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Thank You Quotes


Only a grateful heart can be thankful and only those deserves Thank You who have a kind heart. If You are encircled by such people You should feel lucky and proud because alone their kindness cannot bring the feeling of Thanks for them. However, when it comes to Thanking someone, You should figure out the best way to complete this gesture. This You can do either by taking the help of a heartfelt Thank You card or text the message. No matter what medium You choose, You would require a beautiful Thank You message or quote always. Our Thank You quotes and message collection will fulfil that purpose as it has been beautifully written for the purpose. Check our collection to Thank a special person in the most unique style.

  • It’s not tough to thank someone. Just keep a smile on the face, move forward and say it.
  • One thank you has the power to change the chemistry of any relationship. So, never underestimate its strength.
  • Thank you is the easiest way to show gratitude to someone. It really wins the heart!
  • Although it sounds flat it has a strong emotional touch that melts the heart. Keep saying thanks to people who do something for you.
  • When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for everything that you have in life.
  • When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.
    –Shauna Nieuqist
  • If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. –Gerald Good
  • Whether you pushed me or pulled me, drained me or fueled me, love me or hated me, you are a part of my growth and I thank you.
  • Feel lucky if you have to say thank you to people. It means you are surrounded by humane humans.
  • The word Thank You, makes both persons great, the one you say it and the one who receive it.
  • Thank You should come from your gesture, not just by words.
  • Thank You is not the combination of two words. It is the expression of gratefulness.
  • If you ever want to show a person how grateful you feel getting the support from him, just say thank you without any reason.
  • If you have five reasons why you are thankful to the God, it meansur and you can see positive things around you.
  • When I see an innocent child praying to God, I get the believe that positivity has much prowess than one can ever imagine.
  • My parents couldn’t give me the financial support, but what they taught me has given me everything I wanted in life. Thank you.
  • I thank God for adding another amazing day in my life, I thank him for giving me such lovely family.
  • When we say thank you to people, we actually express our appreciation without any expectation.
  • If you have people around you whom you want say thank you ever that means you have a great friend circle.
  • The first and last thing that we all should say to God is ‘thank you’. We will automatically get everything that we dream.
  • When we feel gratitude for things around us, everything conspires to make us happy.
  • If you want to live a happy life, never hesitate to say thanks to the people who have helped you in achieving your goals.

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Famous Thank You Quotes

The Thank You is a small word but it has a deep meaning. When You say thanks to someone means You are showing to the person that what they have done for You is incredible to You. So, never leave a chance to Thank people who have done something for You. Take help from our famous Thank You quotes if are looking for the right words.

  • I feel thankful to everyone who helps me, not because I want to please them, but it makes me happy from within
  • The best thing you can give to your well wisher is the feeling of gratitude and be thankful to them.
  • When you say thanks to a stranger even for a small effort, you built a new relation of friendship, which is wonderful.
  • When you don’t know what to pray for, just say ‘Thank you’ to God. It will give you the immense pleasure.
  • If you want to make new friends, start saying thank you to people around you. U’ill be surrounded by many friends.

Thank You Quotes for Friends

Thanking someone for their kind gesture is the best way to make relationships better. It also adds lots of warmth in a relationship like friendship. So, whenever your friend goes extra miles to help You, Thank him in the best possible manner. You can do this either by writing Thank You quote on a card or sending a text message. Check our Thank You quotes for friends if You need some help.

  • Thank you for being the reason I smile, thank you for being the reason I live.
  • Say thank you to your friend without any expectations and reasons to get love in return.
  • I had lots of complaints from God and one day when I started saying thanks to my friends, I realized it was all my fault.
  • When we give things with cheer and accept things with gratitude, we spread happiness.
  • If you want your best friend to be your best friend forever, never hesitate to thank him for his support.

Thank You Quotes for Family

There is no one like family, the family is always there wherever we are in need. They do a lot for us without the expectations of getting anything in return. We should also leave no chance to Thank them for everything they do for us. If You are looking for a Thank You quote, find a befitting one in our message category Thank You quotes for family.

  • Our family is our biggest support, when there is no one to help, call them to say thanks
  • After God, family is the well wisher. When you feel alone and isolated, they will always be for you.
  • If you have nothing to feel gratitude for, look at your family and thanks to God for such wonderful gift.
  • If you have a family, be thankful to God. It is the biggest gift given by the God.
  • For getting the unconditional support of family, never break their trust on you.

Thank You Quotes for Him

We have the most amazing collection of Thank You messages for boyfriend, husband or friend. If You are looking for a fresh collection get a glance over our stunning Thank You quotes for him.

  • The unlimited love is what I expected from you and unconditional love I received from you. Thank you.
  • I am content with the feeling that I will be with you for all my life. Thank you.
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  • When you are there to hold my hand, I walk without any doubt and fear.
  • I am not possessive, I just don’t want to share you with anyone and being parted.
  • The only thing I want from the God is you coz I now this makes me complete.

Thank You Quotes for Boss

Boss has a negative image in general. But, all bosses are not bad, infact, most of them are not bad. Because we learn something from them that they have inherited from their experience. And so, we should always Thank our bosses not just on the boss day but at any occasion where the gesture seems relevant. Check our large Thank You quotes for boss to pick a befitting message.

  • A boss is the person who doesn’t treat subordinates as a junior. He treats subordinates as colleague with less experience
  • You have not just made me learn lots of things, you also built me as a better person. Thank you.
  • You have been an integral part of my career, I don’t have enough thank for you.
  • A boss who is a leader creates more leaders. You are the same and a true inspiration.
  • If I ever get the opportunity, I would love to show you what I learned from you is priceless

Thank You Quotes for Teachers

We have a huge assortment of Thank You teacher messages that a student of any age and gender can send to their favourite teachers. Our Thank You quotes for teacher category is dedicated to teachers only.

  • I’m thankful to nursery teachers who taught me how to begin learning.
  • Teachers are the best person in one’s life and she is the one who transforms the life
  • I never forget to say thank you to my nursery teachers for all support and help.
  • The credit of success goes to my teacher who abide me so patiently.
  • Thank you teacher for whatever I am today and going to be in the future.

Thank You Quotes for Colleagues

Showing appreciation to colleagues is a gesture that strengthens bonds. If You want to show gratitude to them for support You receive from your colleague, at the time of leaving the company or for a gift You have received from them, then do it without hesitation. This will improve your image. And doing this via sending a Thank You message is a nice idea. To help You more, we have prepared a collection of Thank You quotes for colleagues.

  • Our colleagues are our true critics, keep them aside and behave with them politely
  • To get success in life, be thankful to your colleague. Only they will stand for you or will push you
  • Our colleagues are our true friends, we live our whole life with them without realizing this fact.
  • If you desire for appreciation first learn to appreciate and start this from your colleague.
  • I may not be the best employee of my organization, but I’m a colleague people love to work with.