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Anniversary Gift Ideas

On the day of anniversary, you have two options to celebrate the occasion. First - impress your partner sending him or her a gift on the day of anniversary. Second – Be as usual. The difference in both actions is, your first action delivers the message that you love and care for your partner, while your second move state, that you are casual toward your relation. And casual relations, lost love soon.

Anniversary is the time, when we recall memories and try to thank our partners for being so wonderful, with our different gestures. Sharing gift is one such expression. Now, when it comes to selecting gifts for your partner, you have to be really choosy and keep like and dislike of your partner in mind. Only then, your gift will show its real worth. One e.g., if your partner is allergic to certain fragrance of perfume, make sure you are not giving the same to him or her. Be personalized and creative. Here are some exceptional and exciting gift ideas that will help in making the right selection.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men

Anniversary is anniversary, whether you are celebrating your love or marriage anniversary, it holds the same value, and option of gift for both occasions can be same. Anniversary gift for husband and boyfriend.


Yearly Subscription Of His Favorite Things

If your husband or beau is a fitness lover, you have an option to present him the yearly subscription of the fitness center. Every time, he will step in center, he will feel the warmth of your love. If he is an adventure loving person, present him some package that will give him a few numbers of outings. If your man is a kind of intellectual personality, and love reading, you can present him annual membership of library, magazine, research paper, etc. But, it is not like; every man has such intense inclination toward any of the aforementioned things. So, if this idea does not fulfill your requirement, look for other options.

Gadgets He Like

Man has a special interest in gadgets. If you will gift him some gadgets, for sure, you are going to win his heart. There are many options present in this category, such as:


Unlike most girls, who get attached to their gadgets, man like updating it and changing it. So, even if your husband or beau has a new phone, he will be happy to receive another one with advance features.

Digital Camera, DSLR

Even if your man is not good at clicking pictures, he would not mind if you will present him any of the things. Most men like exploring things and trying hand on new gadgets.

Vacation Package

If you have already gifted him everything mentioned above and looking for some new idea, a vacation package is also a wonderful and innovative idea. There are many options present in this category as well, such as

Taking Him At His Favorite Place

If he love a particular place and want to go there, give him a surprise by presenting a holiday package to that place. The best things about this gift is, you both will have fun together. If your budget is not that big, then don’t worry, you can gift him the holiday package on the anniversary day, but plan vacation for some weeks later, meanwhile put some extra efforts and save money to do complete payment. These days travel planners givethe option topay in easy EMI or boo the package presenting a token amount.

Air Safari

Air safari is also a wonderful gift option. Most of the big cities have service providers for this. Book a day package and you can enjoy lots of activities along with air safari with your husband or beau. The best things about this gift option is, you both can have a well spent day and enjoy each other’s company.


Paragliding is a great adventure and it offer lots of fun and entertainment. It will surely a great gift for those men who love trying new things. Reach on top of the sky and have an aerial view of the place.

Present Him Clothing

If you guys are stuck with something or have children with you, surely you would not be able to enjoy thrilling adventure. You will have to look for some other options. Clothing is another all time hit choice.

Take Him For Shopping

It’s not like only girls love shopping, boys also love it. Your partner won’t mind if you will take him for shopping after all, this occasion is for both of you.


Present Him Shirt Hamper

There are many brands present who sell gift hampers. In this situation you can’t go for shopping, get a wonderful hamper having variety of stuff and present him. Praise him every time he picks up something from hamper.

Complete Outfit

If you want to see him in a particular attire, present the complete outfit to him. Go for dinner in the same outfit and have some fun time.

Gift Basket

Gift basket is a basket containing all tools and stuffs related to particular things. For e.g. a gift basket of gardening will have everything related to gardening. A gift basket of cricket will have everything related to cricket. This is also a wonderful gift option.

Gifts For Elderly Men

If you are celebrating your 50th or 60th anniversary, then your selection of gift should remain different. By this time, both of you have become well aware of each other. Each others likes and dislikes, so now it won’t be hard to find a perfect gift for your partner, still we thought some suggestions can help you to find a great gift on your anniversary. Some anniversary gift idea for senior people are


If someone like reading, then a book of his favorite author is an unmatched gift. You can find books on the online store or a bookshop.

Wine Bottle

People who love alcohol would appreciate you, after receiving wine bottle or wine gift basket.

Silver Cutlery Set

The cutlery set are also a great gift for a couple who are celebrating their 50-60th anniversary.

Curtain Set

Senior people love to decorate their home, and if you will gift them curtain set, there is nothing better than that.

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Women

If you want to receive appreciation for your efforts, then never make mistake in picking a befitting gift for her. Her sparkling eyes will bestow so much thanks that you will feel like her superhero. There are many gifts you can select for her on anniversary, but some are specially made for her and can help you conquer her heart. Here are some anniversary gift ideas for her.

Hair Stylers

Today’s women are no way behind the men. They are equal to their counterparts and their liking have also changed. But, when it comes to dressing, they are best known for the same. Gift your girl or wife a hair styler like curler, straightener or the one that has both. Make sure, the hair styler is of a good brand and will not damage her beautiful hairs.

Perfume Gift Box

Girls love fragrances. You can win her heart by presenting her a big bouquet of fragrance. A recommendation while choosing this hamper is --- Be personalized. Girl like fragrances, but they have a choice in this. They won’t compromise here and so select only those smells, which she likes.

Wedding Band

How about presenting love band to your girl on your first meet anniversary or presenting a band to her on wedding anniversary, isn’t it a lovely gesture. Give her this and propose for marriage on day or ask for her company for a lifetime, she would love to say yes.

A Nice Jewellery Piece

In addition to perfume, hair styler, girls also love jewelries. You can present a beautiful neck piece to her, a bracelet, ring or anklet.


Either you can present a dress to her on the occasion or take her for shopping. Both ideas are great. She will get impressed with this gesture.

Gift Senior Women

The choice of women is different from girls. A girl love jewelries, perfumes, dresses that pep up her beauty. On the contrary, a women love home décor items, gadgets, jewelries that make her living place chic and elegant. Some gift options for senior women are:

Home Décor Items

Women’s attachment for her home is unexplained and therefore, they are also called by the name home maker. They love to decorate their home. In-fact, the home interior of a woman defines her personality. Some home décor stuff you could gift her, includes.


Vase is a great gift for home decoration. It makes the house pretty and elegant. You have a full range in this category and so, you can never be short of options. Pick a vase of beautiful design, colors and present it to her. Accompany it with fresh or artificial flowers.

Wall Art

Wall art is a great attraction. The good thing is, in this gift category, you have a huge selection. You can go personal by getting a handmade wall art, a collage, a painting or picture of couple whom you are presenting this gift.

Cushion Set

Many would not appreciate this idea, but you can present multi color cushion on her anniversary. It can be used anywhere and therefore, it is also a nice gift.

Antique Piece

Some women love to have a collection of antique piece in their home. It also enhances interior of the house, so you can present her an antique piece.

Musical Wind Chime

For couples, this is a perfect gift. The light music coming from the wind chime fills house with positive energy and also soothing to hear.

Plan A Dinner

If you want to plan something special for her, take her on dinner. There are many options present in this gift category as well, such as

Take Her For Dinner On Cruise

If you are living in a city that has water bodies, surely you will have this option. Take her on cruise dinner and spend some quality time with her.

Plan Candle Light Dinner At Home

Set a table in your balcony and have a candle light dinner. If possible, prepare something special for her and give her a surprise.

Beauty Session

Women are busy creatures and they don’t get much time for themselves. On the day of anniversary, introduce her to herself and give her some pampering.

Spa Session

You can book a spa session for her and let her enjoy some good time.

Give Her Massage At Home

Sometimes you need to take few extra steps to impress your partner or to show how much you love her. On the day of anniversary, give her rest and offer some head and shoulder massage.

These are some wonderful anniversary gift options, you can go for. Nevertheless, this is important to note here, alone; gift won’t be able to express the feeling you want to share. A nicely written message completes this gesture and make it absolute. Check to get a message perfectly expressing your feeling. You can pick anniversary messages for him, anniversary message for her and for many other occasions. has messages for many other occasions such as birthday wishes, farewell messages, diwali messages and much more. Just pick on one message and send to your love ones.