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Love Messages for Sister

What’s the most precious relationship that we all have after our love for parents, so commonly we avoid telling this in front of everyone but deep down we all know that we love our siblings more than anything in this world. The bond a brother and sister share is the unbreakable bond, as it may not be the option to choose each other but the relationship held together and lasts forever. And we might never say that but brothers are the one who can’t express their feelings on how they like their sisters and admire them the most. Here we are yet again helping brother to express their feelings and love for their sisters. You know we have always heard a saying “Express your feelings before it’s too late” but also heard this “It’s better late than never”, so brothers go ahead and tell your sisters how special they are in your life.

  • A wonderful sister like you is like a beautiful ray of sunshine in heaven. You are a beautiful sunflower in a bunch of roses. I love you from the bottom of my heart!
  • You are like an angel. Your kindness, care, and amplitude are out of this world. That’s why people love you so much. And I love you too, my dear sister!
  • My dear sister, you are like my cherub, with a love that always glows. You are one of the greatest gifts my heart will ever know. You are my best friend forever. I love you!
  • I am not perfect. I will annoy you, make fun of you, and say stupid things, but you will never find someone who loves you as much as I do. You are beautiful and worthy. I love you, dear sister!
  • You were always like a friend to me who I'd share my secrets with and who was my piggy bank. Thank you sister for always being there, love you loads!
  • In this whole wide world, there is you my dear sister, you are my go-to person whenever I need it. Love you from the bottom of my heart!
  • You are the best sister, my shoulder to cry on, my secret keeper, my chocolate partner and most importantly my best friend. I love you sister!
  • We may fight but you can always have me by your side. I am not going to leave you sister whatsoever. Love you tons, squeezing you with hugs!
  • Love you my companion of childhood. The partner in crime and my secret keeper.
  • Do you know why never had a best friend? Because I had one at home. Love you, my sweetheart.
  • Love you my sugar candy, you are the best buddy. I wonder how would your husband will bear you.
  • You are my teddy bear whom I want to hug tight and take everywhere with me. Love you, sweetheart!
  • Since childhood you have always guided as mother would do, you were leader of our little gang and no matter what I will always love you sister. Thank you for being who you are.
    • I have always admired the person you are and the person you make me, you unfold my every struggle and let my life run smoothly. I love you sister!
    • Thank you for always fighting with me and for me, in both the situations you taught me a lesson which I will never forget. I love you sister, stay blessed!
    • May god always shower love and lots of love upon you, I am blessed to have a sister like you. You are my peri-peri to french fries. I love you sister!
    • Thank you for tolerating me now and always. You are the best sister in the world and I wish that you get what you want. I love you, sister!
    • Thank you for always being so amazing and cool sister, you always support me from dad and mom. I love you, sister!
    • For all the chocolate sharing, late-night talks, fights, patch up, cooking together everything sounds like a memory of childhood. Since then till now I love you sister!
    • I have always admired you and you inspired me in so many ways. I love you, sister and I wish all the happiness for you!
    • Who would have thought I will have you by my side when no one else was. Thank you for supporting me on my every turn, I love you sister!
    • The stories and fairytales of prince and princess is just a myth, have you heard the story of sister and brother with so much love? That’s the kind of fairytale I have.
    • With all my heart, I love you sissy and I would always want you to be my sister in my all seven lives!
    • No I won’t stop fighting with you because that’s the first emotion when you love someone and you are my all time emotion sister!
    • Hello beautiful, may you rise high and open your wings to fly. And don’t worry because you have got my back and my side. I love you!
    • Dearest sister, No matter where life takes both of us but distance can’t be the reason we are apart because we are together at heart. I love you!
    • Hi sister I know it’s not your birthday but always your day and I wanted to say you are the best and you rule the world.
    • I am thankful to god for giving such an amazing sister with whom I can share everything that happens in my life, love you.
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    • Happy anniversary dear mom and dad, may I have your day please. I want to spend time with you guys.
    • When I looked at you for the first time sleeping beside mom, I knew you are my second love of life after our mother. I love you sister!
    • Yes, it’s a baby girl! That was the first time I felt butterflies and I could not control my emotions that I have a sister to share my life with!

    Cute Messages for Sister

    Cute Messages for Sister
    • God has really made couples from heaven I mean just look at me and my sister only we can bear and share each other.
    • I would want to go back to our childhood and tease you more, fight with you but also love you more my cute little sister!
    • Stop eating too much junk food you fatty cutie, don’t complain later about having a figure then.
    • The only work that you do is to spend money on shopping, can you do something more useful, little sister!
    • Oh look at you how cute you are, I mean that is one good trait you have got from me. My good looks and yours are just same!
    • Dearest sister, your smile is beautiful and the dimple is cute as my favorite actor. You really are an amazing sister!
    • No doubt mom and dad loves me more, they just show off their love to you so that you don’t feel bad about that :D
    • You are honey to my bunny. As a brother I am so happy to have you as my sister. Thank you for always loving me!
    • From sharing toys to sharing clothes, from hiding marks to having a clean slate; we grew up and that’s how beautifully life happened!
    • Who said we miss our childhood? To miss childhood we have to come out of that zone of enjoying things like a child and we are still children!

    Funny Messages for Sister

    Funny Messages for Sister
    • People tell right sister I am smarter than you, I mean just look at me the perfect brother who handles his stupid sister!
    • God really think before making siblings also, just think who would have handled you if not me? You owe me sister!
    • I am already laughing at you sister thinking what would happen to your mister once he knows you. Hope you have a blissful life!
    • “Gol gappas” are your favorite? What if you turn one by eating them, I am just kidding you fatso!
    • I will save you from what the world says but how will you save yourself from me because I won’t stop teasing you any day.
    • Nobody on this earth other than me can tolerate you, so just keep doing as I say because you are going to be my sister at least for this life.
    • Remember how you use to cry when we played cricket and you always wanted to bat and you have this face now constant; idiot!
    • Fighting with you is the best part because you are going to lose always. I am joking. Love you sister!
    • Just as far as I remember your used to cry over because your piggy bank does not have that amount of money which I have, clearly everyone loves me more!
    • You should thank god every time you have got me as your brother or else what would you do without me?

    Love Status for Sisters

    • Sisters are the best person in this world, she will fight with you but she will also fight for you. My sister is a life shield to me, I love you!
    • No matter how strong I can be alone and fight for myself but I would need you every day to be at my back, I love you sister!
    • Just as much as my life is impossible without mom and dad same is with you sister I can’t live my any moment without sharing it with you!
    • People will back stab me but I know I will always have you by my side and this will keep me growing. Thank you and love you sister!
    • Staring those stars and finding someone in them, but whenever I look at my sister she shines brighter than all the stars in the sky.
    • Cheers to the laughter that you burst in the family forever, cheers to that one smile I would wait to see in my entire day. I love you sister!
    • Right or wrong, may it be what it could be but I will always guide with the right direction my little munchkin, Love you!
    • I am happy to share my every tiny moments of life with you, you complete me sister. Love you!
    • From bitty to batter, from ignoring to slaying together. Life happened beautifully and more beautiful to have it with you sister!
    • Not every end of the story is beautiful but every path of the story can be beautiful and you made worth living. Love you sister!

    Sisters and brothers share the most precious bond together and that to a special one! Why do we tend to not express our feelings to someone who is more close to us and think they will understand us, but rather the suggestion is say it, make them feel it and love it. Choose the best message and send them right way and tell the how much you love your sisters and how much they mean to you!
    Keep expressing and keep loving each other!

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