Last Updated:Saturday, 18 February 2023

Miss You Quotes

  • It feels incomplete without you, there is not even one single day I don’t think of you. Come soon, I miss you!
  • Missing you is like loving you more, the moment I start thinking about the moments that we spent I want to relive them. I miss you!
  • Every day, every second, every moment you are in my heart, in my mind and only you are there everywhere, I miss you!
  • I haven’t watched any movie without you, I am waiting for you once you are back we are going to watch it all together. Come soon, I miss you!
  • I miss you like Ice Cream miss minus degree temperature.
  • We miss someone who miss us the same way we do.
  • When you start missing someone, you start loving the person
  • Missing someone is the first step of love. So, if you are missing someone, you are about to fall in love.
  • We miss only those people who are attached to us by heart and soul
  • Missing someone is a signal, it says that the person is thinking about you more than you
  • If there is no one who miss you or you miss anyone, means you not alive you are a dead person.
  • Missing someone reflects the feeling that you love the person
  • When we miss someone, even the brightest day seems dull and mundane.
  • Don't the person that you miss him/her, until you know he/she will respect your feeling.
  • I miss my friend for every reason, the way we used to laugh, we used to enjoy. I miss everything
  • When two individuals are connected by heart and soul they start missing each other everywhere.
  • When I say ‘I miss you', I mean ‘you are missing from me” please come soon.
  • When you miss someone, your heart reminds you that you love the person a lot.

I Miss You Quotes for Her

  • Missing you has become the part of life from the time we have been parted
  • Don't miss me so much, I can't resist myself thinking about you and seeing your cute face
  • When I say I am missing you, I actually mean I want to say I love you
  • Whenever your heart starts beating faster be sure that I am missing you a lot.
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  • I miss you in every moment of my life and I want to stay together with you always.

I Miss You Quotes for Him

  • When my heart starts beating fast I understand that you are missing me a lot
  • The way I miss you directly implies how much I love you and you know what I miss you a lot
  • Don't judge me by my smile. No one misses you more than me after you have gone away miles
  • Would start loving me even more if I will say I miss you every night and every morning.
  • My face can hide how much I miss you, but not my stupid eyes. So, don't look into it

Cute I Miss You Quotes

  • If you want to see the best phase of yourself, spend some time alone
  • The more I try not to miss you, the more I think about you. Can you help me in solving this puzzle.
  • I love missing you and would miss you till I hold you in my arms
  • Stop missing me so much, I am unable to concentrate on my day to day work
  • I want to tell you today the trust of my life, I see your cute face every time I close my eyes.

Miss You Quotes for Friends

  • Life conspired to tear us apart, but our bonding was so strong that everything nullify.
  • Friendship is the relation that we chose and this makes it so special.
  • The worst thing in life is missing your best friend, and sadly I am going through the same phase now
  • People give me numerous reason to forget you, but I shut all mouths by giving just one reason to be with you.
  • My phone is despirate to take a selfie with you, come home soon dear.

Funny I Miss You Quotes

  • I miss everything related to you, your mom's food, your comfy bed and your attitude
  • Your absence has made me so relax that I have started missing you a lot
  • Now I admit, no matter how boring you are, but my life will become hell without you, miss you.
  • I don't want to think about you, because the more I'll try to forget you, the more I miss you.
  • Had my mind missed you, I would have stopped doing so. But sadly, I miss you by heart, what to do?

Missing Memorable Quotes

  • You are in my memories so deep that nothing can take it out from my heart
  • Don't let the person that you miss him/her if you want him/her to love you forever.
  • There is an ocean of silence between us ----- still we understand each others feeling so well
  • Each morning when I wake up, I wonder how great our life would have been if we were living together.
  • When I miss you, I embrace myself in my arms. It feels like you are closer now.

We Will Miss You Quotes

  • People say we miss other person when we are in true love with him/her. Now I find this real.
  • A family can never stop missing its child no matter how far that child is
  • We are going to miss you all the time morning, afternoon, evening, night and again the next morning.
  • We start missing you from the time you pack your bag and show us your travel tickets.
  • We have become habitual of missing you as we know you will never come back.

Missing Someone You Love

  • Don't ask me how I feel missing you, my eyes carries enough evidences.
  • No, I don't miss you, no I don't care for, when someone is in love, these are all false statements.
  • After falling in love, I realized what exactly the feeling of missing someone is
  • Oh, you are so deeply connected with me that something I forget I missing you or myself
  • I couldn't stop missing my love, so I decided to get married and this is the beginning of a lovely story.