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Parents' Day Wishes

Parents' Day Wishes Parent... A couple enjoying their liability-free life, when decides to extend family and bring successors or their babies, they become parents. But the journey of parenting doesn’t end here, instead it begins from here. From monitoring the right growth of a baby every moment, feeding him/her right food, selecting comfy clothes to doing financial planning for his/her future, choosing the right education, the journey of parenting is long and tedious. The word parent stands for both mom and dad, so Mother’s day or father’s day is not enough to recognize parents’ efforts. Therefore, the parent’s day came into effect. A parent could be anyone who is taking care of all the needs of a child. It could be grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc.

On the occasion of the parent’s day, it is important to wish them happy parent’s day and make them realize their importance in your life. You can do it in different ways like by sending them parents’ day messages, sending them gifts, visiting their home, if you are living far away, etc. To help you make your parent’s day memorable, we have created a message collection for you. Refer this and share it.

  • You have taught us how to walk, talk and eat. You have taught us how to learn, react and read. You have taught us not to impede. On the occasion of Parents day, we wanna thank you for everything you did. Happy Parent’s Day!
  • There is no way I can repay you for what you have done for me. And I even know, that, you would never want me to do the same. Love you Dad and Mom, be with me always, holding my hands. Happy Parent’s Day!
  • It’s your day, I want to make it big, bright and spectacular, just like you celebrate all my birthdays. Happy Parent’s Day, dear Mom and Dad!
  • Parents' Day Messages
  • With a tremendous amount of love and respect in the heart, I wanna say, happy parent’s day to both of you. Love you!
  • Parents are the biggest blessing for a child given by the God. I am fortunate that I am born to such a lovely parents. Love a lot mom and dad. Wish you happy parent’s day.
    • Getting good parents who is able to support you in every way is no less than a fortune. I am fortunate to have such parent in my life. Thank you.
    • I don’t know who made the parent’s day and why. Because according to me, a person should dedicate each day and every moment of their life to their parents and shouldn’t forget them for a moment. Happy parent’s day.
    • Fortunate are those who have parents. Otherwise look at difficulties of children who lose their parents right after their birth or after sometime. Happy Parent’s Day.
    • Dear Mom and Dad, I loved you all through my life but after becoming parent myself, I realized how you grew me up. Thanks for everything Mom, Dad. Love you a lot.
    • I don’t wanna say thanks for everything you did for me. All if want is, you give me an opportunity to do something for you. I would love to do anything. Happy Parent’s dear Mom and Dad.
    • Lots of love to my wonderful parents. Happy Parent’s day. You guys are really incredible.
    • I am lucky that I have got you both as my parent. You taught me the real meaning of life and how to live it. Happy Parents day Mom, Dad.
    • If am able to fly today, it’s just because of you two. You both are my wings. Love you Mom and Dad, have wonderful Parent’s day.
    • I wanted to give you the most precious gift on this special occasion but I know my smallest gift will be the most precious for you both. So, no tension. Happy Parents day mom and dad.
  • Parents' Day Wishes

    Parents' Day Wishes
    • Dear Grandpa, you are my only parent and you are the one who have guided me taught me everything about life. Love you a lot. Happy Parent’s day.
    • Happy Parents day to you dear Mom and Dad, wish you lots of happiness and good health on the day.
    • Happy Parents’ day dear Dad and Mom, please accept a token of love from me. Wish you always stay fit and fine.
    • When someone has a parent like you, the person won’t need motivation or inspiration from outside. Your life is an inspiration for many, forget about me. Happy parents’ day.
    • Your every struggle, words of motivation has been registered in my mind like a lesson. It helps me in my tough times. Happy Parents’ day.
    • Thanks for being a wonderful teacher, a coach, a motivator. You are a perfect amalgamation of parents and all these. Love you Dad and Mom, happy parents’ day.
    • Both of you complement each other, and your son and daughter complete both of you together. Love you a lot mom, dad. Happy Parents’ day.
    • Both of you are examples of a perfect couple, ultimate parent and will also be a super grandparent. Lots of love to you mom and dad on the parents’ day.
    • No one is perfect on this earth. But for me my parents are faultless. Because for giving a good upbringing to a child like me, one has to be flawless in every department of child care. Happy Parents’ day.
    • Many dreams to have parent like you, so I think, I am a fortunate child. Thanks for loving me so much mom, dad. Happy Parents’ day.

    Parents' Day SMS

    Parents' Day SMS
    • Dear Mom and Dad, only two people inspire me and I am the fan of them and they are both of you. With loads of love, happy parents’ day.
    • Parenting is not an easy job, I understood this after becoming one. Lots of love and respect to both of you Mom and Dad for bearing a son like me. Happy Parents’ day.
    • During my childhood, I used to think, you guys are really weird, why you keep scolding me for everything. But now I know the benefits of those scolding. Love you Dad, Mom.
    • Wishing you happy parent’s day dear mom and dad. You are the best parent in the whole world.
    • I have not seen my parents but I believe they must be like you. Lots of love to you dear uncle and aunt, happy parents’ day.
    • Dear Dad and Mom, you were an outstanding parent. You taught me everything about the life. It is because of you that I am living it joyfully. Happy Parents’ day.
    • Your parenting has been great but unfortunately I didn’t take it that way. I am sorry for all the mistakes and thanks for supporting me in all the ways. Lots of dear Dad and Mom. Happy Parents’ Day.
    • Many wishes to have a parent like you, and I am fortunate to be your daughter. Thanks Mom for loving me so much, thanks Dad for being my life coach.
    • Lovely wishes to the adoring mom and dad. Your loves you a lot and will do so forever. Happy Parents’ day.
    • Dearest mom and dad just like I am the reason why you are living (as you say), you both are the reason why I am living. Love you a lot, happy parents’ day.


    Wishing your parents on parents’ day is your choice, but remember, if your sent love-filled parents’ day messages bring a smile on their face, why not. Parents do a lot for us and our small efforts for them make them really happy, and they bless you from the heart. So, don’t leave any opportunity to make your parents happy, and to help you we are here with our love-filled messages that connect heart.

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