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India Independence Day Messages

Happy Independence Day Shayari Hindi

India Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August. The 2020 Independence Day will be celebrated on Saturday. The day is declared as the national holiday for all Indians and this is a common festival for all Indians. For most Indians, Independence day is like the national festival and everyone has a different idea to celebrate this festival. Many celebrate this festival watching Prime Minister’s speech on television and many engage themselves in charity work. The fever of Independence Day can be seen on every nooks and crannies of India. It is celebrated by people belongs to different castes, religion, color, language with the feeling of brotherhood. Sending patriotic messages on the day is also the part of Independence Day celebration.

Here are some Independence Day messages that you can send to your friends, family and love ones.

Happy Independence Day at all Indians, who love the country and ready to sacrifice everything for it. 
India is My Country, India is Our Country, India is the Country of Everyone who loves it more than their caste, religion and existence. Happy Independence Day!
I wish everyone Happy Independence Day and pay a big tribute to all our national heroes.
India is the country of heroes, but it accepts everyone with love and respects even the zeros.
Vande Mataram! Every student pledge to keep our nation safe, then what happens? Don’t blame the leaders, think from the root. Happy Independence Day!
Let’s make the tri color work, have you ever thought of looking at our flag actually doing what it says, there you are wrong. Do what your flag says. Happy Independence Day!
To our soldiers who sacrificed their life for us, we won’t waste it. We will compromise our feelings and fight less. Happy Independence Day!
Feelings are mutual when it comes to nation, the dark side is visual with hatred and sentiments all you have to do is save that moment for the best. Happy Independence Day!
The bravery of our soldiers would not be wasted in the books of history or statues they would be cherished forever. Happy Independence Day!
You know the biggest feeling is patriotism, no wonder where an Indian lives but an Indian will always love India. Happy Independence Day!
What if there was no fight between Hindu and Muslim, culture and creed we would be flourishing to the moments of together between beating different nations. Happy Independence Day!
Life taught us one thing, no matter how proud we are and we can be, we will still treat the worker less than us and that’s not democratic. Happy Independence Day!
If we would have not declared internal wars, so many martyrs would still live happily but here we are saluting the bodies instead. Happy Independence Day!
This Independence Day promise yourself to support your nation in every small manner possible, just don’t talk show yourself that you can do it. Independence Day wishes.
To our freedom fighters, to our soldiers, to our heroes of the nation, they are the reason we are still alive and we will never forget their sacrifice. Happy Independence Day!
Its’ the time to get painted by united and integrity, by saffron, white and green. Happy Independence Day Family!
The tribute will always be less for our freedom fighters but the salute to all will never be less. Saluting the entire nation, Happy Independence day!
No caste can divide us, no laws can apart us, no colors or creed can decide our future because we are children of one mother, Happy Independence Day!
Every year a bit of “me” in us gets free; every year there is someone enjoying the freedom in their own terms. Happy Independence Day!
May the future bring more glory to our great nation. Wishing all a very happy Independence Day.
Today I breath the air of freedom because of the efforts of our great freedom fighters. Happy Independence Day!
This wonderful day is a reminder of the sacrifices our freedom fighters made for the country. Happy Independence Day!
Let us strive to make our future much better and prosperous. Happy Independence Day!
Our freedom fighters fought hard so that we could life a free life. Our freedom should not be taken for granted. Happy Independence Day!
It is through the sacrifice of thousands of people that we achieved our much cherished freedom. Happy Independence Day!
May this Independence Day bring harmony between all the communities. Happy Independence Day!
No matter what our religion, in the end we are all Indians. May our nation become the most prosperous in the world. Happy Independence Day!
Make your life worth living by devoting it to the service of our beloved country. Happy Independence Day!
Slavery is the worst forms of evil. Thank the valiant freedom fighters who fought for our independence and gave us freedom from slavery. Happy Independence Day!
August 15 is the most memorable day. It is the day we got freedom from colonial rule. Happy Independence Day!
Freedom is the greatest gift to mankind. Always cherish it. Happy Independence Day!
We will always preserve the freedom for which our freedom fighters laid down their lives. Happy Independence Day!
Lucky are those who are born in this wonderful country. Happy Independence Day!
Let us all work hard to make our nation the best in the world. Happy Independence Day!
Our freedom fighters hd a dream for the country. Let us realise that dream by working hard for the development of our motherland. Happy Independence Day!
Our freedom fighters gave us a great lesson. Never to lose hope no matter how tough the situation is. Happy Independence Day!
Today we are free because of the efforts of our freedom fighters. We promise that we will always cherish our freedom. Happy Independence Day!
Thank God, I was born in free India. This is because of the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. Happy Independence Day!
Our forefathers taught us to keep our heads high. Let us make a pledge that we will never again become slaves. Happy Independence Day!
The invaders subjugated us but they were never able to break our spirit. Wishing you a very happy Independence Day.
I wish that my country continues to make economic progress. Happy Independence Day!
It is because of the vision of our great leaders that India is today striving ahead in all spheres. Happy Independence Day!
Never forget the sacrifices made by ur valiant freedom fighters for the independence of our great nation. Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day.
Let us strive to maintain the unity and diversity of this great nation of ours. Wishing you a very happy Independence Day.
We are lucky to be born in such a great nation. Let us work hard to make it better. Happy Independence Day!
Happy Independence Day India
Celebrate the spirit of freedom today and enjoy the independence given to you. Happy Independence Day!
Thousands laid down their lives to protect the dignity of the flag. Respect the freedom. Happy Independence Day!
Happy Independence day to dearest citizens of India. We all should proud of our country and love it.
Let’s not forget that this independence has come after a long and huge struggle. Respect it and love it. Happy independence day.
The day when we will start thinking that we are Indian first, we will become independent in the true sense.
To enjoy independence, we should change our thoughts and perception. Become an Indian first. Happy independence day.
Independence Day Messages in Hindi
Let’s recall and show our respect to our national heroes who has gifted us this wonderful freedom. Happy independence day.
The citizens of any nations are the trunk of a tree. The tree will be greener if its trunk is strong and firm. Happy independence day.
Our coming generation should understand the value of independence. Let’s celebrate the day with such a zeal and enthusiasm.
Forgetting and forgiving is the two things that can solve any problem in no time. Happy Independence day.
Let’s celebrate independence day having freedom in mind, faith in heart and memories of our heroes in heart.
India is the symbol of peace and harmony. Bring this in your attitude. Happy Independence day.
Indian Independence Day Messages
If you will stop watching debates on channel, you will come to know how beautiful our country is actually. Happy Independence day.
Happy Independence day to all my friends. We all should do something to celebrate independence day differently this year.
Let’s forget all the negativities and then you will realize how beautiful the India is in reality. Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence day! Let make some difference in our thoughts and goals to make India proud of us.
India is the country on which world proud. We have to become citizens of kind that India should proud of. Happy Independence day.
When it comes to India’s integrity, we should always protect it forgetting our internal conflicts. Happy Independence day.
15 August Messages
India want its superheroes again. Be the change and bring the change. Happy Independence day.
No battle could be won by words. It needs action. India wants it’s citizen to act and make her proud. Happy Independence day.
I am a proud Indian! Not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christan. Happy Independence Day from a true Indian.
An Indian is above caste and creed. He/she is the one who leads the world. Become an Indian first before anything else.
I love my India and I can do anything to protect its integrity. Become the one and enjoy the independence day.
Our nation is one of the best in various fields. Let’s make it the best in its citizens as well. Happy Independence day.
Independence Day Status Messages in Hindi
India is a great country and we should maintain its greatness by maintaining peace and harmony within the country.
Let’s take a pledge that we will not allow anyone breaking our unity. We are one, we are united. Happy Independence day.
People who call India as a bad country, should give a look at Iraq, Nigeria, Yemen. Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day to all my friends. May you live long life and enjoy its each moment.
Happy Independence day to you, dear India. Weare there to protect from all danger, while you keep growing.
India is my land and I am here to protect its integrity and unity. May you have eternal independence.
Independence Day Msg in Hindi
The independence day is the day when we should think about our sacrifices, our national heroes and our country’s pride.
I always pray to God to make me the citizen of India in every life. And give me the role of a solider. Happy Independence Day.
The beautiful hills and mountains of North, enchanting rivers and glaciers top to bottom, charming terrains are wishing you a Happy Independence day.
The flowing rivers, green terrains, skyscraper mountains, deep hills all are singing today, happy independence day.
Today is independence day, let’s celebrate the day with enthusiasm and do something exceptional. Be the leader.
On the independence day, take inspiration from our national leaders and inherit some patriotism on self and become a proud Indian
Independence Day Shayari
India is the best. It still has some unsolved issues, but I have much more than my country has. Happy Independence Day.
The citizens of a country create the image of a country. Be a good citizen and let India to proud on us. Happy Independence day.
If you want to see the problem free India, change your attitude and starting solving issues instead of complaining.
India has not received Independence in true sense yet. It will not be happy till we are separate. Happy Independence day.
Unity in diversity is our country’s USP. Let’s make it strong and unbreakable. Happy Independence Day.
To make India a better country, try to bring changes around you. With ur little efforts, tremendous change will come. Happy Independence Day.
Independence Day Messages In English

Independence Day Whatsapp Status

15 August is the day when when India celebrate its freedom day. In 1947 on 15 August, India got its freedom and declared as a free country. From that day, every year India celebrates this day as Independnece day. In 2019, the country will celebrate its 72nd Independence day, which is a big reason to proud. After Independe, India has emerged as a peaceful country and have become an icon in many fields for the World.

When it comes to the celebration of Independence day, the people of India consider Independence day as a festival and everyone has a way to commemorate this special day. Watching the speech of Prime Minister at Red Fort, flying kites, engaging self in charity work is some of the way people honor the day. Not to forget, sending Independence day messages to friends, relatives, love ones and wishing family member is also the part of this celebration. Updating whatsapp status with patriotic message is a new trend.

Here is a unique collection of Independence day whatsapp stutus you can use to show your patriotism for the nation.

Happy Independence day to all my friends
Feeling patriotic, feeling emotional, feeling proud to be a citizen of India.
Instead of complaining, I have decided to make changes. Happy Independence day.
Have a great day! Happy Independence day to all my friends
Happy Independence day! Remembering the sacrifices of great leaders.
I love the unity of India! Plz don’t break it. Happy Independence day.
Happy Independence Day
Thanks to all superheroes for the wonderful gift called independence. HID
Independence is the best gift one can give to anyone. Thanks to all superheroes.
No money can buy independence. So respect it! Happy Independence Day
Have a great day, Happy independence day. Let’s celebrate it differently.