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Love and friendship are two relationship that get settle at the place where they get the same.
It is wrong to expect anything from others without giving anything in return. The fruit of relationship is give and take.
Past is past, it will never turn back. So, never look at your past and regret. Look at your future like a retreat.
To get success in life, pray like god is everything and work like your efforts are everything.
When you are in love with somebody, like you like blue. But, it is important to check the dark behind the blue.
Success is not an easy thing to achieve, it comes only to those have will power to crack all barriers
In addition to maintaining smile on face, remain happy from heart as well. The real happiness comes from within.
Dark days of life are good. It gives a person time to analyze self, omit his mistakes and move forward.
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Positive attitude and faith on self are the two facets of life that can make a person to overcome any barrier.
If you have talent and skill, opportunities will knock ur door again. Do not lose heart if got fail somewhere.
If you think you are the most unfortunate person, share ur stories with other, you will find the real truth.
Diamonds are created facing immense heat and pressure. When you struggle, think ur are in process of becoming diamond.
Failure is the first step of success. So, falling or failing in life make stronger, efficient and more powerful.
Our every deed of present influence our future. So, if you have failed today you have gained experience for future.
At the end everything gets Ok, and if it is not Ok, remember it is not the end.
Do not change yourself for others if u think ur right, it is better to be hated then loved for what you are not.
Never give up in life, it is the easiest thing that only a person with a low esteem can do.
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Always talk to your elders, they have much more things to teach you then what you can ever imagine.
Children are gift of god, try to spend some time with them always, you will get the real pleasure of life.
If you want to taste the success just have faith on self and work hard to get what you want.
Never afraid from your life as life is worth living and this belief will help to create your fact.
Never forget how blessed you are so don’t be negative when you have so much to be positive about.
Happiness is key to success. If you love what you are doing you will always be successful.
The good things which happen in our life is simply just because of one thing- a positive thought.
You are never created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, defeated or unworthy. You are created to be victorious.
If you never tasted a bad apple, you cannot appreciate good apple so you have to experience life before understanding life.
Always remember when problems come into your life like a non- stop rain, then God will always be your umbrella.
You have to let the people move as everyone in your life is meant to be in journey but not to be meant to stay till the end.
You can't change the direction of the wind but you can sometimes adjust the sails to reach the destination.
When the time is good then the mistakes are taken as jokes but when the time is bad then the jokes are noticed as mistakes.
Your efforts of today make your path of tomorrow. Do things today that your future thanks you for that.
We all have two attitudes faith and fear, always keep your faith bigger than your fear, it will protect you always.
If you stuck with something, the best think you can do is, do nothing, just sit, relax and have faith on yourself
To achieve success in life work like there is not god and pray like only god can do everything
The greatness in a person does not come with what he/she has, but it comes with what they give to others.
Never have the perception that life is tough, it is easy and smooth, handle it with care, it will give you everything.
There is good in everyone, identify that and bring out the best of you and make it your strength.
A small hole in a big ship is enough to sink it completely, lack of trust in self is like the same hole.
Life is like a camera, to get beautiful pictures clicked, always have smile on face and bear positive attitude.
Spread love where you go, you will get love in return, things that bounce in life you will get what you give
Positive attitude and self-confidence both are important for a personality. It has changed many and it will change you as well.
Expecting things from other make you dependent, do not expect, instead make yourself a personality, where people expect from you.
If you see your life as difficult, the life will actually become hell, if you see it as beautiful, it will turn into spectacular.
Live your life like a king, it is your life and only you are owner of it, no one can influence it until you allow
God help those, who help themselves. So, do not leave things one god, you won’t get what you want, if you will not try.
Feel yourself lucky for what you are, god has given you everything to win every race of life.
Hard time in life teach us lot of things. So, do not get upset when you face such time comes, get ready to learn
If you have something to say to anyone, speak it up, don’t keep it inside, it make you feel heavy
Transition in personality should not be done just to change self, it can be done to bring some positivity in life.
Self-analysis is one of the best way to find out flaws in you and brush your personality.
Life is what you perceive, if you think it is hard it will be hard if you think it easy it will be easy.
Make lots of friend in your life, because the number of friend and the kind of friend you have decide what's your attitude is.
Never shy talking to new people, by talking stranger you learn new culture, new stills and develop a new attitude
People say life is hard, but I have a different opinion. For me life is what you take it as.
Money and power can earn all materialist things in the world, but respect comes only with good attitude only.
Never forget to respect your elders, there is every reason present to respect them, they are elder, experienced, skilled and have up bring you.
If you want people should smile with you, always keep the best smile on your face, you will get the same in return.
The more you work to achieve something, the more happiness you will get when you will finally achieve it.
If you'll stop thinking for the way to come out of your present situation, you will stuck there forever.
It's wrong to accept things less than what you deserve. Remember to teach people how to treat you.
If you expect people should respect you, first learn to respect others. You reap what you sow.
Falling is not bad, people who get up after falling are stronger than those who never fell
Distance does not separate people, what separate two people is the silence between them.
If you are in a bad relationship, you will feel more alone then when you were alone actually
Never forget to appreciate people for their efforts, because the greatest emotional need of a person is to feel appreciated.
Family is a gift given by God that last forever. Value in family will always keep you positive and moving
If you think god has not given you anything, just look at your family and your parents. They are the biggest asset
To be happy in life, never expect anything from anyone, but always let them expect everything from you.
You cannot do everything for everyone, but you can do something for some people to make them happy.
Carry the positive attitude in your life. This is the only secret to have a successful and in the luxurious life
God has given strength and courage to each of us, it is our responsibility to use it the best to achieve the best.
You may perceive yourself as a normal person, but for many you are an inspiration and a motivator.
Success and failure are two sides of coin both have the same worth it is just your look out that matter
Always give some time to your relationship, as this is the power booster of life and retains our energy
Negativity about things never solves any problem or make the problem disappear. It just makes you weak
Never let the negative opinion of people around you fuel your mind. The diamond live around coal and mud but it never loses its shine
Positive thoughts are the fuel of success, never let it overcome by the negative thoughts. It is worthless
It is easy to complain and blame, but what both these things give is only pain. So, never complain no blame anyone
You are the one who is responsible for everything happening in your life, shape it well and never blame anyone
All good things that happens in a person's life begins with one simple thing and that is--- the positive thought.
The bad time of your life will go off someday eventually, but the bad words said by you will stay forever
A lot of pain will automatically get out of your life, if you start thinking all positive that happened with you in the past.
There are many reasons to stay happy, pick those, instead of picking the wrong moments and remains sad.
The biggest investment of your life is not the amount you have in your bank, but the relationship you have maintained
Keep distance from those who make you negative and improve their thought on you. They will never be helpful to you
If people doesn't like the enthusiasm that you have for life, don't be bothered. It is their problem. Be happy always
In your free time always think about the positive things that have come to your life, it will bring many other positive things.
Negativity is a prison, never let your mind get into that. Keep your mind and heart fill with all the positivity.
The solution for all the problems in life is just the happiness. When you will be happy in all situations, no problem will dare to touch you.
Learn to say no to people if you are unable to do something. It is better to say no, rather to take and linger.
Do you know what the secret of beauty is! It is the smile. So, keep smiling and let others smile with you
God has gifted exceptional strength to each one of us, all we have to do is understand that strength and use it at right place.
We all live to attain happiness, but the definition of happiness is different for every individual. It is good to understand what true happiness is.
The secret of being happy, is to accept things prevailing in life, and try to make it better.
The women have been gifted with another level of strength, she can use it to create and destroy both.
It is good to keep your soft side at front, but it is also important to show your strong side at the same time.
There is no alternative or substitute of hard work, so, if you want success in your life do work and work harder.
Never opt the easy way to get success, you can be smarter but not the smartest all the time.
Honesty and truthfulness are the two facets of human nature that has the ability to change a personality and perception
You can never be alone if you are positive with your thoughts and lovable with your nature and everyone has both things within