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Belated Anniversary Wishes

Belated Anniversary Wishes

Occasions become joyous due to involvement of friends and family. They are one who makes any day special. And when it comes to celebrating special occasions, their presence becomes mandatory. But, what if same friends forget that same special date/day, which have reminiscences of them? It is disappointing for those who are eagerly waiting for their wishes. But, it is not like this mistake cannot be compensated. You can send belated anniversary wishes to a couple friends and ask for their apology. Or you can arrange some surprise for them and say sorry in a style. This is all up to you what you say. We can help you with what you can write in your belated anniversary message card. Keeping the situation into consideration, we have prepared an awesome collection of messages that will take you out from the troubled time.

  • Belated happy anniversary, as you two are growing old together so are we and we tend to forget thing just like your anniversary. Apologies and wishes!
  • Wishing you loads of togetherness and love with each other, sorry for wishing you late but belated happy anniversary, let's celebrate!
  • Opening a bottle of champagne late is a mistake but having them together is lot more fun. Apologies and wishing you belated happy anniversary.
  • To the most beautiful and lovely couple in this world, we are late and sorry but wishing world's happiness and belated happy anniversary!
  • To live, light, life and a good wife. I have a bad habit of forgetting dates and I forgot mine too. I am sorry, belated happy anniversary wifey!
  • The dates are no to be remembered but people are, I might forget your anniversary date but I won’t ever forget you. Belated Happy Anniversary!
  • We are sorry we are late, you can scold us but trust me we wish you all the love for each other. Belated happy anniversary!
  • A friend is always late; I guess you know this since college. Belated happy anniversary both you, loads of love!
  • Wish your life have the freshness of dewdrops and your heart is content. Happy anniversary and enjoy your marriage life forever. Sorry for wishing you late.
  • Though my message is coming late but it is full of love and will make your day. You guys are the best married couple. God bless you happiness, peace and harmony.
  • Hope you had a joyous, love filled and romantic anniversary. Sorry for wishing you late.
  • I am sorry I forget the most special occasion of your life. Wishing you a belated happy anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary to the lovely couple! I’m sorry, I forgot to wish you yesterday, please accept my wish with the same love and acceptance.
  • Although I forgot to wish you your anniversary yesterday, but I’m wishing with today with the same dedication and love.
  • I wish you happy anniversary, stay together, love each other and remain a loving partner. Sorry for late wishing.
  • Happy belated anniversary to both of you. May you love multiples to number of anniversary you are celebrating.
  • It has become a trend that I recall your anniversary date on the next day of anniversary. But, this gives you happiness next day too.
  • Your marriage is an example of a perfect marriage. Be together, holding hands in hand and enjoy each others company.
  • Hope you won’t mind me wishing your anniversary so late, you are a kind heart person and so your soulmate. Happy belated anniversary!
  • Together you both look so perfect that you don’t mind small things such as, I’m wishing you happy anniversary today. Happy Belated anniversary!
  • Apology for wishing you late, but, I know it’s never too late. Happy anniversary.
  • Ur an integral part of life. With you it seems like we have been together for decades. Sorry, the anniversary date slipped from my mind.
    • Belated Anniversary Wishes with Name

      Belated Anniversary Wishes with Name
      • Dear -----, I’m feeling very sorry for forgetting your anniversary. Hope you will not mind this and accept my wish by heart.
      • Though, I am wishing you late, but my greeting is as fresh as a new morning and filled with love. Happy belated anniversary dear ------.
      • May your love grow in multiplication and you don’t need anyone else to bring happiness in your life. Happy belated anniversary!
      • I know its bad to forget friend’s anniversary, but trust me I was too much occupied with work. Happy belated anniversary!
      • Happy belated anniversary dear friend, may you have everything that you want from your relation.
        • Funny Belated Anniversary Wishes

          Funny Belated Anniversary Wishes
          • I accept my mistake and saying belated happy anniversary, but you have no rights to get angry, as you too forgot the date.
          • Now, that I forgot our anniversary, it is the time to compensate. Shall I prepare dinner for you or take you on a date.
          • Dear husband, because you forget our anniversary date, I’m going at my mom’s place for a month. Enjoy doing things that you were doing on the day.
          • Happy belated anniversary! I’m, sure you guys had a fun time with each other and hope my late wish is not adding fuel in the fire.
          • Wish you happy belated anniversary dear. May you have yet another day of the anniversary. Another day of impressing and loving ur partner.
            • Belated Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Name

              Belated Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Name
              • Dear ----, I wish you happy anniversary. Sorry for wishing you so late, but my wish is fresh and coming by heart.
              • I know you were expecting my wish, but I forget. May I have your apology for this mistake. Happy anniversary belated ----
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              • Happy belated anniversary --, I want you in my life forever. Even if I forgot to wish you on time, I know, 4u it will be fine.
              • Can I hold your hand and so sorry for forgetting anniversary day. I know its not a normal, but a huge mistake.
              • Dear ---, you are so sweet that you will forgive me, even if I forget our anniversary, and this is secret of our bonding.
                • Belated Happy Anniversary Cake

                  Belated Happy Anniversary Cake
                  • Because I’m wishing you so late, the wish is not come alone, it is accompanied with a wonderful cake. Happy belated anniversary!
                  • Belated anniversary wish to this wonderful couple who is made for each other and have a big heart.
                  • I could have come up with lots of excuses for not wishing you on time, but that’s not the point. Have this cake and forget me please.
                  • The sweet cake will increase sweetness in your relation and will make it even stronger. No matter, someone wished you on time or not.
                  • May your relationship have sweetness, softness, and mouth melting as this delicious cake. Apology for what I forget.
                    • Belated Marriage Wishes Messages

                      • You both are perfect and will stay faultless, with or even without our wishes. Yet, belated happy marriage to you.
                      • Sorry, I couldn’t make it for your marriage, but will surely be there in the anniversary celebration. Lots of wishes fo Happy marriage.
                      • Though my wish is coming late, but it’s not too late. Have a great life ahead and you enjoy each others company.
                      • Doesn’t matter, if I have forgotten to wish you on your marriage day, but trust me you are my best friend till date. Happy marriage!
                      • Happy marriage, dear friend! Hope you are middle of something important and I’m not disturbing you. Happy marriage!
                        • Belated Anniversary Wishes to Parents

                          • Time has taken a day off and got back to the same day you got married to wish you marriage anniversary. Happy belated anniversary mom and dad.
                          • Hey Dad, just like you, I too forget to wish you anniversary on the very day. It shows, I am your real son. Belated happy anniversary!
                          • I have ordered happiness to be next to you always, don’t matter i’m there or not. Happy anniversary Dad and mom.
                          • May the bond of love you both share, grow strong and deep. Happy belated anniversary.
                          • Anniversary is a special time and mom and dad you are very special. So, your anniversary is double special. Happy anniversary!
                            • Belated Anniversary Wishes to Sister in law

                              • Happy belated anniversary to you sister-in-law. Sorry for not wishing on the day. I didn’t forget the day, but wanted to give you enough privacy.
                              • Sorry for wishing late, but I know it’s never too late. Though, sending you sweet cake in-order to compensate.
                              • I wish your relationship remains blessed with love, care and affection and prosper year after year. Happy belated anniversary!
                              • A toast to love, laughter, happiness and kindness. Happy belated anniversary to you sister-in-law, grant me apology for forgetting the date.
                              • Even though I forget to send a wish on the anniversary, I know you will still be amazing for me. Happy belated anniversary!

                              You can use our belated anniversary messages and wishes on a belated message card to give the card a personal touch. Or send it to dear ones via text message, WhatApp or on social media. After reading our belated message collection no can resist forgiving your small but blunder mistake.

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