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Good Night Messages

Sending good night message to love one is not only a good gesture, but it is also a sign that you remember that person even when you are relaxing, when there is nothing in mind, when the mind is cool and composed. Talk about the good night messages, then it should be full of sentiments, meaningful and charming as the person will also sleep after reading the message. An ideal message of good night could be simple text ‘Good Night’ with an image of the sky and stars, a plain text message, but there is always a possibility of applying creativity. We have used the same aesthetic to draft messages that you can send to your loved ones. Check our wide collection and share it with whoever and wherever you want.

Everyone needs someone by their side. It is because of those people your days are lit and your nights are peaceful. They are those people who stay with you by your side day and night. Yes, we are obviously talking about your loved ones. They are the ones who are behind the reasons to smile. Sometimes it becomes necessary to show your near and dear ones how much they mean to you. For that you need to express what you feel for them. Wishing them good morning and good night is the best way to show your emotions. So, wish your loved ones a sweet good night and make them realise that you miss them when the day ends, you care for them and also you think of them before you sleep and seize your day. Send them amazing messages and wishes on varioussocial media platforms including Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and let them know they are in your prayers.

  1. Put all your worries aside and have a peaceful sleep tonight. May God bless you. Good night!
  2. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to making things the best they can be. Let someone know what they mean to you. Good night!
  3. Just stay hopeful and active. Tomorrow brings a new day. A fresh beginning. Have faith in God. Good night!
  4. Close your eyes in the black night. Store sweet and beautiful memories in your heart. Surrender yourself in front of glorious dreams. Have faith in God. Good night!
  5. May your night be as relaxing and sweet as it is. Good Night, sweetheart!
  6. I wanna see you in dreams. Please sleep early, Good Night!
  7. Good Night sweetheart! Wish your night be soothing, calm and beautiful.
  1. Good Night Messages
  2. Good Night love! Sleep early so that you could wake up early and we see each other.
  3. Nights are always special relieved from the work, home is the place and peace with you is the best moment darling. Good night!
  4. Good night to the beautiful soul like you, hope you wake up fresh and healthy to kick start your morning and day! Night baby!
  5. Nights are the best part of the day, to all the thoughts, to all the poems, to all the dark secrets, and to the wilder us. Sleep tight baby, good night!
  6. To more gossips because nights are the best part to gossip about everything. Good night now, let’s gossip tomorrow.
  7. I hope you have reached home; it was a lovely evening to be with you. Have a good tight sleep, good night!
  8. I wish you come and haunt in you dream so that you can’t even forget me there. Good night and sweet dreams!
  9. A warm breeze from a sizzling evening has come closer to you, to wish you good night. Have sweet dreams.
  10. I hate night because it takes you away from me. Anyways Good night sweetheart!
  11. My good night kiss is knocking at your window. Open your window and feel its warmth. Good night.
  12. I have my plans ready for tomorrow. So, you sleep tight and be ready to have a refreshing morning. Good night.
  13. There is nothing better than a peaceful sleep after a long and tough day. Good Night!
  14. Life is precious, do not while away time on unproductive things. Good Night!
  15. May God keep bad dreams away from you and make your night peaceful and lovely. Good Night!
  16. The beautiful night has arrived. So cast away all your worries and sleep soundly. Good Night!
  17. The day has ended and the night has begun. Sleep well and wake up rejuvenated. Good Night!
  18. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams. Good night!
  19. You are always in my thoughts and in my dreams. Good night sweetheart, will meet tomorrow.
  20. Reflect on all that you have accomplished during the day and strive to make your tomorrow even better. Good night!
  21. May your sleep be calm and peaceful and may you wake up energetic. Good night!
  22. Before going to sleep, thank the lord for making your day wonderful. Good night!
  23. It is a wonderful night because you are by my side. Good night, sweetheart!
  24. After a hard day’s work, all you need is a cosy bed. Good night!
  25. A sound sleep is the best reward you can get after a tiring day at work. Good night!
  26. Sleep well and wake up refreshed. Good night!
  27. The new day will bring new opportunities. But right now relax and rejuvenate your energy. Good night!
  28. One of the best moments is to watch you sleep peacefully. Good night, sweetheart!
  29. May god keep bad dreams away from you and make you sleep calm and peaceful.
  30. There is nothing better than a warm bed on a cold night. Good night and sweet dreams!
  31. May you have a peaceful sleep filled with sweet dreams. Good night!
  32. God created night so that we can relax and wake up the next day rejuvenated. Good night and sleep well.
  33. It was a tough day. But, may your night be peaceful and calm. Good night!
  34. Cast all your worries away and go to sleep with a calm mind. Good night!
  35. My arms are aching to hold you tightly. Come back soon, sweetheart. Good night!
  36. May angels come in your dreams and make your night peaceful. Good night and sleep well.
  37. Do not lament the failures of today for another day would come and bring with it new opportunities. Good night!
  38. May God grant you the conviction and strength to make your dreams come true. Good night!
  39. Hey babe, the night are long and lonely without you. It is tie to return home. Missing you and good night!
  40. No matter how dark the night is, a bright day always follows it. Good night!
  41. Every night when you kiss me and say goodnight, I feel so happy and content. Be always mine, sweetheart. Goodnight!
  42. I must have done some good deed in my past life, that is God has sent you in tis world for me. Goodnight!
  43. Good Night Love Messages
  44. When you are not by my side the night seems so long and only. Come back soon. Good Night!
  45. God created night so that we could rest and rejuvenate our energy. Good night and sleep well.
  46. May you have a peaceful sleep and wake up energised. Good night!
  47. It is time to close your eyes and drift in the world of happy dreams. Good night!
  48. I am miss you every moment. Longing to hold you in my arms again. Good night, sweetheart!
  49. After a hard and hard day at work, may you have peaceful night. Good night and sweet dreams.
  50. May your sleep be overwhelmed with sweet dreams. Good Night!
  51. No matter how far you are from me, I see you every night in my dreams. Good Night!
  52. When you are by my side every hour seems like a second. But, when you re away, the night is so dark and sad. May we never part. Good night!
  53. No matter how many miles of the land may separate us, your thoughts will always be there in my heart. Good night!
  54. When you are not around the night seems so dark and lonely. I am missing you and waiting for your return. Good night!
  55. You sweet kisses and soothing whispers make my night so beautiful. Goos night and sweet dreams, sweetheart.
  56. Your lovely kiss on my lips before you say good night makes my night so beautiful. Good night sweetheart.
  57. The night seems so wonderful with you by my side. Good night and sweet dreams, my dear.
  58. No matter how long and dark the nigh is, there will always be a sunrise. Look towards the future with hope and optimism. Good night!
  59. I always end my day with a prayer on my lips and your thoughts in my mind. Wish you a good night, sweetheart.
  60. Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

    Sending good night message to girlfriend is really romantic. And therefore, good night messages should also be filled with the same sentiments. It is not easy to write down such good night message of similar feeling every time. So, we prepared a wide collection of good night messages for girlfriend, that you can send to your love and receive love in return.

    Good Night Messages for Girlfriend
    1. You are always on my mind, whether it is morning or night. Good night, sweetheart!
    2. If you are there by my side I would be able to climb the highest mountain in the world. Good night dear!
    3. You are always there in my dreams and thoughts. Good night, sweetheart!
    4. I just can’t wait for the sun to rise so that I can once again be with you and hold you in my arms. But for now, good night sweetheart.

    Romantic Good Night Messages

    Night is the time to rest and relax, but for new couples, it is the time to express love, share feelings and be together. And those who are not living together, express love and spend exquisite time together by sharing beautiful romantic good night messages. If you are looking for a collection of such messages, then end your hunt here. Check our wide collection of good night messages and share it with your love.

    Romantic Good Night Messages
    1. When you are by my side, the night seems so beautiful. Good night, sweetheart!
    2. There are countless stars in the sky but none is as bright as your smile. Good night and sweet dreams.

    Cute Good Night Messages

    Just like wishing someone good morning, sending a warm good night message to someone is also pleasant. And if you want to be in the memories of the person, then sending a cute, cuddly good message is a great idea. Check our category cute good night messages to find a befitting message and share it with your friends.

    Cute Good Night Messages
    1. This message is to remind you that you need to love and adore this little baby before going to bed. Miss me in your dreams dear. Good Night!!
    2. Be ready to wake up with a big smile on your face tomorrow morning while remembering all the stuff we did today. Miss you already darling. Love you. Good Night!!!
    3. There will be a day when we will not have to say goodbye to each other and we will say only good night while kissing each other. Till then... Good Night Sweetheart!!
    4. Sending angels to guard the dreams of my princess. Lots of love for you dear. Good Night!!
    5. Ever since I have met you I am not afraid of the dark because I know you are there to hold my hand always and forever. Luv u honey. Good Night!!
    6. You are the last thing on my mind when I seize the day and you are the first on my mind when I wake up. I love you baby boo. Good Night!!
    7. Sending u a good night msg loaded with hugs and a lot of kisses. C u tomorrow dear. Love u, miss u… Good Night!!!
    8. My daily routine includes school, food, games, tv and most importantly u. I love you, baby. Have sweet dreams... Good Night!
    9. I can’t fall asleep without thinking about you. You are so adorable, baby. Love you!... Good Night!
    10. All I want is – you and me under the night sky full of countless stars. I miss you a lot love. Good Night!!

    Funny Good Night Messages

    Sending a funny good night message is a special way to show that you love and also care for the person. It is a way to express that you want to see a smile on the face of your loved ones as they mean a lot to you. Read on and find some really funny messages given below in order to send to your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or near and dear ones.

    1. Moon is glittering, stars are shining and you are always busy in dining. Sleep now!.... Good Night
    2. Your bed will be angry with you, just go and join it soon... Good Night!
    3. Night is for resting and not for texting. So, stop it and try to sleep now... Good Night!!
    4. Good Night to the queen of Kingdom of dreams... sleep well in your dreamland... And yes, don't forget to wake up in morning in the real world!
    5. Before sleeping say thanks to me for tolerating you the whole day.. Good Night sleeping beauty!
    6. Hey Bae, I miss your snores...oops I miss your cuddles and kisses. Good Night love!!
    7. Stars are brights, so please dim the lights and yes hug me tight... Don't forget to kiss me Good Night!!
    8. This is a sleepy message from a sleepy friend to another sleepy friend to wish a sleepy Good Night!!... Now, keep your phone down and sleep, dude!
    9. I wish ghosts visit you tonight and take you away with them... P.S. I will be your savior so see my dreams... Good Night... ;P
    10. Hey you sleepyhead....your bed is calling you, it's lonely without you... Go, give it a company.... Good Night :P

    Sweet Good Night Messages

    It is always wonderful to feel loved and valued. Nights can be long, cold or lonely but wishing your loved one a sweet good night can bring him/her a real happiness. Wishing sweet girl/boy a very sweet good night is a way to show your love for him/her and also express how important they are in your life.

    1. Thinking of all the good things we did today. I miss you. .... Good Night!!
    2. I wish nothing interrupts the sleep of my sleeping beauty. Love you baby. Good Night!!
    3. Good Night my princess. Lay down on your bed and don't forget to hug me... Lots of love for you
    4. I wish we could be holding hands while laying down beside each other. Hoping for the day to come soon. ..... Love you. Good Night!!
    5. Sweep me in your arms and let's cuddle all night. I love you ... Good Night... Don't forget to miss me!!
    6. This text message is to remind you, you have to shower lots of love on this cute little girl waiting for you!................ Good Night love, I miss you!
    7. Since I met you, I am never afraid of the dark. These days I always look forward to sunrise so that I get a chance to see you... love you so much!...... Good Night
    8. You are the only person on my mind at the end of the day. Hugs and kisses for you... Good Night!!
    9. You complete my life like the stars complete the sky...Always be around me my sparkling lady... Good Night!
    10. You will be the last thing on my mind when I sleep and the first thing on my mind when I wake up..Forever... I love you!... Good Night!!

    Good Night Messages

    Saying good night is a way to tell that you are thinking of them before sleeping. Here are some amazing messages which are specially written for expressing your love towards your loved ones. So, send some wonderful good night messages to your near and dear ones and tell them they are missed.

    1. May the pleasant night take away all the stress and worries of the day. Good night!
    2. May God keep away the bad dreams and make your night peaceful. Good night, sleep well.
    3. My dreams are always of you; that is why they are so pleasant. Good night sweetheart!
    4. I end my day with a prayer to God thanking him for sending you in my life. Good night and sweet dreams, honey.
    5. From sunrise till sunset, it is you who I think about thanks for being there and making my life so heavenly. Good night!
    6. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses my sweetheart. Good night and have lovely dreams.
    7. Though you are far away from me but every night I meet you in my dreams. Hope to see you tonight too. Good night, sweetheart!
    8. May you sleep be full of lovely dreams. Good night!
    9. May you sleep soundly and wake up in the morning rejuvenated. Good night!
    10. May your night be full of lovely dreams. Good night!
    11. Looking forward to a peaceful sleep, for I get a chance to meet you in my dreams. Good night!
    12. May the pleasant night bring you sweet dreams. Good night!
    13. When you hold me in your arms everything seems so right.. Good Night.. I love you so much!
    14. May you have a sound and peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams.. Love you!.. Good Night!!
    15. May you feel peace and tranquility tonight.. Have a very sweet and good night!
    16. The world seems so much better when I am with you... I miss you.. Good Night love!!
    17. Think of all the good moments we spent together... and keep a little smile on your face while sleeping.. Good Night cutie pie..!
    18. The biggest gift for me at night would be sleep if not you... So, never forget to wish me the same.. I love you... Good Night!!
    19. The sun is set, the moon has appeared. Now, it's the time to close your eyes and miss me.. Good Night love!!
    20. Thinking of all the romantic stuff we are going to do tomorrow. Until then.. miss me, kiss me and hug me.. Good Night baby!!
    21. At the end of this tiring day, all I want is to be wrapped in your arms while hugging you tight. I miss you a lot baby... Good Night!!
    22. I am so lucky because I have finally found the man of my dreams.. Love you, my baby.. Good Night and sleep well.

    Good Night Messages for Friends

    Whenever we are in a difficult situations it is our friends whom we miss. It is friends who take care of us and accompany us in all good and bad deeds. It is really important for us to have some amazinh friends. Also, more important is to make them feel valued. Send some wonderful good night messages to your sweet friends and wish them a happy good night. Read on to get the best messages for your friends.

    1. May your prayers reach God's angels and they immediately come down with a solution this night.....Good Night!
    2. The biggest gift this night can give to you is a sound sleep.. So, be nice and sleep tight... Good Night!
    3. Good Night to the lovely person who has given me uncountable wonderful moments....
    4. Success is not measured by how big your house is, it is measured by how you treat your friends after getting everthing..Good Night!
    5. I want you to know you are not just my best friend, you are my brother... Good Night bro!
    6. No one can be as patient and understanding as you are... you are the best buddy!!.. Good Night, take care and sweet dreams!
    7. Let's leave our problems behind and start afresh tomorrow.. till then... Take Care.. Good Night!!
    8. The moon and stars are there to tell you it's time to sleep... So, close your eyes, and dim the lights.. Good Night!!
    9. Forget all worries and pains and try to sleep peacefully, let's catch up tomorrow..... till then, Good Night!