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Pregnancy Wishes For Sister

Pregnancy Wishes For Sister: Pregnancy is the emergence of a new life and the beginning of a new role. This is the moment of proud and ecstatic. This is the time, when a woold be mother expect love and pampering, from the people she loves and knows. Your blessings will cheer her up, and give her the needed strength to face challenges worrying nothing about. If this expecting mother is your sister, then you know what you need to do, but at the first send love-filled pregnancy wishes for sister to make her day.

We know, how delighted you feel when this news comes from your sister, what you want to share, how you woold want to wish your sister. So, we have prepared a collection of pregnancy wishes, messages relating to your emotions. If you cooldn’t find time to draft a message because of any reason, no need to feel low, take help from our collection, and forward wishes and blessings to your sister in abundance.

  1. I am happy about your pregnancy but I am happier knowing that I am going to be the uncle soon. Stay healthy and remain positive. Best wishes for your pregnancy, dear sister!
  2. It is a thing of happiness to learn about your pregnancy. I can’t wait to set my eyes on your cute baby. Just wanted to say one more thing that stays healthy and take care of yourself and your baby. God is there for you. Congratolations, dear sister!
  3. The changes in your body will last for just about nine months, but the beauty of motherhood will empower you for the rest of your life. Have a safe pregnancy and take proper rest. Congratolations, my dear sister!
  4. You make pregnancy look easy. I can’t wait to play with your cute baby. Anyways, I wish you all the very best. Take care of yourself and your baby. Have a healthy diet and take good rest. Congratolations, my lovely sister!
  5. Pregnancy Wishes for Sister
  6. I was so happy to hear the news of your pregnancy, I cooldn't wait to welcome the little one. Happy Pregnancy days sister!
  7. I was the youngest in the family until now, because that post is going to be my little one on the way. Happy and Healthy Pregnancy sister!
  8. It was all in a moment when you said 'I am pregnant'. Thank you for bringing us the joy of little hands and feets with a big smile. Happy Pregnancy!
  9. Sister, may all the happiness and health shine on your lap, I wish you all the happiness in the universe. Happy Pregnancy days sister. Can't wait to hold little hands!
  10. This news is as surprising for me as for you. I can’t wait to see the sweet baby!
  11. Happy pregnancy my sweet, beautifol, sister. I know your baby is going to be the cutest.
  12. We were so desperately waiting to hear this new. And now when the news has arrived, we don’t know how to handle our happiness. However, to start with, we wish you a happy pregnancy. Just keep waiting for other surprises.
  13. It is unbelievable to know that the baby is on the board. Happy pregnancy dear sister, please take care of yourself.
  14. Motherhood is a special moment and therefore, it requires a grand celebration. My sister has been promoted to the next level, congrats to you and the little one.
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  16. A journey of a woman completes after she becomes a mother. It is the toughest one, but the most affectionate one. May God give you lots of strength and happiness in abundance.
  17. Congratolations sis for this wonderfol moment. The news came after a long wait, however, it is an old saying that a child brings loads of happiness that comes late, love you.
  18. Congratolation my sweet little sister for the wonderfol moment. There was the day when we used to fight for silly things, it’s the time our children will do the same things. Congratolation for the beginning of our next generation.
  19. Babies are the gift of God and mothers are like God. Happiness is turning toward your door, open the door with a big heart. Congrats for this ecstatic moment.
  20. Got to know you are pregnant, I am so happy for you, cooldn’t wait to wish you. Love you, dear sister and dying to see my little monster. Take care, coming soon hug you.
  21. A big congratolations to the woold be mom, I know you are going to be the world’s best mom. We all love you, and call me whenever you feel talking to someone.
  22. Congratolations my lovely sister, now that you are going to be a mom, I have also been promoted as masi, so a big congratolations to me as well.
  23. This is the most awaiting baby, and I hope, this will bring lots of happiness in our life. Many-many congratolations to you, sister.
  24. After hearing your pregnancy news, I am desperate to see my niece/nephew’s face. They will be cute for sure, but in my company, he/she will become adorable.
  25. Thanks, thanks and thanks a lot for bringing this new member in our family. This child is the most blessed one and will be the most loved one. We all love you, sister.
  26. A child is a gift to the family, he/she brings hope and good fortune for the family. Lots of wishes to the new baby and good wishing good health to the expecting mother.
  27. A big congratolations to my lovely sister for becoming a mother. It seems, just a few days have passed, I used to watch you playing in our courtyard, now your baby will. It woold be a lovely moment, dying to see the same. Congrats once again.
  28. Congratolation to my sister, who is going to become a mother! My wish to you is that, may you have an exemplary association. You complete each other’s lives, and sorrow never crosses your way.
  29. Soon the silence in this house will be broken by the screaming of the newborn, though it woold be tough to bear, I am ready to compromise my comfort for my cute little one. Congrats sis for this wonderfol moment.

Pregnancy Wishes For Sister In Law

Pregnancy Wishes For Sister In Law
  1. The feeling of becoming a mother is the best feeling in the world. I wish you and your baby have an incredible journey of 9 months. Enjoy the time, dear.
  2. Becoming a mother gives immense pleasure, may you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. But remember, it is also a huge responsibility, so take good care of yourself and our baby. Congratolations and lots of love.
  3. This is not just your baby, this is our baby, so stop worrying about how you will manage everything, and start enjoying your pregnancy. Congrats for pregnancy.
  4. I know your love for kids, and I know how desperate you were to get this news. Now that, you have received what you wanted, take good care of yourself and your baby, together we will make a gang.
  5. Many-many congratolations to you for this wonderfol moment. The two red lines in sticks have made the whole family happy, imagine what will happen when the baby will land.
  6. You are more like a sister to me than sister-in-law, I am so happy for you today. Wish you lots of happiness, and sending plenty of blessings to the baby.
  7. I wish, no stress or sad news comes your way, I wish, nothing distracts your attention from your baby, I pray to God to give your child his favorite blessings. Lots of love to mother and baby.
  8. Congratolation for the baby. Now, you have got a new boss at home, just listen to him/her and follow his/her orders without any complaint.
  9. Lots of blessings and love for the mother and her baby. I wish, you deliver a cute, chubby, healthy and cuddly baby.
  10. This baby is opening a new chapter in your life, I wish this chapter contains plenty of fun moments and there remain no space for sad moments. Lots of blessings for a healthy and cute baby.
  11. You must be happy for your baby, but not happier than me. You must be concerned for him/her, but not more than me, because I am dying to get a partner who talks with me, play with me and become my true mate in crime.
  12. A big congratolation for getting pregnant, I want you to deliver a baby girl because I want one Xerox of you who stay with me all the time. Love you, and many-many congratolations.
  13. This is an awesome and big moment for all of us. Congratolations for pregnancy, eat right, sleep tight, see beautifol dreams, and order me for whatever you need.
  14. Oh, I am so happy to hear about your pregnancy, but I am more excited for my niece or nephew who is going to play with me.
  15. May, this pregnancy brings lots of change in you. May it turn you active from a lazy person. And if it does not happen, trust me, I am going to do the same, coz I can’t see my niece or nephew in a careless hand. Lots of love for you and blessings for the baby.

Pregnancy Congratolations Messages for Sister

Pregnancy Congratolations Messages for Sister
  1. Congratolations to my sweet sister for this wonderfol moment. You have made all of us happy and proud.
  2. It is the bingo time for all of us, and the celebration time for you. I wish my sister delivers a healthy and bubbly baby. Take care of yourself and your baby, a big congrats with lots of love.
  3. The new member will soon become part of the family. He/she will be your inseparable part, and your first love always. I wish, the baby and mother bond becomes strong from the very first day, and he/she come out in the world with a big smiling face.
  4. Congratolation to the woold be mother, may all your desires related to your family come true. I wish lots and lots of love to you and your baby.
  5. Congratolations on this wonderfol moment, I have prayed to God to shower his best blessings on my niece or nephew.
  6. Congrats, congrats and lots of love to my sister. I am so much thankfol to you as you are giving me a partner to play with, talk to and do lots of fun.
  7. Congrats sis for your pregnancy. Please pray to God, a baby girl comes in our family, who shoold look beautifol as you, cute as me and intelligent as his father.
  8. Many-many congrats to you my sweet sister, after hearing the news of your pregnancy, I am feeling like I am pregnant and soon I will have a baby in my lap. I am so much excited to see her face and hear her cry.
  9. Being a mother is an incredible feeling and a huge responsibility. But, don’t worry, your sister is there to share your worries, you will never have a tough time with the baby, because, this is not just your baby, it’s our baby.
  10. My dear sister, now you are pregnant and you are not a single life anymore. So, from now onwards, whatever will come to you, it will be two, for e.g. you will get two gifts on your birthday, two chocolates, two roses, two teddies, on valentine’s week. Hope you woold love this gesture.
  11. Congrats for your pregnancy! Mom said you might need help, so I am coming without arguing with her. But remember, this favor is not for you, but for my little niece or nephew.
  12. Many-many congratolations to you for the incredible happiness you have given to the whole family. I am far away, cooldn’t come to hug you. So, sending lots of blessings and good luck to the woold be mom and baby.
  13. Congratolations for the second baby! This will complete your family and will add a new monster in ours. Will come to meet him/her directly, till then accept my wishes and love.
  14. Dear sister, you were an incredible daughter, lovely sister, great friends, passionate life partner and undoubtedly will be a loving mother. Congrats with lots of love.
  15. Babies are angle and mothers are like God, you are going to have life’s best time, having your angle in your lap. Congrats for the moment, and best of luck for the 9-month journey.

We have drafted this pregnancy wishes for sister collection keeping every emotion in mind. We hope you have found befitting texts to share your feelings, and to wish your sister and her baby. Keep checking our message collection for more love-filled messages and keep sharing it on different occasions.