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Graduation Wishes

Think of the time when you finished your graduation and got a degree in hand, it was a proud moment, isn’t it? The graduation certification is the first milestone in higher education, therefore, it is no less than a reward, a milestone or can say an accomplishment. So, if some near and dear have finished their graduation, you must congratulate them. If you have landed on the page in the search of a perfect graduation message, then you have come at the right place. We have created an assemblage of graduation wishes and messages that inspires, express happiness, give the feeling of proud. Check our collection and send it to your near and dear one who have finished their graduation without delay.

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  • It is an important and big day for you. Congratulations on completing your graduation. 
  • Many-many congratulations for getting the degree. We all are so proud of you!
  • You wait for this day has ended today. A big congrats for the achievement and all the best for the future./div>
  • Graduation Wishes
  • All the very best for your bright future and congrats for the degree.
  • Congratulation for your graduation degree! Now, you are a big boy and I want to see you growing more as a person now. Congrats once again.
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  • Happy anniversary dear mom and dad, may I have your day please. I want to spend time with you guys.
  • The graduation degree is the first milestone you have achieved, congrats for it! I desire, you touch many milestones in the coming time, all the best for the same.
  • Congrats, you are a graduate now. Your hard work, determination and passion paid off. It is the time to celebrate the moment now.
  • Congratulations for your graduation degree. This degree is your wing that will give you the opportunity to fly high and live all your dreams.
  • Many people dream of success, but they don’t work enough to accomplish it. It requires lots of hard work, passion, dedication and time. Your efforts brought the result for you and now you are a proud graduate. Congratulations for this success.
  • Congratulations Son for getting your graduate degree. Only me and you know, how much effort you put in to get this degree, it was not easy but you made it. I am proud of you.
  • Heartiest congratulation for this success, but remember this is just the beginning, not the end.
  • Your graduation degree is a motivation and hope for all those who say an autistic child are special. I am proud of you my son and I love you for giving me this proud moment to share with people.
  • Your graduation degree is proof of idiom ‘Nothing can stop you if you are determined to do something’. Congratulations for your degree.
  • You are an achiever, because you never give up no matter how difficult the target and situation is. Your A+ grade graduation degree is the proof of your ability. Many-many congratulations to you for the graduate degree.

Graduation Congratulations Messages

  • Congratulation! We all are very happy for your accomplishment. This is a proud moment for our family.
  • Congratulation on graduating! This is a proud moment for the whole family.
  • Congratulation for your graduate degree. On this special occasion, I just wanna say, you cherish the result of your efforts while we wish, success keeps following you today and always.
  • It is a proud moment not just for you but for everyone associated with you. Many-many congratulations for the wonderful result and all the best for successful future.
  • I know you have many plans for your graduation success celebration. So, without taking much of your time, I just say wish you luck for the future and congratulations for the graduate degree.

Graduation Wishes for Friends

Graduation Wishes for Friends
  • Congratulations bro for graduating! The celebration has become bigger as you have passed it with A+ grade. You again proved you were a champ and you are a champ.
  • A heartiest congratulation for getting the graduation degree with such a fantastic grade. Many dreams, some tries and a few achieve. You are an achiever.
  • A heartiest congratulation to my friend from the bottom of my heart. I know you are a star and you will achieve all your dreams one day. All the best for your bright future.
  • The way you studied, this was an anticipated result. Congratulation brother you have become an inspiration for many.
  • You are my best friend, and today I proud of myself that I have a friend like you. Congratulations for getting the graduation degree and all the best for your bright future.

Graduation Wishes for Sister

Graduation Wishes for Sister
  • Your success is our success. You have made us proud. A big congratulations for completing your graduation with such wonderful grades.
  • Many dream to score this grade and you just made it. You are talented and hardworking and your efforts have paid off. Many-many congratulations for graduating my most loving sister.
  • Thanks for giving us so many reasons to feel fortunate and proud. You are awesome, a big congratulations to you for this achievement, dear sister.
  • Your brother tried to score A+ grade but never got the same. Now that you are receiving the graduation degree with the same grade, I feel my dreams have come true. Congratulations to you for a big success, my little cute sister.
  • My warm wishes to my sweet sister who has given me the proudest moment of my life. Your efforts have paid off and now you are a graduate. Many more wishes for your bright future.

Graduation Wishes for Brother

Graduation Wishes for Brother
  • Hey bro, you have always set a benchmark for me to achieve. Your graduate degree and grade is a new benchmark for me which is hard to achieve but I will do it for sure. Congratulation for this proud moment.
  • Congratulations brother, congratulation for the graduate degree. You are born to win and I am born to follow you. Lots of luck and wishes to you for your bright future.
  • The entire journey of completing the graduation program wasn’t easy for you. But, overcoming all the hurdles came in your way, you achieved your goal. You are a leader and an inspiration for many. Dear brother, congratulations for graduating and all the best for the future.
  • Congratulations to the new graduate of our family. It is the moment of proud, and a celebration is a must. Once again, congratulations to you bro.
  • We are so proud of you brother. Heartiest congratulations to you from Mom, Dad, and your little sister. Come home soon.

Graduation Wishes from Parents

  • We are proud that you finished your graduation without our help. Congratulations for this achievement and all the best for your bright future.
  • We never imagined you will grow as such a wonderful personality. You made us proud in everything you are into. Your graduation degree with such fantastic grades is again a moment to cherish. Congratulations dear.
  • Congratulation for earning the graduate degree. We know, how difficult it was for you to study with impaired vision, but as always you have proven that you are an inspiration. I love you and your graduate degree matters a lot to us.
  • Dear Son, warm wishes from mom, dad and your sister for graduating. You have a long journey to cover and this is just the beginning. Many-many congratulations for the wonderful result, and blessings for the future.
  • Your hard work, flawless time management, passion has brought this result. We knew it from the beginning that you will make us proud always. Congratulation for graduating my princess.

Graduation Wishes for Lover

  • Hey, my new graduate! I respect you as your junior, love you as my partner and get inspired by you as a student. Many-many congratulations to you for graduating. You have made me extremely proud.
  • Congratulation to both of us for graduating. It is a proud moment for us and we should relish it to the fullest. Let celebrate before setting goals for the new journey.
  • Congratulations my love, for your accomplishment. Many challenges came your way, but you overcome all of them with your dedication and hard work. I am proud of you and love you a lot.
  • Finally your hard work has paid off. You finished graduation with A+ grade. It is a proud moment not just for you but for me and my family as well. Lots of wishes to you from Mom, Dad and Me.
  • You are just one step away from securing your place in your dream University. Congratulation for graduating and all the best for the next step. I know you will achieve this goal as well. Love you a lot.

Graduation Quotes

  • Graduation is an important milestone, but it has no value until it is topped with an added degree.
  • You are a graduate means now you know where you want to go in your life. All the best.
  • Graduation degree certifies that you have got the prowess to think beyond boundaries.
  • Graduation degree is the opening door for many opportunities.
  • A lot of opportunity is waiting for the graduates who have earned this degree.

Graduation is a milestone in a student’s life. Though it is the beginning of a journey for many, a number of students start looking for the job to establish themselves in life after taking this degree. Therefore, no matter what, you must congratulate the boy or girl who has finished graduation studying hard and have got the degree. Your way of congratulating the new grad could be anything from sending a hearty congratulations, wishes and messages to sending cards and arranging parties. If you chose to wish someone sending text messages, we help you by providing an awesome collection of messages. You can use our messages on cards, on the wall or a gift wrap.

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