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Grandparents Day Messages

Grandparents Day Messages September is the celebration month for grandparents. Because this is the month when Grandparents Day comes and celebrated in different countries of the world with much zeal enthusiasm. The day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September after labour day. In 2020, we all will be celebrating the day on the 13th of September.

So, on 13th September will be celebrating grandparents day. The way of celebration could be anything for anyone ranging from cutting the cake, gifting grandparents to visiting their house and spending time with them. The choice is obviously yours. But if you are unable to do anything to show your love to your grandparents, send them grandparents day wishes or a card. They will be delighted to receive love this way also. If you don’t know what to write on the card, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Check our grandparents day wishes and messages collection and send the one that loves the most. However, don’t forget to call your grandparents on the day, even if you have sent the message. They yearn only to see or hear you.

  • Dearest Grand Pa and Ma, thanks for teaching me the importance of family. We all love you a lot. Happy Grandparents Day!
  • You and We both know how much we love each other. And this lesson of love, you have taught us. On the occasion of Grandparents Day, we wanna thank you for all your teaching, care and love. 
  • Many-many wishes to you Grand Pa and Ma. I wanna hug you tight and kiss you but couldn’t and I’m not with you. I love you a lot and miss you every moment.
  • Grandparents Day Wishes
  • We have learned a lot of things from you, especially living together, understanding and respecting each other. Thanks for all your support and help, happy grandparent’s day!
  • Thanks for being with me more than mom and dad. Thanks for listening to my nonsense for hours. Thanks for protecting me from scoldings. Thanks, grandma and pa. Happy grandparents day.
  • Happy grandparents day to the cute, lovely, adorable old lady. You will always be my first love grandma. Love you a lot!
  • I find the greatest peace in your tight hug. It restrains me and not let me go anywhere for a long time. Love you grandma and pa. Happy Grandparents Day!
  • The love and care Dad and Mom shower on me is the legacy they have got from you. Both of you are an idol of love, compassion and devotion. A lot of love to the world’s sweetest grandparents.
  • Sitting next to you and listing your life’s experiences is such a wonderful feeling. Lots of love to both my grandparents. Happy grandparent’s day.
  • On the grandparents day, I want to hug you tight and say never ever leave me alone with your son and daughter in law. Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Dearest Grandpa. You are so wonderful and cheering, why Dad didn’t inherit your personality, I wonder this often. Happy grandparents day!
  • Happy grandparents day to you grandma and pa! Both of you are a perfect example of a loving partner and an inspiration for many. I’m lucky that I’m your grandson.
  • I love listening to your stories, life’s experiences, your passion toward life. You are an inspiration for many. Lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. Happy Grandparents Day, dear grandma and pa.
  • Your priceless guidance has made me a person of some value today. Thanks for all the support. Happy grandparents day.
  • You are not old, you are still 20 years old with 50 years of experience. And I am best utilizing that experience. Happy grandparents day dearest grandmother and father.
  • You are an exemplary, grandparent. And I am your fortunate and blessed granddaughter. Happy grandparents day to both of you.
  • If you ask me the name of two people behind my success, it’s none other than my grandparents. Love you a lot grandmother and grandfather. You made mom and dad, then me and soon your grand grandchildren.
  • We would always be wanted to receive your guidance. We all love you a lot, especially your face with no teeth. Happy Grandparents Day, dearest grandmother and father.
  • Happy Grandparents Day to my lovely, cute and adorable grandfather. May you live till I come to your age. Love you a lot.

Grandparents Day Messages

Grandparents Day Messages
  • Happy grandparents day to you, dear grandfather. This message is from the biggest admirer of your fitness.
  • You must not be aware that today is grandparents day, but being your so pampered grandchild I am wishing for you a long and healthy life.
  • You were an incredible daughter, the best wife, a perfect mother and now again an incredible grandmother. With lots and lots of love, happy grandparents day to you dearest grandmother.
  • Happy grandparents day to my grandmother who has taught me how to deal with boys. Thanks a lot, granny, you are the best.
  • My granny house is my rejuvenation centre. Mom used to send me there so that I could learn something. Now I come here so that I can take care of you. Love you, grandmother and happy grandparents day.
  • You have been teaching me since my childhood so that I can become a good woman after growing up. And see, your efforts brought results, I am actually a good woman now. Happy grandparents day granny.
  • Happy grandparents day, dear grandmother and father. Your love for me and bro is unconditional and so does ours for you. Love you a lot.
  • Dearest grandmother, I miss your touch every day ever since I have come here leaving you alone. Take care of yourself, happy grandparents day.

Grandparents Day Quotes

Grandparents Day Quotes
  • Grandparents play the role of vitamins and minerals in grandchildren development.
  • Grandparents are the more experienced parents of their grandchildren. There is a lot to learn from them.
  • When children need advice, grandparents are the best to look for the same.
  • Grandparents are the best grown-up you can look to for advice on different things.
  • Presence of grandparent in life makes it simpler, kinder, softer and easier. Happy grandparents day!
  • I and my grandparents share a strong bonding because we a common topic to discuss and common rival too.
  • A child who had grandparents doesn’t yearn for lots of toys. Happy grandparents day!
  • Nothing can take the place of grandparents in a grandchild’s life. For them, they are like superheroes.

Sweet Messages for Grandparents

Sweet Messages for Grandparents
  • You are an exemplary grandparent! You have all the roles to spoil me in childhood, educated me when I turned adult and guide me when I needed it most and now supporting me in all ways. Thanks for being with me at every step of my so perfectly.
  • I never had to look back at my friends for any suggestion because an experienced person is always there to give me the most appropriate suggestion. Thanks, grandmother and grandfather for all the support. Happy Grandparents day!
  • We have a common cute rival. Maybe that’s why we share such wonderful bonding. Love you, my dearest granny. You are more awesome than the mommy. Happy grandparents day!
  • I always wonder had you not been there for me, who would have made my doll’s dresses. Thank you for the same granny, love you!
  • On the grandparents day, I pray to God to give you many more years of life, so that, my children could also see, how awesome granny I have. Happy grandparents day to you!
  • Your word of praise, a tender hug, laughter on my jokes, playing with me and my dolls, all these are lovely and incredible. With lots of love, happy grandparents day to you, grandmother and grandfather.
  • Happy grandparents day to you dear grandmother and grandfather. My friends say, I am a spoiled child and I proudly reply to them, it's all because of you guys. Thanks for loving me so much.
  • Though you have loved me to the level of spoiling you never encouraged me to behave like a spoiled child. I’m spoiled just for you, with you and I love that. Happy Grandparents Day!

Thank You Message for Grandparents

  • Thank you, grandmother and grandfather, for tremendous love, blessings and support you have given to me. Love you and happy grandparents day!
  • If I have to thank you, for one thing, it would be for bringing me closer to mom and dad. Without your support, it would have not been possible. Thanks a lot to both of you. Happy Grandparents day!
  • Trillion hugs and thankyou won’t be enough to say how appreciative I feel. Love you a lot dearest granny. You are my princess.
  • It is great to have a day to honour grandparents. Although I don’t need that because for me it is a matter of every day. I don’t need any special day.
  • You are like a book that has answers to all my questions. How can I thank a book that has given me everything that I have today. Still, thanks for all love, support and guidance dear grandparents and a happy grandparents day to you all.
  • Wishing both of you a grand and lovely grandparents day. And without me, the celebration will be incomplete. Joining you soon.
  • Tons of thanks to my lovely grandparents who has taught me many things about life. You are the reason that today I have do contend life. Thanks for all the support, happy grandparents day to both of you.
  • I love to touch your wrinkled skin, it is so soft and supple. Thanks for allowing me to touch it. Happy grandparents do to you!

Message for Grandparents In Hindi

  • Tum ho to saab kuch hai, tum nahin tu kuch bhi nahin. Dadi tum kitni achi ho ye kisi ko bhi pata hi nahin. Tum hasti hoo tu saab haste hain tum roota maine kabhi dekha hi nahin. Happy Grandparents Day Dadu and Dadi.
  • Tumhare good mai khelkar badha hoon mai. Tumse bahut kuch seekha hoon mai. Kya kahon kaun ho tum mere liye, tumhare alawa kisi aur ke saamne kabhi nahin jhooka hoon mai. Happy Grandparents Day Dadu and Dadi.
  • Kabhi jab Ma pass nahin thi tab tum thi meri haar baat sunane ke liye. Jab mere dost nahin the, tum thin mere sath khelne ke liye. Aur aab jab saab kuch, tabhi ho mujhe khush dekhne liye. Dadi tumko bahut dhanyawad hai mujhe itna pyar karne ke liye.
  • Agar ek bache ko bachpan mai uske dada aur dadi ka pyaar milta hai tu wah kabhi bhi bada hokar aapne pita aur ma ko khud se door nahin karega. Mujhe mere dada, dadi, nana, nani se bahut pyar hai. Aur ye mujhe kahne ki jaroorat nahin padti hai. Happy Grandparents Day sabhi ko
  • Duniya ke nazroon mai aap budhe ho gaye ho, lekin koi meri aaonkhon se dekhe tu dikhega. In boodhi ho chuki unglion mai aabhi paayar baki hai dene ke liye. Happy Grandparents Day Dadu and Dadi.
  • Appne mujhe sabke sath aur saab kuch mil banth kar rakhan aur khana sikhaya hai. Lekin mai bahut dukh ke sath kahta hoon baba aur dadi, mai aap logon ka pyar kisi aur ke sath nahin banth sakta. Dheer saare pyar ke sath aap dono ko Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Na chahiye sona, chandi. Na chahiye, heera aur moti. Mujhe tu chahiye mere dadi ki goud. Wahin meri meri jannat hogi. Tum bahut-bahut achi ho dadi. Happy Grandparents Day.
  • Tumhe kya tohfa doon. Har toohfe par kahti hoo ‘Ye tu mere pass bahut hai’. Isliye aaj mai khud hi chali aayi tumse milne ke liye. Kyunki mai janti hoon, mai tumhare pass kitna bhi rah loon, tumhe kaam hi lagega. Love you nani. Happy Grandparents Day

Many countries celebrate the grandparents day. People celebrate it by sending them love-filled grandparents day wishes, spending time with them or gifting them. If you can do all of these, do that. And if not, at least wish them on call and message. Take the help of our creatively written messages and wishes to take inspiration or copy them and send.