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Naming Ceremony Wishes

Naming Ceremony Wishes: The naming ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in a child’s life for the reason that this is the day when a child gets his/her official name. Because of the same reason, the ceremony holds equal importance in a child’s parents’ life too. Many families have the provision to arrange a grand function to celebrate the day. They invite their friends and relative to become the part of the celebration and bless their child, and many don’t (It’s a personal choice).

However, as a friend or a relative is it a good gesture to wish the child's parent and bless the child on that day no matter you have been invited in the function or not. By sending wishes, you present your feeling to the family.

No, you don’t have to scratch your head to write a naming ceremony wish, we are here to help you. Just like we draft connecting and scintillating messages for various occasions, we have drafted messages for naming ceremony as well for your help.

  1. I wish your home to be filled with cute giggles, laughter, and playfol moments. Congratolations, on your baby boy’s Naming Ceremony!
  2. I wish your entire family all the very best for this special Naming Ceremony. May your child always be in the shadow of God’s blessings!
  3. A good name is more desirable than great riches, I wish your girl’s life will be filled with happiness and joy. Best wishes for the Naming Ceremony of your princess!
  4. I am so excited to meet your new baby boy and to be a part of your special Naming Day ceremony. Happy Naming Ceremony!
  5. May the sweet child have a life filled with happiness and glory. Happy naming ceremony to you.
  6. Happy naming ceremony to new parents. May your child make you proud.
  7. May your child followed by angels in all walk of his/her life. He receives all the blessings of God. Happy Naming ceremony to sweet baby.
  8. Naming Ceremony Wishes
  9. Hope you have chosen the best name for your child and wish he/she make her name an example.
  1. May your child get all success in life. His/her name shine bright. Happy naming ceremony to the lovely parents and other family members.
  2. Wish you a happy day and happy naming ceremony of your child.
  3. Wishing the whole family, you have a great naming ceremony function. Unfortunately, we can’t come but our wishes are there for you.
  4. Many-many congratolations for the naming ceremony. May god protect your family and baby all through the life.
  5. The new born remain in the shade of god’s glory and always be surrounded by happiness.
  6. Lots of wishes for your child’s naming ceremony. May he receive all wonderfol blessings of God.

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Boy

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Boy
  1. Sending a bouquet of wishes and blessings in the form of flowers to the cute baby happy naming ceremony.
  2. Warm congratolations to my lovely niece. May your name give you an unforgettable identity.
  3. Happy naming ceremony to the sweet baby, may you get everything in life that your parents have dreamed of. And may your name help you conquering every hurdle coming your way.
  4. You have brought tremendous happiness in our life, may your outshine in every walk of your life and people remember your name for decades. Happy naming ceremony.
  5. This is the first big event of your life. Today you are getting your identity that is your name. May you live life like a rock star.
  6. The name gives an identity to the sool and so it is a milestone day for a child. I am wishing the lovely baby, ‘Have a happy life’
  7. I am so happy that today your son is getting his name. I know you must have chosen the best name for him. Happy naming day.
  8. Today I woold know by what name I shall call your baby. I know you must have selected the best name for him, only desperate to know. Happy naming ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Girl

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Girl
  1. Warm wishes to the baby girl. Dying to hear her name. Happy naming ceremony to the little angel and her parents.
  2. The little girl must be proud of their parents as they tried really hard to get the best name for her. Happy naming ceremony to you and lots of wishes to the baby.
  3. Your baby looks like a princess and for sure she will be turn as beautifol woman. May god bless her beautifol life. Happy naming ceremony to her.
  4. Happy naming ceremony to the little princes. We are extremely we didn’t come for the naming ceremony. I know, you all must have enjoyed the ceremony and the company of the little angel.
  5. May your girl get the warmth of her parents love in all walk of life. May she grow as a great personality and her name make her proud of her.
  6. As your little one will get her name today, I wish, her name gives her the identity your dream of while naming her. Happy naming ceremony.
  7. Your baby is the outcome of your love. May God fill her life with happiness.
  8. The name of baby is very cute, we know how much you worked for it. But the final resolt is excellent. Happy naming ceremony to you and your baby.

Naming Ceremony Wishes for Twins

  1. God has given you joy in bundle, it is good to see you enjoying the motherhood. Happy naming ceremony to the lovely twins.
  2. Finding good names for children is no less than searching a pearl in the ocean. The name of twins is cute and may they become cutter as they grow.
  3. With two babies in, your house will be foll of giggles and I wish it stays forever. Happy naming ceremony dear.
  4. So happy to hear the beautifol names of your babies. I am sure they will turn as beautifol as their names.
  5. It is hard to become the parent of twins. But you managed everything so effortlessly. Wishing lots of happiness to you and your baby. Happy naming ceremony.
  6. Lots of love and wishes to lovely babies and happy naming ceremony to them. The day is a big one for both babies and parents, so congrats to the whole family.
  7. It is so pretty to see babies lying silently on the cot. Taking them in lap and kissing their forehead. Lots of wishes to babies who have got their name.
  8. May you babies become as beautifol as their names. Get lots of recognitions and fame. Happy naming ceremony to babies and her parents.


After the arrival of the baby, a new life begins for parents. It is foll of happiness and a few hardships but no matter what, every baby is special for their parents, and parents always dream of the best life for their babies. This dream starts from the time of babies birth. The naming ceremony is also part of that dream. Every parent desires to give a unique name to their babies that can support the baby for a lifetime and this reason makes the naming ceremony so special. So, if you happen to be the guest of the ceremony or not, send wishes and greetings to parents to add more happiness at the moment, and get a befitting message check our naming ceremony wishes collection.