes hand in hand, so if you gift him some outdoor activity package, he would fall in love with you once again. Check out packages online and select the one that fit in your budget.
  • Watches – Men’s attire complete with watches and the best part is watches are also a weakness of men. So, gift him watches of high brands like Corum, Rado, Graham chronofighter, if your budget is good. Or you can present titan, timex, casio, watches. All options are wonderful and they have a huge range with them.
  • Nice Shirt – There are two things about buying a birthday gift for a man, it is difficult because notmany options are there, and it is way easy as not many options are there. So, get a good shirt for him, you can select brands like peter england, blackberry, vanheusen, etc.
  • Scuba Dive- If nothing is coming in your mind and you need a smart and great suggestion, then go for scuba dive. If you can plan for deep sea scuba dive, it is perfect, but if you can’t, don’t worry, there are many options present for this within the city. Google the word and you will get lots of options for the same.

BirthdayGift for Husband

Husbands are no less than boyfriends. You can present all the above mentioned things to him on his birthday. But, if your husband has a little different taste, then try this.

  • Electronic Gadget– You can present him a new mobile phone. Samsung, MI has some up with latest smartphones with fresh and interesting features. Get this phone for him and make his day. Power bank, palmtop, tablets are other options that you can go for.
  • Beer Stein – If he is a drink lover, present a bouquet of beer in different flavors to him and enjoy a nice cocktail sip together in the evening.
  • Take Him On Winery Trip – You can present a nice winery trip to your husband. There are two benefits of it, first you can enjoy a family time, second if he is wine lover, he would get lots of to taste.

BirthdayGift for Father

To make your father’s birthday momentous, you can present him lots of things. But, your little creative work is enough to impress him.

  • Present Him Some Handmade Things – Gift him a mug having picture of both your parents. You can also create photo gallery for him, having his old pictures alone, with you along with a family picture.
  • Gift Him A Tour Package - If he lovestravelling, then you can give a tour package to him for his favorite place. You can check the options with travel planners like, makemytrip and other to have some offers.

BirthdayGift for Brother

Our siblings are part of our life, we play together, we fight for things, we growup together, but it is surprising that we still become so different person when we get mature. So, if you think your brother would like what you like then it is not right. When you are selecting gifts for him, be careful and treat him like a boy.

  • A Set Of Cufflinks And Tie Pin – Tie pins and cufflinks are a great gift. You can check online store to find some ones here. You can visit shops as well to get a new tie pin and cufflinks. Some of the best brands in this category are linoperros, blacksmith, peluche brass.
  • Mobile Accessories – If your brother is younger to you, then you can present him some accessories that boys love like, travel bags of American tourister, headphones, iPod, etc.
  • Gift Basket – If your brother lives far away, then you can take help of online gift stores and send him some hampers like chocolate hamper, hamper of eatable items, dry fruit hamper, etc.

BirthdayGift for Father-in-Law

Father-in-law are like father only and therefore, you can present him anything that your father would love, except memories that you and your father shares. Some gift ideas for father-in-law are

  • Wallet – wallet is a decent and useful gift for father-in-law. You can buy woodland, fossil and tommy hilfiger and other brands of wallet for him. You can check online stores to get some attractive discount on the same.
  • Books – If your father-in-law loves reading, you can present him some books of his interest. You can also gift him one year subscription of his favorite magazine. You can buy books either from online store or from bookstore near your house. But, before gifting him any book, do check his interest first.

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