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Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary Wishes
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  • Take pride in knowing that you both have completed another year being in overwhelming love with each other. Happy Anniversary guys. Lots of love and best wishes!
  • Congratulations on your anniversary, dear. You both truly give youngsters serious couple goals.
  • Happy Anniversary...may your personalities and your relationship shine
  • May our love for each other take center stage in life... here are my best anniversary wishes for you my dear
  • Thank you for Dad-Mom for bringing sunshine and fun to every single day of my life ...
    Happy Anniversary
Happy 20th anniversary ... you still make my heart flutter ... love you
Happy 2nd year wedding anniversary... you both are so worth the best love ever
Totally in awe of the grand couple...beautiful, humane, endearing and much more; Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Wishes
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Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Happy anniversary to lovely couple who is an inspiration for many, who is an epitome of a perfect marriage.
A couple becomes lovely when there is love in their relationship. Your one is over filled by the same.
Wishing you happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary to lovely couple who is also my inspiration motivation.
The reason why my marriage is still living is you guys.
You guys are one who motivates me.
Looking at you I get feeling that married people could also live a happy life.
Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Happy anniversary dear, see the girls I suggested you has become your perfect partner.
Some time you should consider your friend’s advice, it would will help you in living a perfect life.
Happy Anniversary.
May you complete many years together with love and affection. Have a great day and a wonderful evening.
Your anniversary date reminds me of my fun filled days, when I was tapping on my toes. Have a great day buddy.
Even if you will not call me in your birthday party, I will wish you happy anniversary and a wonderful life.

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

You are the one I live for, you are the one I laugh for, you are the I love.
Happy Anniversary Hubby.
You are my first love and thanks for making me feel proud on my choice.
Happy Anniversary.
Happy anniversary to my husband who means the world to me. Let’s celebrate this day differently.
We fight, we get angry, we hurt, but the best part is nothing remains permanent between us.
Happy Anniversary.
You are my super hero and I want to be your super heroine. Let’s make this day memorable and momentous.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

People say wives are headache, but when I look at you all my pains vanish. Happy Anniversary.
Thanks for being such a wonderful partner, I love everything about you and ready to be your slave for my whole life. Happy Anniversary.
O God, I have a wish. Plz fulfil it if you could. Keep my present wife as my wife in all my life.
I know, this anniversary, there would not be any perfect gift for you than this I love You, I love you,
Enjoy your anniversary, darling, you are the queen of my heart. Rule it.

Anniversary Wishes for Brother

Happy anniversary to my lovely brother. May you have countless lovely year with your wife.
May you have countless years of togetherness which remains filled with love, care and affection. Happy anniversary.
Great things come to those who does great work. And this is the reason you have become my bro. Happy anniversary.
May you have your anniversary day as the best day of year and all your wishes come true. Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary to loveliest brother I know. I wish you keep smiling and cheer people around you.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

My sister is the best and have prowess to make every relationship wonderful. Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary to my lovely brother-in law and my beautiful sister. You guys are an epitome of a perfect relationship.
Together you guys look so wonderful that you have built my confidence in concept called marriage. Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary to the most wonderful person I know, that is my sister. May you have a great year.
Every year I wish happy anniversary to you just to ensure you stay happy for an entire year.

Anniversary Wishes for Parents

You are a perfect example of happy marriage. I thank to god for choosing you as my parent.
Happy anniversary mom and dad. Be lively and enjoy your day. Have fun.
Hey Mom and dad, this your day. Cut the cake, party hard and let the world know your love is undying.
Some relationships are made in heaven and yours is the one. Happy anniversary dear mum and dad.
Happy anniversary to mum and dad, be a good boy and girl today and don’t fight.

General Anniversary Wishes

A year packed with adventures, challenges and experiences has flown by...looking forward to many more special ones ahead. Happy anniversary to my better half
The secret of our love life is, we understand and respect each other. Keep loving me the way you do at present
My love for you will never fade out, no matter, how fat you become, and how much wrinkles appear on your face.
Happy anniversary to my lovely and pretty better half. Without you, I and my life both are incomplete and boring.
Happy anniversary, sweetheart! Let's make our anniversary day, the most beautiful and happening day with a beautiful candle light dinner.
My love for you has increased exponentially, from the day you formally entered in my life. Today is our anniversary and let's celebrate this bond of love.
On this special day I pray to god that you get long years of togetherness! Happy Anniversary
You are the couple who is the true example of love. Your love is an inspiration for many. Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Message
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I have never seen the lovely couple like you before, it seems God has made this perfect pair. Happy Anniversary
Lots of love on this anniversary to this lovely couple, may God shower all his blessings on you guys.
Each successful year of marriage is a milestone, today you have crossed 25, lots of wishes, Happy Anniversary.
Couples are made in the heaven, I get the strong feeling of this, when I see you guys together.
On the day of anniversary, I want to wish you guys, long years of togetherness, happiness and mutual understanding.
Life is unpredictable, but one thing which is certain is that, the love between you guys will remain forever! H.Anniv
Enjoying life to the fullest is the message that you guys give to every couple of present time. H. Anniv.
Marriages are made in the haven, but its success depends on people. May god give all his blessing to this lovely couple.
Happy Anniversary! This is all I can say to this lovely couple on this day of celebration.
No matter, what time you see in the future, your togetherness should remain always the same and an inspiration for many.
Good relationships are Flawless like you guys possess and inspire us to have same kind of love in every relation.
You are the real example of moving out of bad marriage and living the perfect one, all my respect 4u on this anniv.
Love in a relationship is not just abtfew kisses and flowers in the beginning, but it should blossom like fresh flowers each day.
When I look at your face and it makes me happy to see how happy I am with you, even after so many years.
Our marriage is an adventure, a epic story of love and a beautiful memories that we have created so far. Happy wedding anniversary!!
Doing parties, dinners having gala time and great get-togethers it’s just a reason to wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary!!
On this anniversary I want to wish that your relationship blossoms like fresh roses and spread its fragrance in every corner.
Shores in the sea and the echo of love always remain constant like your soulful and eternal love. Always stay same.
Real relationships exist when we fight like enemies, care like best friends and laugh like friends and love like soulmate.
My definition of a perfect marriage starts with you and ends at you. You are my perfect mate.
Some marriages are like emotional, devotionals and experimental but ours is straightforward and I loved it.
Here comes the day where we both look back to the good times we have and looking ahead to live our dreams together.
Our life revolves around each other to bring smile, to create enthusiasm and to remember each other’s on each and every life moment.
In hundred lifetimes, I chose you, in hundreds of worlds, in any version; I chose you and you only!!
You are my sadness and happiness; you are my question and answer. You are everything to me.
The dreams and ambitions for the future are not always same but it is the beauty that we both live to make our dreams true.
This year the sounds of laughter shower of happiness, flashes of sound mark our anniversary.
Anniversaries are like milestones where we pause and look back to rewind the beautiful memories and the promises to build it better in future.
If our love story is like a movie then it would be named as The Notebook to run for its money!!
Success not comes in the form of pay checks and awards. It lies in smile which is an experience of true relationship.
With time, people change but memories always remain in the heart. So wishing you a lifetime memories anniversary.
Spending so many of years together, still we are not tired with each other. Here’s wishing you stay like this same.
In ups and downs of life you are the one made me comfortable and loved me always, Happy anniversary!
No one in this World can take your place as the love you have given me made my day brighter. Happy anniversary.
I never forget to wish your anniversary, and this is not just because you guys are special, but I want my party!
On this anniversary I send the bundles of wishes to this lovely couple and the bundle has lots of laughter, leisure and love.
This is the day when we to became one, I wish we stay the same way whole of our life
If God give me one wish, I would say I want you to be my life partner always, happy anniversary.
The great day has come where we met and tie the knot and committed to be in relationship forever.
This is the day when my status changed from single to married, and, I became urs, I love you this.
You are the angel of my life who has filled my life with everything that I always desired for.
The people who make fun of wifes, surely must not be having one like I have. Happy Anniv
You left everything to stay with me, and I promise you I will keep you happy forever as long as I live.
Anniversary reminds me of all the promises that I mean at the time of tying the knots with you.
On this anniv, I do not want to give you expensive gifts, but all I want to say you that u are my best gift.
So many years have passed, and our relationship has the same freshness which it had in the very first year. happy anniversary.
Today I remember all my commitments that I made with you on the day of our marriage, and again I commit and fulfill all.
When you are with me, my happiness,my patience, my enthusiasm everything gets double, because you are my lifeline.
You are celebrating another year of togetherness and looking at you it seems clear that you two are made for each other
Best wishes to this lovely company on anniversary.Your marriage has always been blessed with real love, joy and happiness.
You are the most adorable couple I have seen, may god continue showering all his blessings on you guys.
When somebody ask me, what is the perfect marriage? I can only think about you guys. Happy Anniversary.
Sharing the bond of love is something that comes from within. Looking at you it seems you are made for each other.
Wish you happy wedding anniversary honey you are the best gift in my life given by God
Every anniversary I thank to God for blessing me with such a wonderful life partner, I love you.
On this anniversary I pray to God that the love and respect between you, grow stronger and inspire all
May God give you many years of togetherness and you celebrate your anniversary with same strength and love.
Hear I wish you a very happy anniversary and I pray all your coming days remains full filled with happiness joy and love
Congratulation as you have completed one more year of togetherness, I pray to god to bless you with many years of togetherness.
You guys are the perfect example of a perfect marriage, you are an inspiration to many, happy anniversary to lovely couple.
When I see both of you together I always pray to God to keep showering blessing on this lovely couple.
I never miss a chance to wish this lovely couple be very very happy anniversary, as it makes me feel happy.
God has given me so many things, but you are the one who is the most precious and valuable to me.
On this anniversary all I want to say that my love for you is eternal and it will never end even after my end.
We got each other by luck, but we have maintained the love and respect in this relation with our efforts and this will never end.
You guys look so pretty and I pray to God that your love and respect in the relationship remain as it is as long as you guys are there.
Love doesn't want any relationship, but when it is given the name of marriage, it becomes stronger, committed and dedicated
I love you sweetheart the way you handled everything around me and have turned it in a positive way
It is easy to fall in love but difficult to maintain it for years. You have been the perfect example of that.Happy anniversary.
The only secret behind a happy and successful marriage is finding the right partner and I am lucky I got you
May every second of your wedding day be as special as your wedding day wish you a happy anniversary dear.
The wedding anniversary is the day of celebrating the yesterday's memories and joy, and living love of present time. Happy anniversary
For me anniversary is not just the date. But, it is a day which recall the commitment I made with you
On this anniversary I wish, you have lots of love, affection and respect in your relationship and you celebrate many years of Happy marriage.
There is no definition of a perfect marriage, two person when understand each other completely, any marriage becomes a perfect one, like u guys.
You guys make a beautiful couple together, I congratulate you and pray to God to maintain the same harmony in your relationship.
Best couple I have seen is your and I wanted to wish happy anniversary to this lovely couple from the depth of my heart.
My date with you is incomplete until I wrap it up with the three magical words I Love You
With each passing years of our marriage, my love for you increase and these days it is at the peak.
I cannot imagine, it is the same u, whom I got married years back. Now you look just like me. Happy Anniv
With you all my days are full of happiness and on this day I commit this. Happy Anniversary.
On this special day I want to confess that, marrying you is the best act of my life. Love you
On the day of anniversary, I am expressing my feeling with this message, I will love you forever, hurt you never.
I don’t remember you have ever hurt me and so, I don’t remember, I have ever not loved you.
You guys are synonyms of love and togetherness. Today i wish you long years of togetherness and happiness.
Hey my lifeline, you have been so special to me and even after marrying you, I want to marry u again and again
On each anniversary I pray to god, to give me, you; as my life partner in each of my life.
When I hear jokes on wife, I had only one reaction, maybe the creator does not have wife like I have.
You have made lots of change in me and have made me a better person. I thank you for this
You are not just the integral part of my life, but my family also. I have deep respect 4u in addition to unconditional love
Your love for me is so unconditional that it has given me all the reasons to love you more. Happy anniv
On this anniversary, lets commit, we will maintain same love in ur relationship till life ends.
Holding your hand and walking along the street is the best time I spend with you. I want to spend all my life holding your hand and walking same way.
Wish you happy anniversary to my dear friend, may god bless you all the happiness that you want and you deserve
This is the couple that show how a marriage can be turned into a beautiful relation of love ones. Happy Anniversary
You are my parent’s choice, and I knew my parents cannot choose anything wrong for me. But, now you have become my choice as well.
Our anniversary is not just a date like other dates, it has a special bond and feeling. Because, on this day my life came to my home to live with me.
Your love has what many changes in me, you have made me a great person, thanks for being my life partner.