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Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Wife is a partner when a woman becomes the wife of a man she becomes his partner. In the Bible, a special description has been given on the role of wife and responsibility of husbands toward their wives. Among many responsibilities, one is loving and taking care of her. So, now when you are celebrating your marriage anniversary, it is the time to make her feel her worth in your life. Send her lovely messages and win her heart. Our selected anniversary wishes for a wife will help you get a befitting message for her.

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  • My life hasn’t been so beautiful if you would not be my partner. I love you, and I thank you for everything. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!
  • Though you have many tantrums, I bear all of them because of the tremendous amount of love you have in your heart for me. Love you, my sweetheart!
  • Many-many congratulations to both for us for accomplishing yet another year of a successful marriage. Happy Anniversary, love!
  • Anniversary Wishes for Wife
  • Our wedding anniversary is a time to share and rekindle the unique love that exists between you and I. Thank you for being my wife. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife! I love you today and will love you tomorrow and forever. I cannot express anything simpler than that.
  • Saying “I love you” never seems enough when it comes to expressing what I feel for you. Your smile lights up my life. I am blessed to call you my wife.
  • I believe it was God’s plan to make the two of us meet. A very happy anniversary to my pretty wife! I love to love, to cherish, and to hold you forever.
  • On our anniversary, I want to confess that you are the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary!
  • I promise to forever cherish the love that we share. Happy anniversary to the woman who loves me more than I ever deserve! Let’s make our marriage more happening!
  • Today is a day to celebrate the love we share and nurture. I love you always honey. I am waiting to see what the new year brings. Happy anniversary!
  • My love isn’t enough for a woman like you, you deserve much more. To my only love, my whole life, my sweet wife, happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary, dear wife! God knew what he was making when he brought us together. I’ll always be thankful that you are my life partner.
  • Today, tomorrow and forever, I will love you. You brought so much joy to our life, even when life was shaky. You always knew how to make the most of all situations.
  • Happy anniversary dear wife, you are the best partner one could ever have in their life.
  • With the clink of the glasses as we pop up the champagne, cheers to another successful year with you and many more to come. Happy Anniversary wifey!
  • I always find you beautiful when I saw you for the first time, when I saw you on the wedding day and when I am seeing you, happy anniversary beautiful!
  • Wife is undoubtedly the best person and the best relation god has created, they stand for you no matter what and you have been constant. Happy Anniversary Darling!
  • Anniversaries are the numbers which decide how many years we have spent together fighting and resolving them. Happy Anniversary wife!
  • After you entered in my life, I feel like living in heaven. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.
  • Wish you happy anniversary my love, my life and my life partner
  • I feel proud when you stand next to me. You the wife, I aspired for. Happy anniversary.
  • Our relation is like the moon and starts, both are inseparable. Stars twinkles, when moon shines, just like you and me.
  • May be I’m not the man you deserve, but I assure you that no one can love you that way I do. Happy anniversary.
Anniversary Wishes for Wife
  • I’m sorry for all my mistakes, I am sorry if I had hurt you ever. I want to see your smiling face again. Happy anniversary dear wife.
  • Thanks for all your support, thanks for blindly trusting me, thanks for so much care. Ur a perfect lover and life partner. Happy Anniversary
  • I am lucky that I have got the wife like you. Our bonding has gotten so much strong that now you have replaced my shadow.
  • When I walk in darkness, I see you in my shadow, when I walk under the hot sun, I can feel you in my sweat. ILU sweetheart, Happy anniversary.
  • On the occasion of our first anniversary, I pray God bless our relation strength that it need, happy anniversary
  • Trust is an element that makes any relation do well. On our anniversary day, I promise, I’ll never break your trust.
  • Happy anniversary dear wife. I hope you had a great year in my company.

10th Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Want to send a fervent, deep, passionate anniversary message to your wife on your 10th wedding anniversary? Take help from our prodigious collection of 10th marriage anniversary wishes for wife. Our anniversary wihes for wife collection is wide and each message is deeply felt.

10th Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife
  • Living together peacefully for ten years with all the strife and differences calls for a celebration. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary my loving wife!
  • I cherish every moment I get to spend with you. Ten years of our marriage confirms the fact that we are made for each other. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary!
  • Today I am filled with so much happiness and I cannot feel any other emotions. The only thought I have is the celebration of our love and trust we share. Happy anniversary!
  • I cannot express my feelings in words. I’m so excited to celebrate our 10th year together as married couples. Congratulations, you have made it this far with me!
  • Today is a very special day of our lives. Thank you for 10 years of taking good care of me. I am grateful for all your love, kindness, and support. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • I am glad for all the amazing years we have shared together as married couples. Cheers to all the sweet memories and the love. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary!
  • Happy 10th year wedding anniversary! I want to grow old with you making beautiful memories. Revisiting our past should be our favorite activity when we are old.
  • I am blessed for all the years I had with you as a couple. I’ll always love and respect you. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary, dear wife!
  • Looks like today is a perfect day to tell you that the most beautiful woman in the world is you. Wishing my beautiful wife a very happy tenth marriage anniversary!
  • Dear love, you are overflowing with all the good qualities. You are the one whom one could look for as a wonderful life partner. Congratulations and happy 10th marriage anniversary!
  • 10th anniversary is not a milestone for me. When we will celebrate our 50th anniversary that would be my first milestone.
  • Happy 10th anniversary to you, dear wife. By now, you have become my requirement and in another 10 year you will become my basic necessity.
  • We both share a lovely bonding and I wish it remains strong and undying. Happy 10h anniversary to you dear wife.
  • Oh! I can’t believe we have finished 10 years of togetherness. With you time flies like seconds. Happy 10th anniversary.
  • You and I are a perfect couple and we both complement each other. May I have you as my partner in all my birth.
  • On our 10th anniversary, I have written a letter to god and have requested him to book you as my wife and all my coming birth.
  • Happy 10th anniversary to my lovely wife. You have made my life lovely and contend. I will keep loving you all through my life.
  • You are the one who complete me, you are one who complement me, you are one who project me. Be with me all through my life, my darling wife.
  • Many memories we have made in last 10 years, and many more we have to create together. Let’s join hands for a better journey. Happy 10th anniversary.
  • No matter how badly we argue or fight, the fight always ends with kisses. This is the strength of our relation.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wife on Facebook

Want to post a wedding anniversary message to your wife on Facebook and surprise her? Check our different categories in anniversary wishes for wife collection and share it directly on Facebook. Our collection is impressive as well as heart-winning.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wife on Facebook
  • Hey honey, I was with you, I am with you and will be with you as partner in everything you do, everywhere you go.
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  • These many years of our marriage have made me confess that I’m married to the right women. Thanks for pouring all your love. Happy marriage anniversary!
  • Our marriage anniversary is here and our romance is at its peak. I love you till death do us part. Happy anniversary!
  • A very happy wedding anniversary to the most pretty, smart, caring, and loving wife ever! Congratulations! Cheers to many more happy years ahead!
  • Wife is where all love should be invested, a wise investment forever. I have made the greatest investment by marrying you. Happy anniversary, my loving wife!
  • May our love grow taller than the mountains and much vast than the oceans forever. Happy anniversary to us, my sexy wife!
  • May our love always shine brighter than the sun! May our love be warmer than the sun throughout our lives! Happy anniversary, love!
  • I love your curves, your style and your perfect imperfections. I will always and forever be there for you. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!
  • Happy anniversary, honey! I would have converted the earth into a beautiful garden if a flower bloomed every time I thought of you. I love you forever.
  • I can never stop thinking of you. I will always be yours and ready to serve you because I love you very much. Happy anniversary to us my dear wife!
  • I remember our wedding day, the day you took my hand, looked into my eyes and said I do. Happy anniversary to our union, our love and our journey!
  • Together we are charming, adorable, endearing and cute. This is the magic we create when we are one and not two. Happy anniversary.
  • The annual stock-take of our marriage, say that we are a happy couple. Next year, I have set goal to make it the happiest couple.
  • Happy anniversary my love, you are the most adorable thing I have. I don’t want to lose you or share you with anyone.
  • Here is an announcement for all my friends. I am celebrating my 20th anniversary today, and I give all credit of its success to my wife.
  • I hope my efforts of being a guys that an amazing girl like you truly deserve has been successful. Please hug me tight for my achievement.
  • Today is our anniversary and today I want to announce on the Facebook that I love my wife a lot.
  • We were made to meet and get married, our equation sometimes gives me this feeling sometime. Well, happy anniversary dear wife.
  • You are charming, you are cute, you are wonderful and sweet. I love you, you know this well, now it’s your turn to announce. Happy Anniversary.
  • We both are not perfect as an individual person, but we are the best buddies together. Happy anniversary for such improvement.

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