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Inspirational Messages

Inspirational Messages: Everybody is going through ups and downs in life every day. Life has really become a competition in today's time. Every human on this Earth is busy taking part in this competition and is facing challenges in life. Well, nothing but inspiring words can help a person boost his hope and achieve something in life. One should never let any obstacle stop his/her growth or stop his journey towards success. It is inspirational words which provides hope to a person. A person can achieve anything once he is convinced that he possess that power to do so. Inspiring words help a person and fill him with a positive energy. If you also want to inspire and motivate your friends, family or loved ones to achieve something in life and are looking for the right words then you have landed at the right page. 143greetings provide you with the best collection of inspirational messages, quotes and images which you can share on any social media platform with your near and dear ones to keep them boosted with positivity. So, share with them these inspirational messages free of cost now.

  1. Have faith in God, you are blessed with enough abilities to live life the way you want.
  2. Choosing the wrong path to gain power and money has always been the shortest and easiest one, but it doesn't guarantee till what time you would be able to enjoy the same.
  3. Do what you love to do, you are born to do that and you will get what you want by doing the same.
  4. There is no shortcut to success. It's only the hard work that pays.
  5. It's not about winning or losing, it was never about that it was always about even if you lose what did you learn? Because success does not come easy.
  6. To everybody who wants to hear that �you are going to make it even if you didn't trust me that day is soon!�
  7. What remains in the end is your family, if you lose that are there, if you win you celebrate with them in every situation keep them together.
  8. Don't believe in what the world says of think positive and environment will throw back the good, say �no� challenge yourself and then say �yes� I did it!
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  10. Whenever you will choose your way, people would say you have chosen a wrong way.
  11. Impossible itself says I am possible. And it is really a fun doing impossible things.
  12. Positive people always find something good in every day.
  13. Pursue your dreams no matter what and then you will become a leader
  14. Do not het disheartened by failure. Learn from it and try to build a better future.
  15. Do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door. It is you who will have to find it.
  16. Whatever you do in life, do it with full dedication and devotion.
  17. Always believe in yourself and have the conviction that you can achieve anything in life. You would surely achieve your goal.
  18. Opportunities are endless, but you need the eye of an eagle to spot them.
  19. Do not rest until your goal is achieved.
  20. Never feel sad when you fail to achieve something. Rise up and double your efforts and success would surely come to you.
  21. Do not let fear hold you back. Tread ahead with courage and you would be successful.
  22. The world is full of new discoveries. We should be smart enough to spot them.
  23. No matter how rough the road to success is, I would keep walking on it till I achieve my goal.
  24. Hard work is the only way to success.
  25. God has given us abundant talent. We should know how to use it.
  26. Be kind to people and you will intern get kindness.
  27. If you want your knowledge to grow share it with others.
  28. Never stop believing in yourself. Only those people rise to the top who believe in themselves.
  29. Every day is a new day. It is up to you to decide how to spend it.
  30. A positive mindset is the path to success. So dispel negativity and embrace positivity.
  31. Every goal is achievable provided you have the persistence and put in the hard work to achieve it.
  32. If you have made a dream, pursue it till you achieve it. Never back off.
  33. Achieving success or facing failure depends on our attitude. Keep a positive attitude and you would surely move mountains.
  34. Do not wait for inspiration to strike you. You have to go after it if you want to be successful.
  35. If you are optimistic chances are that you would be successful. So drive away pessimism from you mind and always be optimistic.
  36. If you really love what you are doing, you will never falter.
  37. Do not think that you have become too old to do something. Just do your work because success can come at any age.
  38. If you have a dream, chase it with determination and conviction and do not rest till you turn it into reality.
  39. If there is anyone in this world who has the power to change your life, it is you and no one else.
  40. Do not put off things for tomorrow, because tomorrow will never come. Just start right away and with determination if you really want to be successful.
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  42. It is not easy to achieve success; you have to really work hard for it. So get going right away.
  43. It is attitude that determines whether we would be successful or would fail to realise our dreams. So, keep a positive attitude and you would surely get success.
  44. Life is not a bed of roses. You have to put in a whole lot of efforts to make your dreams come true. So stay committed to your dreams and success would surely come to you.
  45. Do not be disheartened if you fail; keep on working hard and one day you would surely become successful.
  46. If you really want to turn your dreams into reality then work hard, be determined and consistent and your dreams will come true.
  47. Time is nobody's friend. It will move at its pace and you need to run along with it. If you sit down to take rest, you will be left behind.
  48. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, for it is positivity that would enable you to achieve success.
  49. Never be afraid of failures. Failure is the first step towards success. So keep on working till you achieve your goal.
  50. If you really want to turn your dreams into reality then work hard with dedication and single minded focus.
  51. If there is anybody in the world who can change your life it is you. so, go ahead, work hard and change your life for the better.
  1. It is only the weak ones who whine. The strong ones take failure in their stride and make more efforts to achieve their dreams. So do not be afraid of failures; strive hard to turn your dreams into reality.
  2. Love and friendship are two relationship that get settle at the place where they get the same.
  3. It is wrong to expect anything from others without giving anything in return. The fruit of relationship is give and take.
  4. Past is past, it will never turn back. So, never look at your past and regret. Look at your future like a retreat.
  5. When you are in love with somebody, like you like blue. But, it is important to check the dark behind the blue.
  6. Success is not an easy thing to achieve, it comes only to those have will power to crack all barriers
  7. In addition to maintaining smile on face, remain happy from heart as well. The real happiness comes from within.
  8. Dark days of life are good. It gives a person time to analyze self, omit his mistakes and move forward.
  9. Positive attitude and faith on self are the two facets of life that can make a person to overcome any barrier.
  10. If you have talent and skill, opportunities will knock ur door again. Do not lose heart if got fail somewhere.

Inspirational Quotes for Work

It is really important to praise your co-workers or employees in the office space. Inspiration, praise and motivation is what keeps them active and going ahead. Once there occurs lack of inspiration the work production of employees becomes slow and even the relations with co-workers start getting malicious as a suspicious negativity starts emerging. So, in order to inspire people at work and increase positivity in them send them wonderful quotes which are extremely inspirational. These quotes will surely help them do better at work place.

  1. Feel lucky that you have something to work. It will keep you active and fit.
  2. One should work to achieve goals not credit. Credit will follow the success automatically.
  3. Keep working the best you can, it will take you to your destination one day for sure.
  4. Don't work for salary, instead work for self-improvement. It will take you on the success path.
  5. Don't engage yourself in work that you don't love, it will kill ur creativity. Do what you love, you'ill find your destiny.

Short Inspirational Messages

Sometimes some people don't understand meaningful words. They are too tired or full of negativity that they ignore what good things are being told to them. At that time it becomes really important that one should feed them with some extremely inspirational words. One should send short inspirational messages to their friends, family and loved ones when they find them demotivated or extremely negative. Send the best and short inspirational messages free of cost to near and dear ones just by a single click.

  1. Life is short, live it with fun. Remain alive as you are always young.
  2. Life is all about how you take it. Take it positively and fill it with happiness.
  3. It is never too late to start something new, if you are young by your heart.
  4. When you start feeling everything around you is getting negative! It is the time to go for self-assessment.
  5. Don't waste time. It is the most precious thing. Use ur every second for self-improvement.

Inspirational Messages for Friends

Friends are one of the most important people in life. At times they act like your family members and also as teachers. Sometimes some friends get disheartened because of certain problems which they face every day in life. During such times, it becomes your responsibility to say some motivating words to your friends. When you realize your friend is at his/her lowest you should send some inspirational messages to him/her. Here, we have a fantastic collection of messages which you can send to your friends and inspire them now.

  1. whenever you feel you are alone, turn back and check you, will find me around.
  2. Friend is the relation made by choice. Therefore, it is always nice and wise.
  3. Without friends our life would be monotonous and boring. Make as many friends as you can.
  4. Friends in life are like stars in the sky, make your life beautiful adding friends like the sky.
  5. You understand the importance of friends during dark days just like stars twinkles the most during the dark moon.

Inspirational Messages for Her

Sometimes people forget how amazing this life is. People get disheartened when they receive failures at times. If your girl is one of those peeps then worry not. You can always inspire her by some amazing words. Send your girl some inspirational messages and quotes and make her realize how beautiful life is. Tell her by pour words that she can do everything she wants and can achieve everything in life. Send the best inspirational messages to your girl from our collection and motivate her to do her best.

  1. If social norms are pulling you, it is better to break it instead of stepping back.
  2. Every woman has one thing inspiration that is dedication. It just needs to be used in the right way.
  3. Only women have the power to turn even the most negative time into positive time.
  4. When you encounter a problem that has no immediate solution � smile like a baby
  5. You know only you are the best person to solve your problem, no one else.

Inspirational Messages for Him

Life can become really difficult for some people at times because of several situations which people face. For some it becomes really difficult to get back to normal as they get surrounded by extreme negativity. If your boy has lost his hopes and is unable to keep himself motivated then you should surely send him some extremely inspirational messages. Here, at 143greetings we have an astonishing collection of inspirational messages which you can send to your boyfriend, brother, husband or friend and bring great amount of positivity in their life.

  1. Don't let failure depress you. Instead, learn from it � it is the best teacher one can ever have.
  2. Family time is the most important time as it rejuvenates you. So, spend quality time with family.
  3. Never treat the woman in your life as slave. Treat her as princess and she will make you the King.
  4. Only those men are called as successful who have a good professional position as well as a family to love.
  5. Hiding emotions is not the symbol of strength, but it's the sign of cowardice.

Inspirational Messages for Students

Students get demotivated easily once they come across a failure in life. They should be taught that life is all about ups and downs. Students in today's time are taught just to compete, they are not taught how to achieve. It is really important to boost the morale of the students and praise them whenever they achieve something. It is also important to teach them to embrace their failures and move ahead of them. Send some best inpisrational messages to students who are really in need of some inspiring words. You can share these messages free of cost so share as much as you want.

  1. When you strive to become successful. It's not just you who will reap the benefit, but there will be many.
  2. The world is in need of leaders. Learn and understand things and become one of them.
  3. After the end of student life, you will never get such opportunity to learn things. So, enjoy the time.
  4. Students are the creator of any society. Be a good student and built a better society.
  5. Life will test you time to time to check your strength. So, don't be scared of hurdles, it is for boosting your potency.

Spiritual Inspirational Messages

Inspiration can come from anything but the true inspiration in a person comes when he/she becomes connected to his/her soul. It is extremely important that a person should realize that spirit plays a major role in life. It is your spirit which helps you to hold on during difficult times. If any of your friend, co-worker or loved one has lost all hopes and gets inspired by nothing then it's time to awaken his/her spirit. Send some best spiritual messages to your near and dear ones from our collection and keep them motivated and full of positive vibes.

  1. The moment you start believing in God, you will find him with you always.
  2. God gives you what you desire for most desperately.
  3. In addition to comparing yourself with affluent people. Sometime compare yourself with people who have nothing. You will feel thankful.
  4. No negativity can suppress the positivity that god gives to their children.
  5. Try to become the favorite child of God, you will never be sad.

Inspirational Messages for All

There are times in life when one gets sucked out of all the happiness and feels that he/she has nothing left. At that time a person feels the lowest. It is the time to lift the spirits up of a person during his/her low. Sending inspirational messages to your friends and family is the best way to recharge them and re-create positivity in their life. Here at we have a fabulous collection of some inspirational messages. Send these amazing messages to your closed ones and motivate them to be happy and achieve something great in life.

  1. If you think you are the most unfortunate person, share ur stories with other, you will find the real truth.
  2. Diamonds are created facing immense heat and pressure. When you struggle, think ur are in process of becoming diamond.
  3. Failure is the first step of success. So, falling or failing in life make stronger, efficient and more powerful.
  4. Our every deed of present influence our future. So, if you have failed today you have gained experience for future.
  5. At the end everything gets Ok, and if it is not Ok, remember it is not the end.
  6. Do not change yourself for others if u think ur right, it is better to be hated then loved for what you are not.
  7. Never give up in life, it is the easiest thing that only a person with a low esteem can do.
  8. Always talk to your elders, they have much more things to teach you then what you can ever imagine.
  9. Children are gift of god, try to spend some time with them always, you will get the real pleasure of life.
  10. If you want to taste the success just have faith on self and work hard to get what you want.
  11. Never afraid from your life as life is worth living and this belief will help to create your fact.
  12. Never forget how blessed you are so don't be negative when you have so much to be positive about.
  13. Happiness is key to success. If you love what you are doing you will always be successful.
  14. The good things which happen in our life is simply just because of one thing- a positive thought.
  15. You are never created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, defeated or unworthy. You are created to be victorious.
  16. If you never tasted a bad apple, you cannot appreciate good apple so you have to experience life before understanding life.
  17. Always remember when problems come into your life like a non- stop rain, then God will always be your umbrella.
  18. You have to let the people move as everyone in your life is meant to be in journey but not to be meant to stay till the end.
  19. You can't change the direction of the wind but you can sometimes adjust the sails to reach the destination.
  20. When the time is good then the mistakes are taken as jokes but when the time is bad then the jokes are noticed as mistakes.
  21. Your efforts of today make your path of tomorrow. Do things today that your future thanks you for that.