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Birthday Messages for Son

Birthday Messages for Son: It is really important to show your children how important they are to you and how much you love them. Birthday is the best day to do so.Wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful boy with the right words. Do not fret if you don't know what to write or express. Here, we have a collection best wishes, messages and images which you can easily pick and send to your son directly on whatsapp, twitter, facebook or pinterest. The messages are free of cost so share the wishes filled with abundance of love right now to your lovable son and express that you are so proud of him.

Birthday Messages for Son
Wishing you endless joy and a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday dearest son, we are so proud and blessed to have you!
Happy birthday to our dearest son, you have lit up our world with your love so pure and may you always find fondness in your heart! 
When some days are tough, your hug and kisses make it easier to pass through. Having you by our side is a very precious thing. Happy birthday son!
When you were born, that was the happiest moment of life and today when you are growing old I feel so lucky to have you grown with me. Happy birthday son!
Happy Birthday my Son! Your mum loves you a lot. 
Your birthday refreshes my memory of the day when I gave birth to you. You are still as cute and innocent as you were at that time. Love you my sweetheart, and Happy Birthday!
Wish you happy birthday my sweetheart, enjoy your day the best way. Dad loves you a lot.
You are our proud son. May you receive the best blessings of Jesus on your birthday, and our’s is always with you. Happy Birthday!
To my dearest son, you have always made us proud by your achievements and I wish that your upcoming year be the best of all. Happy birthday son!
You are the best son that we have got as a friend, thank you for always having our side dear. Happy birthday son, loads of love and luck!
Happy birthday to a friend, a good listener and an amazing kid. My dearest son may you always find a path to achieve your dreams.
You are a treasure sent from god who brings joy and happiness in our lives.
Happy birthday son!
Cheers to my son and also to a friend who always back me up.
Happy birthday son!
I am so proud of you to have you in my life, thanks for bringing love and light!
Happy birthday son!
Each year on this day you get a year older, you grow and get bolder, you have now become my shoulder, son. Happiest birthday, have a blast!
Hope this year be filled with more fun and thrill, lot of hard work and chill, loads of love our dearest son, Happiest birthday to you!
When I thought things would be very difficult for us in the future when we grow old but you made it easy for us son, Happy Birthday!
When you were you always use to scream to fulfill your demands, but today when we see you; you are mature and grown. Happy birthday, son!
Dear son, it is so joyous seeing you grow. Happy birthday and have a long life.
May your life be full of happiness and may all your dreams come true.
You have grown into a handsome young an, but for us you are still a child. Happy birthday wishes from your loving parents.
We are so happy to have a wonderful son like you. Happy birthday, dear!
May you continue to illuminate our lives with your presence. Happy birthday, dear son.
May you live a thousand years and spread happiness all around you. Happy birthday, my dear boy.
The more I see you, the more I get to have a glimpse of me in you, my son. Love you the most. Happy Birthday!
You bring so much happiness in my life and make it complete. Happy Birthday my lovely son. Have a fantastic year ahead!
I am so proud to have a child who loves us unconditionally. Proud of you. Happy Birthday, Son!!
Blow the candles and make a wish. Today, you have got one step closer to become a gentleman son. Happy Birthday!!
Thank you son for making us the best parents and always believing in us. Have a fantastic birthday!
Birthday Messages for Son
Whether you become a teenage boy or a gentleman, you will always be our little bundle of joy!! Hbd son.
I wish you happiness and luck and all your dreams get fulfill and you chose the path of success. HBD
We will give you a tight hug instead of posting pic on SM and sing songs instead of tweeting u!!
Our whole world revolves around three words- S O N because you are our world. Love you to infinity!!
Birthday Messages for Son
Dear son, now you have grown up and can face the World alone, but still remember we are with you.
The sweetness of the cake is same as the sweetness in your heart. May this sweetness always remain same!!
I had desired that my son grows taller and become a wiser person and now I’m happy u did that
We cannot express the feelings, how much blessed we are to have a son like you. HBD
Lilies are yellow, roses are red. We are ‘best parents of best son’ this is the feeling we have.

Funny Birthday Messages for Son

Who is the most special person in your life? Obviously, your children who bring happiness to your life. Their birthday is a day to celebrate and also make your children feel important. Send the most amazing birthday wishes to your wonderful son who is your bundle of joy. Here are some best greetings which can be send to your son on his birthday.

Well, growing old doesn’t only means from age or height. Grow old from mind and hearts on; wish you a very happy birthday!
To the year you can have more girlfriends than friends and more friends love than ours but remember we are the constant. Happy birthday son, have a blast!
Enjoy your life to the fullest even if that means bunk your college but score well in the end numbers matter. Happy birthday son, have a blasting and an amazing birthday!
Celebrating birthday every year difficult and finding a gift is even more. So, this birthday no gift!
Birthday Messages for Son
It’s your day, and instead of gifts I give lots of love, peace and blessings. Enjoy your day!!
Every year I wish all your dreams come true, but this year I wish all my dreams linked with come true.
Today I wanted to give you something charming, then I recalled what you will do with that. So just HBD.
Happy birthday son, plz like ur childhood nude picture on facebook. Hope u will like it.

Happy Birthday Son from Mom

As it is clearly said and seen, a son is the apple of the eye of a mother now matter how old he becomes. And if it is the birthday of your son it becomes a great reason to celebrate. This time, apart from a joyous celebration send your son a womderful message while expressing in words how much he means to you and how much you are in love with him. Choose the best message from the messages given below and make him feel loved.

What mom can ask from a son is love and togetherness. I have always wanted you as a friend so we could about your girlfriends and gossip about your dad. Happy birthday dear!
Happy birthday to my dearest son, may all your wishes come true. I wish that by years your candles on the cake would increase, and by each year your success and achievements too.
Wishing you a very happy birthday my dearest son, the greatest gift that god has given me is in the form of you, love you son!
Wondering if I was given a choice to choose I would choose you as my son forever and always. Wishing you a very happy birthday, love you son!
You are a god blessing, like rain brings fresh air your smile brings laughter at home. Hbd son.
Having a son like you makes me feel pride and honor. Wish ur each step leads to victory.
Birthday Messages for Son
I always wish that you fly high and achieve something big that makes you and I feel proud.
You are my happiness, you are someone that always comes in my dreams and realize my importance. Hbd son!!
After your marriage, you have become a man for your wife, but you will always be my child!!

Happy Birthday Messages for Son

Here is a collection of some really wonderful messages which can be send to your son on his birthday. Express how much you love your son in some wonderful words and make him feel valued this birthday.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to world’s best son. We are blessed and lucky to have you in our life!
Wishing you the world’s happiness and love to be always in your pocket. Be the best to make everyone smile and spread love. Happy birthday son!
When you were younger you use to say when I would grow up and be like you and today you say why I grew up so fast. Happy birthday to my grown up son, love you!
Our journey became beautiful when you enter into our life. You enlighten our world. Hbd son!!
No matter how old you get. You will always be our prince and remain in our hearts. Have a wonderful birthday!
You are an example of shining and brightest star in the world. I wish the same for your future!!
You are the best part of our life as you are the extraordinary and wonderful son. Happy birthday son!!
God has sent a gift to me, God has filled my life with love, Lucky to have you!!

Happy Birthday Son from Father

Fathers never openly say their heart out and express what they feel. But, on the ocassion of your son's birthday, who is actually your companion you can express your feelings. Wish your son a very remarkable birthday by sending him the best messages. Read on and find the perfect message to wish your lovely son.

For a father, son is always a person who they look up to as their future to be but with you, you are my friend. Happy birthday son!
Dong put your life in giving the best as expected to me or to anyone. You are the best and you don’t have to prove it. Happy birthday son, love you!
I am more than happy to be able to give the right values which I could see in you, thank you son for bringing so much happiness in our lives. Happy birthday!
Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest son. May with every passing year you learn a beautiful lesson to be cherished forever, loads of love son!
The day you born, I can see the mirror image of mine in you. Happy birthday, my son.
I have a desire that you always achieve your targets and live a successful life. My heartily blessings to you.
You always make me proud my son and I hope your son makes you feel proud. Because ur the best son!
You and I together will always cherish the memories forever as birthday comes once. Hbd son!!
The day you born, I have made a great achievement in my life as you are my lucky star. Hbd son!!

Religious Birthday Messages for Son

No matter how much old your son grows, he will always be your smartest and cutest boy. In order to convey him warm regards and blessings of the almighty, send your son some religious birthday messages. These messages will not only convey him your wishes but also the bless him with blessings of the almighty.

May god blesses with healthy heart and mind, your childhood is something we want to rewind. Happy birthday dearest son!
May lord Jesus help you progress your difficulties, may you also find a way to solve your problems. Happy birthday son, loads of blessings and love!
Happy birthday dearest son and a friend that god has gifted me. I would cherish and love you forever darling, may god bless you with the best!
May god shower all the blessings on you and forgives all the sins from your life. Have a blissful birthday!
God has made many beautiful creations and one is sent to me that is you. Hbd son!!
If you follow the religious path, God will make you happy and ur life easy. Hbd my son!!
For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise. I wish this from God!!
The son is a forever friend given by god and I thank God for giving me the most precious gift!!

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Who is more exceptional than our sons and daughters? What's more, what day could be a higher priority than their birthday? Recollecting the day they were conceived, when they previously entered the world powerless and befuddled, it tends to be astounding to consider how far they have come. Their birthday is a festival of their life and all that they have done and achieved up until this point. For this one day out of 365, we stop and remind ourselves to treasure what their identity is and who they're turning out to be. Find amazing birthday messages for son and wish them from all your heart, add a memory and tell it loud how much you love him.

Keep wishing and keep spreading love!

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