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Last Updated: 24th September, 2018

Republic Day Messages

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Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day! Today the constitution was India was made and we got independence in true sense. Don’t celebrate, but respect the day.
Happy republic day! Today is the national holiday, don’t plan the beer party. Let’s do something for nation.
Our nation still needs heroes like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar. Let’s live and act like them atleast on Republic Day.
Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day! Let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.
Happy republic day! This freedom is not cheap. People of every family had sacrificed a lot for this. Respect it by heart.
The republic day is not for celebration, it is for realization. The realization of the true meaning of independence.
Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day to people who are Indians by heart. No matter, Hindu, Muslim, Christan or Sikh
We celebrate republic day in school and colleges unitedly. Don’t let the word religion divide us ever. Happy republic day.
Let’s make Independence day and Republic day the biggest festival of India for every religion and caste. Happy republic day!
Republic Day Messages
Make this republic day the biggest festival of India. Let’s get united to celebrate it and drench in color of patriotism.
India is a country of religions and caste. But, respect and celebration is in every heart. Happy republic day!
India is the place of lovely people, enchanting beaches. There is no place of hate, let’s not forget. Happy republic day.
Republic Day Messages
Our identity should be an Indian and not any caste or religion. Be a proud Indian. Happy republic day.
We are one of the biggest nation in the World. Let’s celebrate the 26 January with same euphoria.
I am proud that I am born in India, the heaven on earth. Happy republic day to all of you.
Republic Day Messages
Republic day is the day to show respect and love to all those who had scarified something for this independence.
It is the time to show our love toward our nation. Happy republic day to all my friends and people in association.
No country is perfect, it’s citizens make it perfect. Our country needs citizens like Gandhi, Bose, Bhagat once again.
Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day! Be proud we live in a country that gives us so much freedom, safety and liberty.
Three rounds of applaud for India Hip hip Hurry! Hip Hip Hurry! Hip Hip Hurry! Happy republic day.
Happy republic day. Let’s be united by heart and soul. Don’t ever allow anyone to break us. We will be called independent only then.
Republic Day Messages
Our nation has cultural and religious diversity, its good. But, diversity should be replaced with disaster ever. Stay united HRD.
We are still not independent in the true sense. Let’s make it happen by lifting ourself above caste, religion and language.
Happy republic day to all my dear friends. I am proud that I am an Indian, are you?
Being an Indian is a proud feeling, let’s not hide it, show this to everyone. Come out and devote some time for the nation.
This is the day recall the patriotism of our national heroes who had gifted this independence to us. Happy republic day.
If you think India is a bad country, think about those countries where there is no democracy. You’ ill start loving India. HRD.
Let’s be united and show to people that no one can break the unity of India. Be proud, be Indian. Happy republic day.
Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day! Today is our national holiday, let’s celebrate it differently by devoting some time for nation building.
Instead of watching 26 January pared, I have decided to take part in cleanings drive. What abt u? Happy republic day.
You have no rights to say India is a bad country, until ur doing something to make it better. Happy republic day.
Have a wonderful republic day. Celebrate the day educating your children the history of Indian independence and our national heroes.
Happy republic day to all my dear friends who are Indian by heart and soul.
Great republic day wishes to dear friends. Let’s celebrate the day with zeal and enthusiasm. It is our biggest festival.
Happy republic day! I’m celebrating the day devoting some time in cleaning my surrounding. Plz come and join me in this drive.
Instead of sitting in-front of the TV, I will show my nation love by doing something. Are you? Happy republic day.
Happy republic day, dear friends! Have a grt day. Let’s make our school memories real participating in the children’s school program.
Lots of wishes for republic day. Have a wonderful year ahead. Let’s not forget to show respect to our national heroes.
Remember! if Gandhi, Bhagat, Shukhdeve, Bose and many others would have thought the same way we do today, we had not got this independence.
Happy republic day, let’s make this day special by doing some special things, instead of wasting our time.

Republic Day Whatsapp Status

Let’s salute our nation on the republic day for everything that has given to us. Happy republic day.
Republic Day Messages
Happy republic day! I’m an Indian, not Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Chiristan and I love my country.
I am proud that I am an Indian. The country that has given me rights of freedom of expression
We live in a land that welcomes everything except the hatred and I am proud of this fact.
Happy republic day
Happy republic day! My patriotism for my nation is eternal , still I express it on occasions.
I am Indian by heart and soul and I know the meaning of Independence very well. Happy republic day.
Either it is Holi, Diwali or Eid, Muharam. Being an Indian, I celebrate all festival with the same enthusiasm. HRD.
Happy republic day! Wishing you India, you have a great future and enjoy your everlasting independence.
Happy independence day, wish you a great day and a prosperous year. I love my country.
Changing status to Happy republic day is not just a formality, but a deep feeling of patriotism.
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