Last Updated:Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Funny Quotes

  • Your teeth’s life is shorter than you, so smile as much as you can before it leaves you permanently
  • Don’t worry! I will keep your secrets safe, because I didn’t hear what you said
  • I am lazy, my way of living life is different from you.
  • I am blessed with funny friends and I think I will have a stress free life
  • To become a successful liar you have to have a good memory, if you don’t have that, don’t lie to people until necessary.
  • I talk to myself when there is no one around. It gives me satisfaction at least one person listen to me carefully.
  • I have the habit of taking a rest before I get tired, don’t know why people call me lazy.
  • Common sense is the collection of experiences and sadly I do nothing and so have no experience
  • Every day when I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for gifting me such rich and wonderful parents
  • If you will take your life too seriously, it will leave you on bed in a serious condition and you will never be out of it.

Short Funny Quotes

  • Funny things make you laugh hard and still people seriously say stay away from funny things
  • Being funny does not mean I can make you laugh anytime anywhere
  • If life seem so funny to you, better you call comedians and know what life they live
  • The simplest way to live life is breath in and out and leave all your worries on those who seriously think about you
  • If you want to forget some pain of life, get a large peg and have it before going to bed.

Funny Quotes and Sayings

  • Why mobile called as cell phone, because it will make its user a prisoner.
  • Whenever I believe in myself, I start doubting on my abilities again.
  • I am not a difficult person to understand, it just that people don’t understand me who the hell I am
  • Whenever I try to convince myself I should work, my body ask me to relax and chill
  • To save my pocket money, I don’t go out. I sit at home and relax.

Funny Quotes about life in General

  • I love doing work that people say I can’t do. And the real fun is looking at their face at the end.
  • People say you can do anything, awake the tiger in you. But, only I know the tiger in me love to sleep.
  • Had I been my boss, I would have given a month off to myself.
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  • Everyone loves themselves the most even after knowing their flaws and so do I
  • When I will grow up will become the boss just to know what kind of boss I will be.

Funny Quotes about life and love

  • Although life does not have any hands but it slaps you whenever you do something wrong
  • No matter how busy day we have, we never forget to sleep
  • We work hard earn money as it brings happiness. We lose our money to find happiness.
  • For me the true happiness is sitting with friends and having a bottle of beer with absolutely no interruption.

Very Short Funny Quotes about life

  • Every food that you like is ultimately unhealthy for you and vice-versa, I don’t know why
  • The life teaches two things to be a happy person, either you work hard or you become shameless
  • I know many happy people who do nothing still they are the happiest in my circle.
  • I have many friends and all of them are spoiled. Trust me, I have no hand behind it
  • When I get the beer in my hand, I start behaving like a philosopher and giving lectures.

Funny Quotes about School

  • The best thing I learned in my school was how to make friends, then fight with them and then make more friends
  • What I learnt in school, I never used it in my professional life.
  • I think I wasted my 12 years in school learning things that experience would have taught me better.
  • The school days were the happiest days of life, it teaches us so many lessons even when you are not a good student.
  • When my mom asked my school principle for a good maid, I decided I would not study in this school.

Funny Quotes by Famous People

  • Whenever I came in the state of dilemma, I use my common sense to find the right answer.
  • Going to temple doesn’t make you the believer of God, just like visiting garage does not make you a mechanic.
  • When things seem not working for you and nothing is going right, take a U turn and will have a new way.
  • Believe in yourself when you want to create a self story.
  • I am not 60 years old I’m still 20 having experience of 40 years.