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Birthday Messages for Daughter

Wishing birthday to the most darling daughter is a very difficult task.A positive, charming and loving expression is needed to show love for your princess. To make hBiyer birthdayb really special the best way is to write an message full of splendor and affec tion. Don't worry if you do not know hoe to how a heart-touching message as here we have a collection of beautifully written messages, and quotes which will not only make her realize your love but also make her feel that she is the best daughter of the world. Send your wonderful daughter a message directly on whatsapp, facebook, twitter or interest and let her know how much she means to you. The messages, images and quotes are free of cost so send her beautiful wishes without worry!

Birthday Messages
Getting a glimpse of you is like seeing a thousand rainbows altogether. You are the apple of my eye my darling daughter, Happy Birthday!
May you become sweeter, lovelier and prettier each day. Happy Happy Birthday our little daughter.
My little princess is growing to become an amazing woman. Love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to my beloved daughter who deserves every happiness in life. May God bless you always!
As you are growing old, your childhood memories are getting stronger each day. Happy Birthday.
You are so sweet my little princess, I want to keep you safe and protected in my arms always. Happy Birthday
If you think your dad has become old, remind you I’m still young and can take care of you. Happy Birthday darling.
You are the one who has realized me, why girls are important for the mankind to survive. Happy Birthday from ur father.
Birthday Messages
Never think ur mom is too old to help you. Remember, I’m ur MOM and they never get so weak and old. Happy Birthday.
This for our beloved daughter, Happy-Happy and the most rewarding birthday to you. Love you sweetheart.
Happy birthday sweetheart, you are our source of happiness and light. Stay blessed and cheerful always.
Many-many happy returns of the day my sweetheart! You are a precious gift given by God.
Happy Birthday to you my little angle, you are the most precious and important person in my life.
The best gift father can give to his daughter is, his hand. My hand is there 4u always and everywhere. HBD.

Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

A daughter is a blessing in disguise by the Lord. She is the princess of the house and jewel of the family. Daughters are the source of joy of fathers and center of happiness of mothers. The birthday of your daughter is of extreme importance as it is the day on which she descended on Earth. Make her birthday unique and special this year by giving her incredibly amazing and long lasting memories. Wish your daughter a very Happy Birthday by sending a fantastic message on this birthday.

Lots of wishes to our princess on her most special day. Ur our strength and weakness both. Love you.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter, wife, mother and sister. Stay happy and spread happiness around.
Dear daughter, now when you have become a mother, you can understand what value you hold for me. HBD
We talk, we argue, we chat we fight, but from the heart we love each other the most. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
HBD my doll! When I look at you, I wonder whether I was a good mother or you were a good daughter.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

The best birthday gift for your daughter will be the one which will bring a smile on her face. No matter it is an expensive gift or a simple message all we want is to see our princess smiling. Send your daughter a very funny Happy Birthday message in order to make her happy Choose the best message given below and wish her a funny birthday today.

Happy Birthday dear, on this birthday you can ask anything from your mom, except my account details or card.
It’s your another birthday, another day to celebrate. So, for it and enjoy your day with us and other family members.
If you think on this birthday, I am going to increase ur pocket money, then I’m not. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
Happy birthday my darling! We love you a lot and want you to spend ur this year’s birthday with us at home.
Happy Birthday dear. Now, you have grown up and thus I want to share this ‘I love your brother more’

Happy Birthday Daughter from Mom

A daughter is said to be the shadow of the mother. She is considered to be the best friend of the mother. If it is the birthday of your daughter and you want to make her feel extra special on this day then express what you feel for her. Send her a message which is short and sweet. Tell her that you appreciate her and you are blessed to have her. Pick the best message in order to send to your birthday girl.

No matter how old you grow, you will always be my little princess and I will celebrate ur birthday my way.
Lots of blessings to you my little champ, I want you to become a better person than a better student.
Dear darling, this is my responsibility to take care of you. So, you enjoy ur life while I work 4u. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday my sweetheart, I wish your life remain sweeter than your birthday cake. Enjoy ur day.
Happy Birthday, today you have got all the freedom, but come home early we will wait to cut the cake.

Happy Birthday Daughter from Father

It is the birthday of your beloved daughter and you are thinking of doing something extraordinary for your her. If you are unable to figure out anything then we are there for you. Send your daughter some fantastic happy birthday quotes which will make her birthday a fruitful, joyous and enjoyable. Your words will mean a lot to her and she will become happy after seeing the kind words which will be coming from her darling father. Go ahead and send her an amazing message now!

My princess, ur the best women in my life after your mother, both of u have made my life wonderful. HBD
I am lucky that I have a daughter like you and I wish everyone should have at least one daughter. HBD
Now, you have become a big girl, but my hands are still there to hold you, when you fall. Happy Birthday
I may not be with you for the whole life, but I want you to remember my advice. Keep smiling!
I love to be the manager of your life, if you allow me to do so. Happy Birthday darling

Religious Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Are you looking for something fantastic to give to your daughter but have no idea of what to do. Well, you can give anything to your daughter but no gift will be as meaningful as the blessings of God. So, wish your daughter in a simple way by providing her the good wishes of the Lord. Send her a wonderful message and make her day truly memorable.

May God give you all the strength and happiness along with lots of success. Happy Birthday my princess.
The almighty has given you this wonderful life. Today forward thanks to him and have a good day. Ur loving mother.
I’m thankful to God that he has chosen me as ur mother. I’m proud of you. Do well stay blessed. HBD.
Ur the most beautiful daughter on this earth, may god bless you all the happiness and keep you fit.
Happy Birthday darling. Loads of wishes to you and your new family. Always be cheerful
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