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Party Invitation Messages

Party Invitation Messages: Parties are ways to celebrate different moments, achievements, success and important dates. Any party is incomplete without friends and loved ones. If you want your people to be with you in the jovial moment, you must invite them with love and respect. While writing the party invitation messages, keep this in mind because this represents how important your guests are for you.

To help you write an inspiring invitation message for the party you are organizing, we have made a collection of party invitation messages. So, why to send old party invitation messages when you have a striking one. Pick anyone to be different.

  1. We have completed 10 years of association. To celebrate the moment, we have kept a small get-together with our special guests. Your presence will delight us!
  2. Nothing can replace friends when it comes to igniting the party mood. You are cordially invited to the party we are throwing on [Date] at [Venue].
  3. There is nothing more fun-filled than enjoying a relaxed night with friends. I have organized a party at my home to cheer together. Waiting for you on [Date].
  4. The wait is finally over. Our little one has turned one. We have organized a party to celebrate this moment. It is a humble request for all of you to come and make the celebration grand.
  5. It’s party time at our home. You are cordially invited to set its tone. Time, Date, and Venue.
  6. Let's celebrate life, laughter, and memories at a party that promises to be unforgettable! Join us for a night of fun, food, and friends.
  7. You're cordially invited to a soirée filled with music, merriment, and great company. Don't miss the chance to dance the night away and create lasting memories.
  8. It's time to put on your party shoes and join us for a fantastic evening of revelry and joy. Your presence is the missing piece to our perfect party puzzle.
  9. We're turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, and we want you to be a part of it. Join us for a night of laughter, love, and a little bit of chaos!
  10. Get ready to raise a glass and toast to good times! We're throwing a party, and your presence is the secret ingredient that will make it truly special.
  11. Lights, laughter, and a lot of love – that's what our party will be all about. Come celebrate with us as we turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary night.
  12. Put on your party hat and get ready for a night of festivities, where we'll eat, dance, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your presence will make it complete.
  13. Party Invitation Messages
  14. Join us for a soirée where the laughter is contagious, the music is infectious, and the memories are bound to be priceless. Your presence is requested at the party of the year!
  15. Get ready for a night of enchantment and revelry. You're invited to join us for a party that promises to be the highlight of the season.
  16. Our party is missing one crucial element – you! Don't leave us hanging; come and make our celebration complete with your presence, laughter, and warmth.
  17. You're invited to a fabulous party that promises to be the highlight of the season! Join us on [date] at [time] at [venue] for an evening filled with laughter, music, and delightful conversations. We're celebrating [occasion], and we would be thrilled to have you join us in the festivities. Don't miss out on the excitement. Kindly RSVP to secure your spot. We can't wait to celebrate with you.
  18. Our little girl is turning two years old. Please join her birthday party so that we can celebrate this together. There will be a lot of fun!
  19. You are joyfolly invited to attend a special celebration in honour of my birthday party. Please do come. It will be a lot of fun!
  20. Your presence at my birthday party will make it more special. Please come and join our celebration. It will be a great pleasure!
  21. Join us for music, fun, and great food to eat. You are invited for birthday fun. This is the party you just can’t skip!
  22. Celebrating our special moments with you adds a glitter to our life. We gladly invite you to come and grace us with your presence.
  23. There is no party without good food, friends and family. We cordially invite you to come celebrate our important day with us on (date) at (venue).
  24. We are glad and blessed to have bonded with people like you. Kindly grace us with your presence on our special day.
  25. We woold love for you to join us for our dinner party hosted on (date). It woold bring us joy to have you by our side.
  26. We are planning to have the most colorfol birthday party for our little one. We invite you and your family. Be our guest and double the joy of the evening with your presence.
  27. Our son is turning [age] on [date].  We did not realize how fast he is growing and growing up so handsome. We invite you to be part of our celebrations.
  28. You are invited. I look forward to hosting you on [date] as I celebrate the most special day. I will be delighted to see you join the party and be part of the celebration.
  29. You are invited to the birthday party. Every bit of joy, happiness, laughter and sweets will be there in celebration. Please come and enjoy the party.
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    1. The party will not be at its foll swing until you will be there. Having you in my party will be a pleasure. Please be on time.
    2. Please honor us accepting our invitation. We woold love to see you in our small party. Time and venue.
    3. Guests like you turns a normal party into an extravaganza. Please be on time. Time and Venue
    4. The party will not start until you are there. Please, take it as a formal invitation and do come. Time and Venue..
    5. Your presence cheer up the people around you. This is a rare ability. Please come to make my party jovial.
  31. Any party is incomplete without my lovely friends. Dear----------------- I invite you to the party I am throwing for a celebration. Please take it as a formal invitation. Time--------, venue----------
  32. Since I was missing the fun company of my lovely friends, I have arranged a get-together party today evening at my home. Waiting to see you guys.
  33. The guests like you are the charm of any party. Please join us in the evening to make it rock. Time and venue.
  34. Having you at the party will be an honour for me. I am looking forward to seeing you at my party I’m throwing on (Date). Please take it as a personal invitation.
  35. The menu of my birthday party is beer, snacks and cake, along with loud music to let the body shake. Don’t miss my party, you are going to have more than expected fun.
  36. You are cordially invited to my party. Your presence will make it more cheerfol. Don’t be late!
  37. I will wait at the gate. So, get ready fast and don’t be late. The party will start at 8.
  38. There are only a few on my guest list, and you are one of them. I will wait for you, please do come. Time and date
  39. Don’t bring flowers, chocolates or presents. The most what we are expecting from you is your presence. Please accept my invitation.

Kitty Party Invitation Messages

Kitty Party Invitation Messages
  1. I am sending an invitation to you for the feasting afternoon, hoping that you will enjoy our company. See you soon. Date and time.
  2. Dear friends, I am inviting you to my kitty party I have kept tomorrow noon. Don’t be late or you will miss a lot of fun. The venue is my home.
  3. Dearest sister, this is an invitation to my kitty party. You are the guest who can’t give it a miss. The kitty will start at 11 in the afternoon.
  4. Let’s your body shake, twist your waist, unwrap your talent and be your boss. Tomorrow is the day to enjoy the ‘Me’ time. This is a personal invitation to all my lovely friends for my kitty.
  5. Plates have been placed on the table, drinks are serving ready, music has been turned on, waiting for all lovely ladies. Welcome to my kitty party. Time and date.
  6. Those who are going to give a miss to my kitty party will have to take me to a special lunch. The choice is your’s, beautifol ladies. Dear, please do come, consider this as a personal invitation.
  7. To all my dear friends. I invite you to my kitty party, please don’t forget to come. Time, date and venue.
  8. Our kitty means a platform to show talent. I welcome all of you young ladies for the same. Be on time, don’t be late or you will miss some big fun.

Get Together Party Invitation Message

Get Together Party Invitation Message
  1. Friends are an important part of life. And friends, like you are must to have a beautifol life. Without you, it is hard to enjoy life. Let’s live the moment again, party together and live the old-time for a few hours. Welcome to the get-together party.
  2. The get-together party will be incomplete without you. So, don’t miss the party or you will miss a lot. Welcome to my get together party.
  3. I know how much you are missing your old friends. So here the time has come to meet them once again. The get-together party will miss all its party animals.
  4. Craving for the party? I have thrown the get-together party. Let be united once again and live those memorable moments with no restrain. Sharing the details, Date, time and venue.
  5. I invite you all to the get-together party I am throwing at my home. Please don’t give any excuse because here this has no mean. You all have to come means, have to come. The details of the party are Date, time and venue.
  6. Time has changed many things in our lives and has separated our path. But even after best of its efforts, it cooldn’t change our hearts. Dear friends, you all are invited to the get-together party.
  7. Great news to all my party animal friends. There is a get-together party at my home. See you soon! Date, time and venue.
  8. Just forget everything for a day and come to my party to have fun unlimited. Date, time and venue.

Invitation Message for Birthday Party

Invitation Message for Birthday Party
  1. Birthday is a special day, and your presence will make it extraordinary. Please come and bless my Son. Looking forward to your presence. Date, time and venue.
  2. With immense love and pleasure, I’m inviting you all in a small party I have arranged at my home to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Your presence will surprise him, please don’t forget. Date, time and venue.
  3. Your presence will delight my wife more than the birthday party. I welcome you to my wife’s birthday party with my family. Please come to make the occasion gracefol. Date, time and venue.
  4. Only a few ones know about the birthday party I have arranged for my brother. You are one of them. Please come to make him cheer. Date, time and venue.
  5. You are one of the best friends of my sister, your presence at her birthday party will make her delighted. I am sending this message in a hurry, but please feel you have been specially invited. Date, time and venue.
  6. If you want to capture his best looks, don’t give a miss to his fifth birthday party. It won’t come again. See you in the evening with a glass of drinks. Date, time and venue.
  7. The birthday party will become more happening if you will become part of it this evening. Please be our guest tonight and bless my Son, happy birthday. Date, time and venue.
  8. We have arranged a small birthday party at home. I invite you to be part of the occasion, this evening. Date, time and venue.

Dinner Party Invitation Wording

  1. Sweet, sour, spicy, tangy and bitter, today evening, you will find everything on the table. Please join us at the dinner table.
  2. The dinner table is waiting for its lovers. And trust me, the chef will also not disappoint you. Welcome to dinner.
  3. We welcome you to dinner. Please join us and give us moments to make you feel special by serving you, your favourite cuisines.
  4. I know how much you love food. To give you a cheerfol evening, I am inviting you to my home for dinner. I hope you won’t mind the message coming a little late.
  5. Sharing dinner increases love. To make our bond stronger and to understand each other better, I am inviting you for the dinner at my favourite restaurant.
  6. Let’s have dinner together with some wines to drinks and mind to share. Waiting to see you at my place tomorrow evening, dear!
  7. Dinner is special, but by sharing it with me, you can make it memorable Let’s have tomorrow’s dinner together.
  8. I hate doing dinner alone. Can you give me the company today at my home? Let’s have dinner together today.

Office Party Invitation Message

  1. We know each other as colleagues. Wanting to know each other better and extend our relationship to the next level. Inviting you all in the office party! Date, time and venue.
  2. It’s been long we haven’t talked casually, we haven’t danced together, we haven’t shared our mind, we haven’t been more than just colleagues. The office party is the time to do all. Enjoy the time and have fun unlimited. Date, time and venue.
  3. The time has come to forget the professional boundaries and become more friendly. The office is calling you for the party. Be part of it. Date, time and venue.
  4. This is your unsurpassed dedication that has helped the company to touch the new success milestone. Let us allow rewarding your hard work. Be ready for the dazzling office party.
  5. It was the company’s dream but all of you considered it as your dream and worked harder to make this leap possible. The company wants to celebrate this proud moment with all of you. Welcome to the party!
  6. It’s the time to revive, restrain, rejuvenate. Uncover the star in you and become part of the celebration. The party details are date, time and venue.
  7. On (Date) the company wants to see all its star on the dance floor. Be ready to rock the show. Time and venue.
  8. (Date) is the date when the office is organizing a party to celebrate the success of the company and each one of us professional achievements. Don’t miss it! It’s going to be massive fun.

Hope you like the party invitation messages we have presented. So, now that you have the collection of messages, present your invitation in a different style. We woold love to serve you better with our fresh and scintillating messages.