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Birthday Messages for Twins

Birthday Messages for Twins: Are you searching happy birthday messages for twins? Don’t scratch your head in its hunt. Just like we have not disappointed you for other searches, we won’t disappoint you for this as well. We have an awesome collection of happy birthday messages in different categories that will get you what you want. We have prepared a wide range of collection from funny birthday messages for twins, brother messages, sister messages and many more. So, if you are already a twin and you want to wish your brother or sister or you want to send birthday wishes to your twin friend, you will get everything here. To bring cheer on your love one face, refer our collection.

  • Having a twin means having a partner for everything and that is the best feeling. Happy birthday to the wonderful twins, wishing you togetherness!
  • Twice the feeling, twice the love, twice the fun with the twin! Happy birthday to little twins, may you never get separated and always find each other's shoulder to rely on!
  • Double the trouble, double the fun! And double you guys give double love. Happy birthday to beautiful twins, wishing you the most of everything, have a wonderful day!
  • Happy birthday twins, may you always shower love upon each other, have a bond that doesn't require a third person. Fill each other with so much warmth and love!
  • Keep growing happily and be there for each other. You two look each other so complete. Love you both and wish you happy birthday!
  • God has sent you both to be with each other and protect each other. Love you, happy birthday!
  • Both of you are a bonanza for our family. We all love you a lot. Keep growing happily, and be there for each other always. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Twins
  • Double happy birthday to my favorite naughty twins! I still cannot make out who is who, but I love you both equally! You are miraculous children.
  • You two are a lucky bunch of kids. You can find no better friend in the world other than your twin! Happy birthday! Enjoy your day to the fullest!
  • Happy birthday to fabulous kids who never have to look for a best friend as the other twin always has your back. May this year get you success and growth!
  • Your birthdays are always double celebrations. May you two grow stronger, happier and braver. Happy birthday to the twins, may you two always be together!
  • Happy birthday, twins! Sending you two double the love today. You two make our every day a joy! Wishing you all the best for your future!
  • Twins means double happiness and blessings and on birthdays, double piece of cake. Happy Birthday to both of my sweethearts!
  • It is so amazing to see both of you caring for each other. Your pair is inseparable and I wanna wish you happy birthday.
  • Lots of love, wishes, cuddle and greetings to lovely twins. It is amazing to see both of you growing together and spreading happiness all around.
  • Happy birthday to you my friend. Although, I have one friend but I take it as two, because there is one more like you. Lots of wishes to your twin brother as well.
  • You don’t know how happy I was when I got the news of your birthday. Though you sucked up your mother in your upbringing but our love never shunned. Happy birthday my sweethearts.
  • Whosoever will do friendship with you will always get two friends in one go. I feel lucky that you are my friend. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you dear friend and to your brother as well. I don’t know much about him but for sure he must be as great as you.
  • Your pair is outstanding and both of you do magic when do anything together. Happy birthday to you, dear. Have a great day.
  • Both of you are magical and awesome sisters. I feel proud to be your friend. Happy birthday to both of you, hope the birthday party will have a double celebration.
  • I thank you for brightening my life with your friendship. And the most significant thing, I have got two friends by doing friendship with one. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Double cake, double music, double fun, everything is going to be double in your birthday party. Lots of wishes to you my dearest friend.
  • Many-many happy returns of the day my dearest friend. Wish you celebrate your birthday in the best possible way. Happy birthday from your friend.
  • Happy, happy and happy birthday to my dearest friend who is also a brother of a twin sister. So lots of wishes to both of you. May you have a rocking day.
  • Only a twin has the opportunity to share birthday happiness with someone who has the same level of happiness as him. Lucky you, dear friend. Happy birthday, I am all set to come in the party.
  • Today, the sun is brighter, the birds are singing louder, the wind is more soothing and there is happiness in everything. It is all because, today is the birthday of twins. Happy birthday dear.
  • Wishing you and your brother, lots of happiness, fun and laughter. Happy birthday to my party animal friends, who are one and two together.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister or Brother

Birthday wishes for a twin sister or brother are always filled with generosity and tenderness. Birthday moments are very loving and filled with togetherness, for another twin. So, here are some wishes!

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister or Brother
  • On our birthday, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, twin sister!
  • Thanks for having my back and uplifting my mood, twin sis. Happy Birthday to you, and to us, besties, ever!
  • Happy Birthday, my beloved twin sister. Having you by my side is the greatest blessing of all. Love you to the deep of my heart!
  • I am so proud of how much we cherish our unique and special bond. May God bless you with a healthy and long life, Happy Birthday, twin sister!
  • Your presence doubles up everything, I always have double fun as well as double trouble with you. Happy birthday, my dear twin sis!
  • Having a twin brother like you who knows me as much as I know myself is the best feeling. Happy Birthday, twin brother!
  • Thanks for being my other pea on the pod. Buddy, we are inseparable for real. Happy Birthday to us, brother!
  • Your presence doubles up everything, like double happiness, double joy, double mischiefs. I always have double fun as well as double trouble with you. Happy Birthday, twin brother!
  • Your existence is my symbol of happiness, bro. Happiest Birthday to you, and to us, love you so much deeply!
  • Brother is the one who is more than a friend and very close to your heart. We are so lucky to be twin brothers, Happy Birthday to my smartest and dearest one!

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brother or Sister

Birthday wishes for twin brothers or sisters are always full of endless love and happiness. So, here are some wishes!

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brother or Sister
  • Happy Birthday to my twin sister who I share so much more than just genes and birthdays. May God bless you!
  • Happy Birthday, twin sister, you are not only the light to me but the reason for my happiness as well!
  • Happy Birthday to my dear twin sister, it is so easy for me to remember your birthday. May God fulfil all your wishes and bless you with all happiness and love!
  • May all your prayers get fulfilled and you have a very happy and successful life ahead. Happy Birthday, dear twin sis!
  • Wishing you Happiest Birthday, twin sister, when I feel you, you feel me too. This is the twin connection sister and the same with us!
  • I am always certain that nothing can be so challenging with you around, you proffer solutions to every challenge. Happy Birthday twin brother, your sister loves you so much!
  • You are the kind of brother I wouldn’t trade for anything else, even though we fight a lot. May this year be great for us both, Happy Birthday, twin bro!
  • A kind of joy erupts from within me anytime I see that I have a brother like you beside me, there’s never a dull moment. You are my best friend, Happy Birthday, twin brother!
  • Happy Birthday to my absolute best twin brother, sure, you might be my only one but you are my most favorite nonetheless!
  • Happy Birthday, dear twin brother, I wish you all your favorite things on your lucky day, may God shower all his blessings on you as well as on me!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Twins

Twins are very special and extraordinary blessings from God. Their birthdays are also extremely precious, but to make them more marvellous funny birthday wishes are the best way!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Twins
  • Wishing a joyous, laughter filled happy birthday to the two cute peas in a pod. You two are siblings by blood but always argue and fight like enemies.
  • You’re that best thing your parents brought in pairs, who fight with each other but are still unable to leave without each other. Happy birthday, twins.
  • Wishing a very exquisite birthday to the coolest, brightest and happening twins! Oops, I have to buy two gifts for you guys! Anyway, wish you a double merry happy birthday.
  • I brought you two the same gift as you both fight over almost everything. I wish success and long life for you both. Have a blasting happy birthday!
  • All the time when I meet either of you, I get in a deception about which amazing twin it is. You two can be con artists. Wishing you both a very happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to your dear, does your brother also use the same mobile number.
  • I always get confused between you and your brother, I hope, I am not confused today as well. Happy birthday dear.
  • The benefits of being twins, double wishes, double party, double cake, double laughter and double love. Happy birthday.
  • You are twins but you are singular and amazing. Happy birthday.
  • The best thing in your birthday, you will never be alone to celebrate it. Happy Birthday dear friend.
  • The coolest thing about being a twin is you both know what the other is thinking. May the love between you grow endlessly. Happy birthday.
  • Lots of wishes to you for your birthday (This your is for both of you). Explained to avoid arguments.
  • May you have lots more year of celebration, fun and achievement. Wishing you and your brother happy birthday (Your brother is wonderful).
  • The best part of being your birthday party guest is you get everything in double.
  • Happy Birthday to you dear. May you have everything that you love and share it with your twin brother.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Whether it is twin brother or twin sister, the love that exists between the two is infinite and so should your birthday wish to make feel special.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters
  • I wish you success in all the things you do. I love you darling sister, with all of my heart and soul. Wishing you an amazing birthday, my twin!
  • I am blessed that I came into this world with you. I wish we always stay together and never be separated by anyone. A very happy birthday to my beautiful twin sister!
  • None in this whole world understands us like we do know each other. I know each other in and out. A wonderful happy birthday to my gorgeous twin!
  • What makes us an extremely perfect pair is our love for each other. I am grateful to God who gave me a caring twin sister like you. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
  • A very happy birthday to my most beautiful and caring twin sister! I pray for your happiness and a bright smile on your face. Never ever go away from me.
  • Happy birthday to my sweet me, no one could wish themselves except the twin. People say you are my replica and vice versa. Happy birthday to you dear.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful sister who is as beautiful as me because you are my replica.
  • You are like me physically but only I know that you are technically different from me. I am not as intelligent as you. Happy Birthday to us.
  • Birthday Wishes for Twins Sisters
  • In this universe, world, earth, there is no one like my sister. Happy birthday dear, don’t dare to forward the same message to me.
  • I know we are alike, our habits are same, our activities are identical, still we are different in our own ways, and I love that. Happy birthday to my same-same.
  • There is only one person on the earth who is like me, and that is no one else than you. Love you a lot my sweet sister. Happy birthday to you.
  • When I wish you happy birthday, I wish to myself. Lots of love and wishes to you to my lovely sister.
  • I am lucky that I got you as my twin sister, what if you would have been a naughty one.
  • Love you a lot my sweet sister. I wish you get all the happiness in life and never have to struggle for anything. Happy birthday.
  • Thanks for always standing by my side as a support. Without you I feel lonely and left. You the best sister in this world. Lots of love and wishes.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers

When there is a birthday occasion for twins, whether for boys or girls, the celebrations are always done perfectly and nicely. Here are some beautiful wishes!

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers
  • You make my everyday beautiful. I thank God for blessing me with a nice and caring twin brother like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  •  You are always by my side. You lighten my mood no matter how bad it is. You bring a smile to my face. A wonderful happy birthday to my twin brother!
  • I want to let you know that I will always be by your side, dear brother. Together we shall deal and overcome the challenges life throws at us. Happy birthday to my handsome twin!
  • Sometimes I do not understand how people go through life without a twin brother. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday to my twin brother!
  • You have always turned my sadness into my smiles. You take away all my fears and always make me feel safe. Happy birthday to my precious twin brother!
  • Dear brother, I am lucky that I have a brother like you to support me in any situation. Many-many happy returns of the day.
  • Having a twin brother is no less than a blessing. You give me the feeling of proud and contentment. I might have done something great in the past life that I have got you as a brother today.
  • Wish you lots of love and blessings. May you grow as a person and as a personality, so that I can get the benefit too. Happy birthday to you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Twins Brothers
  • Today is the special day, it’s my birthday and my brother’s too. You must be thinking, what this has new. It’s our anniversary as well. Happy birthday brother. Love you.
  • Lots of wishes to you dear sister, may you get everything in life that you love. But don’t forget to share it with me as I am your twin sister.
  • To the most desirable brother in this world, happy birthday, happy birthday and happy birthday. I am lucky to have you and be like you.
  • It is great that I celebrate the most important day of life with you. God wanted to bless me in this life and so he made me your twin brother.
  • There would not be a perfect twin brother like us. We not only look similar but also think and act similar. Wish you, happy birthday dear brother.
  • You are my other half and so I love you like I love myself. Lots of love to you dear brother. May you prosper every day.
  • You are a brother with a beautiful heart. May you get lots of success and love of people around. Happy birthday dear twin brother.


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The days are special but birthdays are extra special. On this day, people expect love and attention from love one and their expectations are not wrong as well. We all should wish and send love-filled messages to birthday boy/girl to make their day more cheerful. It is easy to find birthday wishes for brother, sister, mother, father and other relations, however, getting appropriate message for twin is not that simple. If you are searching happy birthday messages for twins, end your search here. We have prepared the best collection of the same, you can refer it either to send it directly or take it as an inspiration.

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