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Love Messages for Girlfriend

Love Messages for Girlfriend: Love is unmeasured, thus it requires expression. If you love a girl, tell her or she would never understand it. If you have already expressed your feeling and you both are in a relationship, still, don’t forget to tell her what you feel for her time and again.

Everyone is not a poet to articulate his expression, and so we are here to solve your problem. Our love messages for girlfriend is something that will reignite the lost passion. Bring you closer and get you engaged. It is not just an assemblage of messages but the expression of a love-filled heart penned to help.

  • Your lovely smile stole my heart the very first day I saw you. And it has not returned it till date. Tell me, what to do.
  • Hey beautiful, I love you so much! Can’t wait to see you. Please come soon!
  • You and I are made for each other. I have understood this, and just want to tell you the same. Love you, thanks!
  • Love Messages for Girlfriend
  • No matter how many years pass, and how much we move forward in our relationship. You will always be my love and my girlfriend first. Love you!
  • Each day I have spent with you so far has been fresh and beautiful. My life was a bud, you have bloomed it into a beautiful flower. Love you my sweetheart, may all happiness of the universe come to you.
  • You and I are born to be together, otherwise I have not seen any couple with such lovely chemistry. My love, you are my everything.
  • Can I tell you one thing? You are the only matter I think about from night till morning. Lots of love to my beautiful darling.
  • Falling in love is easy but maintaining that relationship is tough. This is all because of you that we are together, so good and loved.
  • I won’t lie! Every morning, you are the one I think about after opening my eye. Love you my girl!
  • Days have passed, nights have gone, we are still together holding hands. Do you know, what does this mean? This means we are made for each other. Love you!
  • You are the one I have yearned for all my life. I promise, you will be my half-girlfriend till I die. Love you a lot.
  • Love me or hate me, it’s your choice. But I am going to be yours and keep loving you all my life. Love you sweetheart!
  • I want to hide you in my heart so that no one could see you in the world. Can’t do that, know it well, so lets exchange each other’s heart and become part of each other forever. Love you sweetheart!
  • There is only one person I’m afraid of losing after my Mom. It’s you and only you my love.
  • When Sun comes out, and birds start chirping, its the time my heart beings missing you.
  • The only thing I wanna tell you is that, I love you, I loved you and will keep loving you the same way, always. Love you my sweetheart!
  • In the past two years of our relationship, I have come at the conclusion that I can’t live without you and I want to make you my partner of life. Love you, my sweetheart.
  • Dear, my partner in crime, I want to make you the partner of my life so that fun moment of our life remains with us for the lifetime. Love you sweetheart!
  • Instead of saying, thousand time ‘I Love You’ which even would not be enough to express my true feeling, I’m sending a deep, intense kiss to you. Love you sweetheart!

Deep Love Messages for Girlfriend

Deep Love Messages for Girlfriend
  • I love you so much that I never have to tell you how much I love you. Because it is visible in my eyes.
  • You live in my heart. Its every beat, make me feel your presence. Love you my sweetheart!
  • I have given all the stored love in my heart, body, brain and other body parts to you. Now, nothing is left for me. Could you please share your’s with me?
  • I am on a mission. It is to make you happy, give my everything to you, and take your heart in return. Love you, my sweet, naughty, beloved girlfriend.
  • Together we are sparkling great, nothing could beat the chemistry that we share. Would you mind spending this way of living with me forever?
  • You have brought out the best out of me. And I am thankful to you for this. With lots of love, I wanna say good morning to my miss. Love you a lot.
  • You came in my life like a bliss, made it heaven with your love and kiss. Don’t ever leave me, because without you, it would be hard for me to live. Love you!
  • Your smile brightens up my morning, afternoon, evening and even night. I know, I will never be in dark till you are there standing by my side. Love you sweetheart!
  • Do I have any reason to cry when you are there for me all day and night. I think no, Love you my sunshine and my reason of smile.
  • Nothing could stop me seeing you once the Sun engulfs the darkness of night. I know, you also feel the same way. Isn’t it? Love you sweetheart!

Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend

Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend
  • Babe you often complain of swollen feet returning from shopping. So, I have decided instead of going together, I will go alone and buy everything for you. Howz the idea?
  • I love you sweetheart. Sometimes I think, if you had not been my girlfriend, I would have saved a good amount of money for the future. Of course the future with you!
  • I don’t know what’s wrong has happened to my eyes. Even after trying so much, I couldn’t take it off from your face. You are so cute, my love. Love you a lot.
  • If you are scared of falling, fall in love with me. I am dame sure you will not be scared of anything, after that. Love you!
  • Your perfect figure always makes me realize how imperfect I am. Love you angel, always be my inspiration.
  • You keep asking me to lose some weight, and I humbly accept your request. Today I’m requesting you, I’m unable to lose weight. Could you please put on some so that we both look balanced together. Don’t get angry, its just a humble request.
  • I have started blushing so much after meeting you, that people have started calling me tubelight. Love you sweetheart, to me anything for you is alright.
  • You are like a sweet sugar ball. If someone doesn’t have it, he will crave for it. If someone have it too much, he will suffer from diabetes for sure.
  • A few lines of love is not enough to describe my feeling for you. I would need a book.
  • Even if I make so many jokes on you or our relationship, I truly love you my babe. Don’t mind my stupid comments. Hwz is this joke?

Sweet Love Sms for Girlfriend

Sweet Love Sms for Girlfriend
  • When you are with me, everything around seems refreshing and blissful. Thanks for making my life, so-so beautiful. Love you!
  • Dear girlfriend, as we both can’t stop thinking about each other, can’t enjoy anything without each other, can’t live life without each other. Let’s become for each other forever. Love you!
  • Your heart has become the permanent residence of my heart and vice versa. Thanks for accepting me with all my faults. Love you sweetheart!
  • Loving you has become the part of my life. Just like air, water, food, clothes are important for me, and I can’t live with them. I can’t live without you as well. Love you, my sweetheart!
  • There is nothing more precious for me than you. You have always been my source of happiness and will so, forever. Love you!
  • There are many things that I love about you but the best one is you accepted me the way I am. Love you my love.
  • I have always been there for you waiting. And then one day, you searched and our journey again started. I think God has made both of us for each other. Love you!
  • When an imperfect person like me gets the company of a perfect person like you, two lives change. Hey, my sweetheart, I LOVE YOU!
  • As the days are passing, we are coming closer to each other. I am scared that one day, we both will become one. One body, one soul. Love you!
  • You are the best, there is no comparison of you from the rest. Love you my sweetheart like nothing else.

Romantic Text Messages for Girlfriend

  • You came in my life from nowhere, and suddenly became the inseparable part of my life. Should I give my heart to you or you will take mine? Love you sweetheart!
  • There is no measurement for love, thus, I can’t tell you how much I love you. But, I believe, you must have felt it. Love you madly, passionately, deeply and it has no limits.
  • From morning till night, I want to be with you. You are my sunshine and my lost line. Love you my sweetheart, you are incredible.
  • I start my day with your thought and it ends with the same. I have to tell my heart that it belongs to me and not you, time and again. Love you darling.
  • Dear Love, you are my world and you have rights to access all my things. I want the same from you as well. When will I get it, hum?
  • I know, I am not the perfect boyfriend. But trust me, I’m the loveliest, sexiest and most loyal person you would ever meet. Love you darling like crazy!
  • All my stress disappears as soon as I put off my shirt in front of your pic. Love you a lot, my sweetie.
  • Hi you are sweeter than the sweetest. Hotter than the hottest and cooler than the coolest. Love you my girl.
  • You are the one I want to spend all my life. Share my everything with you that belongs to me. You are my sweetheart, and I love you like nothing else.
  • Sending love, hugs and kisses to my girl whom I love the most. I love you, sweetheart.
If you have a loving and caring girlfriend, feel proud. Only a few are lucky to get true love in their life. But the person who has given you wings to fly high also deserves credit, isn’t it.

Never stop showering love on her, flaunting your feeling to her and praising her for everything she do. And for support, is always there for you. Get the best love messages for girlfriend here and send her every day to make her cheer to make your relationship an example for others.