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Birthday Mesages for Girlfriend

Birthday Messages
You are just like an angel on Earth whom I can't believe is my girlfriend. Happy Birthday my darling!
Thanks for coming in my life and also for all those beautiful moments which you brought along with you. Happy Birthday, my lovely girlfriend!
This day is of equal importance to me as the love of my life was born on this day. Happy Birthday, Princess!
Happiest Birthday to the girl who has the most beguiling eyes and the most intoxicating smile!
Happy birthday to you my dear love. You are the one who holds the string of my life.
If I ever have to live without you, I will decide to die. So, make me yours permanently. Happy birthday
I have not sent a romantic message, you know well y. On your birthday, I wish you remain happy always.
Smile on ur face makes you the prettiest in the world. So, hold it carefully as your fans are many.
Birthday Messages
I love you my sweetheart and I want to gift you the bestest things in the world. But will do it later.
My girl does not need any present from me, I know. Yet, I’m sending my heart to you. Happy birthday.
As you are growing old, you are becoming prettier than before. So, I’m careful now, will not let u run.
You are my girlfriend, and I haven’t shared this with my friend. As a token of gift I’m doing this today. HBD.
I have got my heart as a birthday gift for you. Hope you will understand its worth. Happy Birthday
Even if I am not around you physically, I’m there for you every time and everywhere. Happy birthday dear.

Birthday Mesages for Girlfriend Romantic

Happy birthday darling! To wish your birthday, I want to hold ur hand take you on a long ride and kiss you.
This is your birthday and I want to make each second of this day a special one. Hold my hand and come.
This is the day when God sent an adorable girl on this earth solely for me. Happy Birthday, your lover.
Hey cute and pretty girl, I want to live my life with you. Grow up soon, I’m desperate to marry you. HBD.
Happy Birthday my queen, today I am all for you and your wish will be my command.

Funny Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

You are my sexy beast and I love you for the same. Let’s have fun and let the hearts burn
HBD, I love you and can die for you, but don’t me my cards, can’t give you that.
Happy birthday sweetheart! At least now tell me how old you are. I will still love you.
Happy Birthday darling, I was wondering how many candles shall I place on ur cake! Plz share.
Happy Birthday dear, can I come at ur home to have some coffee and a romatic night.

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Long Distance

I can’t see your swelled eyes on ur most special day, so, I am coming to see you soon.
Happy birthday my darling! I am missing you more than you do. But, trust I was helpless.
Don’t cut and eat all cake alone, wait for me, I am coming soon to share everything.
Happy birthday, my honey! You are looking super sexy in hot red dress. See you soon.
Don’t get me wrong, it was completely not possible for me to be there. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Lover

You are not just my girl friend, but my true mate and I love you for everything.
Happy Birthday my sweetheart, you and me make of a perfect couple. Instead of giving you some gift I'm asking, please marry me.
No, you are not the most important person in my life, you the person who rules my life. Happy birthday
You are the one who introduced me to love. And now I am teaching this to others. Happy birthday my love.
Happy birthday darling, you are the cutest lady and I can share all my things with.

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend Facebook

I do not want to do this, but when I saw your childhood pics, I was unable to resist. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to my girlfriend, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Love you a lot.
I am the love of you, and I will be with you for lifetime. This is the commitment and making here. HBD
I love you my sweetheart, let's celebrate your birthday and make it memorable just like our relationship.
Happy birthday dear, I want to meet you and kiss you as soon as possible.
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