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Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

The relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend come with many shades. It comprises of love, fights, arguments, understanding, stubborn and much more. But still, they stay together and love each other like no one else. If you are also living in a relationship of the same kind or that have only love, no other shade and it's being certain years you are together, then surely you must be looking for some lovely anniversary wishes for boyfriend. To help you out we have made an awesome collection of messages that will refresh love in your relationship. Our anniversary messages for boyfriend collection also have many tastes just like this relationship.

  • You are the most precious gem of my life and I can't ever lose you. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful bond with me. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to the most handsome man of my life, your hugs are so warm it feels like home. Thank you for everything love!
  • You are my one and only true love and I can't wait to share my entire life with you. Happy anniversary to my soulmate, my boyfriend. I love you!
  • I am one blessed girlfriend who has found her love and you, my dearest boyfriend, thank you for treating me like a queen. Happy anniversary, love you!
  • Love you, my sweetheart! Thanks for everything from being my side every time to loving me with all my flaws. Love you, and happy anniversary!
  • It’s the anniversary time, and we should celebrate it the best possible way. Love you a lot!
  • It’s the most wonderful day of my life. You committed that you will be with me always, and you mean it. Thanks love, Happy Marriage anniversary!
  • Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend
  • True love knows no end. I hope we get to celebrate our love for many years to come. Happy anniversary, honey! I love you forever.
  • Happy anniversary my love! I enjoy loving you, adoring you, taking care of you and making you the happiest person. I want to be with you all of the time.
  • I didn’t think it was possible for me to love anyone any more than I do you. Somehow your charm makes my love only grow. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary my love! You are the only person in this whole world that I desire to be beside me all day and night till I am alive. I love you always and forever.
  • Happy anniversary and cheers to us! I’m so thrilled about our future. I am looking forward to making all of our dreams come true.
  • My belief says everything happens for a reason. And that is the reason I am led to you. I love you, handsome. Happy anniversary!
  • Forever is a journey I would enjoy with you and wouldn’t be extensive with you. With all my love, I wish you a happy anniversary!
  • What makes me the happiest, luckiest and most grateful human in the world is having you by my side. Wishing my soul mate a happy anniversary!
  • You are one with whom I would spend the rest of my life sitting on the couch watching TV with. I love you today and always. Happy anniversary!
  • Wishing my love a happy anniversary! It’s beautiful and cool that we are together for however long we’ve been committed.
  • Thank you for supporting me and for making my life beautiful. There is no one more important for me than you. Happy Anniversary!
  • Growing old with you is not like a dream anymore, it has become my reality of life and that makes me happy. Wishing you happy anniversary boyfriend!
  • You are that chocolate which I want to eat fully but don't want to share with anyone. To my boyfriend with you forever, happy anniversary!
  • I am head over heels in love with you, wishing you happy anniversary and cheers to us for many more to come.
  • Cheers to all the fights that we had and solved, to us for more time to each other. May we always be like this, happy anniversary boyfriend.
  • We have finished one year of togetherness. May our life remain filled with love and happiness.
  • Happy anniversary, sweetheart! May we have a love filled relationship forever.
  • Time flies so fast. It has been a year but seems like yesterday that I had taken you out on my first date. Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • Love is the greatest emotion. I realised this only after I met you. Happy anniversary, honey!
  • I love you so much that can’t even think of spending a few moments without you. Happy anniversary!
  • If there is anyone I have loved with all my heart, it is you, honey. Happy anniversary!
  • Your love is so special that I forget who I am, what is my past. Thanks for all support and loving me so hard. Happy anniversary!
  • By accepting my proposal, you have made me big. I love you and will keep loving you till the end of my life. Happy anniversary!
  • I am your girlfriend and you feel proud for this. And you are my boyfriend and I feel respected for this. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to the boy who is cute, handsome, charming and clever. Wish he remains in my life forever.
  • There is no one else like you, and there is no one else like me. So, together we make a wonderful couple. Happy anniversary!
  • Hold me tight in your arms, this is the biggest anniversary gift for me from your end. I love you.
  • My love for you is deep like the ocean, wide like the sea, prospering like a flowing river and loveable like flowers. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary my love! My friends are jealous me that you are my boyfriend and I am proud of this fact.
  • Anniversary is the time to celebrate past time and shape future. We had a really great time and hoping to have wonderful future.

Funny Anniversary Message for Boyfriend

Funny Anniversary Message for Boyfriend
  • Happy anniversary to the person who made me cry a lot! I annoyed you always, but it is no match to the emotions I got from you which are more expensive than life.
  • Happy anniversary to the perfect partner! I thank God for sending a person for me who I can annoy for a lifetime. You are just made for me. I love you.
  • I know being my partner is not an easy task. I congratulate you for not just trying it, but also for your success to do this for this long time. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary, my love! You can calm your angry girlfriend. You can bring a smile to the annoyed face of your girlfriend. I love you.
  • Happy anniversary! My world is just around you and there is nothing to me beyond you. Yes love, I lied. You know my world is all around my gang of girls and I love them more than you.
  • Happy anniversary, dear love! I need a place to live in your heart, I need warmth through your tight hug, I need your love through your kiss and I need your money to have fun.
  • Happy anniversary to me forever! Our memories always bring a smile to my face. We are yet to create many memories, let us do all naughty and crazy stuff before we are old to do so.
  • Dear love, I enjoy being with you and sharing my life with you. Let us do all the stuff and create beautiful memories for life time before we get bored of each other. Happy anniversary!
  • How can I forget the moment at the park when you were so scared of the swans and ran away leaving me behind! It was surprising and funny. Happy anniversary!
  • I have had crazy moments with you. Be it escaping from cops to trespassing some private properties, we have had a gala time. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • We both are so imperfect pieces that only we can fit perfectly with each other. Happy Anniversary my dear!
  • You love flowers, I love birds, you love travelling, I love sleeping, still when we are together, we don’t miss anything. Thanks for being so annoying.
  • We both are perfect in extracting happiness from common things. We are our kind of human beings, made for each other. Happy anniversary!
  • When God created you, he thought and created me, thinking you too would need a partner end of the day. Happy anniversary!
  • On the day our love anniversary, a big wish to two imperfect individuals who are a perfect couple.

Anniversary Message for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Anniversary Message for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship
  • Happy anniversary, my love! I wish I was there with you to celebrate our special day. Not to worry, we will definitely celebrate our togetherness once we are together.
  • Happy anniversary, honey! Thank you for not giving up on us even when things were not good. You have made being in a long-distance relationship seem easy for both of us.
  • Happy Anniversary, baby! There isn’t a day I don’t think about us together. I love you so much. I am missing you really bad today.
  • Happy anniversary! Being away from you is becoming difficult every passing day. I wish to see you very soon and wish to celebrate our anniversary together.
  • Many say long-distance relationships are difficult and not happening. But together we have risen above that painful phase. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!
  • Dear boyfriend, I really hope next year this time we will be together and able to celebrate our anniversary our way. Let’s be together and happy forever.
  • Nowadays I can feel closer to you. The distance in miles is no more felt because we are together in our thoughts. Happy anniversary love!
  • Hey love, it does not matter how many miles we are apart, we always have each other in our heart. Happy anniversary! I love you so much darling.
  • Happy anniversary! Even a thought about you gets me butterflies! I wish every year we will be able to celebrate this day together. I love you from miles away.
  • Happy anniversary! May God bless us to celebrate our anniversary together next year. Long distance is making me weaker. I am missing you so much. 
  • I miss you the number of times my heart beats in a minute. I love you and happy anniversary to our 10 year old love.
  • Distance can only impact our relationship in a way that I can make it stronger and more intense. Happy anniversary.
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  • We are miles away, but my heart can feel when you miss me a lot. Happy love anniversary to you, dear love.
  • When I met you, I was fresh and pure, we got engaged and you know you added impurity has made me a better person. Love you.
  • We can’t be together this I know well, but what shall I do to my heart who beat just for you. Love you.

Long Anniversary Messages for Him

  • Happy anniversary to the man of my dreams who makes me happy in every moment! We have a long journey to take. All this time I am falling for you as days pass by. I am looking forward to spending another year happily with you. I love you!
  • The early few months of our relationship made me recognize that you are the best boyfriend I could ever have. I’m so glad I was able to meet you and make connections with you. Happy anniversary, baby! I want to celebrate more anniversaries with you.
  • I will never forget the day I met you and I will always keep the instant we became a couple in my sweet memories forever. I can never imagine my life or even a day without you and your warm love. Thank you for always loving and caring me. I love you, honey! Happy anniversary!
  • Here comes the day, the day we started our journey of togetherness. I believe I am so lucky to have you in my life. All the days you make me feel loved, appreciated and special. You are my dream come true honey. Happy anniversary!
  • You make me feel alive, full of life and more productive with your presence. I am grateful to God for bringing you to me and making me feel the luckiest woman on the earth. Happy anniversary to my favorite human being!
  • You are my punching bag, my energy booster, my cute teddy, my cuddle doll, my lifeline, my source of energy, my personal chef, in short you are my everything, my love. Happiest anniversary to the cutest, charming and best boyfriend!
  • Happy anniversary to the human whom I want to spend the rest of my life with! You made me feel content and life fulfilled. I feel everything is magical when I am with you. I love the way you are and for who I am when with you.
  • Is it a dream or years of our togetherness just passed by? It is amazing how time just flies with you around. You are the only person I wish to have in every chapter of my life. Thanks for being my perfect partner. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • This is not our first year together and we have seen it all. From the start of this relationship we have created wonderful memories with tons of love. Happy anniversary! Thank you for being my partner with whom I wish to spend the rest of my life.
  • Happiest anniversary to the man I love the most and the man with whom I will be creating new lives! Thank you for always being there for me and being a compassionate shoulder to lean on and for being a light source at the end of the tunnel.
  • There is no reason I can give myself not to love you. So, I handovered myself to you and see how our relation is blooming. Happy anniversary!
  • Every passing year is making our relation stronger and more intense. Happy anniversary, my love, my life, my boyfriend.
  • It would be wrong to say, you are my boyfriend. Basically, we are a soulmate and will be together till our life’s end.
  • Keep me protected around your arms, I don’t wanna fly high or see big dreams. You mean the world to me. Happy anniversary!
  • I become the best version of mine when I am around you. Keep me well protected and cared, love you sweetheart!

Sad Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

  • I know we can be together for the whole life, so let me live the moment till I’m yours and you are mine. Happy Anniversary!
  • Love has no limits and boundaries, still there are so many restrictions. Let’s break it all rules and be together forever. Happy anniversary!
  • Roses brings smile on my face, chocolate cheers me up, but your presence makes me happy from within.
  • This anniversary we are not together, hope our hearts are. Happy anniversary, sweetheart! I love you a lot!
  • Can you make this anniversary a happy one, by hugging me tight and holding the same position?

Celebrating an anniversary is such a fun, energizing, and priceless! It's an opportunity to think back on most loved recollections and consider all the things you acknowledge about your partner and the relationship you two offer.

Furthermore, regardless of how you decide to praise your uncommon day together, finding and giving the ideal anniversary card is an extraordinary gesture to tell your partner exactly how you feel for each other.

Hope these set of message were useful to you. Include your own recollections and gestures to any of the thought starters given in the messages, and you'll have a significant message that is perfect for your relationship.

Keep expressing and keep loving!

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