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Propose Day Messages

Propose Day Messages: Propose Day is the second day of Valentine's week. It is celebrated every year on February 8. On this day lovers propose or confess their love for each other. It is the day to let your loved ones know how you feel for them. Telling or expressing in front of someone what you feel deeply in your heart may be difficult. We understand that it is not at all easy to put your feelings into words. Well, worry not as we have done the difficult task for you. We have collected the best Propose Day messages especially for you. Choose the best message to send to your friend or lover and express what you feel for him/her. You can directly share these messages on any social media platform including WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. So, go ahead and share now.

  1. No one else could have done it, but you've turned me into one of the world's luckiest people. I desire to spend my entire life with you. My dear, happy proposal day!
  2. I don't require additional motivation to live as long as you are by my side. You hold the key to my life, my love, and my future. Happy proposal day!
  3. It's already a blessing to have you here next to me. My dear, I wish you a wonderful proposal day.
  4. My dear love, happy proposal day. I commit to keep you pleased and secure till my last breath.
  5. Your aura attracts me like no other. Your beautiful soul makes me crave for more time with you. I will be happy to take more journeys with you. Will you be my partner?
  6. Where were you all these years? I have wasted my time searching for you and met many in the course but none were special. Now, will you be mine?
  7. You have been my crush for a long time and also a good friend. It won’t be fair if even now I don’t express my feelings. Will you please be mine, forever?
  8. This valentine’s I want to share my feelings. My heart is filled with your memories and wants to be yours forever. Will you be my valentine?
  9. May I bend on my knees, take your hand and hold my breath to listen to your yes? If yes, I’m coming, keep your door open! Happy Propose Day!
  10. Happy propose day my darling! You are so lovely that I want to propose you every day!
  11. Accept me or reject me, but I will keep loving you all my life. Happy Propose Day, dear. I love you! Do you?
  12. Please hold my hand tight for the rest of my life. I love you, Do you?
  13. Propose Day Messages
  14. Today was the day when I proposed to you, and you accepted me as your partner. From that very day, the propose day has become one of the best days of my life. Happy Propose Day to you, my lovely wife!
  15. Happy propose day, to you my love! This day has become one of my favourites from the time you have said yes.
  16. Do you know why I wish you propose day even now? Because this reminds me of the time when you nodded in ‘Yes’.
  17. Only one person is made for every single to spend a lifetime. I got the same on the last year propose day. Happy Propose day and to our love anniversary, sweetheart!
  18. The day I saw you I knew I would want spend rest of my life with you. Be mine forever baby?
  19. From ups and downs to twist and turns, from Chinese and Italian to restaurants and street foods, Grow old with me baby?
  20. As long as I wish to live in this world, I want to live it with you baby. Would you spend rest of your life with me?
  21. The day when you and me will finally turn into “we”. Proposing you was my dream, would you be mine forever darling?
  22. What’s on the Menu? Me-n-U. You complete us, Will you be my valentine this Valentine’s? Happy Propose Day.
  23. Expressing my love for you is difficult but trust me you are only one I need in my life. Would you be mine forever?
  24. I could have not thought of anyone other than you, you are my happy place. Would you give me this happiness forever?
  25. You give me the kind of feelings that people write about in their novels. Be my happy ending?
  26. I can’t think of spending a day without you. I love you sweetheart. May we always remain together. Happy Propose Day!
  27. Sweetheart, I want to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. Happy Propose Day, babes!
  28. When I saw you it was love at the first sight. So lucky to have you in my life. Happy Propose Day!
  29. The biggest moment of my life was when I proposed to you and you said yes. Happy Propose Day!
  30. You have given a new meaning to my life sweetheart. Today I propose to you to be mine always. Happy Propose Day!
  31. Every moment without you seems like ages. May we never part sweetheart. Happy Propose Day!
  32. Today I profess my love for you from the bottom of my heart. Always be mine. Happy Propose Day, sweetheart
  33. I do not know what life would have been if it was not for you. It is you who have filled my life with light. Happy Propose Day!
  34. Today I kneel down in front of the most beautiful woman in the world and make a proposal. Would you be mine for ever. Happy Propose Day, sweetheart!
  35. All I want is your company for the rest of my life. Happy Propose Day!
  36. Growing old with you will be the greatest gift that God can give me. Happy Propose Day!
  37. All I have ever wanted from life is to always have you by my side. Happy propose Day!
  38. The world becomes so lifeless without you. Be mine forever. Happy Propose Day!
  39. I love you, I miss you and I adore you. I want you in my life forever. Happy Propose Day!
  40. You aren't the one I want to stay with you are the one without whom I can't stay... Happy Propose Day!!
  41. What will happen if I stole your heart and you stole mine?........ Happy Propose Day!!
  42. I want to say that I have fallen in love with you so deeply.. Will you be mine?... Happy Propose Day!
  1. You came into my life and turned it into a blissful.. Love you.... Happy Propose Day!!
  2. Remembering the time when you hold my hand and said those magical words.... Happy Propose Day hubby!!
  3. I have no words to define my love for you.. all I can say is.. Will you marry me?... Happy Propose Day!
  4. If I hold your hand and take you to a wonderful land, will you come with me?........... Happy Propose Day!!
  5. Happy Propose Day wifey.. Love you now and forever................Happy Propose Day!!
  6. My eyes are eagerly waiting to see you near me forever.... Will you be mine?... Happy Propose Day!
  7. Happy Propose Day to the only girl I want to be with today, tomorrow and forever.. Love you!
  8. All I want in life is to be with you... Will you be mine forever and ever?...............Happy Propose Day!

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Propose Day for Girlfriend

You may have fallen in love with your girlfriend way before and must have confessed your love for her. She may have reciprocated but have you ever asked her out or send her a proper proposal? If not then this Propose Day don't lose your chance. Go ahead and propose your girlfriend in the best possible way. Send the best messages to your girl on Propose Day and win her heart forever. If you are unable to find the right words for her then worry not as 143greetings has the best ever collection of Propose Day messages which you can send to your girlfriend. Read on and share now.

Propose Day for Girlfriend
  1. I don't know from when I started loving you! Today I’m expressing my feelings and want your answer. I love you!
  2. You mean the life to me and I don't want my life to go out of me. Will you marry me?
  3. Together we make a great couple, please join me in my wedding as my partner. Love you.
  4. The Bells are ringing in my heart and my mind is out of control. Say it, if ur feeling the same or I take backdoor.
  5. On this propose day, I confess I love you the most my girl, will you be my partner for whole life?
  6. You have beauty, I have the brain. The combination of beauty and brain is the deadly one. Let's make it.
  7. Every beauty deserves a praiser. Plz allow me to become your praiser for the lifetime
  8. Whenever I look into your eyes, I fell deep into it. Love you my sweetheart tell me if you will become my partner?
  9. You have made me understand the love’s definition. Let's get together and make the world fall in love.
  10. I want to hold your hand and say I love you and want to marry you? Plz accept my proposal.
  11. Happy propose day my love. I love you a lot and I want to marry you, will you?
  12. Proposing you for marriage was in mind for a long time, but I was waiting for this day. Will you?
  13. I like you and I am liking you from the first day of college. Will you be my love?
  14. Can we extend our friendship to a new level? Will you be my girlfriend and share life with me?
  15. I remember ur expression when I proposed you to become my GF. I want to see the same expression again. So will you marry me?
  16. Will you marry me my love? Let’s give a new definition to our relationship and make it eternal.
  17. I have decided, I want to spend all my live you, holding hands, dreaming together and shaping the future.
  18. Now I realize my heart can safely stay in your heart! Plz accept my proposal to be mine forever.
  19. In this propose day, I want to know do you love me? Plz don’t say no, I will die.
  20. If you don’t want to be blamed for the death of a cute boy, then accept my proposal and become my girlfriend.

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Propose Day for Boyfriend

Proposing someone is one of the toughest works in life. When you confess your feelings in front of someone you have to ensure that everything goes right. If you want to propose your guy but are facing difficult about how to do it or what to say then worry not. Here at we have compiled the best messages which you can send to your boyfriend in order to propose to him and tell him how much he means to you. All the best and go ahead to make his day really special.

Propose Day for Boyfriend
  1. You are the one without whom I cannot think of living. Please accept my proposal and become mine forever.
  2. Just like food and water, you are also the basic necessity of my life. I want to make you my partner forever, please say yes!
  3. When we are together, the world jealous. B ut, when we are apart our heart burn. so let's be together for whole life.
  4. We are so perfect together that we have started complementing each other. I love you sweetheart!
  5. Its been 10 years of our marriage, still I feel I should get married to you one more time. Will you marry me?
  6. Our bonding is so strong that even marriage failed to break it. Love you and love me always.
  7. We are no longer a couple, still I would not stop proposing you as I love to see your expression. I love you, do you love me?
  8. On this propose day I would like to ask you only one question, what shall I do to make you my life partner?
  9. I have dedicated my childhood to my parents and I want to dedicate my young age to you and be with you always.
  10. If I will ask you to spend some time with me, would you hold my hand and say yes I am coming!

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Propose Day SMS

February 8th is a great day to spend Propose Day, whether you're dating or not. We have put together a fantastic selection of texts for you to send to your loved ones to express your affection.

Propose Day SMS
  1. My love, you brightened every moment of my existence. Will you always be there for me?
  2. The best thing in the world is love, and I've always wished to be loved by you. Happy proposal Day, sweetheart!
  3. I want to spend eternity with you today, tomorrow, and eternity. With all of my heart, I desire you! Be my forever, please!
  4. Never a moment goes by that I don't remember you. I adore you a lot. Could you be mine?
  5. When I was seeking a purpose in life, God then showed you to me. And I understood where my true home is! Happy Propose Day, my soulmate.
  6. Asking someone you love to spend the rest of their life with you is the sweetest thing in the world. Greetings on Propose Day to everyone out there!
  7. My perspective has been so drastically altered by you that I can no longer picture my life without you. I want you to be in my life always! Happy Propose Day!
  8. I realize that eternity is a very long period of time, but my love, I want to be with you eternally.
  9. Before I met you, the days and nights were gloomy. The sun shines so brightly every day because of you! Happy proposal day to you!
  10. If I had never seen you in my life, it would be unfortunate. But if I don't hold your hands for the rest of my life, it will be a shame. Will you be mine forever?

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Happy Propose Day

It is a day for couples to declare their love for one another publicly. For single people, it is a day to socialize with friends and make fun of one another. Enjoy yourself however you choose to spend Propose Day! Here are a few suggestions for touching messages and sending them with greetings, gifts, or through social media.

Happy Propose Day
  1. I struggle to put into words how I feel about you. Before I begin my trip through life, all I wish to do is hold your hands! Happy Proposal Day.
  2. I've had a major crush on you for a long time, but today I'm going to ask you out. Will you be my Valentine forever?
  3. Although I'm unsure of what tomorrow may need of me, I do know that today, my heart won't let you go. Hold on to me! Happy Proposal Day.
  4. Please keep me as your Valentine forever. A very happy proposal day to you!
  5. Roads are there to transport you somewhere. But when they all point you in the direction of one individual, that person is unique! Will you be mine forever?
  6. You are with me despite knowing about my flaws and fears. I'll constantly cherish you. Happy day to propose!
  7. You brighten my days and complete me. Happy day to propose!
  8. You are my life's soundtrack. With you in it, everything became like sweet music. I cannot seem to get enough of the melody of your laugh. Happy day to propose!
  9. I've improved as a person because I love you. I want to live out my days with you. Happy day to propose!
  10. I vow to you and me today that our love will last forever. My sweetheart, Happy Propose Day!

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Propose Wishes for a Girlfriend

On Valentine's Day, lovers worldwide search for the ideal words to convey their feelings to one another. Send happy and romantic propose day messages from our collection to your girlfriend on this special day, and watch her melt.

Propose Wishes for a Girlfriend
  1. Will you be my partner for the rest of your life? I swear we'll end up making every moment of life full of joy. Happy Propose Day!
  2. I want to share my feelings with you today and let you know how much you mean to me. Your smile makes my day brighter. Happy Propose Day, Dear!
  3. You don't find love; it finds you. The thing that finds you is love! I want to stay at your side till the day stars in the sky. Happy Propose Day
  4. Never a moment goes by that I don't think of you. I adore you a lot! Will you ever be mine?
  5. From the moment I initially saw you, my affection for you has only strengthened. Would you like to be with me always?
  6. Right after we first spoke, I knew you were my dream girl. Gratitude to you for enhancing my life with your presence. Happy proposal day
  7. Would you swear for me that today and always, you will be standing beside me on this particular day? Happy proposal day
  8. I really would like to tell you now that I'd love to spend my golden years with you. Will you be my lifelong companion? Happy proposal day
  9. Our love story is the most heartwarming of all the love stories in the world. Being a part of this love tale makes it sweet. You and I together always? You have my undying love.
  10. One word that sums up everything we do together for each other is love. I fell in love with you when I saw you; from that, I started to believe in fairytale love stories. Happy Propose Day to my fairy.

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Heart-Touching Love Proposal Quotes

The finest method to convey your love is through words, which you may do at any age. Nothing affects someone as much as inspirational words. We found several for you because we know how difficult it may be to write them. The finest approach to expressing your feelings and making your partner feel unique is with one of the love quotes below.

Heart-Touching Love Proposal Quotes
  1. Love and a red rose can't be hid. – Thomas Holcroft
  2. I love you very much, probably more than anybody could love another person. -Henry, 50 First Dates
  3. I love you so, so much. I want to make you happy for me to even have a shot at being happy. Will you marry me? - He's Just Not That Into You
  4. You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love. I love...I love you. And I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. - Pride & Prejudice.
  5. Make of our hands, one hand. Make of our hearts, one heart. Make of our vows, one last vow. Only death will part us now. - Natalie Wood.
  6. When you wake up in the morning, I promise I will be there every time with you. - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.
  7. You are the first boy I have ever kissed, and I want you to be the last. - Sweet Home Alabama
  8. I love you even without knowing how, why, or even from where. - Patch Adams
  9. When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally, 1989
  10. I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  11. Cause the whole world stops and stares for a while when you smile. Cause girl, you're amazing, just the way you are! - Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

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The main goal of proposal day is to show your love for the person you are proposing to. You must take advantage of the opportunity to express your feelings on this particular day, whether you want to pop the question or just let your partner know how you feel about them. Valentine's Week's second day is "propose day." It cannot be easy to express your love for someone, but it is important to do so to let them know how significant they are to you. This day is ideal if you have been waiting for the opportunity to express your love to the love of your life. You can go above and beyond and arrange a lovely evening for them or write a charming note to charm them. Listed above are some thoughts, words, quotes, messages, and SMS that you can share with the people you care about to assist you with this chore. Happy Propose Day and have a wonderful Valentine's Week, everyone!