Last Updated:Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Sympathy Quotes

Sympathy Quotes: Showing sympathy to someone is a kind gesture and it should be done without delay. We show sympathy either by sending cards or messages. Therefore, one should pick the correct words with the utmost care in a sympathy message as one misplaced word can make the communication wrong. The message cards are available in the market, but if you want to send a personalized one, then drafting it is the option left. To help you out in conveying your sentiments at the time when your loved ones are going through a difficult time, we have prepared a unique collection of sympathy quotes that will reflect the association you share with the person/family. Our message quote will also remind the recipient about your support and love.

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  • Wishing you peace to bring comfort and the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.
  • With Sympathy. Words can’t wipe away your tears. Hugs won’t ease your pain. But hold on to your memories. Forever they will remain.
  • A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our loved ones are sealed inside to comfort us.
  • Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down upon us to let us know that they are happy.
  • Flower blossoms after sunlight fall over it and whole the whole night it waits for that divine rays of sunlights.
  • Flower do not blossom in one day, it prepares itself for that final day, so that nothing can stop it and it just unfolds its layers once its time come.
  • No loss is permanent if you have a positive attitude and have patience
  • Life is not made to wait for the storm to get over, it is to dance in the rain and enjoy power of nature.
  • When we don’t have hold on anything, it is better to let things go on its ways and silently observe your perseverance toward that incident.
  • Sorrow comes in the battalion, they take you on a voyage teaching many things and giving many experiences.
  • Grief makes sad, but it is the same that develops your personality and make you strong internally.
  • The duration of sorrow and grief is small in comparison to happiness, but it teaches big lessons during this time.
  • The end of an era is the beginning of a new history for someone. Never lose hope, never be afraid.
  • You will be rewarded for your past actions, keep patience and wait for your turn.

Sympathy Quotes for Loss

It is hard to express feelings to the person/family who has lost someone in words. Yet, we have to do this because of being an obligatory gesture. Read our sympathy quotes for loss collection to find a befitting amalgamation of words that echo your sentiments.

  • A loss of love one is painful, this loss is irreparable. But, time heals everything if you allow it to correct.
  • If nothing is helping you coming out of grief after your loved one loss, go back to your normal life and let the time handle the situation.
  • Losing person we love is a pain that cannot be shared, it cannot be explained, however, one should always allow love to come in and feel relaxed.
  • Death of your loved one is not a fleeting feeling that you can forget easily, it will take time and eventually you will feel relaxed.
  • Loss of a family member or a close person creates an emptiness in one’s life which can never be filled again and by anyone.

Religious Sympathy Quotes

Expressing your sympathy in words that goes according to your religious belief is not at all an easy deal. If you are facing any challenge in picking up a right message, then check our quotes category religious sympathy quotes and forward the most relevant one to the person/family going through the tough time.

  • We pray for blessing at the time of pain, but if we follow the practice of praying every day, there will be no pain.
  • Jesus is everywhere, he is with everyone. Those who are not living anymore and those who are living and missing their loved ones.
  • Even if you are living the darkest day of your life, keep your eyes open to see the divine positive rays coming from Jesus.
  • Death is not the end of life, it is a new beginning of soul.
  • God throws pain on us to test us and see if we still have faith in him. And this is true for all religions.

Sympathy Quotes for loss of Mother

Loss of a mother is the biggest loss for their children as well as the family. If a person or a family is going through a tough time and you are looking for sympathy quotes that can help you express your support and care for the person/family, then check the quotes collection in the category sympathy quotes for loss of mother.

  • Moms are amazing and when they leave us, they create a hollow in our life. I wish every mom have long and eternal life.
  • Moms are great, they are cute, understanding, emotional and what else to say, they are absolute. Their loss is a big loss.
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  • A mother is a mother and she is a mother of many, you, me and all our other friends. Loss of a mother is absence of mother in numerous children’s life.
  • I cannot imagine my mother is not with me anymore. She is still there and I can feel her in all my actions.
  • Oh! Its such awful to see a mother dying with desire to see her child one last time.

Sympathy Quotes for loss of Father

It is hard to deal with emotions that involve loss of someone but showing concern to the suffering family is an obligation, therefore it should be done without a delay. If you are looking for a befitting message that reciprocates your feeling, then check our message collection sympathy quotes for loss of father and send to your loved ones either on the card or through the message.

  • Father’s contribution in a child’s upbringing is always underrated. But, the truth is without father a child don’t understand the meaning of family. Loss of father is as painful as a mother.
  • Death of father is not just the loss of one guardian, it is the loss of a friend, a coach, a mentor.
  • Father is like the sun, death of father means absence of sun.
  • Don’t hold tears when father passes away, he deserves salute from his family. Just like an emperor deserves salute from his people.
  • Memories of father become a treasure. Loss of father can never be replaced.

Sympathy Quotes for loss of Son

No grief is bigger than losing children. If you know a family who faced this, then you must be short of words to express your feelings as it is not easy to express emotions in words. Our sympathy quotes for loss of son will help you out in a difficult situation like this.

  • The pain of son loss is as heavy as a mountain on parents shoulder, they have to bear it and there is no option of putting it off. No parent encounter such experience ever.
  • When my son passed away in an accident, for me it was an incident which was a hard to believe, I was shocked and said this is not my son. I don’t have memories what happened after that.
  • My only son is no more and this pain is unbearable. But, life has to move on and so I find out a solution for my problem I adopted two sons.
  • Losing child is the biggest grief and I pray to god to never show such bad days to any parent.
  • Leaving my son for an hour was difficult for me and now I have to live my whole life without getting his glimpse and hearing his voice. It is not easy, but I am adjusting. Life goes this way only.

Sympathy Quotes for a Friend

If your friend is facing a tough time and you want to tell him about your love and support to him, then take a sympathy card, write a befitting message on it and send it to your friend. We have a wide collection of message reflecting true feeling.

  • Friends are like siblings born from different parents. I am lucky that you find a good friend in me, but it’s sad that our journey was so short. Will miss you forever.
  • You are a friend who will always be missed and remembered.
  • Friends like you are hard to get and I was a lucky to have you. Whenever I find you next to me, I used to feel safe and secure.
  • Friendship is the relation that we choose and my parents were proud of my choice. You will be missed forever.
  • Friend you have left us, but we are not going to leave you ever. You will be in our memories heart ruling it.

Famous Sympathy Quotes

If you are looking for some famous sympathy quotes, then end your search here. We have a wide collection of quotes that reflect the true feeling. The sympathy quotes have been artistically written and our messages are simple and it touches the heart.

  • Tough time comes in life to check our strength and patience.
  • Loss of loved ones is the biggest loss that can never make it up to. This is the time when we need to be united and keep our strength.
  • Togetherness and love in relation are the only things that can heal the pain of loved one’s loss.
  • When you love someone you never want to lose them, and because of any reason when you lose them for permanent, the grief is inconsolable.
  • Don’t feel gutted, don’t feel shattered, the one who has gone would have had been more upset seeing in this state.

Inspirational Sympathy Quotes

During a tough time, people require motivation and inspiration to overcome the trauma. It is the responsibility of friends and family to take out friends and family from such a tough time. Do this by sending highly motivational and inspiring quotes to the recipients to say you stand by their side always. For inspirational quotes, check our message category inspirational sympathy quotes.

  • Death is a permanent loss, it cannot be compensated with anything, better is you leave everything on time to heal.
  • Dead person creates a big blank in one’s life, this blank should be filled with love, care and pampering.
  • When someone is dead, he is no more in this world physically, but he is always there in the memories.
  • I feel deep regret for those who are alive and happy for those who have left this cruel world. May their soul rest in peace.
  • As the days passed after the death of my wife, I received tremendous support and love from people around me and I understood the worth of maintaining good relation in society.